Texas Presley: Tiffany Taylor’s Vagina the Worst Smelling of All Time

Texas PresleyThe other day, I came across this Something Awful interview with Texas Presley from 2007 that I thought was relatively entertaining and wanted to pass it along to you guys.

Although I imagine quite a few of you have already seen it, I’m betting there are some (like me) who missed it the first time around and may find it amusing.

In the interview she talks extremely candidly about why she quit the business, some strange on-set happenings, and how much she loves it that people jerk off to her movies.

The funniest part, however, was when she started dishing on (former?) Vivid contract girl Tiffany Taylor and her disgusting-smelling pussy:

Dave: Let’s hit the ground running: which adult actor or actress smells the worst?

Texas: Tiffany Taylor. No question. No hesitation.

Dave: Please describe her smell for the good people at home.

Texas: Worst smelling vagina OF ALL TIME. Low tide exploded inside her cervix.

Dave: Would you go so far as to say that her vagina could be used to strip the paint off a battleship?

Texas: Yes, I could say that. I think her vagina was actually filled with the “dip” from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Whew, even remembering that makes me cringe. I hear she won Jenna Jameson’s “pornstar challenge show”…like, how funny is that show, for real? It’s like a beauty pageant for beauty queens whose uncles gave them one too many hugs…

Dave: So did you say anything about her vagina, or did you just let it go?

Texas: I was really in a pickle in that circumstance. I can be really shy at times, especially if someone is completely rank like that. I mean… she’s already acting like a fucking cunt and ruining the scene… so now I’m going to tell her that her vagina smells like a dead skunk inside a trash can? I kept trying to hint to the director, but didn’t have the balls to just up and say it. Really, there was no way to win that situation. In hindsight I should’ve just vomited and fainted. Maybe that would’ve made it more apparent.

The only time she and Tiffany worked together was on Young Ripe Mellons 8. (In fact, member pflameforever mentioned this interview in the comments of the scene in question.)

Having now watched the scene, I’ll say this for Texas: while on camera, she did not let on that she thought Tiffany’s pussy smelled like wet garbage. That’s professionalism. Talking about it in an interview afterward? Debatable.

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22 Responses to “Texas Presley: Tiffany Taylor’s Vagina the Worst Smelling of All Time”

  1. housedj69 Says:

    I’ve always like Texas Presley. Sad that she’s retired. She does seem to have a pretty good sense of humour.

  2. xtcbyme Says:

    I have to agree with Alison, talking about this post-mortem is very unclassy and could raise the issue of being an act of retaliation. Having been in many circumstances where a pussy is less than inviting in smell I know that someone can just dive in nonetheless, but when I read this and compared a few scenes with the skank in question I have yet to see anyone gagging or avoiding her nasty hole so I think that either that was a one-time issue or her pussy ain’t no worse for wear than the other whores in porn.(not talking what might of been edited out)
    But here is to pretty girls that have smelly nasty fuck holes! May the best wo/man stretch them for all of us to enjoy!

  3. alison Says:

    housedj69 – I agree it’s a shame she retired. Hot and funny is a rare combination.

    xtcbyme – Here here!

  4. rubmeright Says:

    Bad news about Tiffany’s twat. Not that its likely to come up, but i’d have dived into that in a heartbeat. For the sake of my fantasies, I’ll assume it was just an off day!

  5. HotScooter2 Says:


    i have never knowingly been rude to you the entire time i have been writing in to the blog.but this blog i find trite,and that is not your style my friend.
    but comeon does anyone care what Texas Presley thinks about Tiffany Taylors pussy and how it smells. i got better things to be concerned about than the smell of female genitalia.you know if tiffany were to sniff Texas’s pussy she may say the same thing.
    i suppose some may find her remark funny but i fail to see the humor. and for that matter the smell can vary under different situations and those that have flower scented pussies one day ,their’s may smell like a skunk the next. shit now i am resorting to be trite.
    i’m truly sorry but this whole topic is absurd

  6. davros Says:

    I’ve read and heard interviews from other porn stars who worked with Tiffany and they said she had an odor as well. So it’s not just coming from one person, so there may be some basis in fact. If it truly has a distinctively bad scent to it, it’s really a shame. But these things are known to happen from time to time.
    Regardless, it won’t stop me from watching her work.

  7. numbles Says:

    Obviously you don’t have better things to do because you not only read the interview but also posted about it. Another amusing example how word and deed do not fit each other. 🙂

    I for myself found this interview very funny though talking negatively about other professionals in the same branch as you is never a good idea.
    And about the tone of the thing – man it’s from something awful, what did you expect?

  8. alison Says:

    rubmeright – Sure, all ladies have bad pussy days sometimes, right? 🙂

    HotScooter2 – I’m sorry that you feel that way. That said, I stand by my post and I hope that you like next week’s offering better.

    davros – I was wondering if anyone else had ever said anything to confirm or deny this. But you’re right…it’s not smell-o-vision or anything.

    numbles – I figured she must’ve known she was leaving for good when she said those things because it’d be hard to come back and say, “Oh, that stuff I said about your vagina…I was just kidding.”

  9. beahib Says:

    I have a feeling if we knew half of what actually goes on on a porn set, we wouldn’t enjoy it anymore. Sort of like what seeing a pig farm does to your enjoyment of hot dogs…

  10. xtcbyme Says:

    hey beahib not that this is on topic, but having raised animals, then killed and eaten them has not stopped me from enjoying bacon or steaks. I recall(forgive me if my memory is faulty) Alison relating watching a porn shoot of some type and she still seems to like porn. Yet I agree with you that some of the magic is lost when your favorite porn star turns out to be someone who shops for groceries, wears cotton panties, and finds it hard to get a date sometimes . . .on topic . . .I think this thread ought to say two things, people love gossip, and everyone, porn stars too, are still human with all of our faults and blemishes.

  11. doppyman Says:

    Back in the late 90s or early 00s, there was a similar story going around about Cheyenne Silver when she worked for Vivid and, so the story goes, Vivid was very slow or inactive about denying it. Cheyenne was upset and made quite a to-do about it. (She had other issues, simultaneously, allegedly, but so the story goes.) A few years later, Vivid released a compilation of her work and over the intro clips it read something like “She’s cute …. She’s sexy …. She’s clean ….”. I have never heard a story about a male porn star’s dirty cock ….

  12. beahib Says:

    xtcbyme, I don’t know what your operation was like, but I was referring to the giant factory farms where most meat consumed by city-dwellers like myself is produced. It’s not the killing that bothered me so much as the conditions in which the animals live.

  13. numbles Says:


    Ever thought about the implications of making sausages/hotdogs? 🙂
    To kill something and to stuff it in its own gut is certainly one of the most degrading things possible.

  14. ropeadope Says:

    Alison, may I humbly suggest you schedule an interview with Tiffany at the next Adult Entertainment Expo, in order to sniff out the legitimacy of these claims. Of all the reporters in the field, I place my greatest trust in you to snatch the truth from rumor and innuendo.

  15. jfro21 Says:

    I don’t like this type of gossip. This brings down the level of your column here. Magnifying this type of gossip through a blog post doesn’t serve you nor VB well. You would need to be a consistent purveyor of gossip and innuendo like Luke Ford in order for this not to stand out like a sore thumb as an attack on Tiffany Taylor, whom I assume has done you nor VB no harm.

  16. HotScooter2 Says:

    imho Texas Presley is not exactly a reliable source for much of anything. To be fair i think we should give Taylor a chance to put her through a sniff marathon with a 1000 horny dogs all giving her the sniff test.let the dogs decide if they put their tails down then they vote that her pussy smells rank,and if they keep their tails fully erect then they nod approval for her fragrance.Will texas fare any better than taylor stay tuned to a future issue of the sniffablog.

  17. flblasted Says:

    I remember catching this interview on SA when it was published, and I loved it. Texas Presley is hilarious and it just makes the fact that she has (had?) one of the best looks in porn.

    It’s probably a horrible thing to say but here’s hoping she needs a bailout and does a few more videos for us.

  18. Starry Knight Says:

    Sheesh, chill out people, It was FUNNY! Ever heard the saying: “don’t kill the messenger”? Allison, I am a long time blog reader first time poster. I have read and enjoyed every one of your blogs and this one is no exception. In a industry rife (or should I have said ripe) I would imagine with hygiene problems it must have been bad for the incident to stick out so pungently LOL. Behind the scenes comical incidents are fun to hear. Ms. Presley saying she should have puked and played possum really got me.

    Allison, thank you for your blog and interview efforts they are appreciated.

  19. doppyman Says:

    HotScooter – I think it probably would be possible to get human volunteers for the job you suggest dogs would do.

  20. HotScooter2 Says:


    humans are fine as volunteers but since dogs have a stroonger sense of smell they are better qualified and less likely to be bribed as well.

  21. thisoneguy Says:

    “i got better things to be concerned about than the smell of female genitalia.”

    Well, I don’t. Thanks for the info, Allison! ^.^

  22. wcfields Says:

    I’m much more interested in the fact that she (Texas) had her boyfriend at her shoots, and said she ‘was doing it for him’. WTF does that mean? Her boyfriend wanted her to get fucked by other dudes? Really? This I have to know more about. I’d rather get a good hard kick to the balls than watch my girl so much as make out with another dude. Insane.