Horseplay – Peephole Arrest – Naked No No

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A few odd stories which have caught my eye lately.


Bad habits are difficult to break. In 2005 while living in Washington State, James Tait was arrested for having sex with a horse. He was also filming other people having sex with horses. Tait received one year probation and a $300 fine. At some point thereafter, Tait moved to Tennessee. Recently, authorities in Tennessee received an email containing an image of a man who appeared to be having sex with a Shetland pony. A police investigation led to the arrest of Tait and his roommate, Kenny Thomason. They have been charged with multiple counts of felony animal cruelty. Images were found of Tait engaging in sexual acts with the horse. Detectives stated it appeared people were having sex with horses, ponies, and dogs. Additional charges are expected.

I guess Tait could throw himself on the mercy of the court, claiming he’s in a long term stable relationship.

Peephole Arrest

Erin Andrews is a sports reporter for ESPN. Her primary role is that of a sideline reporter during college football, college basketball, and major league baseball games. In 2007 and 2008, she was voted “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster” by Playboy magazine. In February 2009, videos appeared on the internet of a naked blonde woman curling her hair and doing squats in front of a mirror. Andrews stated that the woman on film was herself, and the videos were made without her knowledge or consent. On October 2, 2009, the FBI announced the arrest of Michael David Barrett. He faces federal charges of interstate stalking for taking the videos, posting the videos online and trying to sell them to celebrity Web site TMZ. According to investigators, seven of the eight videos posted online were taken through a modified door peephole while Andrews was alone and undressed in hotel rooms in Nashville, Tennessee in September 2008. Investigators believe the eighth video was taken in a hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in July 2008. It is believed that Barrett stayed each time in a room next to Andrews and modified her room’s peephole with a hacksaw in order to take the videos with his mobile phone. According to the FBI complaint, Barrett tried to sell the videos to TMZ via email, but a TMZ employee told Andrews’ attorneys. FBI agents matched information in the e-mail to Barrett.

Wikinews Story Here

Naked No NO

Eric Williamson of Springfield, Virginia awoke at 5:30 AM. He decided to go to the kitchen and make himself a cup of coffee. Being that he was alone in the house and it was still dark outside, Williamson neglected to put on any clothes. But a woman and her seven year old son cutting across his front yard, caught an eyeful of Williamson in the buff through the window. The woman called police and Williamson was arrested for indecent exposure. Williamson argued he had no idea he could be seen, but police believe he wanted people to see him naked. If convicted, Williamson faces a year in jail and a $2000 fine.

NY Daily News Story Here


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12 Responses to “Horseplay – Peephole Arrest – Naked No No”

  1. Juanxyzzy Says:

    Hmmmm, I think we should limit the news to porn stars doing interesting or sexy things.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Juanxyzzy – It’s not all rainbows and butterflies out there. Which of the stories got to you?

    shooting star

  3. rutnadexin3 Says:

    Monica Mattos can totally relate to the first story. šŸ˜‰

  4. garbman Says:

    Well at least nobody died this time Rope at the Horse Ranch that is. I remember hearing about the first time around out west. Your post peaked my curiosity about the story. There is video out there about Mr. Hands the guy who died after having anal sex with the horse in Washington state.

  5. Shahram Says:

    Does having sex with animals more “cruel” than killing them and eating them? Just curious…

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ rutnadexin3 – I was thinking of Monica Mattos when I posted this entry due to the comments in Alison’s Who Is Pornā€™s Filthiest Female? article. Is there a double standard at work? Are Monica’s actions condoned? Or if not condoned, at least not scrutinized with the same vigor by the authorities?

    @ garbman – The MSNBC story states Tait videotaped the equine encounter in which one of his friends suffered internal injuries which he later died from. The friend is identified as Kenneth Pinyan. Do I understand correctly? Is there another individual named Mr. Hands who suffered a similar fate? Tragic.

    @ Shahram – To the best of my knowledge, I haven’t consumed horse, pony, or dog meat. But I certainly understand your point. That’s a question for far more intelligent people than myself to ponder. But at the very least, two wrongs don’t make a right.

  7. rutnadexin3 Says:

    Mattos may have given the horse the bj in a different country. if not, it may depend on state law and/or if it can be proven what state it was done. still some sick stuff.

  8. Strangepork Says:

    In Monica’s defense, I heard that she lost her contact lenses that day, and the director told her she was working with Sean Michaels.

  9. garbman Says:

    Kenneth Pinyan aka Mr. Hands are one and the same.

  10. garbman Says:

    If anyone is interested in the video of Mr. Hands, the easiest way is to go to: ***EDITED*** Warning! Some may find it disturbing.

  11. ropeadope Says:

    @ rutnadexin3 – Thank you, that seems to be a reasonable explanation. Tait got off easy on the initial offense due to Washington State having lax laws in place at the time against these acts. They have since revised their statutes. So I guess state law applies. Of course as you specified, if the event occurred outside the country, it’s not enforceable by US authorities.

    @ Strangepork – Lol, very funny my friend. Gave me a good laugh. And welcome back to the blog, always good to see you.

    @ garbman – Thank you for the clarification on Pinyan / Hands. I removed the link to the video. It’s wrong on so many levels.

  12. garbman Says:

    No problem Rope, I have to agree I kinda wish I never would have watched it myself. Sometimes the internet can be a bad thing.