Gianna Michaels Retires. Big Boobs Must Go On.

Upon hearing that Gianna Michaels has retired from performing, I asked myself, “Who will carry the incredibly curvaceous torch now that she’s gone?” Gianna had the kind of tits you had to make up fake words to describe – ginormous, hugemongous and so on. Who could possibly satisfy the need for natural pendulous cantaloupe-sized boobles created by her departure?

Below are 10 ladies who – as far as I know – have giant, 100% natural breasts and continue to make movies for our mammarial enjoyment. I’ve selected a video of each girl showing off exactly what she’s working with in the breast department. Gianna’s beauty and incredible sexual intensity will be missed, but I look forward to more of these fine women in the future:

Christina Jolie

Jasmine Black

Rucca Page

Cassandra Calogera

Carmen Hayes

Brandy Talore

Alexis Silver

Kali West

Whitney Stevens

Sara Stone

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20 Responses to “Gianna Michaels Retires. Big Boobs Must Go On.”

  1. mm__1981 Says:

    I knew her doing anal was a sign of something bad about to happen. I guess balance has been restored lol.

  2. bobsipod Says:

    I will miss her boobs. One star you should’ve listed though, is Jenna Doll. Dont know if she’s still active either but in just a few scenes, she got me hooked.

  3. HotScooter2 Says:


    i think you just invented a new word,when you said booble.

    but i fail to understand why Gianna’s replacements are limited to females. you got 2 members of this blog both being male,that have great natural boobs. how could you leave me or the Rope out.

    seriously i have my doubts about any of the girls you mentioned taking Gianna’s place,the ones that could have died or also like gianna retired. possibly Vicky Vette who is incredible for her age,but i am not sure if she is even in the business anymore either

  4. Jamez Says:

    Sadly, no pair will be able to fill the void left by Gianna!
    ( * )( * )

  5. skullmecrazy Says:

    oh god, first Belledona now Gianna! seems like there all retiring.Gianna isent just one of my favorite performers because of her maczilla sized tits but because she always realy into fucking, so many porn stars now just half ass it! gawd il miss her!

  6. Anthony Says:

    Can’t see images/video on iPhone. Are they in Flash or something?

  7. tjstjs Says:

    what about the delicious natasha nice and kristy klenot or for the fuller figure the energetic jenna doll and dirty daryn darby

  8. ropeadope Says:

    Not at all saddened by Gianna’s announcement, as I’m just not into big boobs. I do recognize the popularity of large, natural breasts. For those who enjoy ginormously endowed women, God bless. Of the starlets pictured above, only Carmen Hayes and Whitney Stevens arouse my interest. Carmen has to be the most limber of the big girls; almost Vanessa Lane like flexibility. But she’s been looking a bit long in the tooth recently. Let them all retire, with the exception of Whitney (and Britney).

  9. bobsipod Says:

    ahh, whitney & Britney. I love it when they almost break laws.

  10. Strangepork Says:

    Gianna has had a full career, but I am still sad to see her go, only because I had hoped that her anal scene was the start of a new chapter in her career, rather than just being a footnote to it. Otherwise, she has already done enough scenes that I will still be watching for years to come.

    I am more saddened when an amazing performer leaves the business before we’ve seen enough of her, such as the case of Jenna Doll, as mentioned by others above. She only did a few scenes, but she always seemed to be having the fuck of her life. How can you not appreciate such a thick, busty young woman that bounces on a cock with such energy and enthusiasm? Not sure why she left, but the timing seemed to coincide with public allegations of her having an irrational fear of cum anywhere near her mouth or face. Be that as it may, I was never disappointed with any of her scenes, but she left me wanting to see more.

    I don’t think any performer is a fair replacement for another, as they all have qualities that make them unique and wonderful, but I do appreciate the boobage on display in the list above. Of those mentioned, Rucca Page and Sara Stone are the ones that stand out to me.

  11. Papayaman1 Says:

    I’m not a great fan of humoungus boobs because I don’t think big tits are necessarily nice tits. If anything Gianna Michaels is the exception in that she has really large tits that also look really good. Add in her enthusiastic performances and she is rather a loss to porn. Having said that I don’t think big tit fans are going to suffer a famine any time soon. Just look at some of the excellent big tit themed releases on VB just recently, notably the excellent Big Natural Breasts 11 and the splendid Natural Born Tits series, not to mention the Prime Cups and Boob Bangers series on the Evil Angel channel. Whilst they may not be quite a match for Gianna in terms of size, I think some of the performers featured in these films, like Jane Darling, Whitney Stevens, Angel Dark and Rayveness, are every bit a match for her in terms of having beautiful tits and an ability to turn in lively performances. Lets wish Gianna luck in her future ventures and turn our attention to the beauties that are still producing hot scenes for our entertainment.

  12. alison Says:

    bobsipod – Jenna was on my original list, but I found out she no longer works so she wasn’t included. A shame, really.

    HotScooter2 – I’m sorry I offended you by overlooking your natural boobles. 😉 Vicky’s still working though.

    skullmecrazy – If it makes you feel any better, Bella’s back and shooting scenes for her own production company, distributed by Evil Angel.

    Anthony – Honestly not sure. You might want to email

    tjstjs – Natasha, Kristy and Jenna were originally on my list. I like Natasha but I felt that her boobs didn’t really stack up (so to speak) against the other ladies. Sadly, neither Kristy or Jenna are making movies any longer. And I’ve never actually heard of Daryn Darby. I’ll check her out.

    Strangepork – That’s a really good point. There’s a large body of work for Gianna fans to fall back on. It really is a disappointment when a promising young starlet makes a few scenes and exits the business.

    Papayaman1 – I’d expected more people to point out Gianna’s real asset – her incredible energy and enthusiasm. She could’ve been 98lbs with no boobs and I think she still would’ve been an amazing performer. But as you say, best wishes to Gianna…and there are more fish in the sea.

  13. igotkittypryde Says:

    Jenna Doll?

  14. Joe Says:

    Isn’t Whitney Stevens retired?

  15. niliss082 Says:

    So, is she pregnant? Good luck to you, Gianna.

  16. alison Says:

    igotkittypryde – Retired.

    Joe – I’m honestly not sure. I pretty much just based it on how much she worked in 2009. But you could absolutely be right.

    niliss082 – Not sure. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

  17. davros Says:

    I’m kind of torn on her decision to leave. One one hand, she could go on making films for a few more years at least. On the other hand, it’s great that you see a star of her stature leave the industry of her own accord. Lord knows that this industry isn’t for everyone and it has left many shattered bodies and souls by the wayside.
    I don’t think that she will ever be replaced. No one has sex like her on film, and she had a personality about it, not just going through the motions. You’ve listed some good performers, but they all have their own performing style.

  18. TheEdger20052005 Says:

    Off-topic here, but: My username no longer lets me login, despite me having paid for my current subscription. I have tried to contact you multiple times via your support section, but am yet to receive any reply at all; could someone inform the relevant person, and help me? Thanks, Stewart.

  19. JThomas Says:

    She’ll be back. Watch

  20. ocdave67 Says:

    @JThomas – You were right. The website Bang Bros just posted a new scene of Gianna in their “Can He Score” website. That was a short retirement. LOL