Anniversary Abstract

I’ll have a post of brand new material for the blog within the next 24 hours. As today is the second anniversary of the VideoBox blog, I’ve compiled a brief list from my entries which were memorable to me. I believe this will be especially helpful to new members of the site, and new readers of the blog. While the navigation links to the left are helpful, I sometimes feel once an article slips off the front page, it’s gone forever. Into a blog black hole, if you will. As always, many thanks to Alison for the opportunity to partake in the blog. From the earliest to the latest, here are ten of my favorite posts.

Rope Looks Back….. November 2005 – This was my first contribution after Alison so kindly invited me to participate with the blog. I wrote this over 21 months ago, and all the highlighted scenes are still among my favorites. I guess some things never change.

Ropeadope’s Combat Zone Preview: Cumaholics – When VideoBox started adding titles from the studio Combat Zone, I had mixed feelings. On the plus side, they’re an excellent studio. On the minus side, I already owned a few dozen of their DVD’s. But it did give me a chance to present this preview of Cumaholics prior to it being uploaded to the site, and over time, I wound up with several dozen more movies from Combat Zone than I would have had otherwise.

Rope Looks Back….. December 2005 – As with the November summary above, I’m still a big fan of all these scenes.

DVSX Preview: Sakura Tales #10 – DVSX was relatively new to the site at this point in time, and I was most impressed with their releases. The Asian category is my very favorite genre, and this DVD featured an excellent cast including Jayna Oso, Lana Croft, Tia Ling, and Tia Tanaka.

What’s Your Favorite VideoBox scene? Mine is …. – This post allowed me to give a detailed account of one of my favorite scenes, and the wonderful membership feedback turned it into a Hall of Fame list of great VideoBox scenes.

A Few Words From Melissa Lauren & Who Is Alison Wonderhand? – I took part (along with several other individuals) in an online conversation with Melissa Lauren and reported back on it here.

Ropeadope’s Pornstar Quiz – A VideoBox T-Shirt was up for grabs and the competition was spirited, with member futurelow eventually taking down the prize.

I’d Love To See More Of …. – I posted the names of a few performers I would love to see more scenes from, and the readership response was amazing. Keep ’em coming.

The Evelyn Lin Interview – Part 1 – It was such a joy to conduct this interview with Evelyn. A limitation on the size of the post forced me to upload the interview in two parts. Part 2 can be found here. I added a review of Evelyn’s scene from Teen Machine to part 2 of the interview, as the bulk of the conversation was included with part 1.

You Make Three – Final Showdown – I gathered the top contenders from the four preliminary rounds into the final showdown. Voting in the preliminary rounds is closed, but you can still vote in the finals if you haven’t done so already. As I write these words, Gauge & Jenna Haze lead Amy Reid & Bree Olsen by a slim seven vote margin. If you wish to view the four earlier rounds, follow the links in my analysis of the twelve competing teams in the body of the post.



6 Responses to “Anniversary Abstract”

  1. The Content Dude Says:

    Rope, It has been great to have you as a contributor on the blog. I find your posts witty, insightful and funny. VB has been extremely fortunate to have found a great product advocate like yourself who has managed to develop a voice which is completely independent of the actual staff that works here.

  2. alison Says:

    Rope – Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into the blog for the last 21 months. Your encyclopedic porn knowledge and great sense of humor (not to mention puzzle, poll and quiz creation skills) are an invaluable addition to the blog and I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes next.

  3. davros Says:

    You’ve done a lot of good work, Rope. keep up the good work.

  4. PinkPanther Says:

    That is the funniest damned thing I have seen in years – just beautiful!


  5. PinkPanther Says:

    Ummm, my comment was meant for the Hitler vid – don’t know how it wound up here instead

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ The Content Dude – Thank you, much appreciated. Its been a great pleasure to interact with both the wonderful personnel at VideoBox and the awesome membership of the site. I’m stoked to have had the opportunity to be a part of this amazing blog.

    @ Alison – Thank you so much. You’ve responded once or twice to a comment of mine on the blog, something to the effect of, “stop it, you’re making me blush.” Now it’s my turn to blush. As I hope everyone is aware, my involvement with the blog wouldn’t have been possible without your tremendous help. Not just inviting me to take part in the blog, but doing all the heavy work of my early posts (as I had no clue whatsoever of how to actually post an article), and tutoring me until I finally learned how to do most of it myself. Greatly appreciated.

    @ davros – Thank you very much. I always value your participation and feedback in the quizzes and various other posts. Hope you stay involved for a long time to come.

    @ PinkPanther – Thank you, glad you enjoyed the parody. That does seem to happen from time to time (comment showing up in wrong post). If you check back here and read this, do me a favor. I can’t seem to find a way to move your remarks from this post to the correct post. Please respond to the Hitler post with the same comment (doesn’t need to be exactly the same), and I’ll delete your replies to this post. Many thanks.