2 Anal Or Not 2 Anal – That Is The Question

One of the more heated subjects of debate which regularly surface in the movie review comments, centers on the inclusion or exclusion of anal intercourse in a particular scene or DVD. For many in the membership, anal appears to be a deal breaker, one way or the other. Some will only view – download scenes containing anal, others will only view – download non-anal scenes. I’m sure a great many others fall in-between these two extreme viewpoints. Let’s try to resolve this issue once and for all with the following poll. Please select the answer which best fits your viewing – downloading habits. Beyond the poll itself, if you hold an extreme viewpoint (must have anal, must not have anal), please reply in the comments and try to convince a neutral person like myself why I should adopt your philosophy.




33 Responses to “2 Anal Or Not 2 Anal – That Is The Question”

  1. conpriv Says:

    My problem with anal in porn lately is that it seems to be a necessity in almost every scene. The same goes for gagging, choking, bubble-blowing, etc.

    Not every scene of every movie has to be a Max Hardcore knock-off.

    Don’t get me wrong, a good anal scene is a thing to behold, and I love seeing them. However, anal’s recent ubiquity has lessened it.

  2. HotScooter2 Says:

    porn needs more balance. i don’t dislike anal i just think there is more than i want of it. i also agree with conpriv about overuse of gagging choking etc. would prefer porn with some genuine feeling and tenderness instead of the rough stuff

  3. beahib Says:

    Put me in with the anti-anal side. Of course with VB, you can just download the non-anal parts of a scene, so I don’t see how we can complain!

  4. grunkalunka Says:

    I question how often those that *really* like anal scense actually have anal sex. It isn’t necessarily tighter and is quite a bit messier than any porn scene ever portrays (unless you have a girl that regularly douches her asshole beforehand – like the pornstars are doing). It appears that porn has really glamorized anal into something that it’s not. Granted, you could say the same for regular sex in porn to…how many of us actually change positions every 30 seconds, last for 30 minutes and then give the girl a facial with a half gallon of cum? But I digress. At least they haven’t invented smell-o-vision yet….

    The thing I will NEVER understand is the scenes that go straight to the ass and don’t even touch the pussy. I can’t explain how much those piss me off. There are a lot of Euro videos here that do that (or have maybe 30 seconds of vaginal followed by 25 minutes of anal – sorry DP doesn’t count). It’s like these girls get paid by the minute and don’t want to bother with the lower wage that 10 minutes of normal sex would incur. At least give me a 50/50 ratio of time between the two! It’s not like you have to move very far to do it.

    It seems that acts that were once considered “extreme” are a little too common these days (DP, A2M, gagging, choking, etc). I think there is a fairly large contingent of people that wouldn’t mind seeing less of this as it just doesn’t fit most people’s fantasies. Not saying get rid of it all…

  5. Steve DRHouse Says:

    I agree with grunkalunka!! anal is Okay but dont Overdo it. I would like to see girls with more Passion that really enjoy the Sex, dont care if Anal or not but all this “All Time Full Throttle Choking gagging spitting DP the ASS” Thing is kinda boring… Passion thats what i want to see, Girl that really like what they doing.
    But thats only my Opinion there enough Guys like seeing a Girl dominated and abused without enjoying it.

  6. MrX Says:

    I can understand there’s a demand for anal scenes and facials – obviously, people get off watching them. But it seems almost mandatory for studios to end almost every scene with a facial, and to churn out loads and loads of anal stuff. People are getting bored of it, so it’s little wonder the porn studios are starting to lose money because of all the free stuff out there.

  7. numbles Says:

    Well, making porn harder/more brutal/humiliating seems to be the trend in pornography for the last decade ever since the first gonzo porns. Featuring more and more of both anal and facial stuff fits right in. Like Sasha Grey said, porn actors ar sex athletes. Having more and more nasty things in porn is the same as Usain Bolt trying to improve his 100 Meter times. It’s both pushing the World Records of whats possible and what isn’t.

  8. Papayaman1 Says:

    I do like to see some anal although I do not prefer actual anal sex to vaginal sex. It is clear that vaginal sex feels better – but I just find the sight of a girl like Sabrine Maui or Luci Thai taking anal in piledriver or reverse cowgirl absolutely irresistible. I think one of the central things about porn is that many of us like to watch things we wouldn’t actually do. Some things look really hot without actually feeling as good as they might appear to be.

    I do agree with those who make the point that so many scenes seem to have that focus on anal, slapping and facials. I think a large part of the problem is that the more scenes show that kind of stuff the more we experience diminishing returns. I can remember the first time I saw a DP I thought it was really wild and daring (yes, I am that old), but now it so much a part of porn’s formula that I have virtually no reaction to it (again, yes, I am that old). I agree with Hotscooter and others who would like to see porn studios mix it up a little bit. Its not a question of doing away with anal or anything else, but just try and vary the formula a little.

  9. Bucksnort Says:

    There seems to be a higher percentage now of anal scenes & dvd’s as opposed to straight sex. This needs to be reversed.

  10. G man Says:

    When reading scene reviews I just never understand all those comments that suggest that anal is either ”gay” of inherently degrading. Or those who see it as a form of rough sex.

    I love scenes that include kissing, caressing, masturbation, cocksucking, pussyeating, ass-licking, vaginal fucking, titty-fucking and ass-fucking … the more variety the better. Just as I like variety and diversity in my own sex life.

    Maybe it’s a cultural thing. Being from a sexually liberated country things like anal, “rough” or interracial just aren’t a big deal as I get the impression they are for many of the American subscribers to the site. And I really don’t want to sound flippant about that. I do appreciate how much it must affect your perspective if you are from a culture where homophobia, racism and Christian views on sexuality are still such dominant forces. And I am certainly not suggesting that the missionary position isn’t very enjoyable (even with the lights turned off) … I am just saying that there is a lot more to enjoy as well.

    From a purely aesthetic perspective I also find that ass-fucking allows for more revealing and exiting camera angles. And watching a girl’s hot pussy being licked or played with while she takes a solid cock in her ass makes it even sweeter.

  11. rome476 Says:

    Anal can be exciting BUT I hate gaping scenes; how looking into a girl’s asshole and up her rectum is sexy is beyond me.

  12. LarryEvilsizer2 Says:

    I enjoy both anal and non-anal scenes; it depends on the actress. However, I think there has been too much anal on VB recently, not because I dislike it, but because I’ve read that only around 35% of actresses do anal, so we are just getting the same women over and over. I would like to see less anal on VB just so we can get more scenes with the 65% of actresses who don’t do anal, some of whom I really enjoy watching.

  13. numbles Says:

    Larry Evilsizer2

    Then again I think that only 10% of the actors are starring 90% of the scenes. So you can’t be sure if anal is overrepresented on VB or not.

  14. jigsaw Says:

    I never get why people enjoy watching anal sex but again many people engage in anal sex in their personal lives. Anal sex sounds so nasty!

  15. jigsaw Says:

    To Add to my previous post, I also don’t know why there are so many more anal/gaping hole (so disgusting) videos on websites than straight sex…. same thing about horror movies these days in the mainstream world, I dont see why so many people want to see gory/horror stuff, i guess they can’t get enough of those in real life? I hope common sense will return sooner rather than later!

  16. x2visionquest Says:

    i prefer the inclusion of anal..but perhaps in reference to titles. with every scene featuring ass antics, im certainly sympathetic to everyone who answered otherwise in the poll. and that are days (even weeks) where i experience a definite downgrade in my convictions for ass fucking. so alotta my arguments dont actually pertain to including anal – since its overwhelmingly the case already. i contentiously support the maintaining of the bung medium with care and forethought, though. maybe with the same pretense as lawn care. anal sex should be like a lovable old clown/hobo,.. not that this metaphor really qualifies its crucial role in the biz. but when the lovable old scamps/hobos/clowns in my life invite all their similarly impacted friends along without consideration of how a mob can escalate situations – it wears on my nerves almost instantly – and threatens to dampen anything outside of a quiet night masturbating in the dark (to a Pink Floyd album).

  17. JungleMonkey Says:

    Videobox seems to have a nice mix of scenes and genres, enough to suit everyone. I prefer anal scenes. Of course each of us would likely prefer to have the content tailor made to suit our tastes… but “as is” videobox seems to simply give us what is out there.

    I understand that videobox licenses content and then presents it to us, it doesn’t create the actual videos. So if the studios are pushing a lot of anal videos, it’s not videobox’s fault.

    Any other thoughts on these topics?

  18. catamaranman Says:

    I don’t want to derail the blog, but I wanted to ask Rope what the scene in the middle is from? Thanks in advance to Rope or any VB member who can help.

    Back to the topic. I personally like anal in movies but not all movies have to have anal. Anal sex is a fantasy for many as a lot of people consider it taboo which makes it all that much for enticing. It is fun to do occasionally but it takes too much preparation in real life. I like my sex more spontaneous in reality. The gaping, ATM, etc are all part of the taboo/forbidden thing in my eyes as I don’t particularly care to do it in reality but enjoy watching it.

    Thanks VB for the general uptick in content. Keep up the good work.

  19. trlfmdr Says:

    Anal’s the shit. Vaginal intercourse is boring.

  20. ropeadope Says:

    Excellent discussion guys. Thanks to all who left comments; please keep them coming. Illuminating poll results as well. Thus far (closing in on 700 votes as I write these words), roughly 1 in 6 members hold an extreme viewpoint, with those that must have anal outnumbering those that will not tolerate anal by slightly better than 3:2. That leaves close to 85% of the membership in the middle ground, as all three other options are receiving respectable chunks of the vote. That 85% shows a slim bias toward anal (again a bit above the 3:2 range), with one quarter of members being completely neutral.

    @ catamaranman – I captured that image from Crazy Ass Asian Girls #4 scene 3. The actress is Lily Thai.

  21. beahib Says:

    G man, you’re entitled to your opinion about anal, but there are plenty of reasons not to enjoy anal that have nothing to do with homophobia. And cool it with the pot shots at American culture. I’m assuming you’re European, and if so, trust me you don’t want to get into a pissing match over whose culture harbors the most ugly aspects and has caused the most pain and suffering in the world. Nobody’s perfect.

  22. HotScooter2 Says:

    i gotta agree with beahib. the US is no less liberated than anything else,and i do feel europeans frequently have a superiority complex,but as to why i don’t know.they are no better or no worse than us. besides we got Bob Dylan,Kris Kristopherson,Willie Nelson,John mellencamp,and Bruce springsteen and that is just plain fucking cool.and theyy say we have no culture.dylan is cool and the greatest songwriter of all time,and won more awards than anyone i know of.also been on cover of rolling stone more than anybody else.so fuck the elitism bullshit of Europe. we had woodstock,and we got farm aid and europe says we got no culture. and who makkes the cigs that they still smoke,and they might have their fancy wines,but we fucking got ripple and that is cool too. that’s all folks and yep we got bugs bunny too and porky pig

  23. Rael Says:

    It is strange. I have never had anal sex, and really have no desire to. If the chick wants to, okay, but I’m not clamoring for it, and one of the reasons is I know porn glamorizes it. That being said, I pretty much only watch anal scenes. I think I’m desensitized to watching normal sex. It is quite pathetic, really.

  24. Mister Handy Says:

    The one thing mentioned above that I don’t particularly like are anal-only scenes with NO vaginal sex (kinda disappointing, I like variety) and anal creampies (I don’t dislike them but they are a waste of a good facial/boob shot or vaginal cream pie, as they have none of the thrill of the latter.)

  25. jamesroberts3 Says:

    Ropeadope, I don’t think the poll will solve the problem with anal and non-anal user discord.
    I have looked at this in detail. I believe I know what caused the problem, why its a problem and how it can be fixed. The problem is that it will take a very large reply to explain in detail the issues. Can I submit a large document or maybe even a series of documents that cover these issues to be added on the blog? Allison or Videobox employees would not add text but be free to edit out text or refuse putting on blog. If this is not possible, how do I submit this material directly to the owner of videobox? I would rather have it on the blog because the comments and other ideas of users might develop into even a better solution. As a hint, the problems and solutions are: dvd categories, studios, series of studios, habits of users, movie review comments, dvd voting, scene voting, knowledge of users, educating users, and the quality of scenes. Most of my observations are based on real numbers and statistics. One key ingredient of finding solutions is to educate your users, they will find the solutions for you.

    This is my first post, I’ve never posted to the movie review either. I’m one of those silent users who decided, hey maybe I can make a difference here. I’d like to make videbox better for me and others. My comments about Allison, I miss you in the blog!
    My comments about Content Dude, How do you keep up with it all?
    My comments about Ropeadope, Are you sure you don’t carry around a laptop with all that information in it?

  26. jamesroberts3 Says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I’m a systems programmer so I know a little about fixing problems with computer systems. After posting 1 large document or series I’ll be gone again into the silent user mode.

  27. ropeadope Says:

    @ jamesroberts3 – Welcome to the blog. I love to see new individuals participating both here on the blog and over in the movie review comments.

    I strongly encourage you to simply reply to this post in as much detail as you deem necessary. Nobody will edit your comments (as long as you adhere to normal blog etiquette and refrain from posting links to other sites) and other members are sure to weigh in with their reactions to your ideas.

  28. zarafan Says:

    Coming back to the blog after a long time away; the topic just interests me, what can I say. I think folks who know me from this blog can predict how I voted. I will just say regarding G Man’s comments that as an American now visiting Europe for an extended time, I really like it here and there’s a lot to feel happy and proud about particularly with respect to cultural freedoms, etc. On the other hand, I agree fully with Hot Scooter that I’ll take Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson over the Sistine Chapel or Goethe any day…. On both sides of the Atlantic we’ve got plenty to be proud of and plenty to be ashamed of, and the more comfortable we feel about ourselves and our culture, the less we feel the need to get in each other’s face about it all.

    Back to anal, now,


  29. ropeadope Says:

    @ zarafan – Wonderful to see you my friend, welcome back to the blog. I’ve definitely missed your insightful analysis and well written commentaries. How long have you been in Europe, and how much longer are you planning to stay? Were there any issues with your computer on the airlines? I recall you had asked about that point ahead of your journey.

  30. zarafan Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Rope: it’s always great hearing from you, too. There were no problems with my computer, as predicted by our many European subscribers, and I’ve been pornin’ away here in my spare time when not otherwise enjoying the sites and trying to get a little work (“work”?) done. I return to the States in a few months but I hope I’ll have occasion to return here. By the way, a fringe benefit of my time here: did you know the French porno magazines (does anyone here remember magazines?) contain free DVDs? Talk about value for the money…!

  31. anotherpov Says:

    I have one scene in my collection that includes anal – Forbidden Games, scene 5. Most of the anal I see here is over the top – gapping, eating cum out of an ass, DPs, etc. It does nothing for me. If I was into humiliation of the woman, well I’m not so… My niche is a fairly small set of well filmed straight sex/bj scenes that hopefully doesn’t include lots of gonzo and no Mark Wood. And no, I don’t care for the Vivid updates – they seem to get close to having it right and then mess up with the camera work or too much plot.

  32. bmbenblog Says:

    I completely disagree with grunkalunka, though I have to say that the way anal sex is portrayed in porn is nothing like it is, at least the way I have had it. My wife and I include anal sex into our bedroom fairly regularly. Grunkalunka is right that it isn’t tighter, and it can be messy, though not as often as you would suppose. (The anal cavaty is not a repository of fecal matter.) The odd thing is that anal sex often becomes more intimate, slower due to the health concerns. It isn’t rougher as is portrayed in porn (I am sure these women take many antibiotics to deal with the lesions they must endure.) Anal sex is often more spiritual, about trust and allowance. I much more prefer anal when it is done in the “Private” european way, softer than the american gonzo way.

    In bed, anal sex is a kink all on its own. Both partners need to be engaged in the activity for it to work. In porn, its sex where I can still stare at the vagina. That and it dirties up the sex (metaphorically, I give no stars if I notice it literally.)

  33. bmbenblog Says:

    I wanted to add one thing. I like porn with or without anal, but when an established star refuses to do it even once, it bothers me for some reason. The best anal scenes are the ones where there are few for the star (