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As an individual who has fought the battle of the bulge most of my life, I can well appreciate how difficult it can be to take off and keep off those extra pounds. Several adult performers have successfully overcome this challenge. In this post I’d like to pay tribute to those artists, and say thanks for the weight loss. This also gives me the opportunity to remind the membership that scenes uploaded to VideoBox do not necessarily appear in the order they were filmed. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. When looking through the scenes of a particular performer, you’ll find older and newer scenes mixed about. The sequence of the scene filming will generally not match the sequence of the site updates.

Crystal Clear

Crystal first came to my attention with her hot performance in Daddy’s Little Princess (with Emily Evermore; Crystal is the brunette). I’ve continued to enjoy her work in films such as Super Size My Snatch #2, My Dirty Angels #4, Cock Craving Cuties, Teen Fuck Holes #6, Sperm Splattered #2, Eazy Lube, and Tight Teen Twats #2 (with Chloe Morgan).

In all the scenes above, Crystal is in excellent shape. One may not realize that Crstal entered the business carrying a few extra pounds. Look at her industry debut in Heavyweight Honeys. Thank you Crystal, your hard work enhanced our viewing pleasure.

Vanessa Lee

Fans of the amateur genre will certainly enjoy Vanessa’s work in True Home Made Amateur #2. She turns in an entertaining performance and is a finisher.

Most will not know that Vanessa filmed a couple of earlier scenes in a heftier state. Check out her work in Love Chunks #17 (repeated in Baby Fat #7), and Plumper Humpers. Excellent work Vanessa, we appreciate the accomplishment.


I loved Montana’s enthusiasm in Filthy Sleazy Scoundrels. The background music was undeniably annoying (keep your finger close to the mute button), but it’s a fun scene.

Contrast that performance with Montana’s adult industry debut in Xtra Large Amateurs #5 (with Sindee Williams; Montana is the blonde). Great work Montana, keep it up.

Sabrina Love

Sabrina looks good and delivers a hot interracial performance including anal and double penetration in Teen Brazil #5.

It’s hard to imagine Sabrina’s initial two appearances in the business were in Big Girls Want It More #2 and Heavyweight Honeys. Good job Sabrina, you deserve our thanks.

More stunning alterations coming up in the next edition of Amazing Transformations. If you have any you’d like to share with the blog readership, please respond in the comments.


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10 Responses to “Amazing Transformations”

  1. doctorlimes Says:

    I think some of these might need some editing. Crystal Clear and Sabrina Love not only lost a ton of weight, they also had drastic changes in skin color.

    Did the links get messed up, or was this simply looking for names in “BBW” and matching them with names in other genres without checking up on them?

  2. doctorlimes Says:

    Okay, I apparently didn’t get the joke, the second one looked enough alike I thought it was really a before and after.

    Sorry rope.

  3. ropeadope Says:

    @ doctorlimes – That’s cool bro, no need to be sorry. I think the reaction of most members upon first read through will be, uh-oh, rope finally lost it. We knew it had to happen sooner or later. There is a bit of a facial resemblance between the two Vanessa Lee’s. Enough to make it somewhat believable. But the plumper Vanessa has a piercing above the right side of her mouth. Definitely had my tongue planted firmly in cheek with the post.

  4. Mister Handy Says:

    OK, it took me a second… but it was pretty funny.

    Some of the changes not caused by coincidental name changes can be pretty dramatic too, though – compare any of the great feature actresses of the early 90s (or early-mid 80s in Nina Hartley’s case, or mid-70s in Marylin Chambers’) with their recent MILF appearances. OK, that’s a lot of time.

    How about Daphne Rosen or Lisa Sparxxx’s weights over the course of their career? Or Lovette’s varying boob job size?

    For that matter, while it’s pretty clear to me timeline-wise that Kylie Ireland started blonde and went red later, and ditto for Nikki Hunter starting blonde and going black… was Melissa Lauren a blonde first and a brunette later? The other way around? Switching off? How about Sophie Dee?

    Ditto some of the piercings – I’ve assumed Sophia just kept adding, but perhaps she takes the out for some scenes?

  5. mm__1981 Says:

    On the “labeling” meme this seems to be oriented to, a couple of suggestions/questions:

    Why does it seem that “Series” don’t get updated any more? It seems like there have been extremely few cases where any vids end up linked with their siblings in the last year or so.

    Has anyone at VB considered user scene/vid category tagging with ranking?

    Would someone at VB consider filter negation, i.e. I like seeing threesomes, but not DP, so I would select threesome and not DP.

  6. davros Says:

    That’s a good joke, rope. But after I viewed the banner at the top of the page, I had an indication what was going on.

  7. wcfields Says:

    Rope – You got a weird sense of humor man…that’s what makes you great. It works for a porn site.

  8. Howard Says:

    Nice one rope, I must admit I spent a good 20 seconds scratching my head on the first one.

    Thanks for reminding me how smoking hot crystal clear is, another 3 vids queued!

  9. bbwlover Says:

    Har har. If this weren’t a joke it would at least explain why VB hasn’t posted a bbw dvd in the past 3 months. Remember: beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and at this rate, it’s cheaper for this beholder to go back to buying DVDs.

  10. ropeadope Says:

    @ Mister Handy – Great points all around. The adjustment to MILF status can be especially striking even when (seemingly), not all that many years have elapsed. Melissa Lauren entered the business in 2003. The earliest scene I have of her is in Virgin Surgeon #2 released in 2003. She was a blonde in that scene. Likewise in Anal #4 released in 2004, she appears as a blonde. But in Rear POV, also released in 2004, she shows up as a brunette. I believe she has alternated her look over the years, with a slight bias toward brunette status. Sophie Dee entered the business in 2005. Of her VideoBox scenes which were released in 2005, she appears to be exclusively blonde. The earliest VideoBox scene I find of her as a brunette was released in 2007. I believe she has switched back and forth since that point. The dates I’m utilizing are when the studio issued the particular DVD, not when the scenes were uploaded to VideoBox.

    @ mm__1981 – I wholeheartedly agree that the series linking has been sporadic. I have previously brought this to the attention of the VideoBox hierarchy. I’m not exactly sure what the problem is. Sometimes it appears to be caused by a minor spelling or punctuation change. But other times this is not the case, and I can’t figure out why the series titles fail to be linked up. I hope to see this corrected ASAP. I like your idea of filter negation (hadn’t known the correct term, so thank you for that). Would definitely improve the search function (A + B – C). Maybe it will come with an overhaul of the tagging / search system.

    @ davros – Yes, I gave it away in the top image. This also protected against claims that I just hooked up the names based on category, without realizing we’re dealing with different individuals of the same name. That, and placing the post in the humor section.

    @ wcfields – Thank you so much. Coming from one of the greatest comedians of the 20th century, I’ll cherish that compliment. Loved all of your films, although its been many years since I’ve last viewed them. One flick I just watched for the very first time (despite being released over thirty years ago) was the biographical W.C. Fields and Me. The film took a lot of criticism for apparent numerous inaccuracies, but I enjoyed it and thought Rod Steiger did a creditable job portraying you. What did you think?

    @ Howard – Thank you. I have enjoyed the work of Crystal Clear as well. Believe she is an underrated performer.

    @ bbwlover – Thank you for the reminder. We definitely could use a new BBW update. I’ll see if I can grease the wheels a bit.