Who Makes Real Teen Movies?

Teen Movies
The teen category is a funny one. Sometimes it feels like I see the same girl in every single movie even though she’s 25 (I’m talking about you, Leah Luv). The MILF category is the same way in reverse, but that’s a post for another day.

I started wondering whether any studios did a better job than others at hiring real teens. There are 8 or 9 studios that seem to have a lot of teen movies on VB, but I chose 5 for this experiment. For each studio, I chose its 5 most popular DVDs and figured out the ages of each actress portraying a teen at the time of filming and averaged them to figure out who’s hiring the 20-somethings and who’s paying the big bucks for the 18 and 19 year olds who are new to the business.

The five studios I chose to sample were:

  • Notorious (84 teen movies)
  • Lethal Hardcore (32 teen movies)
  • Platinum X (23 teen movies)
  • DVSX (23 teen movies)
  • Brandon Iron Productions (10 movies, all teen-themed)

Read on for the results of my research…

My hypothesis was that Brandon Iron hired the youngest girls, followed by Notorious, Platinum X, Lethal Hardcore and then DVSX. This was mostly a guess, but I know that Brandon Iron and Jim Powers really like them young, so they had the most incentive to find the youngest legal teens they could.

I turned out to be pretty wrong. Here are the results:

  • Platinum X – average age: 19.48
  • Lethal Hardcore – average age: 19.8
  • Brandon Iron Productions – average age: 20.26
  • Notorious – average age: 21
  • DVSX – average age: 21.39

So teen video lovers, there you go. Platinum X and Lethal Hardcore keep it real by violating actual teens for your viewing pleasure. Does that sound about right to you?

I was slightly surprised to find out that most teen movies do have at least one teenager in them and they usually keep them under 22. MILFs, I’m guessing, are another matter all together…

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10 Responses to “Who Makes Real Teen Movies?”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    Very interesting research, Alison. A few points that come to mind off the top of my head:

    1) I believe your hypothesis is more correct than you’re giving yourself credit for. I don’t have the exact numbers, but I believe Brandon Iron directed several of the titles within the Platinum X grouping (not necessarily within your test sample, but within the VideoBox studio roster). Series such as 50 to 1, Baker’s Dozen, Bell Bottoms, A Good Source of Iron (great title for a series directed by a Mr. Iron), and Photographic Mammaries. Those DVD’s are all listed under Platinum X, but all are directed by Brandon.

    2) I already owned a large amount of Silver Sinema titles before VideoBox stated adding their releases. They always struck me as featuring a high percentage of fresh young girls.

    3) Combat Zone is another studio whose DVD’s I had plenty of when they began appearing at VideoBox. Many of their title lines specialize in displaying young talent. In fact, Melissa Lauren told me the reason she stopped directing for Combat Zone after only two titles, was ownership wanted her to work exclusively with new girls. However, she was more comfortable directing performers who were already in the business for a period of time.

  2. HotScooter2 Says:


    i don’t think this series has ever been on VB,but are you familiar with Dirty Debutantes.Jim Powers acted in many of them,and i believe also directed them..he got very young legal teens on these Vids.this series was done anywhere from 15 to 25 years ago and would count.if you can find the studio that made this series,it might compare quite favrably with your data

  3. HotScooter2 Says:


    i goofed it was ed powers in the dirty debutante series and not jim powers,but it might still be worth you lookin into .
    Have a great labor day weekend and chat with ya soon ya gorgeous lil rascal you.still tryin to figure out a way for yoou to wear a choco taco. the results could be quite fascinating.

  4. bmbenblog Says:

    Personally, the actual age is meaningless (within reason). A great example is the work of Crystal Ray. She has two distinct personas, one teen, one slut. My preference is dictated by my mood. Lets face it, most of these girls lie when interviewed, and if Violet Blue told me she was 18 for ten years, all the better. It’s an angle that some girls play well and porn is best when the performers play to their strengths.

  5. Eva Angelina Vidz Says:

    Nice research 🙂

    To be honest I think it is more about the illusion though – I don’t mind if a girl in a teen movie is really 25 if I believe she’s really 19.

  6. beahib Says:

    Forget this, what about all the videos claiming the actresses are “natural” (for instance, today’s update 110% Natural #19) when I’ve seen them before with smaller boobs? That’s the real scandal.

  7. catamaranman Says:

    In reply to Hotscooter2, yes. Ed Powers’ Dirty Debs series did have lots of teens. His series is VERY established and I believe started when Ed was in his 30’s and now is in his 50’s. His series was based on bring the viewer fresh talent FIRST. Almost by definition, these tended to be actresses in their teens. He was also one of the first to bring you reality porn. No “reality setups” but a get to know the girl interview, then sex. He’s still going AFAIK. The series is still a fav of mine but I liked his earlier work. If VB can bring some of those (Ed Powers Prod published by New Machine Pub), it would be a feather in their cap.

  8. ocdave67 Says:

    I know that there are internet resources for porn stars and the such but am curious what resource you used to verify the age of the stars of the movie. I would think unless you wrote the custodian of records for each company and requested age verification it is possible your age verifications of the stars may not be accurate. Please share your source or sources for this information. I am curious, and skeptical as well. I find that various internet sources always differ in their porn star profiles. One source will say an actress is 23 but the next site will claim the star is 25 etc..

  9. Gatos Says:

    @ ropadope’s 1st point:
    I would not necessarily give the director the credit for being responsible for the actual hiring, even if his name is Brandon Iron … at the same time, you see new labels emerging where I would not be surprised if some of the “Label owners” actually lend their name for the purpose and more or less do the same thing they’ve done before, but that’s guessing on my part.

    I find this article very informative, thank you very much for this research, Alison!
    I would not have minded even more detailed results. While I find an average of 21 in a “teen” movie not necessarily scandalous (I go with the “idea” of the actress being a “teen” anyway), it would be interesting to hear what the extremes were. What was the oldest?

    Altogether, I cannot consider being fond for “teens” is a real fetish of some kind. If she looks legally young, I really don’t care whether she is 19 or 20 …

  10. weirdporn Says:

    I like watching she male porn but i feel its wrong as i enjoy it and i get off to it. … I tihnk it depends how far it goes. Honestly, i think everyone has some sort of fetish that thy like…