Ropeadope’s Favorite Scenes 1/11 – 1/17 (part 2)

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Part 2 of my favorite VideoBox scenes for the week ending 1/17/10. Use the embedded flash player to preview the scenes (my thanks to Alison and “R” at the home office for resolving the issue I was having with the embedded player). If you wish to view the full scene, click the link above the player. Part 1 of the post can be found here. Please advise me and all within the membership of your favorites scenes for the week in question (1/11 thru 1/17). Which scenes did I leave out that deserve recognition?

Eternal Love, Scene 6 Michelle Wild

A short haired Michelle reunites with long lost love Tony De Sergio. Tony pulls down Michelle’s dress, revealing her gorgeous breasts. Titty sucking. Spoon fucking. Tony eating out Michelle from below as Michelle has one foot planted on the seat of the couch and one foot up on the backrest. Doggie vag, doggie anal. Michelle giving head to Tony, leading to an open mouth facial. Much of the cum settling on Michelle’s chin. Post cum head. I thought Michelle looked exceptionally beautiful here, although a few members weren’t enamored with her short hair.

Teen Worship #3, Scene 1 Natalia Rossi

Mark Wood catches Natalia cutting class and drinking beer outside the recreation center. He escorts her home and Natalia gives it up in exchange for Mark not ratting her out to her parents. Dick sucking, face fucking. Natalia strips out of her clothes. I agree with member rebelreds, she’s smokin’ hot. Cowgirl. Natalia mounts Mark’s face as he eats her out from below. Mark down on his knees, licking at Natalia’s pussy and ass. Missionary, reverse cowgirl, doggie. Mark strokes his load into Natalia’s mouth and she swallows it down. “Its all gone.”

Teen Worship #3, Scene 2 Kara Novak

Kara is visiting with director Francesca Le. She convinces Francesca her to give her a chance to appear in Teen Worship #3. Francesca calls in Talon to do the honors. Blowjob, reverse cowgirl with the soles of Kara’s feet perched on Talon’s thighs, P2M, doggie, P2M, cowgirl, P2M, missionary, spoon, back to missionary. Talon deposits his load on Kara’s outstretched tongue. Post cum head. Kara shows the cum to camera and swallows.

Teen Worship #3, Scene 3 Danni Cole

Francesca Le and Mark Wood (real life husband and wife) are outside awaiting the arrival of new talent when cutiepie Danni shows up at their house. Danni takes a one second taste of Mark’s cock, and after displaying her body, it’s right down to doggie banging. Missionary, as Danni lays back in a chair with her bra and legwarmers still in place. The action moves inside with cowgirl; Danni removing her bra 15:30 into the scene. She briefly mounts Mark’s face as he tastes the pussy, before climbing aboard in reverse cowgirl. Mark on his knees eating the pussy, before entering in missionary. P2M, face fucking. Doggie. Mark drops his load into Danni’s mouth, although a few spurts fell short of the target. Danni swallows, giggles. Danni was a ton of fun.

Teen Worship #3, Scene 4 Zoe Stunner

Zoe must compose a paper for school, but has writer’s block. Mark Wood suggests she write about a topic which brings her enjoyment. Zoe says that would be sex. To inspire her, Mark starts rubbing on her titties and pussy. Zoe gives head to Mark. The first few minutes of the scene transpire outdoors; now the activities move inside. Titty sucking, ass licking, pussy eating. Missionary, P2M, missionary again, which mutates as Zoe rotates from her back to her side, P2M, cowgirl, P2M, doggie, P2M, reverse cowgirl, another round of missionary. Mark strokes off into Zoe’s mouth and onto her face.

Teen Worship #3, Scene 5 Brynn Tyler

Brynn was out partying and trying to get laid the night before, but had no luck. She called Francesca and was told to come on over. Francesca has a cock for Brynn in the form of Christian XXX. Brynn giving head to Christian. Christian lifts Brynn up into a standing cowgirl, then reclines back on the bed into a traditional cowgirl. Spoon, doggie, reverse cowgirl, with multiple P2M breaks. Christian pops on Brynn’s tongue and chin. She swallows down the cum in her mouth. Post cum head.

White Trash Whore #24, Scene 1 Aurora Snow

Jay Ashley owes Brian Surewood $200. Brian forgives the debt in exchange for the services of Jay’s wife Aurora. Jay decides to stick around and partake in the festivities as well.

Aurora: “Fine. Get ‘em out.”

Aurora sitting between the two guys, sucking and stroking each in alternate fashion. Two handed stroking. Cowgirl, missionary, gaping. Missionary anal, gaping. Double penetration, standing double penetration. Double pussy penetration. Aurora strokes Brian off into her mouth. Post cum head. Aurora stroking Jay, was about to finish him when he grabs his cock and cums on Aurora’s mouth. Post cum head.

White Trash Whore #24, Scene 3 Aurora Snow

Aurora is looking to purchase some merchandise from Julian St. Jox but is short on cash. Does anyone not see where this is heading? Aurora blowing Julian, oh by the way, Julian has some friends coming over. Can Aurora take care of them too? Do you really need to ask? A second guy joins. Aurora gives the new guy head as Julian enters in doggie. Byron Long, Mark Anthony, and Wesley Pipes arrive on the scene. Reverse cowgirl on one guy; stroking and sucking the others. Doggie, missionary, missionary anal. Anal piledriver, A2M. Guys taking turns on Aurora’s ass in piledriver. Gaping. A2M. Double penetration while blowing and jerking the rest of the crew. Aurora is air tight. Each guy strokes off into Aurora’s open mouth.

My Daddy Doesn’t Know I’m A Little Ho, Scene 1 Dani Jensen

Dani doing stomach crunches at the school gym when her boyfriend drops in on her. He’s feeling neglected. Pulls Dani’s pink panties to the side, licking at her pussy. Titty sucking. Dani giving head in a slow, deliberate manner. Reverse cowgirl. Dani still in her sneakers, otherwise nude. P2M. Doggie, missionary, footgasms. Guy strokes off on Dani’s face.

My Daddy Doesn’t Know I’m A Little Ho, Scene 2 London Keys

London, playing with her pussy, is surprised by boyfriend Derrick Pierce. Unleashing London’s beautiful breasts. Pierced nipples. Titty sucking. Fingering pussy under the plaid skirt.

London: “Show me how much you love pussy.”

Derrick goes down on London, tonguing and sucking at the clit. London seemed to enjoy it and returns the favor. Face fucking including gagging. Doggie, P2M, cowgirl, P2M, reverse cowgirl, spoon, P2M, missionary. Derrick beats off into London’s mouth and onto the side of her face. Post cum head. Scene was a bit rough with much slapping and throat grabbing. Those are negatives for me but London’s cuteness and hotness prevailed in the end.

My Daddy Doesn’t Know I’m A Little Ho, Scene 3 Amai Liu

Amai (aka Tiny Tabby) is meeting with the Dean (Jenner) because she can’t come up with tuition for the upcoming semester at school. Jenner offers her a scholarship if she’ll become his sex slave. Amai is ordered to take off her shirt, and the rest of her clothes follow quickly. Sucking and stroking the Dean. Face fucking. Interesting camera angle shooting from behind Amai’s spread legs, as she’s bent over from the waist blowing a reclining Jenner. Cowgirl, P2M, reverse cowgirl. Doggie on the desk, doggie on the chair. Missionary, standing cowgirl on the desk.

Jenner (26:10): “Jump off my desk, ninja.” (Huh? – rope)

Jenner (26:18): “You got that kung fu pussy, dontcha.” (What? – rope)

Fucking Amai on her side. Missionary. Closed mouth facial, bulls-eye on Amai’s left eye.

My Daddy Doesn’t Know I’m A Little Ho, Scene 4 Brynn Tyler

Brynn is caught smoking on school property by the Dean (Alec Knight). Facing expulsion, she unbuckles Alec’s pants and frees his cock. Blowing and stroking Alec adjacent to the school lockers. Two-handed stroking. Alec licking Brynn’s pussy. Missionary, P2M, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, P2M, doggie. Creampie. Brynn is very beautiful, good performance.

My Daddy Doesn’t Know I’m A Little Ho, Scene 5 Andi Anderson

Andi is rubbing one out when her dad’s friend (Cheyne Collins) walks in on her. Doesn’t anyone knock anymore? Andi is horny and bored. She decides to investigate what Cheyne is packin’ in his trousers. Andi giving head, her thick lips enveloping Cheyne’s cock. Titty fucking the big boobs. Missionary, P2M, doggie anal. Alternating between doggie vag and doggie anal. A2M. Reverse cowgirl vag, reverse cowgirl anal. A2M. Alternating between spoon vag and spoon anal. A2M. Cowgirl vag, P2M, anal on Andi’s side. Cheyne strokes off into and onto Andi’s mouth. Post cum head.

Favorite premium channel scenes of the week coming soon.


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10 Responses to “Ropeadope’s Favorite Scenes 1/11 – 1/17 (part 2)”

  1. al Says:

    Hello Rope,

    maybe I´m missing something here, but what scene belongs to the pics in the header? not that I care much for cap 6, but the rest looks worth a look…or is that header misplaced?

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ al – Hello Al, I thought that might prompt a question. All the way at the bottom of the post, I reserved a spot for my favorite premium channel scenes of the week. The premium channel scenes cannot be embedded, but I will list and give a brief synopsis of a few scenes. The pics in the header come from Belladonna’s Butthole Whores #2 scene 6, starring …….wait for it …….Belladonna. The DVD is on the Evil Angel channel.

  3. al Says:

    Hi Rope,

    thanks for clearing this up so quickly…and now you mention it – it is Belladonna, though I have to say I didn´t recognize her right away. SHAME on me! Let´s hope your premium customers enjoy the scene. I won´t be able to…
    Since we´re talking: Keep up the good work, your weekly reviews make me go back to scenes I seem to have missed.

  4. DB Says:

    well, since you asked, rope…
    Young and Anal #24, Scene 4 deserves recognition. Claire Bandit is crazy hot, and plays the role of young naif well.

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ al – Thank you Al, I’ll try my best. It’s very rewarding to learn the posts are providing some benefit to the membership. Keep on watching the blog.

    @ DB – Good call DB, I couldn’t agree with you more. Which is why I included that scene in part 1 of my post here. I do appreciate the contribution. I would love to see more members share their thoughts.

  6. jfro21 Says:

    Of course taste is personal but I think you are giving too much encouragement to Mark Wood with your recommendation of most scenes of Teen Worship. For some reason that movie didn’t really appeal to me despite finding the girls really cute. I think the presence of Mark Wood in a number of scenes has something to do with it.

    When is someone going to tell Mark Wood not to appear in his own movies or when he does to shut up? Does he not know how many scenes he has spoiled with his groans? He destroys economic value seemingly without a clue.

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ jfro21 – While Mark is far from my favorite male performer, he doesn’t irritate me even remotely as much as many others. I would say I’m Mark Wood neutral. On this particular release, I thought he did a creditable job, and the smokin’ quality of the female talent carried the day. Mark’s wife Francesca Le was the official director of the film; possibly she brings out the best in him. I first became familiar with Mark’s work when he and Brandon Iron were turning out the Try-A-Teen series. I believe he’s improved quite a bit from those days. I have no speakers on my computer. When I wish to hear the audio (for example, if I’m reviewing the scene), I’ll listen through a pair of headphones. If I’m viewing for my own enjoyment, I’ll usually forgo the sound.

  8. deadip Says:

    On the subject of complaints about the Male Talent in some of these DVDs, there is another Male Actor that a lot of people here call “Bent Dick”. WTF, are you complainers lookin’ at anyway??? As for myself, I’d rather be looking at and admiring the Female Model or Models and what she is doing in the Scene, than the Male Talent. I made this Comment on a DVD Scene Itself and some joker said something like, Well, I have been here longer than you, blah blah. Little that joker knows I have been here, since this Site was called Climax Corner and I don’t think at that time it had a Blog or a Comment Section on every DVD like it does now. I can’t remember back that far in time anymore.

  9. deadip Says:

    Rope can you please delete the first response with the time of 7:36…..I had to Edit it and then repost it. Sorry!!!! Another reason why I’d like to see a MessageBoard/Forum here also. Or an Edit Function added here.

  10. Bill Turbyfill Says:

    Who are the 8 girls at the log in page, esp the dark haired girl with red panties and black shoes? I figured you would know.