Vivid Girls Hate Choco Tacos

Conan O’Brien fans who tuned in this Tuesday got a glimpse inside the Vivid Entertainment Plaza (plaza?) when he went on a tour of his new Studio City neighborhood and happened to pay Vivid a visit. For those who missed it, please enjoy:

The first several minutes of the clip show Conan wandering around to a magic shop, a ski store and a sign-making establishment. He finishes his odyssey at the Vivid compound, getting a tour of the facility by the likes of Monique Alexander, Sunny Leone and Meggan Mallone.

In the final moments of the clip, Conan distributes an ice cream treat called a Choco Taco. Vivid contract stars are up for anything (except, in some instances, anal. or penises), so they all gave the frozen novelty a try (or at least an exploratory bite).


Watch Meggan Mallone and A.J. Bailey’s faces at the end of the clip. From what I hear, all the girls completely hated the Choco Tacos. But on the plus side, Andy Richter is reportedly really nice.

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11 Responses to “Vivid Girls Hate Choco Tacos”

  1. Rael Says:

    Video doesn’t work.

  2. HotScooter2 Says:


    Vivid girls are more stuck up than most porn stars though they have little reason to be. i sort of see Choco Tacos as more of a blue collar thing. it would be interesting to see how they respond to Choco Tacos at Cezar Capone or RLD studios.

    so how is our beautiful lady doing. i got a great idea .How about a picture of you just wearing a Choco Taco lol. hey hon i can always fantasize. and you can wear more than one choco taco but it is not mandatory. But you still my buddy even if you do turn me down

  3. ropeadope Says:

    Video worked fine for me but my headphones are dead so I’ll have to check out the audio another day. Looked like a fun segment, thank you Alison. Is Conan like 8 ft. tall, or was everyone else in the video a midget?

  4. Grey Says:

    Conan is like 8ft tall.
    Andy in the editing booth was the best part. If Vivid would let me in I would totally spend my lunch breaks there. It would be a long lunch, if you get my meaning.

  5. garbman Says:

    Vivid sucks who cares whar they like or dislike.

  6. garbman Says:

    No disrespect towards you intended, Alison. However, Vivid content in my opinion is complete trash.

  7. alison Says:

    Rael – I tried to find an alternate video, but it seems like NBC is the only one that has it. Sorry about that.

    HotScooter2 – Choco Tacos are for the proletariat, eh? You’re probably right. I couldn’t believe they’d never had them before last week. When you figure out how to wear a Choco Taco, I’ll put one on, hon 😉

    ropeadope – I’m sorry you missed the audio. I definitely recommend checking it out when you get a new pair of headphones. I do believe Conan is a giant, actually.

    Grey – That was my favorite part too. I bet if you knocked on the door and asked really nice, they’d give you a tour 🙂

    garbman – No offense taken. I’m not personally a big fan of their movies either. Just thought the skit was funny 🙂

  8. Ricky Says:

    Conan is 6’4″.

  9. x2visionquest Says:

    loves me some Conan, ..can i get this blog with a tiger emblazoned across the top? cum frosted fonts? kthxbye

  10. thisoneguy Says:

    I’m with Garbman. Vivid are way too full of themselves. If the porn was McNasty quality, I’d understand. But, it’s rather PG by hardcore standards.

  11. alison Says:

    x2visionquest – It’s gotta have 2 tigers!

    thisoneguy – I think it all comes down to personal taste. There are a lot of people out there who think much of what goes on in gonzo movies is over-the-top circus sex.