Hitler Reaction To Premium Channel Policy

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The video below of Hitler’s reaction to the VideoBox premium channel decision fell into my hands. The audio is in German, but I’ve provided English subtitles to effect the translation. It’s been many years since I’ve studied German; hopefully I’ve deciphered the dialogue correctly. At some points the captions move extremely quick. This was necessary to properly synchronize the subtitles to the vocals. Please make use of the play / pause button in these instances, if necessary.




24 Responses to “Hitler Reaction To Premium Channel Policy”

  1. Papayaman1 Says:

    This had me in stitches! That Tarantino bloke is an amateur compared with you! Actually I think your reinterpretation of Nazi history may have been closer to the truth than his. Well done Rope.

  2. passingthrough Says:


    I have seen plenty of the Hitler meme and have got tired of it, but this was spot on.

  3. josh Says:

    This is some funny shit. Awesome job, Rope 🙂

  4. davros Says:

    I’ve seen a lot of those vids, and this one was pretty good too. You should all do yourself a favor and watch the movie that it’s taken from. It’s pretty good stuff, even though I have to read subtitles.

  5. the content dude Says:

    “Is it too much to ask to be able to get off to Heather Hunter without suffering spontaneous epileptic seizures?” Brilliant.

    However, I will point out that Hitler needs to have his reading comprehension checked I never guaranteed 2 TD’s 🙂

  6. briansfitzgerald Says:

    epic win

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – Thank you so much, glad I gave you a laugh. Well, I don’t think I’m quite in the company of Tarantino just yet, lol. Give me a few more decades to perfect my technique.

    @ passingthrough – Thank you much and good to see you on the blog. Its been awhile. Remember the request you made for Homegrown Video? I’ve picked up a bunch of their DVD’s. The quality varies substantially from one title to the next. Some are very good, others not so good. Overall I believe they’re worth a look, especially if you prefer the amateur genre.

    @ josh – Thank you very much. Kudos to you as well. It takes courage to put your foot down to Hitler.

    @ davros – Thank you and I agree with your suggestion. While I have not viewed the entire movie, the performances in this scene are excellent. Particularly the actor portraying Hitler.

    @ the content dude – Thank you and very true. I was shocked when I heard Hitler refer to that speculation as a guarantee. As I recall, you just proposed the posting of two Harmony studio DVD’s on the same day IF the Raiders scored two touchdowns in the game against the Eagles. Either Hitler misunderstood, or more likely he was upset at losing the bet to Churchill, and was looking to place the blame on anyone but himself.

    @ briansfitzgerald – Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

  8. passingthrough Says:

    @ropeadope I don’t want to threadjack, but good memory. I am a big fan of the amateur/reality genre. I can’t complain though. There’s been a lot of Amateur District videos added lately, Combat Zone “RealCouples” series, and Cezar Capone – all good stuff.

    I liked Ed Powers back in the day. Do you ever think we’d get his Dirty Debutantes stuff, or would that be a licensing problem, you think?

  9. naoki300 Says:

    Hitler took the words right out of my mouth. I never thought I’d be agreeing with that man ever.

    Also because of premium channels, I was charged because someone on the internet who hacks passwords, hacked mine and subscribed to all the premiums! Anyway I can get anything out of that? I emailed VB but no word yet.

  10. Steve DRHouse Says:

    Iam from Germany and i have to say one thing…..you made a great Job…you only made one mistake…he wants the Corned beef “without” mustard not “with”.
    Like i sayed great work i laughed a lot!!!!

  11. rabidmouse Says:

    I thought that video was going to suck. Boy was I wrong!

    Great work amigo :-).

  12. Bronty Says:

    This is fucking hilarious. Well done.

  13. Mister Handy Says:

    @ropeadope – that rocked. I thought the whole hitler meme was beaten to death, but you’ve proved it can still be funny.

    Oh, and can I second the request for any of the More Dirty Debutantes or spinoff series? No idea how practical it is.

  14. Gatos Says:

    I second DrHouse, German is my mothertongue and you actually were spot on the text. Ok, except the mustard, of course. Hitler never ate mustard, because he had a weak stomach.

  15. ropeadope Says:

    @ passingthrough – I too, am a fan of releases from Amateur District, Cezar Capone, and Combat Zone. My hunch is that there would be licensing issues with Ed Powers videos. He maintains his own website and advertises the material as being exclusive to the site. That doesn’t necessarily mean a deal is impossible. I will make the Content Dude aware of member interest in this line of vids. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has already looked into their availability.

    @ naoki300 – If you haven’t received a reply yet, contact customer service again. Use the support link at the top of the movie homepage. Select “Billing Issue” as the subject and write “Second Request” at the top of your message. Restate the problem and ask that they let you know the status of the situation asap.

    @ Steve DRHouse – Thank you very much. Yes, you are correct. I went back and listened to that section a second time. No mustard was specified. I must have let my own preference get in the way of the accurate translation, as I would use mustard with a similar order.

    @ rabidmouse – Thank you. When the expectations are low, it’s easier to surprise to the upside.

    @ Bronty – Thank you, much appreciated.

    @ Mister Handy – Thank you. The strange thing is that I was completely unaware of the Hitler videos until two weeks ago. I viewed my first one at that time and felt the concept would lend itself to the premium channel policy. I will add your voice to the Dirty Debutantes request.

    @ Gatos – Thank you. Yes, that was my mistake. Between my own preference for mustard in similar circumstances and the shortcomings of the online translators, I was in error.

  16. rutnadexin3 Says:

    fuckin’ A!

  17. oppyman Says:

    Absolutely hilarious. I laughed out loud about six times. Great job!!! The rant was outstanding, as was the deli order. Wonderful! Thanks! (Five stars, a blintz, a knish and a piece halvah.)

  18. starryknight Says:

    Good stuff Rope. For the years I have been on this site, you have always been a winner in my books and I miss your comments on the videos.

  19. ropeadope Says:

    @ rutnadexin3 – Thanks rut!

    @ oppyman – lol, any relation to my friend doppyman? More than welcome. Sounds like you’ve placed a few deli orders yourself. When I wrote that part the first time, I used knish instead of fries. But I made the change, feeling more people could relate to the fries. Blintz and halvah would really be stretching it. Now I’m hungry.

    @ starryknight – Thank you very much. Sorry I don’t get a chance to leave movie review comments all that frequently. Lately, there seems to be less and less time to take care of the things I need to attend to. I’ll do my best to get over there more often.

  20. JThomas Says:

    What movie is this taken from?

  21. ropeadope Says:

    @ JThomas – The clip is excerpted from the movie Der Untergang (Downfall).

  22. old man Says:

    how do you get the “running “captions off the bottom of vid??

  23. old man Says:

    need help with this part..

  24. ropeadope Says:

    @ old man – If I understand correctly, you want the video without captions. Correct? If so, go to You Tube and do a search for “Hitler Downfall no captions.” It should be the first search result.