The Annie Cruz Interview (part 2)

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Here’s the concluding part 2 of the Annie Cruz interview. For all of Annie’s fans (myself included), I’ve just received exciting news. Our very own Noah, from the VideoBox Content Department, is planning a video interview with Annie which will be uploaded to the blog. While I don’t have an exact date, I would expect the video to arrive in the next several weeks. My great appreciation to Annie, who has been kind enough to respond to your questions and comments left in part 1 of the interview. Please keep ’em coming in part 2.

rope: What is your opinion of rough sex? Are you agreeable to scenes which include choking, slapping, and spitting? Do you discuss with your partner before the scene, what is allowable and what is over the line?

Annie Cruz: I have never done a scene, where I was forced to do something I did not want to do. I like rough sex. I like being slapped and choked. Have you not seen any of my BDSM films? Everything I have done in porn has been CONSENSUAL. I don’t do anything on film that I wouldn’t or haven’t done in my personal life. Almost every scene I have shot, other performers typically go over what I like and don’t like before we shoot a scene, and I do the same, when I am specifically shooting a scene as a Domme with submissives.

rope: But have you ever had a scene spin out of control and get too intense? A scene where you had to call a timeout, or walk away from completely?

Annie Cruz: Absolutely not.

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rope: Excluding yourself, who is the most extreme, nasty female performer in the adult industry?

Annie Cruz: Annette Schwarz. She is into some shit that not many other porn girls would think of being into!

rope: Who is the best squirter in the adult industry?

Annie Cruz: I’d have to go with Annie Cruz. I won Adam Film World Award for Squirt Queen of the Year 2008, and I beat out Flower Tucci, Jada Fire, Angela Stone and others in Shane’s World’s Great American Squirt-Off 2. That was an 8+ hour shoot of squirting all day long. Anyone can validate that my squirt is 100% real that has been up close, and personal with my squirt. After I shoot a squirting scene, I don’t leave the set smelling like the Tenderloin* in San Francisco.

* If you’re not familiar with the Tenderloin, click here – rope.

rope: Are there any differences between shooting for major studios and internet websites? Do you have a preference for one over the other?

Annie Cruz: I remember years ago, internet websites were considered amateur — or pro am, and I preferred shooting for studios. With the success of many internet sites now, it’s almost difficult to call them amateur. I don’t really have a preference anymore.

rope: We’ve heard the economic slowdown has hit the porn industry pretty hard. Has your workload been affected? Does the fact that you can fill so many niche’s, somewhat offset the slump. In other words, if I’m shooting an Asian themed DVD, I think of Annie Cruz. If I’m shooting a squirting themed DVD, I think of Annie Cruz. If I’m shooting an extreme themed DVD, I think of Annie Cruz. You’ve appeared in several Latina themed DVD’s as well. Does the ability to satisfy all those genre’s, keep the job offers rolling in?

Annie Cruz: Yes, it does help that I can be in different niche’s. The fact that there are very few Asian performers to begin with is enough to help me fill that niche alone.

rope: Have you thought about becoming a director once your career in front of the camera comes to a close? What about life after porn? Do you have definite plans, or are you just taking it one day at a time?

Annie Cruz: I thought about it. I went as far as to buy equipment and still have them right now. However, I’ve decided that I’d like to eventually move to Europe and open my own dungeon in Amsterdam. Right now, I am currently working on more mainstream projects with some incredible people I have been lucky to have crossed paths with, and that’s something I’d like to pursue.

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rope: With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, let me ask you, do you believe in love?

Annie Cruz: If you asked me this 4 years ago, I would have said no. I’ve been a cheater my whole life because of my sex addiction, and I always thought, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” Even though I was married for a year and a half to another performer, we were swingers and had an open marriage. The man I’m with now — we’ve been together almost 4 years, and I can honestly say I believe in love.

rope: Can you tell us something about Annie Cruz which would surprise even your biggest fan?

Annie Cruz: I have really bad OCD* feet issues. By that, I mean I cannot walk around barefoot, whether outside or in my own house. I have to have slippers on if I am in the house, and you’ll never catch me walking barefoot outside. I have an issue of keeping my feet clean at all times. I’ll suck a cock right out of my ass, but I won’t walk around barefoot outside unless I am on a beach. Oh, and I think I’m vegetarian. The only meat I eat is in your pants! And every time I move, I have a comic book collection I have to lug around with me. I also have an ever-expanding collection of Batman memorabilia as I am a HUGE Batman fan.

* obsessive–compulsive disorder – rope

rope: Are you into gaming (PlayStation, Wii, Xbox)? If so, which games are currently occupying your time?

Annie Cruz: Fuck yes I’m into gaming! These are all the systems I currently own: PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, PS1, PS2, SNES, NES, N64, Gamecube and Sega Dreamcast. Not to mention all the emulators I have on my computer! Right now, I am currently playing inFAMOUS on PS3. I recently got The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for my 360 but haven’t played yet. I’m into RPGs, FPS, survival horror, action/adventure, and puzzle games. I absolutely love the Resident Evil series — my favorites are Code Veronica and RE4. I was actually quite disappointed in RE5. Some of the games I own or have enjoyed playing and beating include: Batman Arkham Asylum, God of War I and II, Gears of War, Halo 3, COD4, Fallout 3, Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, and XII and so much more to list!

rope: Please tell us about your website. What type of material would a visitor to your website encounter?

Annie Cruz: I design and maintain my website myself, so it is I, who answers all my emails personally. Right now, I am working on a re-design, so it currently has a comic book feel to it as I am a huge comic book dork. In the member area, there are thousands of photos and lots of videos ranging from solo masturbation, boy/girl, anal, DP, gangbang, girl/girl, three-ways, fetish/BDSM, behind the scenes footage, events and my wrestling videos. I also have a video diary. Since I just recently moved, I am working on getting my live 24/7 streaming webcams back up and running for all the fellow voyeur perverts out there. I also do cam shows. The best part about my website is that when you join, you get access to THIRTEEN other websites. You can’t beat that deal!

Please don’t forget to visit Annie at her website.

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rope: Do you have any messages for your fans Annie? What should we be on the lookout for?

Annie Cruz: I know I’ve been off the radar for a long time, but don’t fret! I’ve got some really cool projects I am working on that I plan to share with you all. There’s an independent zombie horror film I am in that hasn’t completed production yet in addition to some other stuff that I know you’ll enjoy just as much as my porn! I love you guys, my fans, and I will still be shooting scenes exclusively for my website!

rope: Thank you so much Annie for all the time and energy you put into this interview. It was a great pleasure for me to conduct the interview with you.

All images courtesy of Annie Cruz.


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13 Responses to “The Annie Cruz Interview (part 2)”

  1. davros Says:

    Wow … hot, has a great attitude, and is a gamer. What’s not to like?

  2. nilbert Says:

    Annie – Thank you for the interview. I read and enjoyed both parts. Over two years ago on the blog, there was a poll for favorite squirter. Cytherea received the most votes. One of the site members wrote the following comment. “Missy Monroe made a point of calling bullshit on Cytherea in Squirting 201 #1 – That Cytherea was drinking LOTS of water before a scene they did together, and that it tasted/looked like piss ….” I don’t know if Missy actually made that statement, but I’m taking the member at his/her word. As an industry insider, can you shed light on Cytherea’s squirting ability?
    rope – Can you do a new squirting poll with more contestants and this time include Annie among the choices?

  3. Steve Says:

    First tought: yeah she´s atractive
    second tought: she fucks like Hell
    third tought: she squirts…i love that!

    But Now this interview: WTF?!? youre fully into to the things you do…youre not stupid! and oh my God you like the RE series…
    Im very excited, and can´t wait to see new stuff from you!!!

    And youre right: Annette is a trooper!!

    Big greets from Germany

  4. 280 to 880 Highway Says:

    I love you Annie and I can’t wait for that zombie movie that
    “we’re” supposed to be in…LoL. Liked the interview too you kept it real. Even though it might be a little weird it was real

  5. Garp Says:

    Rope you are seriously DA MAN!!! To all the haters out there…Annie is beautiful, intelligent and has a great attitude. Fuck those that disagree. She is one bad biiatch!

  6. Annie Cruz Says:

    Thanks, everyone! You guys are awesome!

  7. wcfields Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Annie Cruz’s porn for quite a while, but now…I just want to be her friend. Comic books and video games? We could TOTALLY hang out and not even fuck. (Actually, I think I would be scared to fuck Annie Cruz in real life. I like my girls sweet.)

    @rope – Continuing from the other thread, I put my idea for a ‘first scenes’ post in the comments because I figured it slipped by you in the feedback submission queue. I agree that it would be difficult to say definitively which are a star’s first scenes…but that’s sort of the point. If this info were on IAFD, my suggestion would not be such a good one. But it’s not, which is why I want to call on the combined wisdom of the VB community. Even sites like, etc, don’t seem to have threads for this.

    The other problem to address is that blog posts quickly grow old and drop off, while I am envisioning this as a more permanent feature. Not sure if maybe we could incorporate this into the site some other way. I’m counting on your preternatural gifts vis-a-vis pornography to come up with a way of making this work. But, I will stand by ready to contribute content as soon as you put that big, porn-obsessed brain to work.

  8. wcfields Says:

    BTW, the whole impetus for this idea was “The Amy Reid Story”. I’m normally not a huge Amy Reid fan, but that shit is soooooooooo hot, especially knowing how big she’s gotten in the business.

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ nilbert – Good idea. I think enough time has elapsed for us to revisit that poll. Collect maybe 10 – 12 candidates including Annie.

    @ Garp – Thank you. As I stated in the part 1 comments, full credit to Annie.

    @ wcfields – I do like your idea. It might be a more natural fit in a forum environment, where a new reply to the post brings the entire thread back to the top of the board. As you state, once a blog post drops off the front page, it pretty much descends into a black hole, never again to see the light of day. Let me think on it awhile. By the way, my next post will be highlighting the debut scene of a particular performer. Stay tuned.

  10. Mikey Says:

    Annie, the first time I saw that cute little ass hole take a big cock I couldn’t believe it. The stuff you did for one of the BDSM websites is just brilliant. The sight of you domming a guy, having him face fuck you with a dildo gag and then vigourously reaming his ass with a strap-on with a squirting finish, well I still do it in my jeans just thinking about it. You are a delight.

  11. Jerry Says:

    Annie, my girlfriend and I are very interested in squirting. Is there a techinque that helps you squirt. I’ve read the feeling is like you need to pee and that you should just push like you are peeing but she is afraid that if she does she will pee. Hope you visit back here we both very excited and hoping to learn more. Thanks for your time we both love your work.

  12. how to squirt Says:

    This web blog is amazing… just i have to copy every page into wordpad as blog’s layout is not working properly with Konqueror net browser.. could you please correct this, the site seems very scraggly…

  13. omer Says:

    i love u annie but i live ib iraq i cant arrive to u i do not know what i feal when see your picture u are the first women in my life u the most sexy girls in life u firstgirls move my motion my sex feal please i want to cotact with u and speek and fuck u but how?