What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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No, not the picture above. That’s Lily Thai awaiting transport from the school bus to her studies. Nothing at all wrong with that picture. Please click inside to view the image I’m referencing. I recently obtained a movie from the studio Club Jenna and assembled the enclosed preview from one of the scenes. Who is the performer in the preview and what is wrong / unusual with the picture?

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The performer in the collage above, appears in 55 scenes at VideoBox (not counting behind the scenes segments). Please tell me:

1) Who is the performer?
2) What is wrong / unusual with the picture?

I’ll supply some specific details on the movie and scene once I receive a correct answer to these questions.

Images courtesy of Club Jenna.

Joke of the Day

A vacationing penguin is driving through Arizona when he notices that the oil-pressure light is on. He gets out to look and sees oil dripping out of the motor. He drives to the nearest town and stops at the first gas station.

After dropping the car off, the penguin goes for a walk around town. He sees an ice-cream shop and being a penguin in Arizona, decides that something cold would really hit the spot. He gets a big bowl of vanilla ice cream and sits down to eat. Having no hands, he makes a real mess trying to eat with his little flippers.

After finishing his ice cream, he goes back to the gas station and asks the mechanic if he’s found the problem. The mechanic looks up and says, “It looks like you blew a seal.”

“Oh no, no, no,” the penguin replies, “It’s just ice cream.”



19 Responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. greywind57 Says:

    Is what’s wrong that there seems to be an image of a woman with 3 breasts in the background? I can’t see anything else that might be wrong.

    On an unrelated note, did VB change its prices suddenly? I can’t access my account and noticed that the monthly recurring price has gone from $9.95 to $15.96 a month. If so, why was there no notice given? I’m surprised since customer service has been so good in the past. I thought there might have been some warning. Maybe a blog post.

    P.S. Loved the joke.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ greywind57 – Negative on the three breasted background woman. Lol, where are you seeing that? I believe you’re correct on the current pricing structure. Definitely contact customer support on the issue of account access, as a price bump should not apply to existing memberships. If you do have to sign up anew, consider one of the longer term subscriptions. You need to pay the lump sum up front, but the discounts compared to monthly billings are generous.

  3. greywind57 Says:

    I thought it was the blue thing in the background.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ greywind57 – Oh okay, now I see what you’re looking at. In the far right panels of the middle and lower rows (caps 6 & 9). I hadn’t noticed that previously. The key here is identification of the performer. Solving that mystery, should quickly unravel the riddle.

  5. Master_Roshi Says:

    Is the performer Ashton Moore? And is unusual aspect of it that she’s performing in a straight scene, not a lesbian one?

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ Master_Roshi – Excellent work my friend, you nailed it.

    This is scene 1 from the DVD Ashton Asylum with Tommy Gunn. It was advertised as Ashton’s first boy-girl lead scene in over five years (when released in October 2006). Ashton appears in two other scenes in the movie. A boy-girl-girl threesome with Hillary Scott and Jean Valjean, and a girl-girl with Kate Frost. Melissa Lauren and Sandra Romain also have scenes in the film. Later that year, Ashton did a boy-girl scene with Manuel Ferrara for the DVD Jenna’s Provocateur, and in 2007, did a final boy-girl scene with Marco Banderas for the DVD Ashton’s Anarchy. That evidently was her swan song from the industry. Unless she’s filming exclusively for internet websites or decides to come out of retirement.

  7. Vigilante716 Says:

    I read all this because I’m a Lily Thai fan.

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ Vigilante716 – Lol, in hindsight, the post does have a bit of a bait and switch feel. Look at it this way. Now you have a good penguin joke to tell.

  9. Tyler Says:

    Shes missing at least one tattoo.

  10. monovitae Says:

    @ropeadope: I’m fairly sure this isn’t the best place to post this question but I cant find an email option.

    Anyway as a long time member of VB I, much like others here I’m sure, have accumulated a fairly substantial amount of downloads saved to disk. I generally leave the default file name because it prevents me from downloading duplicates.

    However it makes finding anything meaningful or organizing a real pain in the ass. As such, I think it might be an interesting poll or perhaps blog post from the master of remembering every tiny detail of past scenes, in regard to how you or other members organize your collections or useful software. I would personally find some sort of offline setup very similar to VB’s own online system where I could tag my files with various data such as actress, type, date, etc. much like I tag my photos in any number of organizational software packages. Google searches have returned few results other than a few Linux projects that seem like they may be in their infancy of development.

  11. numbles Says:

    As in structuring things there are always cool and sophisticated ways ( like mine with parsing everything to a database I can then access and search smoothly through my own “website” running on my computer – locally only of course ) and then theres the crude but nevertheless easy and efficient way to do thing.

    Crude Option Number One.
    1. Get the Tool AutoHotkey. It’s opensource and comes for free.
    2. Get the DownThemAll Download Manager for Firefox.
    3. Write an AutoHotkey Script that does the following things ( don’t worry it’s easier for you to write this script then it is for the penguin to eat his Ice cream ).
    3a) Copy The “Starring” “Directors” “Categories” and “Length” lines
    3b) Open The Downthemall Dialogue That ask where it should be saved and (attention important!) how it should rename it.
    The Dialogue reads like *name*.*ext* what means that It will use the original filename and the original file extension to name the file.
    3c) Change that via script as you say the script to overwrite this naming convention with sth. like *name*ctrl+v.*ext*
    (ctrl+v does nothing but insert the previously copied content say the “Starring” “Directors” “Categories” and “Length” lines out of your clipboard into the naming convention )
    3d) Make the script click on Download
    3e) Make the script do a convenient backstep to the previous site or whatever you like.

    Note: this is not the actual script and not the actual code but only a hint on how you could do it.
    If you dont like scripting and dont do things like say downloading all the gazillion scenes Aurora Snow has at once your probably just fine with Firefox+Downthemall+ Manually inserting the copied lines containing the infos that your interested in into that naming convention.

    So it would look like this for the scene “Don’t Let Daddy Know #8, Scene 1”

    *name*Starring: Ashlyn Rae Director: Mark Wood Categories: Gonzo, One-on-One, Redhead, Straight Sex, Teen.*ext*

    Downthemall does the thing with automatically adding the original name and extension so the Files name will be in the end:

    Dont_Let_Daddy_Know_8_Scene_1_b Starring: Ashlyn Rae Director: Mark Wood Categories: Gonzo, One-on-One, Redhead, Straight Sex, Teen.wmv

    Though this looks like it totally sucks big time because of lengthy filenames it is very very helpful if you combine it with something like, say the optionally windows search agent, google desktop or anything else that will help you find the Gonzo Redhead Teen file that Ashlyn Rae was starring in.

    I hope you get what I mean 🙂

  12. numbles Says:

    I forgot something:
    For conveniently editing autohotkey script you might want the scite4autohotkey editor. Id post the links but I guess thats not allowed.

    Note: you can make the autohotkey scripts rather complex. I made one for example that goes to the popular scenes, opens the first 100 popular scenes, copies the relevant informations, downloads the files and goes back to the main videobox page.

    PS: If you want it to be comfortable in the end you might need some php and mysql skills to make a php script that automatically creates mysql entries and pages for your wamp server so you can access your collection through your browser.

  13. numbles Says:

    A note one Dupes – Just use the Easy Duplicated Finder (comes free of charge) to delete dupes. If your bandwith is to small for this download first and check later practice just look up your porn folder before downloading as with the previously described downthemall way of of doing things the name of the pornfile still has the original name.
    With those informational filenames sorting your files into subfolders is not necessary anymore so you might want to keep all your files in one folder.

  14. ropeadope Says:

    @ monovitae – I will address the issue in this space tonight. I must be away for the bulk of the day. It appears numbles has provided some very comprehensive ideas. I like your idea of a post dedicated to this topic. Edit: Continued Below

  15. monovitae Says:

    Thanks for the quick reply’s everyone. Looks like Rope is going to do a post as well which I will greatly look forward to(thanks Ropeadope). When I first posted I worried that maybe no one cared about organizing their vids, but it seems I have struck a chord within the community.

    @numbles-Thanks for the elaborate reply, and while I am investigating all possibilities atm, I imagine I would wind up leaning toward your database situation. As for skills I’m fairly proficient in python and shell scripting.

  16. ropeadope Says:

    @ monovitae – If you haven’t previously done so, take a look at these two blog entries:

    What’s Your Porn Library Like?

    Using DVD Box Covers As Folder Icons

    Alison posted the first article in October 2008 and received numerous replies. Fellow member G man asked me my approach to the subject. This was my reply.

    G man – If I had the patience to do so, I would:

    1. Download all scenes posted to Videobox.
    2. Give each scene a painstaking, attentive viewing.
    3. Arrange the files alphabetically by movie title.
    4. Create shortcuts to the file which would be maintained in separate pornstar, studio, and category folders.

    However, in actuality, my saved files are arranged haphazardly on various hard drives strewn all over the house. No idea where any particular file might be. Eventually, I delete everything and start all over.

    The shortcuts are a simple, effective method in my view. You are not copying the file, so they’re not taking up double, triple, or quadruple space on your hard drive. Just dropping a shortcut to the file in the appropriate folder.

    I posted the second article in January 2009. While the entry doesn’t directly answer your question, you may find some helpful info in the post (studio folders & series folders).

    Yes, I’ll try to revisit the topic in a new post in the upcoming weeks.

  17. beahib Says:

    Meh, shortcuts are a problem if you ever want to reorganize your disks or burn things to CD. I’ve always stored the files in folders corresponding to the actress. What I used to do with scenes with multiple actresses was store them in the folder for the first one in alphabetical order, and then put shortcuts in the other actresses’ folders. But a couple of years ago I needed to make my internal drive more, uh, presentable, so I copied some files to external drives and burned some less-beloved ones to CD before wiping and defragging the old drive. Of course, all the shortcut relationships were lost in the process, and it took a fair amount of work to figure out who the other performers were in multiple scenes.

    Anyhow, after that experience I switched to just keeping a master spreadsheet with filename, performer names, file size, movie length, where I downloaded it from (in case I ever have to prove it’s not illegal stuff), and some other data for each file, and add a line to the spreadsheet every time I download something new. So that way I can sort it any way I want. The only drawback is that you realize just how much porn you have. I figured out a couple of weeks ago that I could sit and watch porn 24 hours a day for a month and a half without watching the same thing twice.

  18. beahib Says:

    Wow, reading that “porn library” thread makes me wonder. Most people were well under 500GB and the highest was just over 1.0 TB. I passed 1.6 TB a couple of weeks ago…of course most of it isn’t videobox stuff.

  19. numbles Says:

    Making your Files searchable by adding tags to the filenames or file details is in all ways I can imagine superior to making shortcuts.
    It’s both less work to create and makes it easier to use.