Studio Spotlight: Cezar Capone

On August 1st with little fanfare, VideoBox started adding titles from the studio Cezar Capone. As of this writing, eleven DVD’s from the studio have been uploaded to the site. Cezar Capone specializes in reality themed DVD’s. They have at least a dozen different title lines, of which we’ve already seen ten. I’ve found the production values and camera work to be very good, and have enjoyed many fresh faces that I was previously unfamiliar with. We’ll take a closer look at the studio inside, and I’ll give a brief synopsis of a few Cezar Capone scenes which have caught my eye. Please tell me your reaction to the studio’s DVD’s, and inform the membership of your favorite scenes from Cezar Capone.

Q: Who is Cezar Capone?

A: According to, Cezar Capone has directed more than 60 films, mostly for Vivid and Club Jenna. He is now issuing titles under his own studio name. Interestingly, he was the director of Amateur POV #2 and Amateur POV #3, both from Amateur District. These are two excellent DVD’s, among my favorites on the site.

Q: I’ve heard that Dirty Sanchez, from Bang Bros. is involved with the studio. Is that true?

A: Yes, Dirty appears to be the main cog in the Miami’s Juiciest DVD’s, and is also running another series for Cezar Capone entitled Viva La Bus.

Q: Viva La Bus? Is that similar to Bang Bus? Will we be seeing those DVD’s? How soon?

A: According to the website, the bus is back and it’s more evil than ever. I believe there is a very high likelihood we will be receiving the Viva La Bus DVD’s. It wouldn’t shock me to see the first volume of the series uploaded within the next 24 hours. Keep your eyes peeled.

Q: How about the file sizes of the Cezar Capone updates? Aren’t they quite large?

A: In many cases, yes. But there are a few steps you can take to lessen the burden. Reality based scenes are often much longer in duration than standard scenes. There is usually an extensive set-up preceding the actual sex. I happen to enjoy this structure, because the storyline always draws me in. But if you’re only interested in the sex, use the VideoBox custom clip feature to download just the part of the scene you desire. Or if you’re streaming the scene, navigate forward to the part you wish to view. If you’re downloading the entire scene as I do, consider the H.264 file format in lieu of the wmv dvd resolution. This will often save a large amount of downloading time and disk space, with very little to no noticeable difference in video quality. I’m on Windows XP and use the FLV player to view the H.264 video files. You can also use the VLC player. They are both freeware. Just be sure to uncheck the file associations you don’t wish the player to assume control of, when installing onto your system.

Here are a few scenes which I’ve enjoyed from Cezar Capone.

Miami’s Juiciest #2, Scene 3Tanner Mayes

Tanner is nineteen years old, very cute, very shy, and collects Barbie dolls. She shows up to perform a solo masturbation scene, but the lure of some extra cash entices her into hardcore action. She gives great looking head with nice eye contact; the POV filmed sequence especially striking. Tanner gets fucked cowgirl, doggie, reverse cowgirl, and missionary, with a few breaks for P2M, before taking a facial.

Tanner quote: “I’m so glad you talked me into this.”

Click To Enlarge

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Miami’s Juiciest #1, Scene 3Emy Reyes

Emy doesn’t believe she has a gorgeous ass. Which means she’s either quite modest or quite insane. It’s a superb ass. Unlike Tanner, Emy knows she’s here to fuck. Once again, the oral footage is very hot as Emy just about manages to get all the way down to the base of the big dick. Emy climbs aboard the cock in cowgirl followed by doggie; her ass on prominent display in both positions. Emy’s back on top riding reverse cowgirl. They switch to a mish / piledriver hybrid, leading to a nice facial.

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Cezar’s Supermilfs, Scene 3Dylan Rider

Dylan is a hockey mom looking to raise funds toward purchasing new uniforms for her son’s team. She’s a big-boobed, cute MILF. The guys pick her up at an ice rink, offering her money to pose naked for them. They head back to the studio; Dylan exposing her breasts in the car as a good faith measure. Once back in the studio, it doesn’t take much to get Dylan fully naked, and pretty soon she drops to her knees to suck cock. Dylan then lays back and has her pussy eaten, sucks some more dick, and the fucking begins in cowgirl. They work their way through spoon and missionary with Dylan providing P2M. Dylan has her ass eaten but she’s very ticklish! The banging resumes in doggie and reverse cowgirl before returning to missionary. The guy pulls out and shoots his load on Dylan’s big tits.

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What is your evaluation of the DVD’s from Cezar Capone which have been added to the site? If you have specific scene recommendations from Cezar Capone, please list them in a reply to the post for the rest of the membership to enjoy.



13 Responses to “Studio Spotlight: Cezar Capone”

  1. ESPNSucks Says:

    More “reality” theamed porn is something that I’ve been requesting for quite awhile. Although I’d be hard pressed to say the studio is comparable with the likes of RLD, Platinum X, Lethal Hardcore etc…. it seems be be right there in that tier 2b range, comparable perhaps to a studio such as Venom or Fusxion. The only real issue that I have with this studio is that some of the vids have scenes that run nearly an hour. Having said that, I understand that it’s sorta the nature of the beast when dealing with reality porn, but I’m also someone who prefers standard Gonzo or POV scenes to be kept under 25 mins if not 20 as well. Overall a solid B addition to this site thus far.

  2. apefj3to2 Says:

    Really enjoyed Cornfed Naturals and Miami’s Juciest. They bring in superior talent but on occasion struggle to match the production quality level with the talent. With their potential hopefully more winners will follow.

  3. ESPNSucks Says:

    edit: Good call on the fresh faces too rope, couldn’t agree more about that. As far as scenes go let me put these few forward; Cornfed Naturals, Scene 3 – Natasha Nice; 18 With Proof, Scene 5 – Lilly Kingston; and See me in Public, Scene 1 – Tanner Mayes

  4. x2visionquest Says:

    ive noticed, mainly due to the fresh faces mentioned. the studios production is better than i can give it credit for though,.. cause it only seems natural. the steps taken to make it a non issue are probably considerable though. i took a note with SuperMILFs – which i think was the first addition. the cover was really old school though – each new post has improved on that. theres a definite voice to the work too. short of trying to define it, when the posts should do that well enough.. its sorta working towards the activists passion my junk seems to favor. doesnt feel like the girls are cast into service roles, typical of fast food cashiers. really personable stuff – keep it rolling!

  5. rubmeright Says:

    I hope “reality” doesn’t equal low video quality. Even in DVD format, some of these aren’t too crisp. I love Renna Ryann in POV Perversions, Scene 3, though. I’d watch that girl through a burlap sack if I had to.

  6. vaidx41 Says:

    Bonnie Skye in Miami’s Juiciest No. 1. She was Highly Yummy.

  7. HotScooter2 Says:


    it’s like this Cezar Capone is alright,but his Uncle Al is the man,and is still head honcho in Cicero,Ill. And remember to show the Godfather respect by ordering Godfathers Pizza,they “make you a pizza you can’t refuse”
    i downloaded vive la bus last night but have not as yet watched it. after watching it if i like it i will use custom clip so as to use less HD space.that is one problem with this particular video,it uses up way too much HD space

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ ESPNSucks – I’m right there with you on the request for more reality based porn. Do you enjoy the releases from Pink Visual? I have no objections to the longer scenes, but could do with a little less of the guys goofing around among themselves. I’ll second your recommendations of Tanner Mayes in See Me In Public and Lilly Kingston in 18 With Proof #2. Let me also add 18 With Proof #2 scene 3 with Eden Adams. Yes, it’s a Lee Stone scene, but I thought Eden was a lot of fun and I hope we continue to see more of her. I’ll have to check out the Natasha Nice scene from Cornfed Naturals.

    @ apefj3to2 – I enjoyed both editions of Miami’s Juiciest, but the only scene I really looked over from Cornfed Naturals is the Britney Stevens scene. I’ll definitely give closer attention to the remaining scenes in the days ahead. I’m sure more winning DVD’s will follow. I’m looking forward to 18 With Proof #1 as that title includes scenes with several cute girls I’m not at all familiar with.

    @ x2visionquest – The scenes do come across as pretty natural. Likely a result of many years working in the genre of reality porn. I don’t know how much post production editing goes into these releases. It may be minimal, it might be extensive. For the actual shoots, I think they pretty much wing it. Keep on rolling yourself (and listening to Pink Floyd, of course).

    @ rubmeright – I’ve been more than satisfied with the video quality of these DVD’s. But possibly my eyes are no longer sharp enough to issue a proper verdict. My downloads have been a combination of dvd resolution and H.264 files, and they’ve all looked good to me. I agree with your assessment of Renna Ryann in POV Perversion. Very pretty girl, very good scene.

    @ vaidx41 – Yes, a triple Yummy if I correctly recall your review in the scene comments. If I hadn’t highlighted Emy’s scene from the same movie up above, I would have chosen Bonnie’s. Another excellent scene.

    @ HotScooter2 – Which file version did you download? I agree the dvd resolution files are way too bulky (2.6 GB, 2.6 GB, 2.9 GB). I downloaded the H.264 files (1.0 GB in all three cases) and the video quality is excellent (to my eyes at any rate) at 3/8 the size of the dvd resolution files. As we both stated, the VideoBox custom clip feature is extremely useful if you only wish to keep part of the scene.

  9. doppyman Says:

    Some of the Capone stuff is OK, although usually half of each clip is boring lead-up stuff that is not amusing or interesting in any way. But the sad fact is that Capone’s studio is at best a b-level studio, if not a C-level one, and Videobox pretty much has become a repository for Euro-porn, C-level domestic porn, inferior Third World product and an occasional Red Light District or Voyeur video that stands out every three or four days as the only top line stuff posted on the site. Essentially, the quality of posts has taken a drastic nose-dive over the last six weeks, due to the lack of quality American porn studio content. Once I get more back catalogue stuff downloaded, I’m outta here, unless things turn around soon.

  10. ropeadope Says:

    @ doppyman – Sounds to me like you could use a complete break from all porn for about a month. No worries, happens to the best of us. September 1st is Tuesday. My recommendation is to download all you want from the archives on Sunday and Monday. Come Tuesday, take the month of September as a sabbatical from porn. Don’t visit any adult websites, don’t watch any porn on your computer or otherwise. Don’t even check on the updates out of curiosity. By October 1st, your mind should be cleared and refreshed, and ready for more porn. For what it’s worth, I’ve noticed no decline in the overall quality of additions to the site. I can barely keep up with the downloads.

  11. doppyman Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, Rope. As always, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

  12. Sara Says:

    We need more posts like this!

  13. John John Says:

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