Preview: Fresh Outta High School #13 – Dixie Daytona

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One of the series I’m most looking forward to in the recent acquisition of titles from New Sensations and Digital Sin is Fresh Outta High School. I already own volume #13 of the series, which will be uploaded to VideoBox in the coming weeks. One scene of the movie features a girl not previously seen on the site – Dixie Daytona. I thought you might like an advance look at the scene along with a brief review. Click all images to view full size.

Fresh Outta High School #13 scene 4 – Dixie Daytona

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Note: I’ve always captured my own screenshots for all previous reviews and previews. Digital Sin had excellent photos available for this scene. I used those pictures and assembled them into the collages above. Credit to Digital Sin for the images.

Scene Review

Jordan Ash is looking for his friend. He enters the friend’s house, and hears moaning coming from one of the bedrooms. Opening the bedroom door a bit and peeking inside, Jordan finds his friend’s sister (Dixie Daytona) masturbating on the bed. Dixie is dressed in a red sweater, white shirt, white knee high socks, white panties, plaid skirt and tie and black shoes. Unleashing his cock from his pants, Jordan is matching Dixie stroke for stroke, while remaining out of view. All of a sudden, Dixie catches a glimpse of Jordan out of the corner of her eye.

“Who the fuck is out there? C’mon in, who the fuck is it?”

Jordan tucks back in and explains he was looking for Dixie’s brother. He wants to leave but Dixie tells him to pull out his dick or she’ll tell her brother Jordan is a peeping tom. Jordan complies as Dixie grabs the cock and begins to stroke and suck. Dixie giving good looking no-hands head, getting about half the big dick in her mouth. Jordan lays Dixie down on the bed, pulls aside her panties, and eats her pussy. Dixie tasting her pussy off of Jordan’s fingers. Jordan finger banging Dixie’s pussy, licking and sucking at the clit. Jordan unbuttons Dixie’s sweater and rips open her shirt, the buttons flying through the air (lol, I hope she knows how to sew). Dixie has beautiful, all natural breasts. Jordan pulls the panties off completely and Dixie tosses them overhead. Dixie is positioned sideways with her ass at the edge of the bed. Jordan enters in missionary, his hands spreading Dixie’s legs wide apart.

“Your dick is huge.”

Dixie has her right foot draped over Jordan’s left shoulder as he gets in some deep strokes. Jordan pummeling the pussy hard. Dixie P2M. Jordan face fucking Dixie. Dixie mounts Jordan in cowgirl. She’s still fully clothed, aside from the panties. Jordan inserting and completely removing his cock from Dixie’s pussy several times. Dixie riding the dick as Jordan lays passively, now Jordan takes charge as he pistons his cock up and into Dixie’s pussy. Dixie P2M. Dixie reverse cowgirl. Her sweater, shirt, and tie have magically disappeared and her skirt is bunched up above her waist.

“God, I love watching you fuck me.”

Action captured nicely as Dixie’s pussy envelops the cock, her knees marking the right and left boundaries of the camera shot. Dixie doggie, her ass on gorgeous display. Dixie’s titties are swaying to and fro, as she absorbs the doggie pounding. Jordan slapping Dixie’s right butt cheek, reddening the ass. Jordan strokes a big load into Dixie’s mouth and onto her face. Dixie seemed a tad overwhelmed at the pop. Her eyes are sealed shut, although the cum appeared to steer clear of her eyes. Post cum head. Dixie does open and flash her eyes at the camera, smiles and continues cleaning up the dick as the scene fades out.

rope rating – 4 out of 5. Dixie delivered a creditable performance, although she could probably benefit from more seasoning. She’s very attractive, gave terrific looking head, and responded enthusiastically when Jordan returned the favor. According to iafd, Dixie has only filmed two scenes to date. In addition to this scene, she appeared in Brand New Faces #20 for Vivid. I don’t know if she intends to remain in the industry, but I hope to see more of her. Be sure to check out the entire movie when posted as Allyssa Hall, Crista Moore, Jessica Young, and Madelyn Marie are also featured.


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14 Responses to “Preview: Fresh Outta High School #13 – Dixie Daytona”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Great Preview. Very pleased with Videobox.

  2. Kenny Says:

    I also wanted to add this comment:

  3. ropeadope Says:

    @ Kenny – Thank you Kenny. I’m expecting approximately 100 titles from the two studios to be added to the site. Possibly more.

  4. Kenny Says:

    That is a good amount, more is better tho. lol
    How many of the New Sensations and Digital Sin DVDs will be added in a week?

  5. DH8028 Says:

    Damn…I just added a new star to my favorites list

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ Kenny – I’m not in the loop on those decisions, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see four or so titles a week added from the two studios. But really, your guess is as good as mine.

    @ DH8028 – Agreed. I believe we’ll see some interesting new faces from New Sensations and Digital Sin.

  7. Hodgepodge Says:

    This girl reminds me how ticked off I am that the Catholic School Boards here eliminated skirts this year, replacing them with slacks!

  8. Krik Says:

    Good girl

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ Hodgepodge – Have they really done that? What’s the world coming to? In very general terms, where do you reside? I hope that ruling doesn’t find its way to my neck of the woods.

    @ Krik – Yes, she’s a very good girl in a very bad way. Or a very bad girl in a very good way. One or the other.

  10. Hodgepodge Says:

    rope–I live in Toronto, Canada. There are a few schools that have kept the skirts, but none along my usual travel routes. The reason: staff arguing with the girls about the hem height of the skirts (something which has been going on back when I was in school all those many years ago, LOL).

  11. ropeadope Says:

    @ Hodgepodge – Oh, I see. I’ve only journeyed into Canada twice in my lifetime. A week in Montreal and two weeks in Ottawa. May have visited Toronto during the Ottawa trip. Memory is a bit faulty, but I enjoyed both excursions. I’m in the New York area. From what I can see at my local public high school, skirts are getting shorter and shorter every year. It’s really insane. Not that I’m complaining.

  12. joe Says:

    get it!!!!! Dixie Daytona on videobox!!!!

  13. hol0122 Says:

    ropeadope:how do you produce these photo layouts: they are awesome!Great desktop layouts

  14. ropeadope Says:

    @ joe – For individuals with a Vivid premium channel subscription, Brand New Faces #20 has now been added to the site. The DVD features a great scene with Dixie Daytona.

    @ hol0122 – Thank you very much. I use an image editing program called Foto Canvas. It came to me as freeware with the purchase of a DVD authoring program many years ago. The authoring program turned out to be poor, but I’ve gotten good mileage out of Foto Canvas. If I recall correctly, the program was sold to another entity and evolved into ACDSee photo software. I open up the images in Foto Canvas and resize them (smaller). Then I create a blank canvas and copy and paste the individual resized images onto the blank canvas forming the collages you see above. I normally capture my own images (using a freeware program called Screen Hunter), but as I explained in the article, in this particular case Digital Sin had excellent images already available.