Finishers 12/7 – 12/13 (part 1)

A very good week for finishers. I should have part 2 of the post uploaded over the weekend.

To view the finish, click on the scene link above the image. Do not click on the image itself.

Born 4 Porn #1, Scene 2


Tania K. using two fisted stroking, switches to right hand only at last moment and coaxes a load into and onto her mouth and onto her chin. Brief post cum head. Sucks on lollipop. Rubs lollipop against cock and sucks the cock a bit more.

To view the finish, click on the scene link above the image. Do not click on the image itself.

Born 4 Porn #1, Scene 5


Very cute Christine Young jerks a load onto her mouth, tongue, and chin. Rubs some of the cum into her right breast.

Latin Butthole Stretchers, Scene 1


Francesca Le states Brian Pumper fucked her ass so good, he deserves to cum. She gives Brian a blowjob / handjob combo and jerks a big load into her mouth and onto her tongue, upper lip and chin. Swallows.

Latin Butthole Stretchers, Scene 3


Luscious Lopez sucking and stroking motor mouth Wesley Pipes.

Wesley: “Suck that muthafucka till we cum.”

Luscious takes the pop on her face. Post cum head and two handed stroking. Luscious slapping the cock on her lips and cheek. Wesley likes.

Latin Butthole Stretchers, Scene 5


Christina Agave sucking and stroking Brian Pumper with her right hand as she massages his balls with her left hand. Christina jerks Brian’s load into her mouth, shows it to the camera and swallows it down.

Dora Venter’s Fuck Me, Scene 1


Katy Caro and Poppy Morgan are tag teaming Jazz Duro with a shared blowjob. Poppy jerks the cock off into both their mouths. Post cum head from both girls. Very nice!

Dora Venter’s Fuck Me, Scene 2


Dora Venter taking on four guys with oral, anal, and vaginal. The first guy finished himself earlier in the scene. Now Dora strokes off a second guy into her mouth with post cum head. The third guy finishes himself into Dora’s mouth and onto her face. Post cum head. Lots of cum. Dora strokes the fourth guy into her mouth. Post cum head.

If It Ain’t Black, Take It Back #3, Scene 3


Nicki Hunter taking an anal pounding with ass2mouth and nasty talk. Guy pulls out and Nicki jacks off a tiny load onto her tongue. Hot performance by Nicki; she deserved a bigger payload.

Secret Pleasure, Scene 3


Gorgeous Niki Blonde strokes a guy off into her mouth. Niki lets most of the cum drip out but does provide post cum head.

Secret Pleasure, Scene 4


Sophie Angel strokes off a guy onto her co-star’s face who’s lying beneath the guy. The girl on the receiving end of the pop licks at the underside of the guy’s cock as Sophie drains out the final drops.

Blame It On Savanna, Scene 4


Outdoors. Raquel Devine jerks off Chris Charming onto her titties utilizing a two handed stroking technique as she bounces up and down on her haunches.

Hotel Affairs, Scene 2


On the beach, Jamie Brooks strokes a guy off into her mouth and shares the cum with Monica Lion. Most of the cum misses Monica’s mouth and lands on her chest.

Hotel Affairs, Scene 3


In a high seas adventure, Monica Lion stokes one guy off on her chest as a second guy follows by finishing himself on her face.

Vanity Superstar, Scene 4


Jessica Darlin giving dual blowjob to Vanity and a guy. Vanity slapping Jessica’s face. Vanity strokes herself off; post cum head from Jessica. Jessica strokes the guy off onto her chest. Post cum head.

Note: Scene participants are a tranny, a girl and a guy. If this offends you, don’t click the link.

Vanity Superstar, Scene 5


Vanity, cupping balls in left hand and actively stroking cock with right hand, finishes the guy into and onto her mouth in a near oral creampie ending. Post cum head.

Note: Scene participants are a tranny and a guy. If this offends you, don’t click the link.


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4 Responses to “Finishers 12/7 – 12/13 (part 1)”

  1. drudgereport Says:

    What is it about white girls finishing off black guys so often? Jealous…

  2. jfro21 Says:

    Why can’t we have a “finisher” tag?

  3. yojimbo Says:

    I wish there was a “finisher” tag so everybody could stop bitching about it so much. Oh well, here’s a pretty good one: Liquid Diet #2, Scene 10 with Sierra Sinn.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ drudgereport – Yup, some guys have all the luck. I curse the Gods every day for my pale white skin.

    @ jfro21 – If we did, these posts would become worthless and you’d be taking the food out of rope’s mouth. Do you want to see me homeless and starving?

    @ yojimbo – Oh good grief, another subscriber who wishes to see rope suffer. Excellent finish though, thank you for the contribution.