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How Tall Are Porn Stars?

I’ve mentioned many times how small porn stars are, and last week reader jfro21 questioned whether that’s really true. I gave it some thought and figured that given the variety of different kinds of girls who get into porn, I was probably just generalizing from my own experience. So I went to Wikipedia and started looking up how tall porn stars really are.

So I assembled a list of 313 stars (the vast majority of whom were from the US) and crunched the numbers.

The Results
Average height: 64.8″ (about 5’5″ or 164.6cm)

Porn Star Height Distribution
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For the most part, stars stand between 5’2″ and 5’7″, whereas the average height of a woman in the US is about 5’9″, according to data listed on Wikipedia. So compared to the average American woman, porn stars are short.

Reader jfro21 mentioned that he thought some of the European girls stood at least 5’10” and he was right. I divided the girls up into regions/countries as best I could and European stars are taller than US stars on average (but not taller than the average American woman).

Average Porn Star Height by Region
(note: the regions with asterisks next to the name had fewer than 4 data points)

So – who are the biggest and smallest porn stars I found?

Tallest: Briana Banks at 5’11” (180cm)
Shortest: Kaylani Lei at 4’11” (149.8cm)

Which sort of begs the question: Have Briana and Kaylani ever done a scene together? Sadly, no.

So there you have it: porn stars are small. If you want to check out the data for your favorite star, I’ve posted my spreadsheet here.

Horseplay – Peephole Arrest – Naked No No

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A few odd stories which have caught my eye lately.


Bad habits are difficult to break. In 2005 while living in Washington State, James Tait was arrested for having sex with a horse. He was also filming other people having sex with horses. Tait received one year probation and a $300 fine. At some point thereafter, Tait moved to Tennessee. Recently, authorities in Tennessee received an email containing an image of a man who appeared to be having sex with a Shetland pony. A police investigation led to the arrest of Tait and his roommate, Kenny Thomason. They have been charged with multiple counts of felony animal cruelty. Images were found of Tait engaging in sexual acts with the horse. Detectives stated it appeared people were having sex with horses, ponies, and dogs. Additional charges are expected.

I guess Tait could throw himself on the mercy of the court, claiming he’s in a long term stable relationship.


Joanna Angel: MMA Fighter?

joanna_angel_training_10If you happen to live (or play) in the Las Vegas area, you have the once in a lifetime opportunity go watch Joanna Angel get into the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) ring and fight some guy tomorrow night. She’ll be fighting at Ellis Mania IV, MMA fighter Jason Ellis’ personal party/fight/self-promotion vehicle. Tickets are $15 on Ticketmaster.

Joanna will be fighting one of the (male) staffers at the show Jason Ellis hosts on satellite radio. To prepare, she’s been training at the gym and has posted some videos on YouTube as well as some photos (below) of her working out and getting ready to beat this guy up. I don’t know who that guy is, but I hope Jason Ellis is training her well. It’d be embarrassing to lose to him, I think.

joanna_angel_training_1 joanna_angel_training_2 joanna_angel_training_3
joanna_angel_training_4 joanna_angel_training_5 joanna_angel_training_6
joanna_angel_training_7joanna_angel_training_8 joanna_angel_training_9

Having met Joanna, I can tell you that, like most porn stars, she’s tiny, but she seems scrappy to me. Should be entertaining to watch…

Hitler Reaction To Premium Channel Policy

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The video below of Hitler’s reaction to the VideoBox premium channel decision fell into my hands. The audio is in German, but I’ve provided English subtitles to effect the translation. It’s been many years since I’ve studied German; hopefully I’ve deciphered the dialogue correctly. At some points the captions move extremely quick. This was necessary to properly synchronize the subtitles to the vocals. Please make use of the play / pause button in these instances, if necessary.



Anniversary Abstract

I’ll have a post of brand new material for the blog within the next 24 hours. As today is the second anniversary of the VideoBox blog, I’ve compiled a brief list from my entries which were memorable to me. I believe this will be especially helpful to new members of the site, and new readers of the blog. While the navigation links to the left are helpful, I sometimes feel once an article slips off the front page, it’s gone forever. Into a blog black hole, if you will. As always, many thanks to Alison for the opportunity to partake in the blog. From the earliest to the latest, here are ten of my favorite posts.

Rope Looks Back….. November 2005 – This was my first contribution after Alison so kindly invited me to participate with the blog. I wrote this over 21 months ago, and all the highlighted scenes are still among my favorites. I guess some things never change.


Happy 2nd Birthday, VideoBox Blog!

cupcakeNext Tuesday, October 20th, will mark the 2 year anniversary of the VideoBox Blog. To celebrate, I figured I’d post my 10 favorite posts from the last 2 years. These are posts I enjoyed writing and I’m hope you enjoyed them too. If you’re fairly new to the blog, this is a chance to check out some of the older posts you may have missed.

My 10 Favorite Posts from the Last 2 Years

November 8th, 2007: How to Hide Your Porn from Your Wife
While the title was kind of tongue-in-cheek, concealing one’s porn viewing habits is often a fact of life when one shares a computer. In this post, I outlined some ways of watching porn without the hassle of answering questions about whether you *really* prefer blondes with big tits who like it in both holes and the inevitable tearful discussion that follows.

December 6th, 2007: Top 5 Cum Dodgers
This is one of my favorite posts of all time if only because it allowed me to discover this video of a horrified Allysin Chains getting sprayed in the face with semen. The subject matter is funny in general, but that video really took the cake.

June 19th, 2008: Porn Star Tattoos: Best and Worst (Mostly Worst)
If I recall correctly, it took me a couple of days to pull together this compendium of mostly bad porn star ink. I am fine with tattoos in general (you can see mine in the comments), but for some reason, porn girls are drawn to the ugliest possible body art they can pick off the wall at the tattoo shop.

August 11th, 2008: My Conversation with John Stagliano
This post was awesome to write because I got to talk to one of my porn heroes about one of the biggest gripes porn fans have about the way porn’s made and get his opinion on it. I got the sense that he really took how strongly VB members feel about it to heart and will keep it in mind when making movies down the road.

September 23rd, 2008: Alison’s Top 10 Asses in Porn
As you may have noticed, I enjoy list posts. This one was interesting to write because I don’t consider myself an ass woman. Asses are great and nice-looking ones definitely add to the party, but they’re not my #1 hotness criteria. So I felt like I could approach this topic with some objectivity. And to be honest, by the end, I definitely felt like I understood a little better where ass (wo)men are coming from.

November 19th, 2008: Thirty-eight Percent of Porn Stars Do Anal?
Alright, I will be the first one to admit that this post was fun primarily because I got to make a graph for it. I definitely think I need to do more posts involving graphs.

November 13th, 2008: 5 Ways to Tell Real Breasts from Fakes
As an owner of breasts and someone who’s been involved with the adult industry for almost 8 years now, I’m pretty decent at determining whether breasts are real or fake without the benefit of a squeeze test. You should check this one out if only for the freaky illustrations.

January 27th, 2009: The 7 Most Flexible Girls in Porn
Girls who can put their legs behind their heads during sex are a rare breed that deserves to be recognized. Tracking these ladies down was not an easy process, but a rewarding one for sure. Looking at the screenshots in this post still boggles my mind.

April 24th, 2009: Eva Angelina’s 5 Best Scenes
I did a similar list for Belladonna, but for whatever reason, I like this one better today. It’s not on the list because it’s part of the Evil Angel channel, but Eva’s first anal scene was pretty top notch, wasn’t it?

July 25th, 2009: Interview with Belladonna
Even though it was insanely loud and we were interviewing her in a cluttered closet in the Evil Angel booth, I had a great time doing this interview. And don’t worry, if I end up in Las Vegas next January, I’ll bring better sound equipment…

It’s been a great two years. Thanks so much to you guys for reading and commenting!

It’s a Harmony Pictures Weekend

So after many many requests from VB users I finally managed to nail a deal down with Harmony Pictures. I think you guys are really going to like as the production is stellar, the sex is nasty, and the babes are smoking hot. On top of that we will be adding their newest stuff over time. This weekend will kick off as Harmony weekend, we will be doing one title a day starting on Friday at the 7.30 spot and to make it even more interesting if Oakland Raiders can score 2 TD’s against the Eagles this weekend we will show 2 on Monday.

General consensus around the house isThe Initiation of Nikki Jayne is a good title to start off with so I hope you guys enjoy.

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Who Is Porn’s Filthiest Female?

I think you have to be kind of a dirty girl (in a good way) to get into porn in the first place, but there’s a breed of porn star who seeks out the nastiest, most extreme scenes possible and seems to revel in them.

I’ve picked a list of about 30 girls who I feel might qualify for the title “Porn’s Dirtiest Girl” below. Pick your favorite (or least favorite, depending on how you feel about circus sex) from that list or add your vote in the comments if I forgot someone. So as not to influence anyone’s choices, my personal opinion follows the poll.


You Assed For It

1009 header
I’ve compiled a list of ten performers and have captured a screenshot for each performer from scenes appearing at VideoBox. The screenshots focus on the girls ass. Please try to match the images to the list of names. As no faces are shown, the quiz is quite difficult. I likely would have gotten just one or two correct answers. Each correct answer earns ten points. Maximum score is 100. The answer key is provided at the bottom of the post.


Autofellatio vs. Auto Fellatio

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Autofellatio. One Word. The act of orally stimulating one’s own penis. See image here.

Auto Fellatio. Two words. The act of receiving (or giving) a blowjob in an automobile. I believe auto fellatio can be segregated into two broad categories. One where the car is at rest, preferably tucked away and hidden from view. And one where the car is in motion, being driven by the individual on the receiving end of the blowjob. For the purposes of this article, I’ll ignore instances of being fellated in the back seat while someone else is handling the driving chores. I seem to recall seeing a few of those on Taxi Cab Confessions.