“Quick Preview” Disappeared?!?! WTF, VideoBox?

QuickPreviewMilkCartonAs many of you know, VideoBox has rolled out a few new features and we have many more wonderful surprises lined up and on their way. But we hit a snag in our recent release, and we recognize it’s thrown you for a loop.

We have something “evolutionary” on the horizon, and were all ready to roll this new paradigm shift out last week. We found some issues that made us think twice about it’s maturity and readiness. Part of this involved replacing and evolving the ‘mouse-over’ effects you see on scene pages. While we held back the big change, the removal of the mouse-over went live, and nobody told you. Our statistics indicate it’s not a highly used feature, but those of you who do use it let us know that you were surprised to see it disappear.

We’re sorry. It’s not our intention or game plan to change functionality without advising you when it changed. This one slipped through earlier than expected.

Let me emphatically assure you that we have features coming out shortly that’ll replace that in ways that’ll rock your world, and you’ll consider the old mouse-over as having been antiquated and outdated.

Yet for the time being, they’ve disappeared, and we’ve left you hanging. Perhaps literally.

Again, we apologize for any confusion or frustration. It was not intentional, it’s certainly not permanent, and in the coming weeks you’ll see new capabilities that’ll raise the bar and make your VB experience top notch and industry leading.

Trust me. We won’t leave you hanging.

- Jeff

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45 Responses to ““Quick Preview” Disappeared?!?! WTF, VideoBox?”

  1. Vbellator Says:

    Excellent. Can’t wait.

  2. starryknight Says:

    Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Kenny Says:

    Is the ONLY new feature that will be coming out in the next few weeks is the replacement/enhanced version of the ‘mouse-over’ feature?

    Did you/VB team review the surveys that the members recently took?
    Are there more than 1 NEW feature coming out in the next few weeks??

  4. bobsipod Says:

    to be honest, i just thought it was a streamlined autostart for the flash player. I liked the change, but thats just me. is the change gonna be in 3d, because i woulda picked up those glasses target had out for the michael jackson tribute. ha.

  5. Nemock Says:

    Although the preview feature isn’t the main deciding factor in which scenes i download, I use it often when I am unsure if I want to download a scene. Glad to see it isn’t just gone and is being improved. Keep up the good work!

  6. boeber Says:

    that’s not the only thing went missing.
    I see on the last few videos, a whole lot of stars names on top at the review but no identifying name on the actual scenes…

  7. JDML Says:

    It would be one thing if you/we didn’t have this blog as a communication portal. Not letting us know up front, when free sites mouse over functionality is superior to what you pulled is risky.I would imagine you are walking a thin line with your members as it is….

  8. BigL Says:

    Hey, I’m not complaining, I rarely used that feature anyhow. I’m waiting to see, what this big change stated, will be like.

  9. al Says:

    I´m surprised to find that apparently the quick preview function isn´t “a highly used feature”, I basically use it to check ANY scene I might be interested in, probably because voices or “noises” are quite important to me, many a good looking scene´s ruined by totally mute girls or, worse, constant robotic fake moans – so I hope the new feature will still enable me to quickly get an idea of a scene in that respect.

  10. Kenny Says:

    @al: kudos to you. I agree with you. Well, the girl is not the problem (usually) it is the GUY. Sorry but there are some people in this world who should SHUT UP when fucking a cute girl.

  11. bobsipod Says:

    Kenny, if i had a 12″ dick inside Bree Olsen’s ass, while being recorded on video, I’d talk a lot too. I’m just saying.

  12. dd135754 Says:

    I use(d) it all the time!

  13. slg070 Says:

    I used it every visit.

  14. cuyote Says:

    Me too. Is it coming back at all?

  15. Jeff Says:

    hey guys, I’ve been busy working on all the good stuff to come, sorry for delayed reply. In brief, thanks for your comments, understanding, patience and interest. There’s several things in the hopper, they’ll trickle out over a few weeks or so, perhaps a bit more, but they all fall into improving some of the existing features, up’ing the anti on how you do what you do with what we do for you. Man, is that as vague as I can be? :-) – j

  16. pdxrocket Says:

    I visit the site on my PS3, and that MouseOver feature does not show up, so it takes forever to get that scene going when I miss the “invisible” target. So I definitely do not miss it.

  17. Juan Says:

    It’s funny, but I almost always start my movies with the “start here” option. Or at least I used to.

  18. professorjizz Says:

    I used the preview function every visit. Boo!

  19. ophuzzah Says:

    Good to know. I thought something was glitchy on my browser or something. I use the crap out of Quick Preview and look forward to something coming back to make it better.

  20. gclhoutx Says:

    Didn’t really use the quick preview. However I have noticed all the videos are completely gone for me. Each time I click on a certain movie title to look at the 6 scene segments and comments brings back a null page.

  21. Strangepork Says:

    I’m sure you have your reasons, but it would seem to me that the logical thing to do after an update that has no positive changes and breaks a useful feature, would be to revert it back to the working version until the replacement is ready. I would have responded to this post sooner, but I’ve been away from the computer for several days. I find the Quick Preview feature to be sorely missed as I search for any gems I may have missed within the past few days. I would almost say that the site is now “broken” for me because of this, if not for the fact that I already have plenty of scenes tagged but not yet watched from before this feature broke. Your statement that it is not a highly used feature surprises me, and I wonder if your statistics might be inaccurate or if a significant number of users were simply not aware of how helpful this feature is (was?).

  22. cuyote Says:

    Ditto! Well said Strangepork

  23. ffred209 Says:

    I find myself at the “no preview” page and I wasn’t even trying to get a preview. I selected the Next in Series drop down & find myself and a completely different place. Same thing happened several times, just tried again for the message AND it now works. Using chrome.

  24. Gensaint7 Says:

    I agree with al and Strangepork, I miss the mouseover, I used it on every visit, and I miss it. I am confident in the braintrust at VB because so far everything they have done since Climax Corner has been for the better. So far, I see no upside to the loss of this feature. Although I’m not even planning to threaten to leave, we, who are the fans of the mouseover do miss the feature, and would appreciate it’s return, or what ever is supposed to be better, in its place. The mouseover was rarely perfect but the site feels lacking without it.

  25. fungrl80 Says:

    a few suggestions/requests….LOVE the new feature where we can click a user’s name and see all their comments, but wondering if we could take that a step further: many of us who at times comment direct our comments towards another user, there’s some great banter and discussions at times. it would be really cool if we could tag another user in our comments and have a notification when we are tagged in a comment. just so we don’t have to go searching back to scenes we’ve commented on to see if someone responded. also….wondering if vb has any plans to tag and list the males in scenes like they used to? i’m sure the members are predominately male but i can think of a few users who might use that to avoid certain male ‘actors’ and frankly, the women members pay to be here too and would appreciate it :)

  26. louis1953 Says:

    I thought the blooper scene in one of the movie segments was very funny. Would like to see more. Thanks.

  27. rj Says:

    still waiting!!!!!!!!!!

  28. wwang1 Says:

    While I’m all in for improved features, I see that custom clip downloads appear to be on the way out. If they’re gone, so am I. It’s porn. I don’t want 400 meg clips. Just the good parts.

  29. Steve Says:

    I use the roll over all the time to gauge the quality of the video to see if it’s worth looking at. Lighting and sound is not Porn’s strong points.

    System said to try new download tools, but can’t see any instructions … :(

  30. jack_black Says:

    VB – seriously, if you guys take away the custom clip feature…I am gone. I’ve been here almost 3 years, but there are other methods to get porn. Give us a freakin option….are you guys trying to push business away?

  31. Keith Says:

    We have now officially been left hanging….
    Buttons on top bar have disapeared. all DVDs and Sceen.
    Removal of custom clip SUCKS

  32. krefftii Says:

    My subscription is up in 5 days time. I won’t be renewing without the custom clip download feature.

  33. blamp Says:

    I just renewed for 3 months. If you take away the ability to download custom clips I will demand a refund.

  34. BlndMilfLover Says:

    Well, this sucks. I didn’t take a survey. It must be the few folks that use the blog. VB should NEVER base anything on the blog users. Put it on the main page if you want the real feelings…

    ALL I want to do is download the movies…

  35. BlndMilfLover Says:

    Best thing that can be a new feature is to fix all the incorrect aspect ratios… That’s the ONLY change I want to see. Bells and whistles don’t impress me, just what I can download. I also don’t want to chatter with other members beyond the film comments. Social networking with another bunch of ‘wankers’ is not for me…

  36. rj Says:

    still waiting……

  37. mretinal Says:

    I’m not sure what you’re basing your “not a highly used feature” comments on. Do you monitor its usage or are you basing it on surveys or is there another method you use to determine feature sets–”statistics” doesn’t tell us anything.

    I wondered what had happened when the quick preview function went away and I went through hoops with my browsers trying to figure out if it was something I had done. Thanks for finally getting around to telling your clients about the change.

    If this new “functionality”that you intend to add is based on Adobe Flash, you should be aware that Flash is a product that has spawned a host of add-ons and plug-ins that allow people to bypass or load Flash items at their option. It can slow browsers to a standstill–one site I used to belong to would start loading flash movies whenever a new tab was opened reducing browsing and download speeds to a crawl.I had to add a Flash blocker just to be able to avoid a molasses-like web experience. Needless to say, I did not renew.

    The two reasons I belong to VB are the quick preview (because I don’t have to go to a full and slow flash movie to see if the clip is worth downloading)and the custom clip (because it’s a fast edit that allows me to trim what I don’t want in a hurry).

    I don’t want to have to learn a new feature-half the time new features remove functionality and the learning curve is always steeper than advertised. If you add stuff to the site at least let your users have the option of using the old way and let us make the decision whether the new way works for us.

    As a side issue (but related) I for one was not pleased when some of the clips I had saved to my favorite clips became “premium” clips and were no longer accessible. Another unwelcome surprise completely unannounced.

  38. Jeff Says:

    It’s coming soon… very soon… just a few more tweaks to make it ready for prime time.

  39. Jeff Says:

    re Custom Clips, everybody… it’s not going away at all. It’s improving dramatically. You’ll find out more in the next 24hrs, and the old process will be retained for awhile as we get feedback on and make refinements to the new clip feature.

    Stay tuned.

  40. Jeff Says:

    Just one last update, folks. We’re rolling out some new functionality today, and the ‘next generation’ of previews is next on the list. It’s lined up, being finalized and will hopefully be in place within a week.

    In the mean time, though, what’s coming out today will likely consume a good deal of your time between now and then.

  41. rj Says:

    still waiting

  42. Jeff Says:

    hey RJ, I hear you. I know you’re waiting for the ability to preview scenes again. As I mentioned earlier this month, we’re working on the replacement. It’s close. Real Close.

    In hindsight, I do regret our removal of the prior version before having the new version all lined up. That was our bad. We were trying to reduce flash dependancies while we innovate on scene preview and enabling far more selective ’starting points’ along with the preview functionality. But in hindsight, this could have been a much smoother transition.

    I’m in conversations with engineering. I’m going to see if we can work out a way for you and others following this post/thread to get an advanced look. Stand by.


  43. Chas Bryan Says:

    Whoa whoa — what about those of us who haven’t said a darned thing, but have been quietly biding our time waiting for the changes to take place? Don’t we deserve an advanced look too? Haha…just bustin balls. You can’t honestly try to please EVERYONE…not ALL of the time…

    Jeff, it seems like you’re the operations supervisor…you have a great site here…don’t let the porno prima Belladonnas jive you into thinking you’re not doing a good job.

  44. Jeff Says:

    Thanks man. That’s appreciated and for what it’s worth, you had me going at first. The positive feedback is appreciated. I see the blog readers as some of our most engaged and passionate users, and as such, people who’s opinions, both good and not-so-favorable, matter.

    If I work out a preview I’ll post the details here for all to see. :-)

  45. rj Says:

    still waiting.. .. ..