Finishers 9/1 – 9/7 (part 1)

Alison has kindly allowed me to pick up with the finisher posts. All credit to Alison, as these posts were her creation. This first entry covers the updates from 9/1 thru 9/7. I’ll be uploading the post in two parts, with part 2 arriving in roughly 48 hours.

To view the finish, click on the scene link to the right of the thumbnail image. Do not click on the thumbnail image itself.

Face Fucking, Inc_3a Face Fucking, Inc. #1, Scene 3
Alana Evans & Barbie Cummings are double teaming Jean-Claude Batiste with one girl stroking the cock while the other sucks and vice versa. Alana is controlling the action, and provides some nasty talk along the way. Barbie has the base of the cock in her left hand; Alana stroking the shaft with her left hand into Barbie’s mouth. Jean-Claude cums on Barbie’s mouth, then Alana rubs the cock in and around her own mouth, then back to Barbie’s mouth. The girls swap the cum a few times to conclude a hot finishing effort.

To view the finish, click on the scene link to the right of the thumbnail image. Do not click on the thumbnail image itself.

filthy milfs_3 Filthy MILFs #1, Scene 3
Lisa DeMarco, who’s laying alongside a flat on her back Diana Doll, is stroking a guy’s cock right above Diana’s breasts. Lisa jerks a big load all over Diana’s tits. The scene cuts abruptly, before the girls can do anything with the cum. Have to deduct points for that omission, but the actual finish was fine.

filthy milfs_4 Filthy MILFs #1, Scene 4
Nicole Sheridan’s husband is away for seven days, and she’s using the opportunity to get as many hot, young guys as possible in her week of freedom. She finishes off the bartender with a rapid stroke technique as he blows his load in her mouth, on the side of her face, and past her face. Good finish. Nicole immediately shows the befuddled barkeep the door. “You know the way out.”

On My Dirty Knees_2 On My Dirty Knees, Scene 2
This scene is from Vivid Alt. Violet Skye has the goth girl look and the scene takes place on a bland set. She gives a high energy slurping blowjob including some deep throat and jerks a pretty big load onto her pierced tongue. Most of the cum seems to run out of her mouth, but an enjoyable finish nonetheless.

Brianna Love Oversexed_4 Brianna Love Oversexed, Scene 4
Brianna Love using a determined two handed stroking technique on Manuel Ferrara, throwing in a few quick tongue licks for good measure. Switching to just the right hand late in the going. Manuel unleashes a decent sized load with Brianna catching some in her mouth and some landing back on Manuel.

There is some dispute over the crediting of the scenes from Superfuckers #22. I believe VideoBox is partially correct and the review upon which contributors to the movie review comments are referencing is also partially correct. I’ve listed them to the best of my knowledge.

superfuckers_1 Superfuckers #22, Scene 1
The first guy finished himself, but Nika Blond finishes the second guy with short quick strokes into her mouth, barely missing an oral creampie. Lots of cum. Good post cum head. Beautiful eyes on Nika, as the director has her look into the camera. Good finish.

superfuckers_2 Superfuckers #22, Scene 2
This was the filming of a photoshoot and shouldn’t be judged against the other finishers in this post. The girl is very pretty, but the finish seems out of place since its main purpose was for print and not video. Probably made a good magazine layout though. On the plus side, she manages to extract two loads before the shoot wraps up.

superfuckers_4 Superfuckers #22, Scene 4
A muscular guy is standing on the bed with our heroine on her knees in front of him. She strokes the cock against an occasional flicking tongue and receives a moderate load. Average finish but bonus points for the post cum head.

superfuckers_6 Superfuckers #22, Scene 6
In an ice skating rink, Tera Joy energetically blows and strokes two cocks into submission, coaxing their loads into her mouth and onto her face. Good stuff. The second guy pumps out a few more drops on his own. A 3 1/2 minute unrelated solo scene with a different girl was tacked on to the end of this scene

zazel_2a Zazel, Scene 2
Lene Hefner delivers a red gloved hand job – blow job combo as Sasha Vinni provides eye candy background gyrations. Lene rewarded with a small load in her mouth. Decent if you can ignore the annoying music.

zazel_4a Zazel, Scene 4
Brooke Lane is riding the cock anal reverse cowgirl when it slips out. She grabs the cock and jerks out a modest load onto her belly, pussy, and thigh. If you haven’t seen it, you’re not missing much.


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    So what happened, is the content distributor hating me for downloading to much or has someone hacked my account?

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  2. naoki300 Says:

    This is the kind of blog I’ve been waiting for. Only thing better than this would be a finisher/oral creampie category tag added to the main site. Thanks btw

  3. brushman Says:

    Ropeadope, I am very happy to see these types of bloggs are coming back. As I said in my previous post, I knew that you were more than capable of performing these tasks. I do realize the effort that it must take to do these posts for all of us to enjoy. I wish to THANK YOU for taking the time to make videobox even more entertaining. Keep up the good work. I will be looking forward to the next post.

  4. doppyman Says:

    Rope – Since the topic is finishers, I figure I might get some responses if I post my query here. What is the obsession with the cum-shot? I know it’s there; I can tell how important it is to viewers given the frequency of comments on it. I know that porn supposedly lives by the “money shot”. But I just don’t get it. The hottest scenes usually “take care of me” long before the end. How does thirty seconds at the end of a smoking scene with a beautiful girl or two beautiful girls doing wondrous nasty things somehow become second rate because the cum lands in the wrong place or is summoned in the wrong manner or is not copious enough or the cosine of the angle of ejaculation is off by 4 degrees and a cunt hair? I just don’t get it? I hope your finishing fanatic friends might give me some insight on this.

  5. FilthyMonkey Says:

    God Bless ropeadope. This is such a value-add for VB, I don’t know why their not actually marketing this feature.

    Put Rope on the payroll already!!!

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ numbles – Definitely contact customer service at the email addy given in the message. Have no idea what this is about, but I’ve found the support people to be very helpful. Please let me know how it turns out.

    @ naoki300 – Welcome. I know VideoBox has been thinking of adding a more extensive tag system, but I have no knowledge of what the timeframe may be before it’s implemented.

    @ brushman – Most welcome. As you can imagine, each individual within the membership has their own preferences for blog content. I know “finishers” is quite popular, but we’ll try to cover a variety of subject matter.

    @ doppyman – I think it’s a matter of placing oneself in the position of the male in the scene, and the fact that the pop is the payoff to everything that preceded it. I prefer enjoying the scene “as a whole,” but some people jump right to the conclusion. In fact, there are entire DVD’s of just money shots.

    @ FilthyMonkey – Thank you my friend. Maybe if you get on the payroll first, you can convince them to bring me on board.

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