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VideoBox Diary – 2/20/10

Today’s post is a download log of a typical day at VideoBox. The day in question is 2/20/10, which was a week ago Saturday. I’ve provided my download times if you wish to compare them to the speed you achieve on the site. I believe my download rate is “middle of the road.” I can’t manage the blistering speeds that some have claimed on the blog, but they move along at a pretty good pace. I’ve been downloading the H.264 files, which I find to be a combination of very good video quality and modest file size. I highly recommend the FLV Player (freeware) for viewing the H.264 files. I’ve embedded the flash player within the post, along with a couple of still images to preview the scenes. If you wish to view the full scene, click the link above the images.


Six Black Porn Stars Who Love Cum

I think the best performers are the ones who give their all in a scene and relish the results. Girls who can’t wait for a mouth full of cum, who take a squirt in the eye with aplomb, who smile when they’re slurping up a big load.

Member Henry Raw inspired me to do a black themed post today, so I’ve rounded up 6 scenes with girls who I think take a cum shot like a champ. They’re all great performers and I think the videos I’ve chosen demonstrate their enthusiasm for jizz.

Havana Ginger

New Features : Clip Creation, MyClips and Right Hand Navigation

Hello VideoBox Members,

Once again, I have the honor of announcing site enhancements for your browsing and playback pleasure. We’ve worked extremely hard at making these as “game changing” as we could for your benefit. I think we’ve done a great job, and it’s only the beginning.


Asa Akira Interview

Asa Akira is without a doubt my favorite “new” starlet (she’s been in the business over a year). She’s gorgeous, completely approachable and really loves fucking. She’s the kind of girl you could chill out and watch a movie or play video games with – or have hot, nasty sex with.

We chatted at the Adult Entertainment Expo about her role in the movie Pure (coming soon to VideoBox); her favorite books and movies; Lexington Steele’s pipe cock and more. I hope you enjoy the interview. I definitely enjoyed doing it.

Vivid Vitals: Brand New Faces #20 – Dixie Daytona

header 0216
I’m not privy to the actual statistics, but my gut feeling tells me there are more VideoBox subscribers without access to the Vivid premium channel, than those who do have access. If you fall into the former category, the scene I’m focusing on in this post, should cause you to reconsider that choice. The DVD is Brand New Faces #20 and the girl is Dixie Daytona. I previewed Dixie’s scene in Fresh Outta High School #13 in this post. That DVD hasn’t been uploaded to VideoBox yet. Once it is, we will have the complete set of Dixie’s work in the adult industry on site. Brand New Faces #20 was her debut appearance; Fresh Outta High School #13 followed soon thereafter. Evidently Dixie called it a career at that point. Dixie is featured in two scenes of Brand New Faces #20, her main scene and a bonus scene which occurred just minutes after the conclusion of her primary scene. I will discuss both scenes in this post. Does Dixie’s presence in Brand New Faces #20 warrant a one month subscription to Vivid all on its own? Assuming you don’t find cute twenty year old girls with perfect breasts objectionable, the answer is quite simply, yes.


Vote in the Miss FreeOnes 2010 Competition

FreeOnes is the biggest, most comprehensive babe site on the web, hands down. While the site is a good way to find new girls, their annual Miss FreeOnes contest is about choosing the girls you already know and like.

Voting started on January 1st and they’ve narrowed the field down to 50 porn star/web model types. The upshot is that the girl who wins gets $10,000 and fans can win a 3-day trip to LA and an invite to a FreeOnes party (which are usually crawling with porn stars).

The final 50 seem to be a good mix of established porn chicks with a few I’ve never heard of and some web girls mixed in. There are two ballots: one that’s just a list of names and one with photos of the girls. I wish I’d started voting sooner because a lot of the girls I like didn’t make the cut, but I managed to find a few that I’ll be supporting in round 2. Round 3 starts in March and round 4 concludes at the end of the month with a winner.

So support your favorite girl(s). You might help them win ten grand and get yourself a free trip to LA in the process. And when you meet them at that party, you can tell them how instrumental you were to their success. (Bree Olson is already promising blowjobs…)

The Annie Cruz Interview (part 2)

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Here’s the concluding part 2 of the Annie Cruz interview. For all of Annie’s fans (myself included), I’ve just received exciting news. Our very own Noah, from the VideoBox Content Department, is planning a video interview with Annie which will be uploaded to the blog. While I don’t have an exact date, I would expect the video to arrive in the next several weeks. My great appreciation to Annie, who has been kind enough to respond to your questions and comments left in part 1 of the interview. Please keep ’em coming in part 2.


The Annie Cruz Interview (part 1)

Browsing the movie review comments at VideoBox can be an eye-opening experience. Jack Black, Tom Brokaw, Eliot Spitzer, Christopher Walken, W. C. Fields, and other celebrities are (evidently) frequent visitors to the site. Recently, I stumbled across a few comments left by Annie Cruz. Could this be the real Annie Cruz? The Annie Cruz with well over 100 scenes on the site? For verification, I emailed Annie, asking if it was indeed she who was responding to the posts. I also asked if she might be agreeable to doing an interview for the blog. Shockingly, both of Annie’s answers were yes. Part 1 of the interview is presented here; part 2 will be uploaded to the blog on Thursday. If you have any questions or comments for Annie, please leave them as a reply to the post. I believe there’s a fair chance Annie may drop by and answer your inquiries.

And please don’t forget to visit Annie at her website.


“Quick Preview” Disappeared?!?! WTF, VideoBox?

QuickPreviewMilkCartonAs many of you know, VideoBox has rolled out a few new features and we have many more wonderful surprises lined up and on their way. But we hit a snag in our recent release, and we recognize it’s thrown you for a loop.

We have something “evolutionary” on the horizon, and were all ready to roll this new paradigm shift out last week. We found some issues that made us think twice about it’s maturity and readiness. Part of this involved replacing and evolving the ‘mouse-over’ effects you see on scene pages. While we held back the big change, the removal of the mouse-over went live, and nobody told you. Our statistics indicate it’s not a highly used feature, but those of you who do use it let us know that you were surprised to see it disappear.

We’re sorry. It’s not our intention or game plan to change functionality without advising you when it changed. This one slipped through earlier than expected.

Let me emphatically assure you that we have features coming out shortly that’ll replace that in ways that’ll rock your world, and you’ll consider the old mouse-over as having been antiquated and outdated.

Yet for the time being, they’ve disappeared, and we’ve left you hanging. Perhaps literally.

Again, we apologize for any confusion or frustration. It was not intentional, it’s certainly not permanent, and in the coming weeks you’ll see new capabilities that’ll raise the bar and make your VB experience top notch and industry leading.

Trust me. We won’t leave you hanging.

– Jeff

Consumers to be Charged in Obscenity Case?

In 1969, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled on the case of Stanley v Georgia, unanimously concluding that a person has the right to watch pornography in the privacy of his or her own home. In the decision, Justice Thurgood Marshall wrote:

Whatever may be the justifications for other statutes regulating obscenity, we do not think they reach into the privacy of one’s own home. If the First Amendment means anything, it means that a State has no business telling a man, sitting alone in his own house, what books he may read or what films he may watch. Our whole constitutional heritage rebels at the thought of giving government the power to control men’s minds.

With this in mind, the news that federal prosecutors in Washington D.C. are attempting to force a company to turn over records that divulge the names and addresses of people who purchased “obscene” materials is puzzling at best and frightening at worst.

A company named only as Company X has been served with three Grand Jury subpoenas requesting business records and 2257 documentation – not uncommon or unreasonable in a prosecution of this type. But the fourth subpoena demands “a copy of records that show the identity of all movies sold or distributed, including the date of each transaction, payment received, and method and date of each of each shipment, from customer purchases” from the company’s website that occurred during 15-day windows in December 2007 and April 2008.

The company offered invoices with customer names and addresses blacked out, but the Dept of Justice demanded the originals that included personal information for everyone who purchased adult videos from this company in those time periods. While the judge presiding over the Grand Jury had the good sense to reject the prosecutors’ insistence that the documents show personal customer information, the motives of the Justice Department are open to speculation.

Could the DoJ be planning to go after consumers of adult materials in the future? It’s hard to say, but important to note that while possessing obscene materials is not a crime, receiving them is. I’m not sure how a person comes to possess anything without first receiving it, but the bottom line is that the feds may be considering stepping over a boundary that would put porn consumers in jeopardy.

Even though VideoBox has content standards and a business model that make it an extremely unlikely target for government witch hunts, I felt it was important that we all, as consumers of adult entertainment, know what’s happening elsewhere in the world of porn. The Grand Jury hasn’t made any indictments yet, so let’s hope that rationality prevails and Company X (whoever they are) doesn’t end up like Rob Zicari, Janet Romano or Max Hardcore.

via: AVN