New Feature: Embed any VB scene to your site or blog!

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I am happy to announce that we just added the ability for you to embed any VideoBox scene to your website or blog.


To give you a taste, I have embedded above the most popular scene for this week.


Why would I use this?


Let’s say that you really like a scene. Well, if you have your blog or a website, you can now stream scenes from the VideoBox library right on your site/blog.


There are almost 40,000 scenes available to be embedded. You can embed the scene, write about it and show it to your friends.


The benefit for VideoBox is that we get potential users to click through the embedded videos and check out VideoBox.


How does it work?


To embed a scene on your website:

  • Find the scene and go to the video streaming page. Scroll down and you find the link to embed.
  • Copy the link and paste it into your web page. Or paste it in your blog. Then, save and test the page to make sure it works.

Your scene will now stream. You can even watch it full screen!


When you click on the player, you navigate to VideoBox and can see all the details about the scene, including title, performers, studio and comments.


That’s it! Let us know what you think.


One caveat: because of licensing agreements, the embed link is not available on scenes from premium channels.


Coming Soon


Anticipated additions include:


1. Ability to embed specific parts of scenes.


2. Embedded video to include more features, such as search, related scenes, and information about the video.


3. More options to customize embedded player size and styles.


Please let us know what you think of this new addition.



17 Responses to “New Feature: Embed any VB scene to your site or blog!”

  1. bobsipod Says:

    I’m soooo getting kicked off Facebook.

  2. jh Says:

    Good idea. You still need some work on the technical end though. Major video stuttering occurred, especially after jumping around, despite a good broadband connection.

  3. numbles Says:

    So I can embed all the scenes I want to and they play with no restrictions? Thats fantastic.

  4. simonsen Says:

    Great feature ! Thumbs up !

    But what will happen to the scenes i embed on various sites if my membership here on VB ends ? Will they still work ?

  5. josh Says:

    simonsen — they’ll keep working.

  6. x2visionquest Says:

    its tough to think i could establish a well read blog about my interests..but this would get balls rolling, if i ever put any effort into doing so. i have to imagine that non-members clicking the vid get the preview version – but thats nothing to complain about.

  7. baldguyxx Says:

    I canceled my subscription today…after all the shitty ,tranny ,fat black girl. and old video updates along with the fact they have disabled my ability to leave reviews amounting to censorship I’ve had it with these idiots…goodbye!!!

  8. Mihx Says:

    Forgive me if I’m misunderstanding something here – but you’re allowing members to embed full scenes for anyone to watch, without any kind of limitations?
    I know I definitely must be misunderstanding something here, because if what I just said above was true it should be obvious to anyone that there will very shortly be plenty of new and old blogs and other sites freely giving away VB scenes by the thousands. Surely that kind of rampant “advertising” can’t be the best way to get new paying members.

  9. Xcom923 Says:

    At first I was reading this and I thought just like Mihx and figured this could be abused really fast. But on a second look I think VB thought this through. there are 2 reasons to still join the site even if you had access to all the embed vids through a 3rd party.

    -Vid remain Low quality. if you remember a while back they made it so you can view the vids in regular and low format (I refuse to use the term “HD” that they put because it’s nothing close to that) so if you actually do look at the embed vids you’ll notice that it’s not as high quality as the normal ones

    -the second part is not as significant but they do put up watermarks with “VideoBox” over the top of the player, even in full screen. I don’t think this will be a deal breaker for anyone so I believe VB when they say this will advertise the site more.

  10. Josh Says:

    Mihx — you have not misunderstood. All the videos we give away are ultimately a form of advertising. It gets our name out, and you have to pay to download, watch in high res, or use our search/navigation features.

  11. Mihx Says:

    Well, I guess we’ll find out soon enough how this kind of, in my opinion, extremely excessive freebie handout pans out.
    Since I’m admittedly speaking as not only a very satisfied and near constant member since the old ClimaxCorner days, but also as an affiliate webmaster, I obviously have a bit of a vested interest in this subject.

  12. Juanxyzzy Says:

    VideoBox is so cheap at $9.99-19.99 a month, it’s worth subscribing to. I was a cheap bastard never paying for porn for over ten years, but this sight is just too good of a deal.

  13. Marckie Says:

    This is nice, but what I’d really like to see is the RSS feeds on Favorite Stars.

  14. Josh Says:

    mihx — we’re about to update the embedded code to pass along your affiliate id. So you will get credits for any sales resulting from your traffic.

  15. Bhazor Says:

    How do you feel about people downloading the streams (with realplayer for example)?

  16. spunktrust Says:

    Wondering if the ability to include affiliate IDs is available yet? I’m keen to drive traffic to VB but would like the payouts where possible as well!

  17. tiddleywinkin Says:

    i embedded to my site but the video is only a minute long? whats up?