Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

Whether it’s a cop pulling over beautiful women and “letting them off with a warning,” or hot female cops getting a little rough with the criminals, or a surprise show of appreciation for a boy (or girl) in blue, cop porn can be really hot.

I made a list of all of the police uniformed porn I could find on VB for your viewing pleasure. If I missed your favorite cop scene, please share it in the comments!

uniform babes s6Uniform Babes, scene 6
An angry Mika Tan gets thrown in jail for hooking and when she resists (real-life former) Officer Reina Leone’s attempts to remove her dangerous spiked collar, Reina has to subdue her by force. When a male officer notices Reina strapping it on with Mika, he joins in on the action.
coxxx and soxxx s2Coxxx & Soxxx #4, scene 2
Angela Stone and Annie Cruz are having some fun in their socks when officer Jack Lawrence catches them in the act while investigating a peeping tom. He agrees to stick around and protect them from the peeping tom…with his cock. Jack makes a pretty good cop and he’s even wearing a bullet proof vest that Annie and Angela remove before blowing him.
paris and nicole s1Paris and Nicole Go To Jail, scene 1
Stacy Thorn, playing Paris Hilton, submits to a cavity search by a prison guard (not really a cop, but close). This works in a little medical fetish with its cop fantasy when the officer puts on a latex glove and examines Stacy’s lady bits while she’s handcuffed to the bed. Scenes 2 and 5 also feature prison guard sex.

violation s1Violation scene 1
Busty blonde Lovette gets pulled over with her girlfriend after a night out. Lovette has a beer in the car and the cop takes the opportunity to frisk both ladies up against a wall. Back alley cop sex with Lovette (but unfortunately not with her friend) ensues.
violation s5Violation scene 5
After her male coworker gets put on suspension, policewoman Montana Gunn makes a smart alecky comment and gets him thrown out of the precinct. Montana and her chivalrous coworker go at it on his desk.
capital punishment s1Capital Punishment, scene 1
Avena Lee is eyeing up the maintenance man cleaning up the jail cell while she’s on duty and fantasizes about what it’d be like to fuck him right there in the cell.
capital punishment s4Capital Punishment, scene 4
Kurt Lockwood is on death row and his last request is to nail ladycop Dillan Lauren in the ass. She cuffs him, shoves a donut in his mouth and goes to work on his cock. His final request is granted, but unfortunately, we don’t get to see Kurt get the chair.
bbb s1Bitches Behind Bars, scene 1
I think the description on VB explains it well: Poor, murderous Maggie is getting sent waaaaay up the river for killing her pervert uncle. When the convicted redhead runs into blonde badass prison guard Egypt, she gets a body cavity search – mostly with a nightstick – she’ll never forget, while the other guards stroke themselves. Scenes 2, 4 and 5 also contain uniformed sex.
marcos dirty dreams s5Marco’s Dirty Dreams
Devon Lee and Lisa DeMarco are guarding prisoner Marco Banderas in vinyl and fishnet uniforms. They start with a little girl on girl action, but eventually allow their ward to join in on the fun.
boss bitches s1Boss Bitches #29, scene 1
The cop uniform is a favorite among domniatrices and Heidi Mayne wears one before strapping it on with her male submissive.
twat squadTwat Squad
The Twat Squad is a special team of seven professionals – Lauren Phoenix, Samantha Ryan, Roxanne Hall, Brittney Skye, Shy Love, Kelly Kline and Trina Michaels – that are schooled in the war against guerillas and other subversives. I don’t know about any special ops, but these girls are hot and wearing cop uniforms.
boobsville pdBoobsville Police Department
Enormously endowed Kandi Cox and Mia Miluv play cops in this comedy gem (I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be funny, but the acting is pretty hilarious). My favorite was scene 2 where Evan Stone is wearing what looks like a ninja costume his mom made.
latex copsLatex Cops
This movie features 5 scenes of, well, hot cops in latex. It stars Venus, Alexis Malone, Kimberly Kane, Delilah Stone and Audrey Hollander. The scenes are pretty standard cop stuff – one in a jail cell, one in an alley, one in the interrogation room – and I think the quality of talent in Latex Cops is pretty decent.

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9 Responses to “Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    Outstanding post Alison. How long did it take you to locate and compile these scenes? It would have taken me 100 hours minimum. Here are two additional scenes I recall. I’ll update the list if I remember any others.

    The Babysitter #18 scene 1
    Lily Thai is on a babysitter assignment when she is repeatedly frightened by strange noises coming from just outside the house. She calls 911 and Dirty Harry is dispatched to look into the situation. He inspects inside and outside the premises, finding nothing out of the ordinary. Harry prepares to leave and return to regular patrol duty, but Lily has other ideas. I included this scene in my archive review here, and it remains among my very favorite scenes.

    Francesca Le’s His Ass Is Mine scene 1
    Harmony Rose is an undercover officer sent to the home of Billy James to arrest him on charges of voyeurism. Harmony decides to dispense some “on the spot” justice. Excellent scene for fans of female domination.

  2. HotScooter2 Says:


    pull over now Officer HotScooter gonna write you out a ticket.
    you driving without a valid emission inspection.gonna have to take you downtown and book you.Now how you like those marbles girl.let’s see you charm your way out of that one lil lady.
    letting emission ticket expire is a very serious offense. now if i was in a good mood i would let you out with just a warning,but i am not in a good mood lol

  3. thisoneguy Says:

    I. . . kinda hate cops actually. Okay, maybe not hate, but strongly dislike. The setup does little for me. I mean, if it helps the girl get off, awesome. But, uhm, for the most part… law enforcement keeps me soft.
    Hell, in some states the real ones would bust me for WATCHING cop themed (or any) porn. Irritating.
    Still a good post for all those who feel otherwise, though.

  4. xtcbyme Says:

    Thanks for another interesting post Alison. I think girls in uniform are very hot and I have no problem what-so-ever watching bad girls getting the night stick! I don’t have any cop scenes to add to this list, but highly recommend Katie Morgan and Sammie Rhodes in Uniform Babes as well your recommended scene with Mika Tan and Reina Leone! Good Call!

  5. numbles Says:

    Ropeadope, Ropeadope – listen: can’t you make them enable the videobox site for the cooliris plugin for firefox? That would be uber-awesome 🙂
    Look it up, browsing video/pictures with cooliris is so sweet and would only take like an hour or two to implement.

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ numbles – I believe you’re vastly overestimating my influence on management decisions (which is zero btw), but I’ll be sure that Alison sees your comment and I will familiarize myself with the application so I know what I’m talking about.

  7. numbles Says:

    Well I don’t expect it to happen anyways :). But would be cool. Try it and youtube or google picture search. Its vastly better at giving you a good overview over large amounts of files.

  8. alison Says:

    ropeadope – Thanks. I guess it took me an afternoon. Thanks for the additions. I was really hoping members could fill in the gaps I undoubtedly left in this genre.

    HotScooter2 – lol 🙂

    thisoneguy – Just out of curiosity, is there a theme you’d want to see a list of scenes from?

    xtcbyme – Thanks! And thanks for the recommendation. Those were hot scenes even if they didn’t have cops in them.

  9. AlexOnVB Says:

    Hi Alison,

    you had missed “Hot Babe Seduction, Scene 1”, with Anoushka and Vivia. It’s a nice scene with decent girl/girl action. Link: http://www.videobox.com/beta/member/scene-detail.seam?subTab=&raId=-1&cid=968337&mainTab=browse&contentId=11630280&sdBox=