Autofellatio vs. Auto Fellatio

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Autofellatio. One Word. The act of orally stimulating one’s own penis. See image here.

Auto Fellatio. Two words. The act of receiving (or giving) a blowjob in an automobile. I believe auto fellatio can be segregated into two broad categories. One where the car is at rest, preferably tucked away and hidden from view. And one where the car is in motion, being driven by the individual on the receiving end of the blowjob. For the purposes of this article, I’ll ignore instances of being fellated in the back seat while someone else is handling the driving chores. I seem to recall seeing a few of those on Taxi Cab Confessions.

Autofellatio. Supposedly less than 1% of males can perform autofellatio, and only a small fraction of those can achieve the type of depth illustrated in the image linked above. I remember VideoBox posting a scene which had an instance of autofellatio some years back. I posted a comment calling attention to the act. Can’t put my finger on the specific scene now. May have been in the amateur genre. I don’t think the male in the scene was a regular in the business.

Auto fellatio. Curb Your Enthusiasm dealt with auto fellatio as a recurring theme in its previous episode (Vehicular Fellatio – Season 7 – Episode 2). Larry is meeting Jeff, Susie, Richard Lewis, and Richard’s new girlfriend (Beverly) for dinner. Upon arriving, Jeff informs Larry that Richard received a blowjob from his girlfriend while driving over. With this news fresh in mind, Larry refuses a sip from Beverly’s glass and a goodbye kiss from Beverly at the meal’s conclusion. This sets in motion a sequence of events which inevitably leads to Beverly dumping Richard. Meanwhile, Loretta has a new (female) cancer doctor. While driving to a lecture that the doctor will be delivering, Larry and Loretta notice the doctor’s husband driving the car ahead of them. Shortly thereafter, the doctor’s head arises from her husband’s lap. Convinced she was blowing her husband in the car, Loretta breaks off her relationship with the doctor. The doctor disputes this interpretation of the events to Larry. She says she was merely retrieving her dropped cell phone. Larry disbelieves her (“I think you blew him”). The doctor starts beating on Larry, and two office workers have to rescue him from the office. Later, Larry is hiding a girl in his car who Leon is having an affair with. The girl is the wife of one of Leon’s friends, and the suspicious friend is checking the house for his wife. Loretta pulls her car up right behind Larry’s car, just as the girl raises her head from the front seat. Convinced she was blowing Larry (“Give him a taste of chocolate, next he wants a whole meal”)*, Loretta moves out on Larry. Finally, Larry is driving down the highway when he notices a car has run off the road and down an embankment. He goes to investigate, and finds it’s Jeff and Susie’s car. Jeff is stuck in the driver’s seat with his pants around his ankles, and Susie is crouched down between the dashboard and front seat. She was blowing Jeff and he lost control of the car, causing the accident.

So I would like to hear from the membership regarding your experiences with autofellatio and auto fellatio. As to autofellatio, can you perform this feat? If so, how has it affected your social life? You know the old joke – “If I could do that, I would never leave the house.” How about auto fellatio? I suspect many have received a car blowjob while the gearshift is in “park.” But have you received oral while driving? Please share your experiences with us. Any mishaps while en route (like Jeff & Susie), or a safe arrival for all? I would love to hear from the female members as well. Have you given blowjobs while your husband / boyfriend / random guy was driving? What is the mindset? Are you thinking, I’m going to make this blowjob so good, he’s sure to crash the car?

* I’m paraphrasing this line. Next time I see the episode, I’ll get the exact verbiage.


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11 Responses to “Autofellatio vs. Auto Fellatio”

  1. Budley Says:

    I’d like to see (well… not really) autofellatio-auto fellatio. Give YOURSELF a blowjob while driving…

  2. wcfields Says:

    I have actually had both of these. I have not tried autofellatio in a while, but back in high school I did it a couple of times, but could never get any significant depth. Plus it made my back and ribs hurt, as it required twisting myself into an uncomfortable position. So not a huge fan of that.

    Auto fellatio, however, is awesome. I used to date a girl who found it really exciting. She lived in the country, so we spent quite a bit of time driving on the country roads around her house while she was leaned over into my lap. Great times, but incredibly dangerous. I’ve since been in a couple of bad traffic accidents, so I don’t think I would do it anymore, but at the time I loved it. I got pretty good at maintaining control, but the first time something really funny happened. We were on this deserted country road, and she was going to town, and finally I couldn’t hold it anymore and blew my load. Right as I was coming I heard a massive blast on a horn, and I realized that the car was now idling, fully stopped in the middle of the street, and there was a car behind us flashing it’s lights and honking. My GF sat up, laughing, and I slammed on the accelerator and we took off. Man, you know, writing this story makes me realize I probably should have married that chick. She was cool.

  3. ropeadope Says:

    @ Budley – Lol, good one. The article linked up top specifies the two necessary ingredients for successful autofellatio as being sufficient penis length and sufficient flexibility. In the case of auto fellatio – autofellatio (while driving), penis size would have to be the overriding factor. Unless you’re just performing it periodically when arriving at red lights. Flexibility could then come into play.

    @ wcfields – Good to see you bro; thank you for the detailed reply. Congrats are in order – on both counts! It must take enormous willpower to stay away from autofellatio. Of course, if all the contortions are going to result in a hospital admission, I can understand the reluctance. Loved the country auto fellatio stories. Safer than trying it on the expressway. If the freeway is wide open, you’re probably traveling at a high rate of speed. If it’s jammed up, you face a high risk of being spotted. A mostly deserted country road – that’s the way to go. Even then, as your initial experience proved, there’s always someone around.

  4. bobsipod Says:

    never been auto felatiated. maybe after lapband it’ll give my girl some more room between the steering wheel and my junk… nice use of kacey in the pics.

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ bobsipod – I just read up on lapband as I wasn’t familiar with the procedure. Do you have a definitive date for the surgery? I wish you all the best, if and when you go ahead with it.

    I’ve always loved Kacey. For those looking for the scene, it’s Fast Times at Deep Crack High #6 scene 5.

  6. Lemuel Says:

    I’ve tried autofellatio but the closes I got was licking the tip. I’ve had auto fellatio a few times while I was driving. My body got real stiff but I kept driving. It helped that we were on the freeway so I didn’t have to do much to go straight ahead.

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ Lemuel – Getting to the tip is pretty damn good; I can’t come remotely close. Freeway sounds dangerous if traffic in front of you comes to a sudden stop. Have to make a quick transition from the accelerator to the brake. As long as traffic is moving steady, I can understand your point in regards to straight driving. Lol, you don’t want to be negotiating hairpin turns in the midst of that activity.

  8. jfro21 Says:

    Where do the screencaps come from? A video on VB? She’s a cutie…

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ jfro21 – Yes, the very cute girl is Kacey and the scene is Fast Times at Deep Crack High #6 scene 5.

  10. Starship Mechanic Says:

    I have never wanted to be fellated in a moving car. I always fear that I would hit a bump in the road or the car ahead of me would suddenly brake and … OWWW!

  11. splooge Says:

    i love the fact that this is about Curb. have you read or seen World According to Garp?