Ropeadope’s Favorite Scenes 1/11 – 1/17 (part 1)

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This is the first installment of my favorite VideoBox scenes for the week ending 1/17/10. I plan on uploading part 2 of the post on Sunday. I’ve embedded the flash player into the post for previewing the scenes. If you wish to view the full scene, click the link above the player. I’ve also included a few brief comments for each of the scenes. Please share your favorite scenes for the week in question (1/11 – 1/17) with the entire membership by replying to the post.

Big Black Creamy Asses #2, Scene 3 Sydnee Capri

Love the tease segment with the milk being poured over Sydnee’s gorgeous butt as she shakes it up, interspersed with her flicking tongue. Scene progresses through cowgirl, side saddle, reverse cowgirl, and missionary with multiple P2M breaks. Sydnee takes a big load in her mouth and swallows it down.

Sex With Young Girls #8, Scene 1 Roxy Jezel & Cassie Courtland

See my review of this scene here.

Gutter Mouths #22, Scene 2 Flick Shagwell

Flick looking tasty in a purple two piece giving handjobs and blowjobs to two guys. Reverse cowgirl, reverse cowgirl anal, cowgirl, doggie, missionary, double penetration, and dual facials. Flick looked good taking the pops, smiling and providing post cum head.

Gutter Mouths #22, Scene 3 Aurora Snow

Aurora already taking a missionary pounding as the scene commences. A second guy joins the fray and Aurora obliges him with oral. P2M, doggie, reverse cowgirl. Dual stroking and sucking with Aurora positioned between the two guys. Missionary anal, gaping, doggie anal, pile driver anal. First guy strokes off into Aurora’s open mouth. Second guy ????. Either he couldn’t get off or the camera botched an oral creampie. Most likely the former.

Young Squirts #1, Scene 3 Annie Cruz

As the scene opens, Annie is blowing a guy who looks suspiciously like Son of Sam, circa 1977. Was Berkowitz given his release from prison?

[lol, classic George Costanza line on Seinfeld while running away from a van in the woods, “I think he’s saying Son of Sam! Oh, my God! I knew it wasn’t Berkowitz.”]

Deep throat, cock slapping against tongue. Annie climbs aboard in reverse cowgirl. She’s sportin’ a bit of bush today, but very closely cropped. Squirts. Squirts again. Licking some fluid off the camera lens. Missionary leads to a few more squirts. Anal missionary prompts more squirting. Reverse cowgirl anal to a squirt. A2M. Guy strokes off but most of the cum misses Annie’s face and comes to rest on her left shoulder. Annie rubs out two more squirts as the scene concludes.

Young And Anal #24, Scene 4 Claire Bandit

Claire tells her step dad that her mom is a bitch and she could suck his dick better than her mom. Claire is the aggressor in the scene and the blowjob looks great. They move to missionary, spoon, spoon anal, reverse cowgirl anal, and doggie anal before Claire takes the load in her mouth.

Schoolgirl POV #4, Scene 1 Alyssa Hall

I can’t seem to make the flash player operational for this scene. Is it just me? I’ve dispatched a note to customer support. I’ll update the post once the issue is resolved. EDIT: Now working – thank you customer support.

Alyssa is watching porn with her boyfriend when she decides to put on a live show for him instead. Pretty soon she has his cock in her mouth. Missionary, doggie, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl ensue, before Alyssa absorbs the facial. Alyssa played the giggly schoolgirl perfectly. She tells us she had fun and will see us later.

Schoolgirl POV #4, Scene 2 Sadie West

Sadie walks in on her boyfriend rummaging through her panty drawer. As punishment, she whips out her titties for his viewing pleasure. A minute later she’s down on her knees, extracting and sucking his cock. Reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, missionary, and doggie, with plenty of P2M breaks follow. The guy cums on Sadie’s ass and lower back.

Schoolgirl POV #4, Scene 3 Shayne Ryder

Shayne is on a nanny job interview. She’s willing to go the extra mile to secure the job. To demonstrate, she offers to suck her prospective employer’s dick, and will also let him fuck her. He agrees! They work their way through cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and missionary. It appeared Shayne was going to finish the guy, but he takes control of his cock at the last moment and deposits a load on Shayne’s face. Shayne got the job.

Schoolgirl POV #4, Scene 4 Riley Ray

Riley is being tutored in math, but has other things on her mind. She’d rather be at the beach or the mall. Riley offers to “take care of” the tutor if he’ll do her math homework. Blowjob, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and doggie. Guy drops a big load on Riley’s face.

Schoolgirl POV #4, Scene 5 Chastity Lynne

Chastity needs help with her term paper. She arrives at her friend’s house but the friend ditched her. Chastity starts talking to her friend’s brother. She offers to clean his house if he’ll write her paper. Not good enough. She offers to wash his car. Still not good enough. She offers to suck his cock. Now we’re getting somewhere. After all, she’s really good at it and does it all the time in the school bathrooms. But the guy is still holding out, so Chastity sweetens the deal by promising to let him fuck her little pussy. Chastity unleashes the guy’s cock.

“You have such a nice dick. I didn’t know my brother’s friend had such a nice cock.”

Huh? I thought this guy is her friend’s brother. Not her brother’s friend. Does Chastity even have a brother? If so, is her brother also a friend of this guy? I’m really confused. So much left unexplained.

Missionary, doggie, and reverse cowgirl (all with the panties pulled to the side as noted in the review comments by member MajorGowen). Chastity takes the load in her mouth and on her face.

Natural Born Tits #4, Scene 5 Angel Dark

The very beautiful Angel Dark working out and displaying her spectacular body. A guy approaches and releases her gorgeous breasts. Great looking head. Titty fucking. Guy goes down on Angel. Missionary, P2M, reverse cowgirl. Angel has a sparse bush in place. Reverse cowgirl anal, A2M, missionary anal, spoon anal, A2M. Angel strokes the guy off onto her chest; she’s a finisher. What a Goddess! Scene of the week thus far.

African Temptation, Scene 6 Priva

We’re treated to yet another extremely attractive girl as Priva is making out on the beach with a guy. They fondle each other and the guy cuts right to the chase as he enters Priva in doggie. P2M, reverse cowgirl, reverse cowgirl anal, spoon anal, missionary anal. Guy pulls out at the last second and he’s already firing, shooting his load onto Priva’s belly, leg, and crotch. Priva scoops up some of the cum and tastes it. A short hot scene with a beautiful girl and beautiful scenery.

I’ll have part 2 of the post uploaded on Sunday. As a quick preview, the first scene of part 2 stars Michelle Wild.


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10 Responses to “Ropeadope’s Favorite Scenes 1/11 – 1/17 (part 1)”

  1. Kenny Says:

    More preview blogs, too, please. 🙂
    great post by the way.

  2. Papayaman1 Says:

    Quite apart from the fact that I totally agree with your choice of scene of the week – Angel Dark is indeed some sort of porn goddess – I think the format of these reviews is excellent. The mix of description and video sample is an excellent pointer to fine scenes the rest of us may have missed. Well done Rope. Having said that the Roxy/Cassie Courtland scene runs a very close second to Angel Dark in my view.

  3. TheEdger20052005 Says:

    Off-topic here, but: My username no longer lets me login, despite me having paid for my current subscription. I have tried to contact you multiple times via your support section, but am yet to receive any reply at all; could someone inform the relevant person, and help me? I’m starting to get a touch annoyed at the lack of even a response.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ Kenny – Thank you. I’ll do my very best to provide the requested preview posts. Time constraints are a limiting factor.

    @ Papayaman1 – Thank you for the positive comments regarding the article format. I was juggling a few different approaches in my mind, and felt this worked best. I very much enjoyed the Roxy/Cassie scene. I would have preferred if Roxy were given the scene to herself, but Cassie performed admirably.

    @ TheEdger20052005 – I’m forwarding your comments to customer service. Additionally, if I were you, I would send another form to support. At the very top, label it Second Request or Third Request or Fourth Request – whatever the case may be. Immediately under that, ask that they let you know the status of the case ASAP. Then explain the situation again. Make sure Login Problem shows as the subject line of the form.

  5. alison Says:

    TheEdge20052005 – I’ve also sent a note to support. Many times, customer support’s emails get routed to peoples’ spam filters. Have you checked your spam box? You may also want to add to your safe senders list (or whatever your email service/program calls it).

  6. TheEdger20052005 Says:

    Thanks Rope & Alison, just got an e-mail from customer support & it’s all sorted now. They also threw in a free bonus Evil Angel subscription to make it up, so a thumbs up from me :).

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ Alison – Thank you so much for your help in bringing the matter to a swift and equitable resolution.

    @ TheEdger20052005 – Most welcome; glad to hear the issue has been corrected. Alison carries far more weight with VB than myself (although I carry far more weight on my body than she). Nice gesture by support with the EA bonus.

  8. James Says:

    Ya know what this makes me realize, the premium Evil Angel/Vivid stuff kind of sucks, I’m definitely not holding onto it for more than a month – as a dedicated video box subscriber the regular content is good enough if not better.

  9. Papayaman1 Says:

    To take up the point that James makes, I don’t think Evil Angel and Vivid are intrinsically better than the stuff that appears on the normal channel. The original VB channel offers the best value of any site that I know of inclusive of VB’s other sites. The thing to remember is it does include some pretty well known brands such as Red Light District, Voyeur and so on. This means it should be no surprise that some very good stuff shows up on that channel.

    I think the main function of the premium channels is that they just offer something different. Vivid of course has more features, whilst Evil Angel does certain things well, such as bum oriented films and the ones I particularly like, the large breast oriented series such as Prime Cups. Although my yellow fever does also mean that I love the Asian Fucking Nation series. So for my part I do subscribe to the Evil Angel channel because I love the particular niches that it does well, but I don’t go for Vivid because features don’t appeal to me so much. It’s just a matter of taste.

  10. ropeadope Says:

    @ James – Please don’t let the lack of premium channel scenes in this post discourage you. I purposely made a decision to include my favorite premium channel scenes for the week with part 2 of the post (Sunday). The reason is that it is not currently possible to embed the flash player for premium channel scenes. So for better continuity and flow of the blog entries, I’ll package those at the conclusion of part 2.

    @ Papayaman1 – Excellent evaluation. I would advise individuals who are brand new to the site to start with a basic subscription and explore the archives as well as keeping on top of the new daily updates. There are a boatload of DVD’s available to occupy one’s time. During this period, you can preview the content offered on the premium channels and decide if you wish to go in that direction. Each person will reach a unique decision based on their own preferences.