New Feature – User Comment Browsing

I know it’s only been a short while since my introductory post, but cool things are happening here at VideoBox, and I’m eager to keep you up on what’s new and exciting.

We’ve just rolled out a great new feature that I’ve personally found incredibly fun and enlightening. If you’re like me, user comments can be just as interesting as, and occasionally even more entertaining than, the content itself. Wouldn’t it be great, when you stumble across that one brilliant comment that completely echo’s your own thoughts, to see what else that user has had to say about other scenes? Imagine how you might find content you did not know about as well, just by following the ‘breadcrumb’ trail that can be found browsing user reviews. And when you want to find that scene you commented on many months ago and can’t recall just where you found it, wouldn’t it be ideal to review your own comment history?

Well, now you can!


Part of my own fun with this has been finding a hilarious comment, and discovering that the user has a pattern of consistently cracking me up. And yes, I’ve also found user’s raving about a specific scene or star, and used their comments to find even more content I didn’t know about.

It’s incredible. And it’s available now. Go check it out. Start exploring by clicking on a username in any comment, and off you go. View your own comments from the Profile section in the MYVIDEOBOX tab. Just click on “View My Profile Page”.


Hmmmm… Interesting stuff, that Profile section and Profile page. Kind of makes you wonder what else might be coming, doesn’t it? 😉

– Jeff

29 Responses to “New Feature – User Comment Browsing”

  1. thirdeye Says:

    Genius! I thought this would be a cool feature for a long time and finally its here! As you said, there are plenty of times when you see a comment that’s either a solid review or the opposite… and it make you wonder what else the person has said!

    The next step is being able to message other members directly. LoL.

  2. Jeff Says:

    thirdeye… messaging other users directly, eh. Interesting….

  3. davros Says:

    Oh great … now everyone can see the drivel that I post on a weekly basis …

    Nah, it’s a cool feature.

  4. Jeff Says:

    davros…. do not stop with those drivel posts. Please, do NOT stop, well, for at least 4 weeks. Because that’s what I have in the office pool. 4 weeks. You quit before that, I lose big bucks. After that, it’s all clear. 🙂

  5. boeber Says:

    I’m still waiting for that long ago promised feature of email/rss alert when a new scene is posted that is in “My Favorite stars”

  6. robert Says:

    what about an iphone optimized website. and adding some more catagories to your content so we could be more specific when we are trying to filter the content! may i suggest a SMALL TITS/BOOBS catagorie. thank you.

  7. robert Says:

    iphone optimized website,more catagories for better filtering of content and a small tits catagorie with actual dvds of girls with small tits.

  8. juanxyzzy Says:

    Why not just some user forums? Since it’s a porn site, that already eliminates the number one thing you’d need to police.

  9. jonnydotto Says:

    Hmm…my response didn’t seem to post the first time…

    While you’re on the feature creating roll, I’ve always thought user generated tags would be really useful. First, the people tagging the videos don’t always get it 100% correct. Second, there are categories that exist that aren’t represented by the current tags.

    Obviously you can’t just let everyone write whatever they want as a tag and have it show up on the site, since you’d end up with droves of nonsense. But if you let people type a tag (like on delicious), and only display tags that have been posted a certain number of times, then you’d be able to leverage the consensus of the crowd. You could even add a vote up/down feature to make it easy for the best tags to float to the top of the list.

  10. Shahram Says:

    Hi Jeff, can you please reset my ability to post comments on scenes? I promise not to get with stupid fights with other members anymore 🙂 That’s my new year’s resolution… And welcome to VB…

  11. robert Says:

    interested in viewing porn and not talking to other users or seeing what they have to say!

  12. LV426 Says:


    Great feature! A few thoughts
    – Does it work on all browsers? At least on Chrome I can’t make it save!
    – How about associating review score with comments? So you know what score your favorite members gave scenes?
    – For this board you can choose your own name, but for posts inside the site proper you are stuck with your log in name. Could you let users choose a nickname and then use it throughout the site?

    Keep up the good work!

  13. LV426 Says:

    Oops.. ignore above comment about Chrome browser. Profile was just too long! Like other parts of me.

  14. Bronty Says:

    What a wonderful feature! Some of the comments are very useful and a great way to get recommendstions. I’ll also just say I’m glad that I post under a different name in the comments section. I use an alter-ago, much differnet than my mannerly self here. I was laughing very hard reading through some of my older comments (and comments about my comments).

    Cheers and happy holidays!

  15. tom brokaw Says:

    my goal is now to be the most famous poster on vb.

  16. ropeadope Says:

    @ tom brokaw – Or the most delusional.

    Oh, that was uncalled for. Sorry Mr. Brokaw. Barely one day past Christmas to boot. Bad rope. It could happen Mr. Brokaw, it could happen.

  17. cuyote Says:

    Great feature. For example, it made it easy for me to go back to see if any of the problems I complained about were ever fixed. Unfortunately VB is 0-5, on for example, fixing the magenta color of the entire Baby Doll series and Seymore and Shane Do Ireland. It was fun to go back and look at stuff I praised or see how my various comments were banged. Content, value plus great features is what makes VB the best overall, though far from perfect (see rant above.)

  18. ropeadope Says:

    @ cuyote – The problem with the color levels impacting many releases from Baby Doll / Cherry Boxxx were inherent within the DVD’s themselves. Don’t believe you can blame VideoBox for this issue. Unless the argument being advanced is that they shouldn’t have been posted in the first place. However, dozens of these scenes showed up on later Baby Doll / Cherry Boxxx releases with the studio having made the necessary corrections. I (and others) highlighted these scenes in the review comments by referencing the original DVD – scene, and adding “with improved color levels.” You can search through the comments of ropeadope2 to find these scenes. Start at page 7 and work your way upwards. The comments start showing up frequently on pages 10, 11, 12, etc.

  19. jack_black Says:


    Good idea. One more thing I would like, is for us to have a marker, check mark, or what have you next to scenes we have already favorited. Once you ‘favorite’ alot of scenes you cant really keep up them, it’d be good to know when browsing or searching. Know what I mean?

  20. Jeff Says:

    You’re all bringing up great ideas, many of which are known and a few of which merit serious consideration.

    That said, given the amount of feedback being entered [and somewhat ‘buried’ in this post, I’m going to look into setting up something more robust for capturing user feedback than a blog post 🙂

    Cheers and Happy New Years to all.

    – Jeff

  21. cuyote Says:

    jack_black, when you try to add a fav that you already have in a list, that list will already be checked (filled in green, before you click it.) Does that help or was it not even relevent to what you meant?

  22. jack_black Says:

    Cuyote – well, I know that. But you have to get down into the movie level before you see that. I’m saying like, if I’m searching for brunettes, POV, when the results come back, I would like a indicator at that level. The search page, when full, pulls 20 scenes, it’d be nice to see there whether or not I have already favorited the scene.

    Do you know what I mean?

  23. cuyote Says:

    Yes, I see. And I thought you probably already knew what I said too, but you never know what a person’s experience level is (except Rope, of course, LOL!)

  24. Jeff Says:

    Good suggestion, Jack. I like it. And it fits well into a ‘vision’ I’ve got about how/where we might take things like favorite or other forms of ‘tagging’ that have been equally requested.

  25. risingtide Says:

    Why so many lezzie DVDs for the morning update? A man’s testosterone levels are supposed to be at their highest in the mornings and the lezzie scenes just don’t do it. I pretty much skip them unless there’s ahottie on the cover that I want to see if she has some normal scenes.

  26. Vbellator Says:

    Excellent innovation.

  27. titz4us2 Says:

    How about making profiles searchable by useer name or comment fragments as well? I remember some great comments and roughly the profile name, but can’t recall the exact movies.

  28. Fuckbuddies Says:

    What would be far better is to restrict making comments about scenes to people whose accounts have actually downloaded or streamed the scene prior to clicking the comment button.

  29. BlndMilfLover Says:

    Why in the world would I want to browse the comments of a specific user. I’m not looking for a ‘hook-up’… Same with user profiles, I’m not interested. VB is headed in the wrong direction with the ‘new features’. MOVIES is what you are about not making us all buddies…