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September’s Porn Star News

Since ropeadope’s got the scene suggestions covered this week, I thought I’d take the opportunity to update you on what’s been going on in the lives of some of porn’s most popular stars.

Tera Patrick and Evan Seinfeld
Tera Patrick and Evan Seinfeld split up
Superstar porn actress Tera Patrick moved out of the L.A. home she shared with her long-time suitcase pimp Evan Seinfeld/Spyder Jonez this week. Seinfeld continues to hold the office of CEO at Teravision, Tera’s production studio, and in their breakup announcement, they said they looked forward to being best friends forever.
jenna jameson
Jenna Jameson being sued by two different people
It was a rough month for Jenna Jameson who was sued both by her ex-brother-in-law and her divorce attorney over money she supposedly owes each. Her former husband’s brother alleges that Jameson (and his brother) owe him $125,000 for a loan they did not repay. Jameson’s divorce attorneys say they are owed $72,300 for representing her in her divorce from the ex she is being sued for $125,000 with.
rocco siffredi
Rocco being investigated for tax evasion in Italy
Although veteran woodsman Rocco Siffredi claims that he lives in Budapest, Hungary, Italian police feel that he is actually a resident of Italy and owes taxes on about $442,000 in undeclared income. Rocco’s lawyer is “not unduly concerned” about the charges. Only time will tell whether he’ll end up like Janine (who was recently released from prison after serving 6 months for tax evasion).
daisy marie
Daisy Marie is pregnant
Saving the best for last, cutie patootie Daisy Marie announced Tuesday that she’s pregnant via Twitter. She seems very happy about the pregnancy, which will be her first. Best wishes to her and her eventual baby. Let’s hope she returns to porn with a still-bangin’ body the way Eva Anglina did…

Update: The father of the baby is Recording Artist Sean “Fluee.”

Finishers 9/1 – 9/7 (part 2)

Part 2 of finishers for DVD’s uploaded to VideoBox from 9/1 thru 9/7. Once again, many thanks to Alison for allowing me to continue with the finisher posts. As I’m sure most of you are aware, Alison was the creative force and originator of “Finishers.”

To view the finish, click on the scene link to the right of the thumbnail image. Do not click on the thumbnail image itself.

Brunettes Have More Fun_3 Brunettes Have More Fun, Scene 3
Geena James has a belt leash around the neck of Sabrina Solto as Sabrina kneels in front of a guy. Sabrina is stroking the guys cock as Geena caresses his balls. The guy launches his load on top of Sabrina’s head. Sabrina sucks out the final drops and shares it with Geena via some deep kissing. Geena tries to spit the cum back on the guys cock and spits all over the camera lens, causing her to giggle. Geena drags Sabrina away by the leash. Fun finish.