Bewitching Brief – Part 1

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Two months ago in this post, Alison informed us of the emergence and popularity of porn parodies. Intrigued by the concept, I’ve since acquired titles based on two classic television series, The Brady Bunch and Bewitched. In today’s post we’ll begin our look at Not Bewitched XXX. Part 2 of the article will follow in roughly 48 hours. I’ll visit Not The Brady’s XXX in a future blog entry. With a cast including Aurora Snow, Eva Angelina, Jenna Haze, Nina Hartley, Sasha Grey, and Teagan Presley, Not Bewitched XXX has the potential to be a very enjoyable release. Click all images to view full size. Five stars is the maximum rating for each scene.

Bewitched – Television Series

Bewitched was an American sitcom which was originally broadcast from 1964 thru 1972. Repeats continue to air in syndication around the globe. The plotline centers around a female witch, Samantha, who is married to a mortal man named Darrin Stephens. Samantha can issue spells with the twitch of her nose. She agrees to refrain from using her powers in an effort to comply with Darrin’s wishes. Darrin wants a normal life, both at home and at work. However, due to various circumstances, Samantha is rarely able to adhere to Darrin’s witchcraft ban for long. Complicating the matter is Samantha’s family. Her mother, Endora is the main troublemaker. Aunt Clara is well meaning, but her spells often go awry. Uncle Arthur’s practical jokes are always a concern. Cousin Serena’s wild antics add to the commotion. Darrin and Samantha have an infant daughter, Tabitha, who has inherited her mother’s supernatural powers. Other main characters include the following. Gladys Kravitz lives across the street from the Stephens. She is suspicious of strange activities happening within the Stephens household, but can never definitively prove any wrongdoing. Her husband Abner dismisses her charges as lunacy. Dr. Bombay is often called upon to unravel spells gone wrong. He is generally effective in the end, but usually makes things worse before they get better. Larry Tate is the boss at the ad agency where Darrin is employed. He is highly motivated by money, and is often on the receiving end of intentional or unintentional witchcraft.

Not Bewitched XXX


Samantha – Jenna Haze

Darrin – Mike Horner

Tabitha – Teagan Presley

Endora – Nina Hartley

Aunt Clara – Eva Angelina

Gladys Kravitz – Michelle Avanti

Abner Kravitz – Dino Bravo

Ad agency model – Sasha Grey

Male model – Aaron Wilcox

Dr. Bombay – Ron Jeremy

Larry Tate – James Bartholet

Nurse – Britney Amber

Dr. Dane – Dane Cross

Life Size Doll 1 – Nathan Threat

Life Size Doll 2 – James Deen

Police Officer – Jack Lawrence

Harem Girls – Aurora Snow, Candice Nicole, Daisy Lane, Kelly Skyline, Madison Ivy, Marli Jane, Sunny Lane, Winter Sky

Scene 1 – Sasha Grey

Scene 1 - Click To Enlarge

Scene 1 - Click To Enlarge

The film opens up on Tabitha’s first birthday. Darrin is headed off to work and Samantha must pick up some party supplies at the store, so Aunt Clara arrives to baby-sit. Clara wants to see what Tabitha will look like as an eighteen year old. She chants a magic spell and voila >>> Teagan! Clara tries to reverse the spell but is unsuccessful, as she can’t remember the exact words which triggered the transformation.

At the ad agency, Sasha Grey is getting busy with her male model co-worker, Aaron Wilcox. Aaron goes down on Sasha and Sasha returns the favor with a sloppy blowjob, including deep throat. POV footage, Sasha supplying dirty talk throughout the scene. Sasha is looking good and sporting a full bush. The pair work their way through missionary, P2M, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, doggie, and back to mish. Aaron unloads into Sasha’s mouth with Sasha providing post cum head.

This is an excellent scene. Sasha delivered a hot performance and I loved the bush. On the non-sex front, here are my first impressions. Mike Horner’s acting stands out above the rest of the cast. Not that the others are bad, but Horner is terrific as Darrin. Teagan is visually stunning; both she and Eva Angelina do a creditable job with the acting chores. Nina Hartley’s physical appearance is close to that of Endora, and her acting skills are solid. James Bartholet has some humorous moments as Larry Tate. Jenna’s depiction of Samantha was somewhat less convincing to me. But these are just first impressions and we’ll see how they bear out over the course of the film. The movie is true to the television series with appropriate laugh tracks, sound effects, music, and special effects as the characters pop in and out and cast magical incantations. Scene is 29 minutes, 12 1/2 minutes storyline and 16 1/2 minutes sex.

***** Five stars

Scene 2 – Teagan Presley

Scene 2 - Click To Enlarge

Scene 2 - Click To Enlarge

Darrin and Samantha have returned home to find their now eighteen year old daughter Tabitha. Darrin wants her changed back immediately, but Endora warns the spell may be irreversible. Tabitha is unconcerned; she likes being eighteen. She wants to drive, party, go on dates, and have sex. Neighbor Gladys Kravitz barges in unannounced with a birthday gift. She correctly concludes that Tabitha is now fully grown and reports this fact back to husband Abner. As usual, Abner ignores her.

Tabitha retreats to one of the guest bedrooms (she no longer fits in her crib). Clothed in a short white dress, white knee high boots, and red panties, Tabitha is eager to explore her body. She rubs at her pussy over her panties, then pulls the panties to the side and spreads her pussy wide. Tabitha pulls off her dress, stroking up and down the pussy, rubbing on her clit. Panties now completely off. Pace picks up with more rapid diddling. Tabitha twitches her nose and a pink dildo / vibrator appears in her hand. Inserting the dildo, pistoning it in and out of her pussy. Withdraws dildo, sliding it vertically over the lips of her pussy and clit. Reinserts dildo, this time with the vibrator knob activated. Tabitha now on all fours in doggie, as she drives the vibrating dildo up into her pussy from behind and below. Tabitha appears to hit the right spot and licks her juices off the dildo before drifting off to sleep.

Hot solo scene. Teagan looks amazing, and the camera captured the action nicely in both missionary and doggie. Scene is 16 minutes, 4 minutes storyline and 12 minutes solo sex.

Note: Teagan won the 2009 AVN Award for best solo sex scene for this performance.

****+ Four and one half stars

Scene 3 – Harem Orgy – Aurora Snow, Candice Nicole, Daisy Lane, Kelly Skyline, Madison Ivy, Marli Jane, Sunny Lane, Winter Sky

Scene 3 - Click To Enlarge

Scene 3 - Click To Enlarge

Larry Tate arrives for Tabitha’s birthday party. He makes a move on Endora who responds by turning him into a Chihuahua. Tabitha assumes the dog is her birthday gift, and is repulsed when told it’s Larry. Dr. Bombay pops in, accompanied by harem girls Aurora Snow and Sunny Lane. I was fascinated by the positioning here. Starting at the middle of the couch and panning to the viewers right, we have Jenna Haze, Eva Angelina, Teagan Presley, and Aurora Snow!! How’s that for a foursome? Not that they engage in any sexual activity together, but that’s a load of talent side-by-side. Bookended by Nina Hartley and Ron Jeremy. Meanwhile, Gladys Kravitz is snooping at the Stephens’ window. She reports to Abner, “Tabitha’s not one, she’s eighteen. A fat guy named Dr. Bombay just popped out of thin air. And he had a whole harem of beautiful girls with him. And they didn’t use the door. And Samantha waved her arms – whoosh, and party decorations just appeared.” Abner tells Gladys to lay off the sauce or make an appointment with Dr. Bombay for herself.

Aurora, Sunny, and Dr. Bombay return to the rest of the harem. An all girl (8) orgy scene ensues. Much pussy eating, some ass licking, a little facesitting, and a moderate amount of toy play. Highlights include Sunny gripping a dildo solely with her mouth and plunging it in and out of Madison Ivy’s pussy, a semi circle daisy chain, Sunny fucking Aurora doggie style with a strap-on dildo, and the entire group led by Aurora, turning their attention toward Sunny.

Group scenes and all girl scenes aren’t among my favorite genres, but this scene bested my expectations. It was a “busy” scene as you can tell by the screencaps. I would have preferred a “less is more” approach, and cut the participants from eight to four. But I guess four does not make a sufficient harem. Scene is 21 minutes, 8 minutes storyline and 13 minutes sex.

***+ Three and one half stars

I’ll have the concluding part 2 of Not Bewitched XXX uploaded to the blog in about 48 hours. The following scenes will be discussed and image previews will be provided.

scene 4 – Jenna Haze

scene 5 – Michelle Avanti

scene 6 – Teagan Presley

scene 7 – Eva Angelina


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4 Responses to “Bewitching Brief – Part 1”

  1. JRoth Says:

    It is evil to tease us with Sasha Grey pics

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ JRoth – Lol, I apologize for that. I tried to minimize the damage by incorporating just a tiny thumbnail into the body of the post. My feeling was that by requiring readers to click the image to view full size, a decision could be made to bypass the enlargement process if so desired. But for those with sharper eyesight than myself (pretty much a given), I’m truly sorry.

  3. Papayaman1 Says:

    I’m old enough to remember the TV program and I think it is one of the ideas that could have promise as a porn project. At any rate it has to be better than the Nicole Kidman remake – though if Nicole had been involved in some of the action portrayed here, who knows? Certainly Mike Horner and Nina Hartley should have the chops to make a decent job of their roles. I always think that those two were a cut above the average in that they have always had the smarts to show a little sense of humour about what they were engaged in.

    For my part, I’m happy to be teased with Sasha pics. And doesn’t she look stunning with the bush! That alone is tempting me to watch this film. But I am disappointed to see that Teagan has evidently had a boob job. I loved her natural look. Can you tell us Rope, is it at least a decent boob job that allows for some movement and doesn’t look too artificial?

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – Regarding Teagan, I have bad news, then good news, then bad news again. First, the (first) bad news. The boobs that Teagan is featuring in Not Bewitched XXX have very little movement to them. As in none. Not a jiggle to be found. But, here’s the good news. Although Not Bewitched XXX was released in November 2008, the production dates were March to April 2008. Meaning, these are not Teagan’s current boobs. The boobs seen in this movie were swapped out and upgraded on July 1, 2008. Remember the Ebay fiasco? Now the (second) bad news. Teagan’s newest boobs are only available for girl-girl and solo filming. However, pornsatar decisions generally aren’t set in stone. So who knows, maybe the new boobs will eventually see some boy-girl activity in front of the camera. See Alison’s posts here, here, and here for related coverage.