The Best of Belladonna

I think Belladonna is the porn performer of her generation. Her energy and enthusiasm are incredible, she’s cute as a button and she genuinely seems to love what she does.

In preparation for next week’s post (I’m sure some of you can guess what it is), I’m posting my top 5 favorite Belladonna videos. Each scene has 6 resizable screencaps. The list is in countdown format and features 3 regular VB scenes and 2 Evil Angel scenes. Hopefully, there’s something for everyone.

5. Nothin’ Butt Buttwoman, Scene 6
buttwoman1-2 buttwoman2-2 buttwoman3-2
buttwoman4-2 buttwoman5-2 buttwoman6-2
The scene starts with Bella holding a camera and three guys fondling her. You can tell she enjoys the attention. In fact, Belladonna might be the only porn star who seems more in her element with three cocks than one. Throughout the scene they change configurations in every possible way and she just loves every minute of it. To top it all off, she finishes the one I think is Kevin Long.

4. Straight to the A, Scene 6
straighta1-2 straighta2-2 straighta3-2
straighta4-2 straighta5-2 straighta6-2
I appreciate this series because it gets right to the point. Bella’s looking cute with black hair, some bush and a pair of stripper heels. I like this scene because you can tell she’s clearly having a good time, smiling even when she has two dicks in her ass. Darren James tells Vince Vouyer at the end of the scene that she’s the best and she giggles and says that she’s the Bella monster and she’s going to eat you.

3. Young and Tight #2, Scene 1
ynt1-2 ynt2-2 ynt3-2
ynt4-2 ynt5-2 ynt6-2
This is a relatively mellow scene by Belladonna standards. She seems to have pretty good chemistry with Pat Myne who gives her a nice, long pussy-licking session in the beginning of the scene. Around 17:00, he gets a little rough, holding her neck, and afterward she seems to indicate that he made her cum – a rarity I always like to see.

2. Belladonna: Manhandled #1 (part 2), Scene 1
manhandled-2 manhandled2-2 manhandled3-2
manhandled4-2 manhandled5-2 manhandled6-2
I think Bella looks pretty hot in her schoolgirl outfit and dork glasses. She has great chemistry with Sascha, as evidenced by the making out they do in the beginning and middle of the scene. It’s a good, intense scene and if you don’t like girls rimming guys, just skip that part (at 30 minutes long, you’re still getting your money’s worth).

1. Butthole Whores (part 1), Scene 1
buttholewhores1 buttholewhores2 buttholewhores3
buttholewhores4 buttholewhores5 buttholewhores6
I don’t usually like scenes with more than one girl, but Lexi and Bella not only have hot chemistry, they play off each other so well throughout the scene. As the name of the movie suggests, they’re both anal sluts and a decent part of the 49-minute scene is devoted to them warming up each other’s asses before Mark Wood makes it a threesome. Both girls’ energy is awesome and they both clearly had an incredible time. This is such a great scene that I can watch it again and again.


14 Responses to “The Best of Belladonna”

  1. HotScooter2 Says:

    Say there ya lil ole fox you:

    ooohh ooh i know what you gonna talk about next week, i got it down to 2 things
    1. recent Elvis sightings

    2 Jack Nickolson’s latest espcapades and why he is the King of the dirty old man’s club

    no those ain’t them,cause bein ther smart guy i am,it’s about Belladonna.

    Nothing to do with porn or your blog,but i am deeply saddened over the death of Walter Kronkite. he is one of the rare media personalities i ever had any respect for. but in my opinion he had a great deal of integrity,and when he covered a story he covered a story like noone else could. And he was not caught up in exposing scandals,unless there was a legitimate one such as watergate. i could go on more but since this is off topic i will say no more

  2. alison Says:

    Hey Hotscooter, I think you’re right. It’s definitely one of those three things. I agree that Mr. Kronkite’s passing is a terrible shame. R.I.P.

  3. ropeadope Says:

    I’ll go out on a limb with my prediction for next week’s post momentarily. Let me first state I was completely wrong with my forecast for today’s post. I was convinced this article was going to be “Ten Reasons I Dislike The Milton Twins,” in response to their appearance in the recently posted Cum Stained Casting Couch #1 scene 5. Evidently I was off the mark, but I thought I picked up on a slight distaste for petite girls (despite the presence of Gauge & Belladonna on your favorites list), twins, and twin girls who are petite.

    So despite my faulty reasoning this week, and throwing all caution to the wind, my prediction for next week is “The Worst Of Belladonna – My Five Least Favorite Belladonna Scenes.” Lol, and to get you started, may I humbly suggest inclusion of the following scene. Nacho Vidal Is Fucking Belladonna scene 5 (Evil Angel) starring Belladonna, Nacho, and the tranny Fabiana. This was a very disappointing scene for me. You know I love the tranny genre, especially scenes pairing up trannies with real girls. You also know I love Belladonna. Belladonna, Nacho, and Fabiana are a great lineup. The scene starts out promisingly with Nacho having an argument with Belladonna and deciding to pick up a girl to make Belladonna jealous. He brings Fabiana back to the apartment and I was ready for a great scene. The problem is Belladonna looks terrible in the scene. Her face is all marked up and I just couldn’t get past that. The action is good and if Belladonna had her normal hot appearance, the scene would be among my favorites. Awesome potential, but I was disappointed.

    Wonderful roster of Belladonna scenes in today’s entry, Alison. I hope all within the membership check them out. Your capsule summaries are catchy and engaging, much appreciated. Excellent screencap images as well.

    @ HotScooter2 – I hate to be a member of the spelling police (I’m quite certain my spelling errors far outdistance all others on the blog), but Walter Cronkite had already retired as anchorman for the CBS Evening News by the time Alison was born. If we’re going to honor someone who recently passed, let’s get the spelling of the name correct. Oh, and of course, always good to see you my friend.

  4. garbman Says:

    Discussing the death of Walter Cronkite on this porn blog is not showing him respect. Go to CBS or your favorite news blog, please it’s a dirty schame to discuss it here.

  5. G man Says:

    A seriously overrated star. She made a few hot scenes early in her career but now she has become absurdly self-conscious and makes scenes that are about her and not about the sex.

    One of those performers like Tabatha Cash or Jenna Jameson where I will never understand the hype.

  6. alison Says:

    ropeadope – You’re 100% right that I hate all of the twins in porn right now. I don’t really have anything against petite girls, though…I’m not particularly tall myself. Interestingly, I remember the scene you speak of and hated it as well, although perhaps for different reasons. Bella wasn’t looking her best, but I really dislike Nacho Vidal. He just seems like a thug to me.

    garbman – I don’t see how talking about him in this venue is disrespectful and I take some offense to you calling it a dirty shame. Would it also be disrespectful to talk about him with friends in a bar because they serve alcohol?

    G man – I agree about Jenna, but I don’t think she can be reasonably compared to Belladonna. Jenna is a barbie doll who liked the fame and the money. Bella is odd and definitely does things her own way, but I still think she’s 1000x the performer Jenna ever was.

  7. HotScooter2 Says:


    you are indeed right saying i did not spell his last name correctly. it is indeed Cronkite,and i am normally a good speller but sincerely for some reason thought it was Kronkite. but i find it out of character for you to tell me that i am being disrespectful for not spelling his last name right.
    And as far as alison goes she may be young as you say,but as sharp as she is i got a feeling she is fully aware of how much of a monumental figure he is to journalism,tv and newscasting.
    Rope and Garbman i am fully aware that i commented about his passing on a porn blog,but hey it did not seem to offend anyone on the staff of VB or Alison. also it is very rare that i would comment on non porn related issues. in the future i will try to restrict my comments to that which is appropriate to the topic at hand.
    I am not much of a fan of Belladonna and it might be that i just never paid too much attention to her when seeing her,but Alison and many members think she is hot so as the french say c’est la vie

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – Yes, I agree it would have been completely out of character for me to accuse you of being disrespectful for not spelling Walter Cronkite’s name correctly. Which is why I did no such thing. I merely suggested we spell the name properly. No accusations of disrespect anywhere in my comments. Along the same lines, I have no problem with your raising the topic of Mr. Cronkite’s passing on this blog or anywhere else you choose to do so. Once again, nothing I wrote should have caused you to draw such a conclusion.

  9. HotScooter2 Says:


    after rereading your remarks i did indeed misinterpret your comments. i seem to confuse easily anymore,as a result of certain health issues . my apologies to you,for my confusion

  10. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – No problem my friend, we’re cool.

  11. Bhazor Says:

    Never been a fan of Belladonna to be honest. Good enthusiasm and all but theres hotter enthusiastic chicks out there like Gianna or, my favourite, Vanessa Blue. Still it’s good to have some career highlights picked out, hows about Vanessa next?

    Whatever happened to your reviews of the “Finishers” each month. Those were something of a monthly highlight.

  12. bobsipod Says:

    Belladonna is one of those girls, that from my standpoint, is amazing in small doses. There are some performers, and I won’t bother to name mine, because this is a different list for all of us, that I simply cannot get enough of. Belladonna never made it to my list. But then, out of the blue, I’d stumble across a scene and be blown away by her. I’ll usually ignore her for another 6 months or so, then another welcome stumble to start my day…

  13. garbman Says:

    To Alison and Hot Scooter2, My apologies,had an attitude that day I guess. Sorry for that, I didn’t mean to offend either of you. Lastly as far as Belladonna, she is hot my favorite scene is Defend my porn scene 7. I love that scene.

  14. numbles Says:

    IMO Belladonna is actually better behind the camera as a producer/regisseur than on the camera.