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Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving holiday was filled with good family and good turkey. Since many may still be feeling the effects of the tryptophan, I’ve compiled a relatively easy identification quiz. There are a couple of tricky queries contained therein, so be alert. Ten questions with each correct answer earning ten points. Maximum score is 100. The answer key is provided at the bottom of the post.

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Question 1 – Who is the performer in the image below?

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Question 2 – Who is the performer in the image below?

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Question 3 – Who is the performer in the image below?

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Question 4 – Who is the performer in the image below?

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Question 5 – Who is the performer in the image below?

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Question 6 – Who is the performer in the image below?

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Question 7 – Who is the performer in the image below? (tricky!) Please commit to a final answer to this question before advancing to the next question.

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Questions 8 & 9 – Watch and listen to the first two minutes of Asian Mouth Club #3 scene 1. Give me two reasons which bring into question whether the scene crediting of Taya Cruz is accurate.

Question 10 – Given the above, does Taya Cruz actually appear in the movie Asian Mouth Club #3? (careful!)

Once you’ve completed the quiz, please click to view the answer key.



21 Responses to “Who Am I?”

  1. HotScooter2 Says:


    only one i knew for sure was # 3. this one is very obviously
    Jill Kelly. At first look i mistakenly thought # 6 was Tia Tanaka,and then looked at answers and realized i wasn’t even close. others i didn’t have a clue. Guess 1 out of 10 was best i could do

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – Hi Scooter, good to see you. One is a lot better than none. I’m giving you a passing grade. Good job. Tell the truth. You had a little too much Brunswick Stew over the long holiday weekend, correct? Let all that settle in, and take the quiz again in a couple of days. I bet you do at least twice as good. Oh, and remember the images can be enlarged by clicking on them. The identifications are a bit easier that way.

  3. HotScooter2 Says:


    we used to have 2 places near us that had Brunstick stew, one closed down and the other one moved way over to other end of town. But my wife and i both love Brunswick Stew. She used to make it for me when we lived in Colorado, but now she figures there are lots of places we can get it. But i haven’t had any in about 6 months. gonna get some soon. thanks for reminding me how much i like it. if i can’t get wife to make some soon or sweet talk our Dear and lovely Alison to email me some. otherwise i drive to nearest BBQ . i like mine with pork and chicken along with potatoes, hot sauce a little peppers, onions, stewed tomatoes and a tomato based broth. i understand the cajuns at times add gator to the recipe. In New Orleans one of the most popular dishes is Gator Etouffee.
    Now one might ask how this relates to porn. well let me tell ya. Cajun food makes everybody more horny, and eating lots of it makes your dick grow. i am legally required to disclose that i do make a very nice commission on every bottle of my own private cajun recipes. approximately a 90% markup. i am just feeding y’all a bunch of possum bullshit.
    Rope brought up me and Brunswick stew and i am just responding to it, in my own purely innocent manner.
    Key Lime pies down here is great even though i don’t eat it very often, being that i am diabetic. sometimes wife and i
    get a piece in restaurant and share it.
    Since Rope got me hungry, and i got rest of y’all hungry. least Rope can do is take us all out for a nice steak dinner.
    No excuses buckeroo we will all meet you at your place in an hour. And bring lots of money

  4. Rael Says:

    Hey rope, this is completely off topic, but I’m wondering if you could help me identify a scene. It’s a blowjob scene, with a brunette (at least I remember her as a brunette). She has longish hair, and she is one of the very young, innocent looking types. The scene ends with them in the 69 position and an awesome oral creampie, which she sort drools out, and exclaims something to the effect of “that’s a lot of cum.” She also has relatively small breasts that have that very pointy look that girls often get when she is bent over (as she was on the top for the 69 position). I know it is not a popular pornstar (I don’t even think she would be considered a pornstar). When I tried finding it, narrowing my search to blowjob, one-on-one, and cumshot (the scene may not even have that tag). Even narrowing it down that much, it still comes out to over 800 scenes.

    I love this sites amazing amount of scenes, but when your in a situation like this, it can be near impossible to find what you’re looking for. If you don’t know, that’s cool, just thought I’d ask.

  5. HotScooter2 Says:


    i think i have seen the scene you are talking about. i have it from here. i think i downloaded it from one of Alison’s blogs,entitled the elusive creampie. i recommend your looking through that if you haven’t already. i know i am not rope but
    thought i would put my 2 cents in. since you said she is not a well knoown pornstar eliminate those that are when reading through the blog. good luck but you will probasbly get a better answer from rope when he responds

  6. jman9876 Says:

    Rope and Co.
    I’ve been thinking about asking this for a while and I have a reason to ask now. Sometimes I remember a certain scene but I can’t ever locate it (and I’m sure this happens to almost everyone). Maybe it would benefit everyone if we had some kind of community forum or “Ask Rope” entry every now and again so we can help each other find certain scenes instead of posting on a random entry and hoping for a response or searching for hours. Just a thought.

    The reason I’m asking is there is one scene that I remember quite well but with over 40k scenes it’s hard to find just one. The scene starts off with the main characters girlfriend held captive in a room with a TV monitor focused on the boyfriend tied up on the wall. I can’t remember if its two or one but a new girl enters the room and begins to blow the guy before making him bang her (or else the girlfriend gets it.) All the while the camera focuses on the girlfriend struggling to watch on a small TV and the boyfriend claiming “He’s Sorry” etc. I’ve searched forever and can’t find it for the life of me. That’s pretty much all I can remember. I know there was anal and it may, in fact, have been a threesome.

    Thanks for any help!

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – Wasn’t aware you previously lived in Colorado. I spent one week in Denver long ago; that was my only visit to the state. I think I would like my Brunswick Stew same as you, ‘cept I have to go easy on the hot sauce in my advanced years. Stomach ain’t what it used to be. I’d be willing to try gator in it. Ever watch the show Louisiana Cooking? Great Cajun cuisine and one of my favorite chefs – Justin Wilson.

    @ Rael – Click on this link.

    brunette – check
    longish hair – check
    young – check
    innocent looking – check
    69 position – check
    oral creampie – check
    drools out the cum – check
    remarks on size of load – check
    small pointy breasts – check

    Hopefully, this is the scene you had in mind. Took me three hours to locate, lol.

    @ jman9876 – Click on this link.

    The scene has most of the elements you describe, but I’m not 1000% confident it’s the match you’re looking for. If it is the correct match, I wrote a detailed review of the scene here, which you may be interested in reading. Please let me know.

    A community forum sounds like an excellent idea. Can I be the moderator?

  8. Rael Says:

    Rope, you are the man. Three hours? You didn’t have to go through that much trouble, but thanks a lot for doing it, I’m definitely downloading the scene for safekeeping. I completely forgot it was from a compilation. Plus, I even commented on it on my old Rael10386 account. 36 pos bangs may be my record, lol.

  9. Rael Says:

    Also, is that Sativa Rose scene on VB? Looks like a good one.

  10. ropeadope Says:

    @ Rael – Hi Rael, most welcome. I may have exaggerated the three hours a tad. Glad we nailed it down. I was wondering if that was your comment in the scene reviews. Good work on the plus 36. Would be nice if there were a way to search member comments by username or keyword. Would make these type of scene searches a lot easier.

    I constructed several of the previews for this blog entry from scenes obtained elsewhere. I do not believe the Sativa Rose scene is available on site.

  11. HotScooter2 Says:


    after admittedly looking at answer key i actually with its help recognize # 1 as Daisy Marie i don’t knnow why ii didn’t recognize her right away, and also with help of answer key i actually recognize now # 5 as Nautica Thorn. About as good as i can do i quess.

    totally off topic but last night i watched again a movie called Anger Management with Jack Nickolson. i had forgotten how hilariously funny a movie it is. it is in my opinion Nickolson’s funniest roles.

  12. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – Excellent, I knew you’d do better the second time around. I saw Anger Management some years back. I seem to remember it as an okay movie, but it doesn’t particularly stand out in my mind as anything special. I would really need to see it again to refresh my memory.

  13. stoneman Says:

    Hey Rope

    can you let me know where I can find the Kaylynn scene. Looks pretty good?

  14. ropeadope Says:

    @ stoneman – The Kaylynn scene is excellent. This was the very first scene I viewed of Kaylynn. It comes from the movie Dirty Young Girls. Erik Everhard is her co-star. Not on site. I can’t provide direct links, but if I wanted to view the scene, this would be my strategy. I would navigate to one of the tubular search engines (wide6.com is one such example). I would do a search for Kaylynn and order the results by duration. The scene you’re looking for is 19:21 in duration. Listed as Kaylynn POV, although that’s not an entirely accurate description.

  15. HotScooter2 Says:


    i met my wife in denver but she wanted to move back south and since i wished to be with her i agreed.
    She loved watching Justin Wilson until his death a few years ago from diabetes, i believe it was. i loved listening to this guy talk. and he put onions and hot sauce and wine on everything. just the fact you listened to him makes you an honorary rajun cajun

  16. emptytriangle Says:


    Any chance you know the source of a scene I used to own, but can’t find anymore. It involves Britney Madison as a virginal Hooters delivery girl who delivers an order of wings to a guy who tricks her into giving up everything (including anal) with nothing more than the promise of a “good tip”? I’d love to get my hands on that again.

    On another note, I must have inadvertently violated one of the VB codes in a comment I left recently, because my ability to comment has been revoked. I can’t get an answer as to what I did or said – and I certainly have always tried to stay in the spirit of the VB guidelines. Most of my comments in the past were very well received with large numbers of positive feedback. Any chance you or Allison could intervene on my behalf and get me back in the good graces of the powers that be? I think I’ve always been a good citizen, and don’t really know what I did wrong… Thanks!

  17. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – I humbly and graciously accept the honorary Rajun Cajun moniker. Justin was one of a kind, I guarantee.

    @ emptytriangle – I forwarded your info to VideoBox and requested they check into it. Hopefully they’ll contact you and clear up whatever may be the problem.

    The Britney Madison scene just doesn’t ring a bell with me, and I am a fan of her work. Do you think you downloaded the scene from VideoBox? I’m wondering if it was a scene filmed for an internet website as opposed to a studio for DVD release. There is a site called Big Sausage Pizza which has those type of scenarios, but I don’t recall a Britney Madison scene there. I’ll open it up to the membership. If anyone knows the scene emptytriangle has in mind, please post it here.

  18. HotScooter2 Says:


    i have had the exact problem you have with not being able to review the DVD’s. i contacted support about 3 weeks ago concerning this. all they did was email me saying look at the sites FAQ’s,while they researched it. i never heard again from them.I wrote back asking them to tell me what was needed for me to do to straighten this out. that was about 2 weeks ago. still have heard nothing.
    i really feel support could care enough to respond to let me know the status of my situation.

    I am also getting burned out with porn,and have unsubscribed as a leave of absence rather than a permanent goodbye.

    also there is so much porn available on this site i cannot keep up with it. i would rather see 1 update a day of higher quality,than 5 of a lower quality. and i think there are many that agree with me.
    Rope and Alison and all the rest of y’all have a very Merry Christmas.
    Can y’all dig who just came out with a christmas carol album,none other than the man himself Bob Dylan.
    From what Alison has told me,i can still post onto the log whether a member or not

  19. HotScooter2 Says:


    i also do not know why i have not been able to post reviews for the DVD’s for about a month. Like you i have no idea of whether or not i violated a VD rule of etiquette,or whether it is a computer gliche. but i have written into the reviews for several years ,and never had this problem before.
    I will never understand why VB felt it necessary to make so many changes,when they were already ranked # 1 adult site. i go by rule if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

  20. allen Says:

    is her name trina

  21. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – Happy holidays to you and yours. You’ll always be welcome to post to the blog.

    @ allen – Not quite sure who you’re referencing. The girl at the very top is Jill Kelly. Click on the answer key link which is just below question 10 for all the answers.