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Contest: Predict Date Of Scene # 50,000

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New contest for the blog readership. As I write these words, we’ve just surpassed 43,500 scenes at VideoBox. Your challenge is to predict the date that scene # 50,000 will be uploaded to the site. The scene totals as shown on the upper right of the VideoBox homepage (under quick links) will be the official contest number. The individual who projects the correct date, or comes closest to the actual date without going past the date, will be declared the winner. Submit your predictions as a reply to the post in the following manner: Month/Day/Year. Once a date is selected, that date is locked up and no longer available to claim. As entries arrive, I will post periodic summaries of the dates taken thus far. Contest is open until 11:59 PM Pacific Time on 12/31/09. The winning prize is a VideoBox mug. Please, only one prediction per household.

Important: Please Read Update Inside


Recent Happenings in the World of Porn

Here’s a little update for folks who may not have the time or desire to read all the industry “news” and gossip blogs out there.

Tera PatrickTera Patrick Retires from Porn
After filing for divorce from husband Evan Seinfeld (Spyder Jonez), Tera Patrick has told industry blogger Cindi Loftus that she is finished with porn. She has a memoir coming out soon that she claims gets into the scandalous details of her life in porn. I’ll let you guys know if it’s any good.
Katja KassinKatja Kassin Also Calls it Quits
Katja Kassin wrote a message to her fans on the Adult DVD Talk message board that broke the news that she is retiring from porn. She simply seems to have gotten to the end of the road and is looking for something else to do. Luckily for her fans, she shot over 450 movies in her career, hopefully leaving even die hard fans plenty of viewing material for the foreseeable future.
war machineFormer UFC Fighter Ruins Birthday Party
At a recent birthday party for Brooke Haven, ex-fighter and current porn “star” War Machine attacked five men, sending two to the hospital. It’s not entirely clear what happened, but it seems that the men were alerted that Mr. Machine had just hit girl/friend Alanah Rae in the face and verbally confronted him about it. (Alanah says she was not hit.) WM claims self-defense, but all witnesses who have come forward thus far said the attack was unprovoked. War Machine is also currently facing charges for attacking a doorman at a gay club in Las Vegas.
studyNew Study: Porn is Okay After All
The University of Montreal School of Social work has released results from a study examining the effects of pornography on men’s attitudes about women and relationships. A sample of 20 hetersexual men revealed that almost all men watch porn at times and that viewing porn has no bearing on their ability to respect women and function normally in society. While 20 is not even close to a reasonable sample size, it comes as no surprise to me that most men don’t want to date girls who look like porn stars, they merely want to jerk off to (on?) them.
Penny FlamePenny Flame Gets Blog on Huffington Post
The Huffington Post, a liberal news and opinion site, has secured Jennifer Ketcham (aka Penny Flame) as a contributing writer. Jennifer/Penny is featured on the current season of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew seeking treatment for sex addiction. In my opinion, she’s the only tolerable person on the show, so while her first blog entry on HuffPost is a little weird, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and assume it’ll get better from there.
avn2010 AVN Award Nominations Announced
Here’s the list. Tell me the truth, guys – does anyone care about this? My gut says no, but I’ve been wrong about these sorts of things before.

Who Am I?

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Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving holiday was filled with good family and good turkey. Since many may still be feeling the effects of the tryptophan, I’ve compiled a relatively easy identification quiz. There are a couple of tricky queries contained therein, so be alert. Ten questions with each correct answer earning ten points. Maximum score is 100. The answer key is provided at the bottom of the post.