New Kid In The Box

Have you ever made a decision you knew, with an overwhelming sense of confidence and harmony, was the right one? A decision you didn’t hesitate  to make? One you’d never second-guess? Well I have, a few times, the most recent being accepting the opportunity to take a product focused position on the Videobox team. So, you’re my customer. Each of you, and the collective whole that makes up the Videobox user community.

I’m pleased to meet you all.

Before joining this team, I worked for a high-profile tech company. When I’d meet somebody and in conversation, disclose my position and employer, I’d hear all kinds of comments, pro and con, about the company’s product line. I’d share high fives over the awesomeness of what they liked, I’d explain and hopefully resolve usage related struggles, and I’d frequently take their feedback and feature request and get them into the hand of the right people. As a user, I wanted the product to be world-class, easier, more feature rich and always on the cutting edge, well ahead of the competition, and as an employee, I had the opportunity to influence those directions.

I plan to do so here as well.

The team behind Videobox is a tightly knit forward thinking group of motivated, creative and enthusiastic contributors. There’s not here just to meet the status quo, but to shift paradigm, think outside the box, and provide our customers with a best-of-class user experience. Perhaps that’s why I feel so at home, because It’s my goal as well.

I’m ramping up, learning the ropes, and working on defining and delivering a set of features and improvements in the near future that’ll knock your socks, or the apparel of your choice, right off. You’ll be hearing from me here as these innovation roll out, and I’ll respond to your blog comments as often as possible as well.

The year ahead will be a rewarding one for our customers. We’re improving things you already use and more importantly, we’re working on things you’d never imagined.

– Jeff

PS: Everybody have a safe and pleasant holiday season.

12 Responses to “New Kid In The Box”

  1. Kenny Says:

    I do hope that you will keep it so that people with macs can view Videobox clips/download them.

    Are you in contact with the people who handle the content? Because I have some suggestions and I did email them once…

  2. Jeff Says:

    Kenny: I’m a Mac user myself, a very experienced one as a matter of fact… and I can view and download scenes and clips just fine, but it’s not intuitive and warrants an FAQ on our part. The trick is that instead of clicking on a scene download button, hold down the “Option” key when clicking and it’ll start downloading instead of going to playback on the screen. For custom clips, it’s even trickier: once you set your start/end frames, click the “Download Custom Clip” button, then when selecting then “Option-Click” the desired quality and down it’ll come. An alternate approach for both scene and clips is “Control-Click” instead of “Option-Click” in the above situations to get a contextual menu providing you with download and other options. I’ll send this into to our Customer Support team for inclusion in the FAQ section.

  3. jack_black Says:

    Hi Jeff, welcome….

    Not sure of your job….but for some reason, on some of the older vids, the ‘custom clip’ function doesnt work. Instead, it just goes to the media player and says “Ready”, but doesnt play, or if I’m in Google Chrome, it just displays a big wall of code text on the page. Very frustrating.

    It’s on multiple older vids, but here is one for example…try to use the ‘custom clip’ function.
    “Me Luv U Long Time #1, Scene 5”

  4. Jeff Says:

    Jack_black: I’ve tried out your issue on the example you provided. I know how frustrating it is to hear somebody tell you that it worked fine for them when it failed for you, so I’ll not tell you that. I didn’t see “Ready” or a wall of code. No, I got a slow black and white strobe effect. It was awesome. I broke out an old “Madness” CD and danced a bit to “One Step Beyond” before closing the window. Bottom line: Score one for Mr Black; there’s something wonky in the land of “Luv U Long Time”. Score two, actually, as you’re also right in the initial uncertainty of it not being “my job”.
    Let’s do this: Please visit the support form at, repurpose the message above and send directly to support, and I’ll ping them from this side of the fence to be on the lookout for an issue I verified as being broken. Deal?
    Oh, and BTW, you’re not “THE” jack_black, are you? Because I have a copy of “Hi Fidelity” I must get signed. 🙂

  5. stephencolbert Says:

    nice intro.

    i can tell you one feature i think all of us would happy to see is the ability to tag and filter videos by user generated tags.

  6. Jeff Says:

    stephencolbert: I now know you’re more than just a political commentator and satirist, but you’re a frickin’ psychic, too. I know that because you’re reading my mind. I too would like to see user generated tagging and filtering. I won’t make any promises (admit it, we’ve all had or own undocumented “Creampie Surprise” moments, right guys?) but rest assured that if you’re thinking of something I’m already thinking of, I’ll likely be pursuing it with all the more gusto after hearing it’s desired by the user community too. That said, be careful, because if you think of something I haven’t, I’ll likely take the idea, claim it as my own, and bask in all the glory and recognition that comes from the genius of others. Bwa ha ha ha ha. (insert mental image of moustache twisting villain here). 😉

  7. larryking Says:


    Welcome aboard Jeff.

    The first thing you need to do is FIRE whomever allowed the multi-angle Vivid DVDs to be available, when they are clearly unwatchable.

    Many of us paid extra to watch the early-mid 90’s Vivid releases that are available, only to be greeted with nanosecond jump-cuts between angles resulting in a collage of naked body parts that borders on seizure-inducing.


    I brought this up to one of your boys some months ago, and got a “we’re working on it.” You obviously aren’t.

    And holy shit: “status quo”, “paradigm shift”, “think outside the box”, and “best-of-breed”…. all in the same fucking sentence! SOMEONE’s been messing with an online marketing buzzword generator!

    C’mon buddy, put your money where your mouth is. You want an omelet, sometimes you gotta crack some eggs.

  8. Jeff Says:

    Hi Larry, long time listener, first time caller. Larry, dude, first and foremost; eat something. I’ve seen your show, man, and you’re freakin’ me out. you’re looking more and more like the crypt keeper every day. As far as firing people goes, well, my rank’s not quite that high. Yet. But of course, i have every intention of staging an aggressive and likely very messy coup, but they’re not onto me yet, so let’s cut this segment out before airtime, ok?

    Seriously, of course, I recognize your frustrations. In fact, I’d have recognized them in lower case, I’m just that astute. I can’t speak for “our boys” you’ve been in touch with, and my realm is definitely more about product evolution and not a content/support role. I’ll do what I can “from the inside” to ensure the right folks are aware of the content issue, Larry, but I strongly encourage you, even if you’ve done so once before, to voice the concern through the “contact us” form, so it goes to the right people. They are there. I’ve seen ’em.

    Come to think of it, I’ll probably be spending time over the weekend “TESTING” these multiple-angle videos so I better understand your experience and possible seizure source. That’s right, I’m “TESTING”, honey….. this is work, really… just let me finish working, and I’ll be out of the bathroom in a few minutes. Geez.

  9. Strangepork Says:

    Welcome aboard Jeff! I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements that will come to the site through your involvement. Videobox has a ton of great content, and one of the best interfaces out there, but I see the most room for improvement in the organization and discovery of content within the site. If you’re as swift as you seen, I’m sure you’ve already thought of most of this but here goes:

    Allow for excluding tags. It’s nice that I can get a list of scenes with Big Boobs AND Anal, but what if I want Big Boobs AND Anal but NOT Double Penetration?

    Give an option to include or exclude scenes I have already rated when in any list view. I rate every scene that I watch, so if I’m looking for something I haven’t seen, it’d be nice to click on a few tags, get a list, and then filter out the scenes I’ve already rated. (Also, rated scenes aren’t supposed to show up in the Recommendations, but I get them all the time.)

    Randomization! Give a button to get a certain number of randomly selected scenes. Or add randomize as a sorting option. The most recent or most popular scenes aren’t necessarily what I’m looking for, sometimes I’d like to be surprised.

    Fix the categories, and add some new ones. Threesome should be divided into MFF and MMF categories. Blowjob should only apply to scenes that are completely, or almost completely composed of blowjobs – not intercourse scenes. Fetish is a useless category when the fetish isn’t specified – hairy pussy and foot fetish aren’t the same thing. Interracial could also use some clarification as to gender/race – is it a black guy fucking an Asian woman, or a white guy fucking a black woman? Split the Big Boobs category into Big Natural Boobs and Big Fake Boobs, and you’ll be a hero, although I’m sure there will be much debate over miscategorization there. Also, Big Butts.

    I might’ve had more but I just started thinking about big butts and got distracted. So, in conclusion: Big Butts.

  10. Jeff Says:

    Strangepork: Thanks for the welcome, and a good chuckle or two as well. Your ideas are indeed in line with some of my own initial thoughts and visions. I have a dream, something I’ve attempted to convey in discussions as building “The Rubics Cube” of porn, enabling you to twist and pivot more than some of the stars in the gonzo gang-bang category combinations. How we’ll get there is still being determined, but it’s a destination who’s course I’m working to map out. I’ll know I’m there when I see Big Butts and Big Natural Boobs but no Fakes.

  11. ivan00 Says:

    Just want to second larryking’s frustration with the vivid multi-angle fiasco. I canceled my premium membership because of it. After a couple of months I thought to myself “surely they have it fixed by now” and gave it another shot. Nope, still fucked up. Unacceptable for the price we pay for it. Look, if its not technically possible to rip the multi-angle DVDs right, then fine. But pull the videos down because they are unwatchable. Nothing is more annoying than when I am in a nostalgic kind of mood, dig into my hard drive for some early 90’s goodness only to have an epileptic seizure as soon as the action starts.

    Sorry, Jeff, I know its not your department, I just wanted to rant. Welcome aboard and I look forward to things to come

  12. Frank Says:

    We reeeeeeeeeally need a “hairy” search parameter.

    Right now, it’s just “fetish” and we have to sift through 80 BDSM clips to find some proper bush.