Point Blank P.O.V In An Upset

Voting is now closed in our New Sensations / Digital Sin debut video poll. Point Blank P.O.V overcame a sluggish start and roared to victory by a margin of twenty four votes, garnering 26% of the total ballot. Voting was brisk with 418 votes being cast in 53 hours (the poll was extended an additional hour as I dragged my ass out of bed at 4 AM instead of 3 AM east coast time). Point Blank P.O.V and What An Ass #7 both rallied strongly to take down the winning and runner up spots. The two early pacesetters, Craving Big Cocks #7 and Fucking Beautiful #4, faded to finish fourth and sixth respectively. Sex With Young Girls #8 ran an even third and Keepin It Fresh #3, never found its late kick and finished fifth. Point Blank P.O.V boasts a well balanced cast led by the old war horse Gianna Michaels, ultra popular Ashlynn Brooke, veterans MacKenzee Pierce and Carmen McCarthy, and rarely glimpsed Halia Hill. The DVD is scheduled for upload on 1/1/10.


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5 Responses to “Point Blank P.O.V In An Upset”

  1. HotScooter2 Says:


    Happy New Year to you,and Alison,and everyone at VB,and to all the blog members. And if i become senior citizen porn stud of the year,then i will spend my time as Mr senior porn stud striving for world peace,and a piece of the world too. i will work towards the end of all illness and human suffering,and for the right of men over 60 to maintain a hard on without viagra. us old farts got the right to get down and dirty too..
    like George Jones said
    i don’t need no rockin chair
    nor no medicare
    he should add
    i just wanna keep it hard
    so i can fuck all the hot lookin babes in town.
    maybe i should take up golf and be like the Tiger man
    except i got about 30 years on him

  2. passingthrough Says:


    I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, but acquiring New Sensations/Digital Sin is (as the kids say)Epic Win.

    I’m excited about this. Beautiful women. Good camerawork. lighting, etc.

  3. niliss082 Says:

    Happy new year, people! By the way, who’s this user registred as “anniecruz” here: http://www.videobox.com/beta/member/scene-detail.seam?subTab=&raId=-1&cid=849660&mainTab=browse&contentId=12177303&sdBox=

    come on, please tell us it’s the real one.


  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – A very Happy New Year to you and the entire VideoBox community. If you are successful in breaking into the porn business, who will you choose to be your first leading lady? (You cannot choose your wife).

    @ passingthrough – I’m extremely pleased with the acquisition. I already own many titles from New Sensations / Digital Sin and have found their product to be consistently enjoyable. I do not own Point Blank P.O.V, so this update will be new to me and I’m looking forward to its posting.

    @ niliss082 – Happy New Year. I emailed Annie last night with an interview request and asked if it was actually she who was leaving comments in the movie reviews. When (if) I hear back from her, I’ll update my comment.

  5. porntripper Says:

    Great stuff!
    I hope “I Love POV”, “I Love Alexis Texas”, “I love Jada” and the “I Love Big Butts” series will also be part of future updates. Anyway, good work so far 😉