New Features – “Nicknames” & “User’s Ratings”

What’s In A Name? You Tell Us. “Nicknames” Have Arrived.

identityWhat’s in a name? Identify. Up until now, your permanent user name is what appears in comments you make. And you’ve been stuck with it. But that is changing. Starting today you have the ability to define your public “nickname”. Your nickname defaults to your username and is easily accessed and changed in your user profile. Simply click on “My VideoBox”, then “My Profile”, and make the change.

How Do you rate? How did THEY rate? Let The Star Gazing Begin.

rated5starsFollowing the recently introduced user profile links in comments has enable me to click on a name and view all of their comments. In doing so I discover new and interesting content. Now, not only can you find out what they said, you can find out what they rated. Starting today, the user profile page includes a “Total Ratings” section on the sidebar. This not only tells you how many ratings you or another member has made, you can see and browse them all with a single click on the rating total.

News Feeding Frenzy

news cryerExtra! Extra! Read All About It! VideoBox has added a news alert to the Member’s page. We have so many things we want to tell you about that the blog alone isn’t going to cut it. We’re taking it to the street, or to the feed, and giving you a simple way to be kept abreast (heh heh… he said “breast”) of new developments on our website, as well as news and content related updates. If we have a new feature, support related updates, or discover another star in our collection coming out of Tiger Woods closet, we’ll have a way to alert you.


– Jeff

31 Responses to “New Features – “Nicknames” & “User’s Ratings””

  1. garbman Says:

    Unrelated question but I bought a WD TV HD Media Player and it won’t play files downloaded in wmv dvd from VB.

  2. lrae Says:

    Liking the news bar – it makes the blog a more prominent feature on the site as opposed to purely being a link tucked away in the top right, which I imagine many people miss or presume is not of interest to them without looking. (While it’s obviously not what we’re here for primarily, I personally find it an interesting diverstion)

    Jeff – Could I possibly ask you to check back on the comments on the iPhone blogpost? I’m afraid you misunderstood what I meant by my query (my fault for not explaining myself better). Hopefully Bronty’s post and my own follow up has cleared things any ambiguity. Cheers.

  3. deadip Says:

    Like the news bar
    @ garbman
    the wmv dvd just means the quality of your download, I think. When you Burn a DVD you still have to set the burn as a DVD-ROM in your Burning Software such as Nero or whatever you used. It is also Possible your New DVD Player you bought doesn’t have Progressive Scan and could NOT read the file like you downloaded it.

    I think a Forum or MessageBoard would be more beneficial to this Site than this Blog.

    A question I have is when is this Site going to Update the Stars Link to include a PornStar with all of their Aliases and still Link them to one Model that uses those Aliases? Also need to Update the Stars List with new Models that are starting to appear on DVDs you are Uploading to the Site.

  4. Jeff Says:

    All good feedback, thanks deadip. Adding to the (growing) list of features to investigate.

  5. garbman Says:

    Thanks deadip, The media player is not a dvd player it hooks up to external hard drives via usb port and just reads off the drive.

  6. bigcall1 Says:

    What happened to the search function?

  7. Jeff Says:

    Bigcall1, I’d suggest you drop a quick note to support. I know they’ll have some info for you, but I can’t address/answer your question. i see the search function just fine, if that helps.

  8. Jeff Says:

    bigcall1, Are you using IE8? I’ve checked with our front end engineer and was given this information:

    We have had a handful of people say they cannot see the search box in IE8 recently. In every case,
    one of the two following steps solved the problem:

    First, try clearing your browser cache. To do this, go to the “Tools” menu item at the top left in your browser, and when you click that, you should see “Delete Browsing History” right at the top. In the window that appears when you select “Delete Browsing History,” click the checkbox next to “Temporary Internet Files” and then click the “Delete” button at the bottom.
    Once the browser indicates that it is done, exit the browser and then re-open it. Check to see if the search box is now visible.

    If that doesn’t work, try running IE8 in Compatibility Mode. To do this, again go to “Tools” and you should find “Compatibility View” about halfway down. Click it, wait until the browser page refreshes, and then see if you have the Search box.

    If these steps fix the problem, please let me know (and let me know which one did it!).

  9. stephencolbert Says:

    u r killing it jeff keep the changes coming. i like what im seeing so far.
    im going to throw another suggest into the pile

    ability to search comments

  10. Jeff Says:

    So out of curiosity, why searching comments? I can see how folks might want/use tags, and searching for tags, but what is it about comments that you’d search for?

  11. da man Says:

    garbman- I have a WD player too and yeah, that stinks, ’cause that’s why I got one in the first place. I wrote Western Digital with my problem and asked them to include support for the v-box codec for their next update. They were pretty non-commital about it (they said if there was enough interest they might offer support), but I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

  12. Jeff Says:

    You know, da man, you bring to light another need: ‘message user’. Why? ‘Cause I want to keep the blog comments ‘on topic’ and this is off topic. That said, it’s a valuable bit of info and IMHO, you rock because you care to share. SO I’ll leave it for awhile. 🙂

  13. deadip Says:

    Thanks Jeff Glad I can Help Out.

    Back to the Stars List here are some examples for you to Merge:
    Faye Reagan aka Faye Valentine
    Bree Olsen aka Bree Olson
    I realize these Models have DVDs under both names, but when doing a Search it would be nice to see all the Model’s DVDs come up in the Results rather than Searching them using all known Aliases.

  14. deadip Says:

    One reason for searching Comments or the Blog here would be to Post a Comment that does NOT get off Topic like this question I have for you or Rope:
    When are you going to Upload more Devil’s Films DVDs??? So, far there is only one.

  15. deadip Says:

    My last Comment is another good reason for a MessageBoard / Forum instead of this just having this Blog. The Blog is great for news about the Site, which actually could be covered in a Section of it’s own on a MessageBoard / Forum as well. Also why is the time I’m Posting incorrect??? Like it is 4:00pm here now where I’m at on the 12th Jan. 2010.

  16. ropeadope Says:

    @ deadip – You must live in the Central Time Zone. The posting times listed on the blog are based on the Pacific Time Zone. I assume this is due to the fact that VideoBox calls San Francisco as its home.

    I do not believe Devil’s Films is currently leasing out their DVD’s. They do have their own site.

  17. stephencolbert Says:

    tagging is ultimately best. searching comments would just allow me to search back through older scenes I remember viewing but cant find now.

    tagging would be a huge feature. right now if i want to know if a girl swallows or finishes in a scene I have to watch or check iafd to find out. tagging would allow users to add that tag once they see it and then you can view all of the finisher scenes at once.

    if possible a mashup of the tagging with iafd’s filters.

  18. Chattavegas Says:

    Review count sorting …. brilliant! Thanks so much for adding this!

  19. Chattavegas Says:

    I’d love to see advanced filtering that would allow us to include/exclude male and female performers.

    For example:

    4,148 Scenes – with Brunette and 18+ Teens – without Mark Wood


    132 Scenes – with Double Penetration – with Francesca Le and Sandra Romain

  20. Miths Says:

    Anyone else have comments and ratings on their profile page you didn’t make?
    I have no fewer than eleven comments show up from Dec 5 2009 and one from Nov 30 that I’m 100% sure I didn’t make (even if I had been drunk, tired or otherwise impaired, that’s just not my writing style).

    I do a pretty good job of keeping my passwords and my PC in general secure, so I’m reasonably confident it’s not a case of my password having been stolen either – although just to be safe I better go change it now.

  21. Ray Says:

    Ever think of adding a “coming soon” area?

  22. bigcall1 Says:

    The Compatibility View did the trick!


  23. DB Says:

    i agree with deadip; it would be AWESOME to have aliasing ability. that gets my vote for most necessary improvement.

  24. emptytriangle Says:

    I think these features are excellent ideas. I know my comments have, as a rule, been rated highly by other members. Unfortunately, for some reason i have never been able to determine, I hve been banned from making comments. I have no idea what I did to deserve the ban, as I have always considered myself a “good citizen” of VB nation. To my knowledge, I never spammed, slammed the site, engaged in improper or offensive behavior, etc. Yet, despite attempted inquiries, I can’t get anyone at VB to explain what happened or why. I also don’t know if this is a “death sentence”, i.e., permanent and irrevocable.

    If there is anything you can do, Jeff, to help me understand why this happened, and/or to intercede on my behalf, I would greatly appreciate it. Please feel free to check out my past comments – you will see that on occasion I had over 100 positive bangs for what people apparently thought were witty or insightful musings. It seems a shame to permanently deny me access without even letting me know what i did wrong.


  25. Howard Says:

    The biggest change in the site I want to see is a revised tagging system which includes user tags.

    So the users watch the video and add their own tags (which operate differently to VB created tags). You could have a tag cloud so the popular user created tags get larger for each video or simply change the color/order. Tags can be voted up/down and if someone posts an irrelevant tag a few votes down and it is removed by other users.

    We would have tags like ‘oral cumshot’ or ‘chubby’ which I’ve seen many users request. Of course the main issue is getting it working on a high volume site like VB, but if your database guys are good it should be no probs!

  26. Joe Says:

    Awesome updates! You know.. playlists would really kick ass xD

  27. BlndMilfLover Says:

    Again the ‘user name’ is fine for ‘movie comments’. PLEASE don’t try to turn this into a Social Networking website. Not interested.

    Work on the movies, not all this other crap… This is not a Face Book…

  28. hol0122 Says:

    garbman: I have one of those players also and it will only play H.264 quick time player to play those files on your computer.Put the H.264 files in a separate location or folders for easy access.

  29. hol0122 Says:

    Also; H.264 files will play on an Xbox 360. copying the files to the 360s hard drive.

  30. dan louis bittner Says:

    Would you be so kind as to post again the salaries the porn stars get for different activities.

  31. Butt_Watcher1 Says:

    To garbman and all other WD TV HD Media player users – Be sure to use H.264 (MPEG4 640×480) format files, since WMV files are not supported and will not work on this player.