The Annie Cruz Interview (part 1)

Browsing the movie review comments at VideoBox can be an eye-opening experience. Jack Black, Tom Brokaw, Eliot Spitzer, Christopher Walken, W. C. Fields, and other celebrities are (evidently) frequent visitors to the site. Recently, I stumbled across a few comments left by Annie Cruz. Could this be the real Annie Cruz? The Annie Cruz with well over 100 scenes on the site? For verification, I emailed Annie, asking if it was indeed she who was responding to the posts. I also asked if she might be agreeable to doing an interview for the blog. Shockingly, both of Annie’s answers were yes. Part 1 of the interview is presented here; part 2 will be uploaded to the blog on Thursday. If you have any questions or comments for Annie, please leave them as a reply to the post. I believe there’s a fair chance Annie may drop by and answer your inquiries.

And please don’t forget to visit Annie at her website.

rope: Hello Annie, thank you so much for speaking with us. Could you give us a brief synopsis of your early life? Where were you born? Where did you grow up? Did you have a normal childhood? Were you sexually curious at a young age?

Annie Cruz: I was born and raised in Stockton, CA, and lived in San Francisco for a few years before moving. I also went to college in San Francisco. I had a normal childhood and went to a Christian private school for all of my life. I watched my first porn, when I was 5 years old, through a scrambled TV channel on the TV set I had in my bedroom. That’s when I discovered masturbation. I believe this is why I am very clitoral because that was the only kind of orgasm I knew how to give myself at that young age. When I was in kindergarten, I coaxed 3 other kids (one other girl and two boys) to show their genitalia. While the three of them showed their underwear, I was the only one, who flashed what was underneath the underwear. Someone tattled on us in after school daycare, when it happened, and the teacher told us we were to tell our parents what happened, when they picked us up. I refused, so the teacher ended up telling my mother what happened. I am surprised I didn’t get expelled being that it was a Christian school. Somehow, I think I got away with it cuz I was so young.

rope: Please enlighten us on the subject matter of squirting. Many here in the membership are dubious as to the legitimacy of squirting. They maintain the girl is actually urinating. How old were you and under what circumstances did you fist realize you possessed the talent to squirt? If you have a squirting scene coming up the following day, do you need to make any special preparations ahead of the scene? Must you be well hydrated? Does squirting always equate to orgasm?

Annie Cruz: I was eighteen years old, when I first squirted. He had a really big cock, and I was riding him, when I suddenly gushed. I freaked out cuz I thought I accidentally pissed on the guy. I was so embarrassed. Luckily for me, he knew what I had just done and got excited, saying he had never been with a girl that squirted before. I was quite puzzled as I wasn’t quite sure what he was talking about. Then, I got into porn many months later and in my fourth scene I shot, which was a DP scene with Mark Ashley and Mr. Pete, I squirted again. Mark Ashley used his fingers, and I squirted. It took me a while to master the art. Like I was able to squirt if a skilled person fingered my G-spot the right way. Eventually, I was able to squirt from having sex again, but it had to be deep and hard. I was able to make myself squirt via my own fingers and/or with toys. I don’t make any preparations before a shoot nor do I have to be hydrated. I did a scene with Jack Napier, and I squirted over 50 times without having to drink any water. We were shooting the scene with no stops. His cock was just so big, it kept hitting my G-spot. It was insane. No girl should have to pound a bunch of water to squirt. If she does that, she’s pissing. It’s a shame no fans can see what happens behind the scenes of these shoots. I’ve been up-close and personal with a lot of other “squirters” in porn, and the truth is in the taste and smell even if it comes out clear. Also, if you see a girl “squirting” a steady stream for several seconds, it usually means she’s pissing. For me personally, I have an orgasm when I squirt.

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rope: I love bush, and love the scenes in which you are displaying a full bush. Let’s assume you just finished filming a scene which required you to be completely shaven. Now you’re approached by your favorite studio and told to get ready for a scene in which you’re requested to be sportin’ a massive bush. How many days would be needed for you to go from fully bare to jungle bush?

Annie Cruz: It takes about a week for decent hair to sprout and about two weeks for a more hairy look. I’d say for an extreme bush, it would take a full month.

rope: We were all saddened to learn of the recent passing of director David Aaron Clark. You had the opportunity to work with David during your career. Can you share some thoughts regarding David with the blog readership?

Annie Cruz: David wasn’t just a director to me; he was a dear friend. He was one of the most intelligent people I have met, and one of the most creative when it came to directing smut.

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rope: I just viewed an appearance you made on the Howard Stern Show with Harmony Rose and Dana Dearmond. In demonstrating the “tongue licker” machine, you squirted powerfully, hitting Gary in the face and eye. He was totally freaked out. What are your memories of that day? Was it fun meeting Howard?

Annie Cruz: I had a lot of fun meeting Howard. He was a really nice guy to the three of us. When Gary freaked out, the only thing that upset me was his paranoia of getting HIV. He was basically perpetuating the stereotype of porn performers being disease-infected, when in reality, we get tested EVERY month (sometimes every two weeks) and are 6 times cleaner than the general public.

rope: Have you ridden the sybian machine in any of your scenes? If so, can you describe the feeling it produces. What are your favorite porn toys?

Annie Cruz: I have ridden the sybian many times. It is powered by a washing machine engine, so you can imagine how powerful such a small thing can be. For me, it’s a massive vibration going through my whole pelvic region, and once you attach the penis part on it, the feeling continues into my pussy. I love it. It feels great and the fact that there are different attachments makes all the feelings I feel different. Some of my favorite porn toys include the Hitachi Magic Wand, dolphin vibrator, and various BDSM implements.

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rope: Would you characterize yourself as being more dominant or more submissive? Does it change from day to day depending on your mood? Does it change depending on whether you’re working with girls or guys? In other words, do you like to be dominant with girls and submissive with guys? Has it changed since you first entered the industry?

Annie Cruz: I have an extremely Dominant personality. Although I have shot some BDSM scenes as a submissive, very rarely do companies shoot me as such anymore and only as a Domme because of my skills as a Dominatrix. When it comes to topping men and women, I am equal. I am equally sadistic with both men and women, as neither sex makes me feel more empathy for the other like some other Dommes I know. As for being submissive, there are very few Dommes that I will submit to…both men and women. In other words, I am very rarely a switch. Because I played in the BDSM lifestyle before porn, nothing has changed as far as, who I am submissive or Dominant with. I have always found that I can only be submissive to professional Dommes, who know what they’re doing, and it doesn’t matter if they’re male or female. To be quite frank, I wouldn’t even call it being submissive (just ask some Dommes, who have topped me). I am more of a pain slut in that regard as opposed to actually being submissive. I will be Dominant with those, who are willing to submit to me respectfully and enjoy it equally.

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rope: I believe you made the following two statements:

1) You’d fuck anything with a cock.

2) You have a very durable pussy and ass.

That being the case, why not do a gangbang to end all gangbangs? Call it “The Annie Cruz Million Man March.” Would you ever give consideration to such an undertaking?

Annie Cruz: Before porn, I was clinically classified as having a sex addiction — being a nymphomaniac. You hear lots of girls in porn say that they’re nymphos and that’s why they do porn, yet they won’t fuck ugly guys or have a list of 4 guys that they’ll only work with in porn. That’s NOT nymphomania. A true sex addict will fuck ANYTHING, ANYONE. When I was in college, I had a serious sex problem and would literally fuck anything with a cock just to get off. Then, I discovered doing porn at the age of 18 and my sexcapades continued. I’m 25 years old now, and although, I STILL have a sex drive bigger than the average sex-hungry male, I can safely say I have a little bit of standards now. haha I do have a durable pussy and ass, and people have asked me if I would do a huge gangbang. If you would have asked me this 7 years ago, I probably would jump on it.

rope: But …, but …, but I didn’t have your email address seven years ago. Aaugh! Foiled again (shaking fist at the heavens). Just when I was going to ask Annie to save me a place in line. Story of my life. A day late and a dollar short.

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Okay guys, that’s it for part 1 of the interview. My sincere thanks to Annie. Check back on Thursday for part 2. Annie will speak about love, gaming, her opinion of the nastiest (good nasty) female in the industry (outside of herself), the best squirter in the industry, and other fun stuff.

All images courtesy of Annie Cruz.


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22 Responses to “The Annie Cruz Interview (part 1)”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Do you, Annie, prefer anal or vaginal sex in your personal life?

  2. Annie Cruz Says:

    I like both in my personal life, and it really depends on my mood. More often than not, I like going from vaginal to anal, letting him bust a nice load in my ass. 🙂

  3. Steve Says:

    Very interresting interview, always cool to listen or read from Girls like Annie!
    Wich is your favorite Male Partner in the Industry, and wich your favorite female?

    Big greets Steve

  4. Pierre-Luc Says:

    Really cool to read!

    It’s also great to see you commenting here Annie! =)

  5. davros Says:

    @ Rope: Great interview. Good work as usual, Rope.

    @ Annie: It’s great to hear from a performer in the business, especially one whose work I have enjoyed.

  6. wcfields Says:

    Haha, yes, it’s nice to be able to lend my celebrity cache to the world of hardcore pornography. Very interesting interview as usual. Annie Cruz seems like the kind of woman who should be doing porn. It’s nice to know that at least some of the women involved aren’t horribly conflicted or ashamed about what they’re doing.

  7. wcfields Says:

    Also, Rope, what do you think about my idea for a blog post where we figure out the first filmed scenes of porn’s most popular women? I tried emailing it to the content department but have garnered no response. That shit is hot, man, and I’ll bet I’m not the only one who thinks so!

  8. Steve Says:

    Off course…First timer scenes of Porn Stars are mostly amazing!!

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ Steve, Pierre-Luc, davros, wcfields – Thank you. All credit to Annie. I’ve been blessed in that I’ve conducted a grand total of two interviews, and both Annie and Evelyn Lin devoted a great amount of time and effort to the process, and were both wonderful to work with.

    @ Kenny – Good job bro, interesting question.

    @ Steve – Excellent question for Annie. I know Annie is extremely busy at the present time. Hopefully, she will find a few free moments to return to the blog and supply your answer.

    @ wcfields – I hadn’t been made aware of that suggestion. Sounds intriguing, but how do we definitively nail down the correct answer? One problem is that a performer’s first filmed scene may not necessarily be their first released scene.

  10. tom brokaw Says:

    I want to clarify that I’m not the real tombrokaw. I’m just awesome like him.

  11. theo44xx Says:

    Wow! An interview of Annie Cruz. I watch a lot of porn of all types-Gang Bangs, Tranny Stuff, Asian Women, BBW Vids, Bi Sex, whatever, depends on mood Annie is hands down my favorite sex actress. She is just so hot, and she probably has the hottest set of tits and nipps in the industry. Annie, I hope you see this so you realize how appreciated you are.

  12. Mister Handy Says:

    For us lazy sorts, which videos did she comment on?

  13. ropeadope Says:

    @ tom brokaw – Oh please, Mr. Brokaw. Next you’ll be telling me that’s not the real W. C. Fields commenting in this thread.

    @ theo44xx – Nice! I’m pretty sure Annie will see your comment. If we don’t see evidence of that fact, I’ll specifically bring it to her attention.

    @ Mister Handy – Check the comments in this scene for one example.

  14. Papayaman1 Says:

    Thanks for a great interview to Rope and Annie and some very nice pictures with it. I especially like the last one with Annie hanging on the chain – very athletic! I don’t know if this is answered in the second part of the interview, but I’d be interested to know a bit about Annie’s ethnic background. My reason is that as with many other porn stars (eg Jayna Oso) Annie is sometimes billed as Asian and sometimes as Latina. I know it is possible to be both – I’m not sure but I think Filipinas count as both Asian and Latina. Or do the directors just go for a certain look irrespective of a girl’s actual ancestry?

  15. Annie Cruz Says:

    @ Steve It’s really difficult to pick just one. I like working with Manuel Ferrara and for women: Sindee Jennings, Harmony, Mika Tan, Annette Schwarz, Sandra Romain and Sasha Grey

    @ Mister Handy There’s quite a few scenes that I have commented on, and they’re all scenes that I am in

    @ Papayaman I’m Filipina with a dash of Castillan Spanish and Scottish on the side. In porn, it doesn’t matter what your background is, producers will put you in niches if they think you look the part. A prime example is Kat — she has no Asian blood in her body, but people have placed in her Asian titles. I also played a black girl in a non-sex role in a SexZ Pictures film as well (L.A. Vice).

    Many thank to everyone else, who have commented — Pierre, davros, wcfields, theo44xx

  16. Josh Says:

    You can read all of Annie Cruz’s comments on her profile page:

  17. Sean Says:

    I absolutely LOVE Annie Cruz. I’ve been hooked since i saw her in Naughty Bookworms, especially the second one where she does an anal scene. I have to ask what scene(s) she’s done with Sasha Grey because that would be my ultimate dream duo.

  18. Annie Cruz Says:

    @ Sean — I did 2 movies with Sasha Grey, both of which are from Elegant Angel: Swallow My Squirt 4 and Squirt Gangbang 1

  19. Sean Says:

    Awesome!! Thank you Annie, i’ll have to find them.

  20. Mister Handy Says:

    Thanks Josh and Annie!

  21. Wilber Says:

    I dated a “squirter” for like a year. It was amazing. She squirted every time we did it. It wasn’t pee. Just a clear non-odorous liquid probably mostly water. And she did squirt in long streams. I’m not even sure she knew it was not-the-norm. That’s just the way her pussy worked!

    She’s the only squirter I’ve even been with. But it was pretty cool.

  22. Buster Says:

    Annie what were the scenes that you were in with jack napier?