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David Aaron Clark: RIP

Yesterday afternoon, the industry lost a legendary director to a pulmonary embolism at the very young age of 49. In these quotes from conversations with Luke Ford, DAC (as he was known in the industry) summarized his career thusly:

I graduated from Rutgers with a double major in journalism and art. Once I found out that I couldn’t paint or draw, I decided to become a serious journalist. I wrote for two years for the Dow Jones news service in New Jersey, then switched to Genesis in 1988 and wrote for a friend, Michael Banka. He was my college roommate who now edited Genesis. I was bored and looking for something else to write about other than planning commission meetings and human interest stories on missing children, gun shows, etc. From there I went on to Screw.
I’m down here [in Los Angeles] for two reasons. One, to make a better life for myself. Two, to prove a point. All these posturing idiots who think of themselves as great artists and brilliant filmmakers are by and large full of it… As a critic, when I decided to review pornography, I decided to give my subjects a certain benefit of the doubt and approach it as pornography…And take my critical standards from there, rather than compare it to a higher form of art. What distressed me is that many people I praised for being moderately talented, read my praise and mistook it for my saying that they were the equivalent of Francis Ford Coppola, or Orson Welles or David Cronenberg. Being a film nut, I’d look for parallels.

A quirky guy and serious director with a great admiration for Asian women, DAC will be missed.

Videobox’s collection of his films is by no means complete, but below is (what I think is) a listing of every DAC movie we offer for folks interested in seeing his work.

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday

Because (like many of you), I am spending the next few days celebrating Thanksgiving with my family, I’m going to put my normal Friday blog post off a bit. I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving has a great holiday and check back soon for a new post!

Alison’s Guide to Faux Pussies

I may be a woman, but I’ve shoved my hands into enough fake vaginae (and read enough angry customer service emails and reviews at said fake vag purveyer) to know a lot more than a picture can convey to you about what these products are like. I also happen to know how to care for them so they don’t disintegrate or smell like burning tires, as well as some tips for purchasing better-quality products.

There are a few different types of pussy-like toys out there for men (commonly called “masturbators”) and knowing the difference between them can save you some time and money.

Plain Jelly Sleeves

fresh and pure stroker tThese are the cheapest types of sleeve-style masturbators and are essentially a tube of squishy jelly-like material with a hole in the middle. Sometimes they are ribbed or have “ticklers” inside and come in a variety of shapes (pussies and flowers are most common – go figure).

There are a few issues with these toys to be aware of:
1. They often smell very strongly of plastic/chemicals when they come out of the box (and after you wash them).
2. The size of the toy makes a huge difference in how useful it is. Some are as small as 3″ and they really aren’t good for anything. If you make sure that the toy is as at least as big as your dick, you’ll be much happier.
3. The holes in these things are very small. For some, this provides a welcome amount of pressure; for others, it’s uncomfortable.
4. You should really only use water-based lubricants with these toys (Astroglide, Wet, ID, etc). Silicone and oil-based lubes can interact with these things and break down the material.
5. Keep these in a box or bag when you’re done with them. They can stain other items if they’re left in contact for a while.


Amazing Transformations

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As an individual who has fought the battle of the bulge most of my life, I can well appreciate how difficult it can be to take off and keep off those extra pounds. Several adult performers have successfully overcome this challenge. In this post I’d like to pay tribute to those artists, and say thanks for the weight loss. This also gives me the opportunity to remind the membership that scenes uploaded to VideoBox do not necessarily appear in the order they were filmed. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. When looking through the scenes of a particular performer, you’ll find older and newer scenes mixed about. The sequence of the scene filming will generally not match the sequence of the site updates.


A Little Something for the Amateur Porn Fans Out There

summer amateurThe one thing that by its very nature cannot be done well by the mainstream porn establishment is real amateur content. I like Amateur District, but I consider it pro-am if anything. The problem is that most real amateur sites – free and paid – are crappy. The quality sucks, the sites are a mess, and let’s be honest, the girls are not all that attractive.

I meet people who run other porn sites at conventions all the time. A little while back, I met a guy from who told me that their site was the real deal. Real women who have their own little sites that they post pictures and videos of themselves on. He gave me his card and a free password, so I checked it out when I got home (as I do with most free porn people are nice enough to give me).

Compared to VideoBox, I tend to think that most sites are okay at best. Lifestyle Amateurs is no VideoBox (and to be fair, it’s not trying to be), but I thought it was well-organized and had a nice selection of cute girls. The part I liked the most is that the girls will do fan requests and talk to members via email. They’re real people and that’s what good amateur porn is all about.

On Tuesday, my new friend dropped me a line asking what I thought of the site. I told him essentially what I just told you and he offered to give free 2-week memberships to any VB members who wanted them (I guess he appreciated the feedback).

So if you want to check Lifestyle Amateurs out for free, email them at The subject should say “free membership” and tell them Alison at VideoBox sent you.

Favorite VideoBox DVD – round 01

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I do intend to return to the favorite VideoBox series (01, 02, 03) set of polls, but let’s get more specific today. Which of the following DVD’s do you find the most enjoyable. With over 7600 titles on the site, it’s quite likely your very favorite DVD may not appear in today’s poll. But please make your best selection from these choices, and let me know in the comments which DVD’s I should include in future polls.

8 Simple Rules for Banging My Teenage Daughter
Cum Fart Cocktails #6
Cumaholics #1
MILF Worship #3
Multiple POV
Real Squirters #2
Secretary’s Day #2
She Is Half My Age #1
Teen Fuck Holes #7
True Home Made Amateur #2
Truly Nice Tits #8
Whale Tail #3



Are Women the Next Big Porn Market?

womenwatchpornThis month in Oprah Magazine, there’s an article about porn for women that’s been causing a stir in the media. Like most of these types of articles, it starts by citing dubious statistics about the numbers of women who visit porn sites:

In the first three months of 2007, according to Nielsen/NetRatings, approximately one in three visitors to adult entertainment Web sites was female; during the same period, nearly 13 million American women were checking out porn online at least once each month.

I’ve been working in this industry for almost 7 years. Every year or so, “porn for women” comes up. In the beginning, I bought into the idea that most women like features and most men like gonzo, but over the years I’ve come to realize that women’s tastes are just as diverse as men’s – and that the market for “women’s porn” is not nearly the size that Candida Royalle would have you think.

No matter what Nielsen says, I simply don’t think there’s any way that one third of visitors to porn sites are female. But I could be wrong. Which is why I’m posting these two polls (one for men and one for women). It’ll be interesting to see if a hidden female viewership will emerge.


Bewitching Brief – Part 2

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The conclusion to our look at Not Bewitched XXX. Part 1 of the article can be found here. For quick reference, the primary cast members appearing in scenes 4 thru 7 are Jenna Haze (Samantha), Mike Horner (Darrin), Teagan Presley (Tabitha), Nina Hartley (Endora), Eva Angelina (Aunt Clara), and Michelle Avanti (Gladys Kravitz). Please see part 1 of the post for the complete cast list and background information.


Bewitching Brief – Part 1

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Two months ago in this post, Alison informed us of the emergence and popularity of porn parodies. Intrigued by the concept, I’ve since acquired titles based on two classic television series, The Brady Bunch and Bewitched. In today’s post we’ll begin our look at Not Bewitched XXX. Part 2 of the article will follow in roughly 48 hours. I’ll visit Not The Brady’s XXX in a future blog entry. With a cast including Aurora Snow, Eva Angelina, Jenna Haze, Nina Hartley, Sasha Grey, and Teagan Presley, Not Bewitched XXX has the potential to be a very enjoyable release. Click all images to view full size. Five stars is the maximum rating for each scene.