Interview with Belladonna

Meeting Belladonna this January at the Adult Entertainment Expo was a real treat. This is the final interview in the series I did at the show.

Having never met Belladonna, I wasn’t sure what to expect. She turned out to be even sweeter, open and adorable than I’d even imagined. I hope you guys enjoy the interview.

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16 Responses to “Interview with Belladonna”

  1. Budley Says:

    She’s awesome…

  2. ropeadope Says:

    Very entertaining interview, Alison. I was a little surprised to hear Belladonna choose Rocco as her ultimate male porn guy. I was expecting her to select Nacho. I was likewise surprised to have recently read Annette Schwarz choosing Nacho as her favorite leading man. I expected her to pick Rocco. So sometimes you just never know. Informative chat as well. For those of us that get all our sex from VideoBox (rope), it was illuminating to learn that pussies get wet. Unlike yourself, I hadn’t even heard the rumor. I hope to begin dating in a few months (once the weather cools down a bit), and you best believe I’m going to file that little tidbit of info in my memory. The supplied text made it quite easy to follow along with the interview, much appreciated.

  3. shammy Says:

    Great interview, Belladonna was interesting and you asked good questions. I am glad you asked about the rough stuff because there does always seem to be a lot of comments by people who don’t understand it. The subtitles where also a nice touch.

  4. alison Says:

    Budley – I couldn’t agree more.

    ropeadope – Thank you. I’m so happy to hear that it was educational πŸ˜‰

    shammy – Thank you very much. Now if those people would only come over here and watch the interview…

  5. Steve Says:

    Again a nice interview, my favorite part of the blog, itΒ΄s very interesting to hear Adultindustry Stars like Belladonna answering your Questions.
    THx for your good Work…..especially this “Pussy goin wet” things sounds intersting…but i canΒ΄t belive it πŸ˜‰
    greets Steve

  6. HotScooter2 Says:

    i just can’t believe that you picked the wrong porn guy for both Belladonna and Anette Schwartz that is like so totally unforgiveable.I thought you were a living legend as far as having the lady folks figured out. But now you are amongst the rest of us mere mortals,that don’t have a clue what makes the women tick.
    No amount of dating or being married changes the fact that women will always be a complete fucking mystery. in my opinion the best way to get a woman to warm up to you is friendly conversation. you both take some time to get to know each other and take it from there. if there is any chemistry the intimacy will follow and if not you go out with someone else. and of course sometimes conversation can lead to a nice platonic relationship as well.
    that advise wasn’t bad considering it was free.
    And hey rope when you get older and still don’t have a clue about women,don’t feel so alone dude. none of us do either

  7. Mark Says:

    I don’t care what anybody says, she looks like a boy with that stupid short hair.

  8. Rael Says:

    I don’t think she looks like a boy, but I am definitely not a fan of short hair.

    It was a good interview. I couldn’t help but notice she didn’t really give an answer about rough sex on camera, she kind of turned into a politician and danced around the question. I was hoping to hear a, “Yes, it is always an act,” or, “Yes, it is always being enjoyed by both people, no matter what it looks like,” or even, “Sometimes the industry is rough, and it is wrong when the girls are abused on camera.” Just some sort of concrete answer, you know?

    And is this the whole interview? Or will there be a part 2? I noticed it kind of just ended. One question I would love to have heard was how she plans to handle the explanation of her career when her child (is it a bot or girl?) inevitably inquires about it. Because one day one of his school mates is going to show him or her Belladonna getting nailed balls deep in the ass by Lexington Steel.

  9. » Belladonna Interview | Says:

    […] watch the full video of the Belladonna interview on the VideoBox Blog […]

  10. alison Says:

    Steve – Thanks! I can assure you that Belladonna was indeed speaking the truth πŸ˜‰

    Mark – Some people dig short hair…some don’t. Clearly, you’re in the latter category.

    Rael – I think she was mostly speaking from her recent movies. If you look up her experience on The Gangbang Girl series, it’s clear that not all of her rough sex experiences have been positive. But I think we all want to defend the industry when we can.
    It was indeed the end of the interview. I cut it short because the rest was just me gushing about how thankful I was that she took so much time to do an interview with me. And no one needs to see that πŸ˜‰ That’s a good question though (about her kid). Hopefully, I’ll have another chance to interview her eventually and I’ll definitely see what she thinks.

  11. walken Says:

    I think Belladonna is great. She was probably the first girl I saw do really rough stuff and convincingly look like she’s enjoying it. Good questions too Alison.

  12. M0N5T3R Says:

    yea, with everything going on at the convention the subtitles helped out alot – great interview too! thanks.

  13. alison Says:

    walken – Thanks! I’m pretty sure I had that same experience (Bella being the first girl who seemed to really dig rough sex in porn) and that’s probably why I like her so much. You clearly have excellent taste πŸ˜‰

    MON5T3R – I’m glad you liked it! Hopefully next year I’ll have a better mic situation and the subtitles won’t be necessary. It’ll also be nice if Evil Angel’s booth isn’t right next to the loudest booth in the place πŸ™‚

  14. TheBranchise Says:

    I love her short hair. She should keep it like that.

  15. Paulo Says:

    Dude, with those incredible tits she definitely does not look like a boy. I loved seeing her when she first started, incredibly hot. Then she started doing ultra hardcore anal which I wasn’t into so much and the whole shaved headed woman doing hardcore anal isn’t a turn on.

    But now she is looking cute again and after hearing her talking I actually find her more attractive (I like women who can actually string a few words together).

  16. Sashe Tharan Says:

    It is usual interview which I saw in other site. But I am surprise that Belladonna says her ultimate porn guy is Rocco Siffredi. May be she is not telling the truth. There is nothing much you can see from Rocco. She answers well when you ask her about her intention to leave and makes a comeback to porn. I don’t agree with Bella on her explanation about few girls who feels that they are being forced to perform sex scene. But overall I feel satisfied with the interview with good questions and answers. Thanks Belladonna.