Favorite VideoBox Series – round 02


The second round of our ongoing sequence of polls which will eventually determine the membership’s favorite VideoBox series. You can still cast your vote in the first round by clicking here. For this round, please select your favorite series from the following choices:

Anal Cumsumption
Big Babies In Budapest
Creampie Cuties
Double Parked
Farmer’s Daughters
Hot Bods & Tail Pipe
Kamikaze Girls / Kamikaze Premium / Kamikaze Street
Legal Skin
MILF Worship
Photographic Mammaries
Rain Coater’s Point Of View
Screw My Wife Please
Teens For Cash
XXX Road Trip




11 Responses to “Favorite VideoBox Series – round 02”

  1. HotScooter2 Says:

    just casted my votes for 1st and 2nd rounds. however i am not sure if i casted my vote or cast it. if i had done it with a hot chic it would be called broadcasting. and if i broke something in the process of voting,the docs would have put it in a cast.
    Giving the rope man things to ponder on fer a while,besides porn,of which he is a true connoiseur.
    For those that don’t know him,he is the sites expert at catching repost.some folks catch fish,the rope catches repost.
    all said in jest,what he does is just as much of an art as catching fish.
    to be honest i wish he was doing it as much as he used to,as i think he has saved all of us subscribers that read the reviews,a lot of ram space

  2. Papayaman1 Says:

    That all got a bit complicated with HotScooter there, but I completely agree with his good humoured and positive comments on Ropeadope. I hope things are well with you Hotscooter.

    For me this was a straight competition between Anal Cumsumption and XXX Road Trips. Oh what a dirty old man I’ve become to get off on the filthy goings on in Anal Cumsumption. But XXX Road Trips has some truly classic scenes of some of my favourites, including one of Sandra Romain’s hottest scenes, an early and very hot scene of Angelina Crow (billed as Julia Crow) and very good scenes of Alexa Mai and Alissa, two of the most beautiful Euro-porn starlets. The most recently posted, XXX Road Trips 4 alone contained blistering scenes of Julie Silver, Vanessa Blue (one of her best on the site imo) and the fantastically erotic pairing of Jennifer Dark and Janet Alfano. I always hope for more postings from this series and it is definitely one of my absolute favourites. A clear winner for me in this selection, and perhaps overall.

  3. doppyman Says:

    My answers are always skewed for a preference for one on one heterosexual vaginal sex, so a lot of the series are ruled out immediately because they belong to what I consider an inferior (but certainly not ignored or unwatched) genre.

  4. davros Says:

    I picked Creampie Cuties. Sure, it’s shot in an amateur fashion, but I like creampie vids.

  5. numbles Says:

    Could it possibly be that a dvd has been pulled off of the site? I remember seeing a all lubed up and not so happy looking angel dark in a pretty messy scene with lots of oil and banging on a black leather couch scene that could possibly have been big wet asses 6 here on site but I actually can’t find the clip.
    If I’m not suffering from some major brainlag I demand explanation 🙂

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – Just for you, I flagged a few reposts this morning (Hand Job #2).

    @ Papayaman1 – I’m quite surprised that XXX Road Trip is languishing so far down in the poll. Hopefully, many members will be intrigued by the great scenes you itemized and will check them out. Much appreciated.

    @ doppyman – Ah, the joys of a good old fashioned one on one vaginal scene. My preference is also with one on one, don’t mind if it’s vaginal, anal, or a bit of each. I do know the vaginal / anal debate can get quite heated on the site. Maybe deserving of its own blog article?

    @ davros – I think the amateurish feel of Creampie Cuties is one of its strengths. Love Hennessie in volume #8 and the related DVD, Hennessie #1.

    @ numbles – The Content Dude addressed this issue previously. I believe licensing restrictions forced removal of the series. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you previously stated you are a habitual downloader and have a 100mbit line. So given that, and given you remember seeing the scene on the site, you must have downloaded it. At any rate, this is why I always encourage downloading vs. streaming.

  7. doppyman Says:

    If you do a blog article on it, I think it would be interesting for people to explain their preferences and dislikes. At one time, when the argument was flourishing in comments, I asked fans of anal what the attraction was and received some pretty good answers from fans of it. Of course the whole argument is either pernicious or silly. It’s pernicious, IMHO, because the ethos of the site should be “different strokes for different folks” or “whatever turns you on”; I hate it when people condemn vids because they don’t like the genre. And it’s silly because if you want a different type of scene, VB offers thousands and thousands of them. I’m constantly discovering amazing girls I never heard of before, or passed over. There are literally hundreds of girls whose scenes I have not seen or barely delved into. Videobox’s back catalog is priceless.

  8. Ditto Says:

    Wow, I didn’t expect this to be the blowout it seems to have become.

  9. HotScooter2 Says:


    i vote that there should be a series with a name like the following ” wash my car right now bitch”
    reeks with male chauvinism,the kind we can only get away with in porn,and could never get away with at home

  10. numbles Says:


    Thank you for the answer. Well it’s a shame that my 100mbit connection is pretty awesome but my harddisks can only hold a finite amount of stuff so I had to delete some of my precious videobox terrabytes :-). I guess globally seen I’m not a good customer for videobox if it comes to balancing costs vs. income 😐

  11. ropeadope Says:

    @ doppyman – I had to break out the dictionary for pernicious and ethos. After establishing the definitions, I totally agree with your rationale. I will do the article in the near future. Definitely second your analysis of the back catalog.

    @ Ditto – I’m surprised that Rain Coater’s Point of View has opened up such a wide lead, but that said, they did receive my vote. It looks like Photographic Mammaries and Legal Skin are closing some ground and trying to make a race of it. Let’s see how the next few days go.

    @ HotScooter2 – You might have something with that title. There have been some excellent scenes revolving around a car wash scenario. While the title doesn’t appeal to me, I’m sure many will like it.

    @ numbles – Most welcome, and you’re an excellent customer. Keep on downloading! I’m in the same boat with multiple external hard drives completely filled to capacity. I should try to do some organizing and possibly delete a few items I no longer desire. But that’s the problem with porn. No matter how much you have, you still want and need more. There will always be new hot scenes and new hot girls. It never ends.