Your VideoBox Library. On Your iPhone. Today.

Hello VB members,

I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday season. I certainly did, and during that time I starting using VideoBox in a way that really surprised and excited me. Well, the excitement part comes naturally, but the surprise is because it’s not something I believe enough of our users are either aware or or utilizing.

Simply stated, you’ve got access to your entire VideoBox account content, including your favorites, on your iPhone. Today. Now. And you don’t have to download or sync anything to get it.

I’m talking about streaming. It’s how iPhone users view YouTube’s video’s today and even news and sports streams as well. VideoBox doesn’t have “An App For That”, but it’s all fully supported and available on your iPhone today via the device’s Safari web browser.

Setup is a breeze and here’s a simple walkthrough that’ll have you watching “POV” content in as realistic a fashion as you could imagine in a matter of minutes.

VideoBox on the iPhone

1: Launch the Safari browser on your phone, go to and login.

2: Choose a scene.

3: Tap the blue ‘iPhone’ download button (use ‘two finger pinching’ to zoom in and see images, text and buttons).


That’s it. That’s all it takes. Your video will buffer and start playing. Tilt your iPhone horizontal for an even better full screen experience.

VideoBox Streaming

Here’s a few suggestions that’ll optimize your mobile VB experience:

1: Utilized “Favorites”. If you use our “Add To My Favorites” feature, you can save scenes and access them all from a single page later. (You can even create a specific “iPhone” favorites list, and use it to isolate just the scenes you want to get to on the iPhone from all your other favorites).

2: Add A Bookmark to your home screen. To speed up access to your favorites (or just to VideoBox), when you’re on your “Favorites” page, click the “+” sign in the center of the button bar on the bottom of the screen. Choose “Add to Home Screen”, name it something clever or innocuous, and boom…. It’s now an icon on your iPhone.

Is this “the best we can do” at VideoBox? Hell no! We’re already talking about ways we can dramatically improve this with a dedicated “mobile-device” site design and layout. That’s not ready just yet, while this… This is on your phone and waiting for you to try it out today.

Caveat: VideoBox is not responsible for replacing iPhones accidentally dropped while utilizing our streaming content. 🙂

Is that a massive collection of adult video content in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

30 Responses to “Your VideoBox Library. On Your iPhone. Today.”

  1. DudePal Says:

    Thank you so much Videobox! I just tried it on my iTouch and it works like a dream!

  2. Vced Says:

    I have been using this feature every since it was first offered. It is the one reason I stay a loyal Videobox member.

  3. Jeff Says:

    DudePal, you’re quite welcome.
    Vced; glad it’s kept you around. It’s one of the killer features we offer that seems to be somewhat under utilized, thus this post. I’m hoping to elevate awareness. Stick around for more goodness on the horizon. – j

  4. Bronty Says:


    I sent this as a suggestion a couple months back, and I am very grateful to have this. VB always gets better and better. I love this site, plus everyone who runs it seems to be really cool.

    Cheers & Vibes

  5. Bronty Says:

    Ah! Not yet iPhone optimized—read the whole post. Well, everything I said still stands. But, can’t wait for an iPhone optimized site.

    Jeff, you may already be familiar, but I recently discovered something called the “Sex App Shop”. What’s cool about it is that it’s a ‘porn app’ that doesn’t have anything to do with the iTunes app store—AND, you don’t need a ‘jailbroken’ iPhone. It’s basically website viewed in Safari, but it operates in fullscreen mode, so it looks and feels just like a regular application. You can save the bookmark to your home screen. If you try it out, you’ll see what I mean. Perhaps a possibility for VB? Sex App Shop’s content sucks to hell (at this point), but their idea is great.

  6. lrae Says:

    Treated myself to an iPod Touch after Christmas and discovered this for myself over the past few days. With the lack of Adobe Flash on the Touch/iPhone (purely down to Apple acting like spoilt children) it was a pleasent surprise :o)

    Looking forward to the mobile site – just hope we’ll be given the option to switch between it and the normal layout.

  7. Jeff Says:

    Irae, you can rest assured that any ‘mobile’ optimized site would only be dynamically loaded when the broswer/device is identified as an iPhone or other mobile device. The typical computer based website experience would still be there.

  8. Bronty Says:

    If I understand Irae, I think s/he means a link, on the iPhone-optimized site, to the main, computer-based site. Google, for example, will take me to the mobile site once it recognises my iPhone, but there is a link on the mobile site that gives me the option of visiting the computer-based site, on my iPhone.

    I had/have this issue with one of your partner sites, Naughty America. They have a great iPhone site, but it lacks some of the features of the main site (understandably). However, NA never put a link on the iPhone site to the main site. Therefore, I am ‘locked’ to the mobile version of the website when using my iPhone. I managed to trick the Naughty America site into going to the main website when using my iPhone, but it was a bit of a hassle.

  9. Miket Says:

    The only problem I have with the streaming is that I don’t think you guys are using http streaming protocol that Apple recommend for streaming on the iPhone. The streaming is a big of a hassle on iPhone, takes too long to start the video, dragging the video slider to fast forward seems to restart the whole download for the video instead of streaming. In fact that is what it feel like, that videobox is downloading the video on the iPhone, not streaming. It might be my settings but other streaming sites works fine for me.

  10. robert Says:

    well duh, i’ve been doing it like this for as long as i’ve had my iphone. all the emails i’ve sent your support team were to suggest an iphone optimized i.e… mobile site with only one link to play for the iphone! one where the thumbnails of the videos fill the entire iphone screen without having to zoom in and out and with out the extra stuff on the right of the page. similar to realitykings and bangbros mobile websites!

  11. Jlop Says:

    FYI…you can use the same process with the Android Browser. I have watched several VB iPod streams with my HTC Droid Eris without an issue. It looks great and with the Eris having wifi, it streams fasters it seems.

  12. carnalflame Says:

    Any plans for making VideoBox subscriptions accessible on smartphones?

  13. BigL Says:

    I tried it out today, and was very impressed, by it! Thanks VB, now only if you can upgrade my account to evil empire, without canceling!

  14. kip hensley Says:

    Jeff When I press the blue iphone button below the scene all I get is the pages of computer programing jiberish. What am I doing wrong?

  15. lrae Says:

    Thanks Bronty – that’s exactly what I meant. (Afraid I’m just a bloke)

    While I hope the mobile site will be streamlined and more suitable for mobile browsing, there’s obviously going to be a compromise with the overall functionality of the site compared to the normal layout.

    This is the only porn site I personally use on my iPod, but with mainstream sites like the BBC and Wikipedia I regularly switch between their mobile optimized and standard sites due to the the different range of options available. (Easier access to the full range of stories on the Beeb’s full version and and there’s no abiliity to edit on Wikipedia mobile.)

    Sorry for not being clearer on what I meant initially.

  16. Jeff Says:

    Hi Irae, yes, the concept/idea of a mobile site is something we’re hoping to tackle, and it’d not be either/or; users could choose to go to the full site if desired.

  17. Jimmy Jones Says:

    Has anyone had any luck utilizing this service for the Palm Pre smartphone?

  18. Jeff Says:

    As I understand it, the Pre is going to support Flash in the near future 🙂

  19. vaidx41 Says:

    This is the only way i have ever accessed VB. It’s the reason i joined. Brilliant feature, only problem is i’m addicted now.

  20. relic419 Says:

    It works on WebOS (Palm Pre here). Videobox should consider making an app for WebOS, as it is very open (you can have a direct web only download provided by palm)

  21. bobsipod Says:

    screw the iphone. I have verizon. The env touch to be exact. I either get the flash icon, which means I’m screwed, or the browser tells me the page is too big to be displayed… which means I’m screwed. Any clue as to which phone i could get with them and get some quality porn while I wait at the bus stop?

  22. VVV Says:

    bobsipod, I use a Droid on Verizon and it works well. I presume the other phones that run Android will work too.

  23. bg Says:

    I would appreciate the same interface on symbian S60v5 touchscreen phones also.

  24. DD Says:

    anyone else having this crash safari? It worked for about a week, now rather than quicktime opening, i get a screen full of characters and then safari crashes. Frustrating to say the least. I’m using iphone 3.1.2

  25. DD Says:

    Realized I somehow turned off plug-ins in the safari menu, working now.

  26. ARod Says:

    Any chance the balckberry can get the same love as the iphone? I have a balckberry and would love acsess like the iphone. Any chance of this?

  27. Bronty Says:

    I’m no expert, but I’m quite sure nothing (yet) has been done to the site to make it optimised for mobile. The iPhone can look at any webpage—no size limits or anything. Thus, the iPhone can access VB currently. If the Blackberry, or other phones, can’t access VB, then it is because of they way the phone is designed. The iPhone is basically a laptop with a small screen. The Blackberry is an advanced telephone. I would think the new Google phone and other such phones could access VB. The Google phone is basically a small laptop, like the iPhone.

  28. hreid999 Says:

    when/where/why are people using this feature? Honestly I can’t think of a time when I would want to watch porn on my itouch.

    Personally I’d rather see higher streaming quality so I could hook my computer up to my TV.

  29. Sonic32200 Says:

    This feature is one of the reasons I’ve remained subscribed for so long. I’ve been an off and on subscriber over the past few years, mainly staying for about 3-4 months. With better iPhone and perhaps iPad support, I would never have a need to cancel my subscription. If I could stream off mobile or on the iPad as fast as I can stream off my PC laptop as well as some way of saving movies to those devices, that would be the killer features that would lock me in for good.

    Keep up the great work.

  30. BlndMilfLover Says:

    Just not interested in a ‘my library’. I download what I’m interested in. Way too much time is being spent on non-movie issues…