Finishers 9/1 – 9/7 (part 2)

Part 2 of finishers for DVD’s uploaded to VideoBox from 9/1 thru 9/7. Once again, many thanks to Alison for allowing me to continue with the finisher posts. As I’m sure most of you are aware, Alison was the creative force and originator of “Finishers.”

To view the finish, click on the scene link to the right of the thumbnail image. Do not click on the thumbnail image itself.

Brunettes Have More Fun_3 Brunettes Have More Fun, Scene 3
Geena James has a belt leash around the neck of Sabrina Solto as Sabrina kneels in front of a guy. Sabrina is stroking the guys cock as Geena caresses his balls. The guy launches his load on top of Sabrina’s head. Sabrina sucks out the final drops and shares it with Geena via some deep kissing. Geena tries to spit the cum back on the guys cock and spits all over the camera lens, causing her to giggle. Geena drags Sabrina away by the leash. Fun finish.

To view the finish, click on the scene link to the right of the thumbnail image. Do not click on the thumbnail image itself.

Emperor_2 Emperor, Scene 2
Tawny Roberts is riding Rocco reverse cowgirl. The scene cuts and now Tawny is lying in bed, sucking off Rocco who’s standing alongside the bed. Rocco cums in and across Tawny’s mouth as Tawny strokes him with her left hand. Camera switches to Rocco a couple of times instead of staying with Tawny. With his load on Tawny’s mouth and cheek, Rocco leans in and kisses Tawny, taking back some of his cum.

Emperor_8 Emperor, Scene 8
To conclude a group scene, Christina Bella strokes off multiple guys. She finishes the first guy into her mouth and onto her chest under left handed urging. Big load, lots of cum running out of her mouth. Christina using two handed stroking on the second guy, another load shooting in and dripping out of her mouth. Similar results with a third guy using her right hand and a fourth guy using her left hand. I believe four is the final count, but with the possibility of mirror images and various camera angles, I’m not positive. See what you think.

Emperor_9 Emperor, Scene 9
Dasha strokes off Rocco onto her belly and tits in an unremarkable finish. At least, no close-ups of Rocco during the pop shot this time.


4 Sisters_1 4 Sisters, Scene 1
Following an anal banging, Sarah Twain strokes off Tony De Sergio onto her titties. Once again, the director sees fit to cut to the guys face during the pop. Tony grabs his cock and squeezes out the final drops. Post cum head from Sarah. A police advisory came on the screen, and I immediately closed my browser, shut down the computer and got under the covers of my bed. Not sure if it was part of the scene, but if it happens to you, no need to worry. Unless of course, they’re monitoring ALL of us.

4 Sisters_2 4 Sisters, Scene 2
To conclude another anal scene, Anastasia Christ strokes off George Uhl, the cum flying high overhead like a fountain at the Botanical Gardens. Anastasia massages the cock between her breasts and licks at the head. Impressive finish.

4 Sisters_4 4 Sisters, Scene 4
Dany Ricci and Tony De Sergio are in a secluded wooded area. They’re in the 69 position, Dany on top. Dany jerks off Tony, some cum landing on her shoulder and upper arm, but most flying into the woods. She keeps her face well clear of firing range, but does provide post cum head.

18 And Natural 3_3 18 And Natural #3, Scene 3
Cutie Ashley Nicole stroking and sucking the cock with her pierced tongue. Camera switches to POV. Ashley cupping the balls in her left hand, stroking the shaft with her right hand, jerks a modest load into her mouth. Don’t blink or you may miss the pop. Post cum head from Ashley.

Sakura Tales 5_2 Sakura Tales #5: Freshman Orientation, Scene 2
Kitty, who has somehow gotten hold of Alberto Rey’s glasses, is stroking him with her left hand. She adds her right hand for a two fisted handjob. Alberto blows his load onto Kitty’s mouth and chin, with a few drops landing on his glasses. Kitty gives post cum head and spits back on Alberto’s dick. Good finish.

Porn Wars_6 Porn Wars: Episode 1, Scene 6
The first guy finished himself on Victoria Swinger’s ass. Tera Bond is working the second guy with right handed stroking as she lays over him. The guy shoots up into Tera’s mouth, which Tera lets spill out. Tera sucks out the remaining cum and deposits it on Victoria’s bush.


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2 Responses to “Finishers 9/1 – 9/7 (part 2)”

  1. Papayaman1 Says:

    I’m glad to see this feature back and I can’t think of a worthier successor for Alison than Rope. Great commentary on the scenes Rope.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – Thank you much my friend. I believe I fall a tad shy of Alison’s wonderful descriptive abilities, and I know I can’t come close to her snarky comments. But I’ll try my best. The biggest obstacle is time.