Finishers 12/7 – 12/13 (part 2)

Here’s the concluding part 2 to the finishers post for the week ending 12/13.

To view the finish, click on the scene link above the image. Do not click on the image itself.

Small Sluts Nice Butts #9, Scene 5


Rebecca Steel sucking and stroking guy poolside. Guy attempts to grab his cock for a self finishing effort. Rebecca says no and regains control. She strokes off a modest load onto her face and chest.

To view the finish, click on the scene link above the image. Do not click on the image itself.

Casting XXX #63, Scene 1


Kristina taking on five guys in a hot tub. Or is it a Jacuzzi? Or a sauna? Maybe a whirlpool? It’s one of those water receptacles that’s bigger than a bathtub but smaller than a swimming pool. While being fucked in doggie, Kristina strokes off the first guy under alternating right and left handed urging. The load falls short of its mark, landing in front of her. Post cum head. Guys two, three, and four stroke themselves off in her mouth and on her face. Now the guy who had been screwing her, pulls out and cums across the bridge of her nose, and on her mouth and chin. Post cum head.

Casting XXX #63, Scene 3


Suzie (Angie Scott) taking on two guys on the beach. First guy jerks his load onto Suzie’s face. Suzie stroking second guy, her tongue flicking at the head of his cock. She pumps his load into her mouth. Post cum head for both guys.

Casting XXX #63, Scene 4


European performer identities confuse the hell out of me. One girl (possibly Athena / Venuss, possibly not) is stroking a guy under left handed urging. He begins to cum in her mouth. Laura Lion grabs the cock and concludes the stroking duties. Post cum head from Laura.

Casting XXX #63, Scene 5


Ratka (Rady) blowing and stroking a guy in the locker room showers. Coaxes a load into her mouth. Post cum head.

Casting XXX #63, Scene 7


This is not technically a “female finishes,” but close enough to merit highlighting. Carole and another Brazilian girl standing in the tub. One of the girls pees (9:39). Girls in the 69 position with the guy doggie banging girl on top. Guy now positioned between the two girls. Girl on top sucking cock; girl underneath sucking balls. Guy stroking himself. Girl on top takes full control of the cock, sucking and stroking. Guy grabs his cock back from girl on top and strokes himself off into her mouth. More stroking and sucking from top girl. Girl on top lets cum dribble down into mouth of girl on bottom. Post cum head from both girls.

Pretty Girl, Scene 3


Ashley Blue is watching and diddling herself as Briana Banks fucks a guy. Ashley strokes the guy off with her left hand onto Briana’s stomach.

Girls Night Out!, Scene 2


Guy is stroking off, looks like he’s about to cum on Julie Silver’s face. Camera pans up to the guy’s face, then back down to the action. Presto chango, now it’s Julie stroking the guy. She pumps a big load into her mouth and onto her face. Post cum head.

Euro Sluts #3, Scene 3


Cony Ferrara is riding a guy anal reverse cowgirl with gaping. Now down on her knees in front of the guy, she two hand strokes a big load into and onto her mouth. Post cum head.

Euro Sluts #3, Scene 5


Asia Blondi taking on three guys. She’s down on her knees between two of the guys, sucking and stroking them both. First guy finishes himself into her mouth. Asia strokes off the second guy into and onto her mouth. Third guy approaches and jerks himself off into and onto Asia’s mouth. Asia provides post cum head to all three guys.

Naomi’s Fuck Me, Scene 5


Kissy Kapri being fucked doggie anal (with occasional dips into the pussy) as Delilah Strong spreads Kissy’s ass cheeks wide. Delilah A2OGM. Girls double teaming the guy orally. Delilah strokes out a load with her left hand which partially lands on the faces and mouths of the two girls. Extended post cum head from both girls. Girls kissing and sharing some of the cum.

White Trash Whore #18, Scene 3


Kat Langer takes seven pop shots to the face. While she didn’t finish any of the guys all by herself, she played a major role in the pops of guys #3 and #4, and had a hand in the pops of guys #2, #5, and #7.

The Pussy A Go Go, Scene 1


Amber Rayne taking on three guys. The first two guys finish themselves on Amber’s face and Amber strokes off the third guy into her mouth with two fisted pumping.

The Pussy A Go Go, Scene 2


Roxy DeVille using the two handed twisty – turny technique, strokes a guy’s load onto her chest.

Top Heavy #3, Scene 3


Guy finishes himself on the face of Whitney Stevens and continues stroking himself for a full minute looking for more. No go, so they resume fucking. Whitney now sucking and stroking. Guy adds his hand to the mix and cums on Whitney’s cheek and chin.


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