Vote in the Miss FreeOnes 2010 Competition

FreeOnes is the biggest, most comprehensive babe site on the web, hands down. While the site is a good way to find new girls, their annual Miss FreeOnes contest is about choosing the girls you already know and like.

Voting started on January 1st and they’ve narrowed the field down to 50 porn star/web model types. The upshot is that the girl who wins gets $10,000 and fans can win a 3-day trip to LA and an invite to a FreeOnes party (which are usually crawling with porn stars).

The final 50 seem to be a good mix of established porn chicks with a few I’ve never heard of and some web girls mixed in. There are two ballots: one that’s just a list of names and one with photos of the girls. I wish I’d started voting sooner because a lot of the girls I like didn’t make the cut, but I managed to find a few that I’ll be supporting in round 2. Round 3 starts in March and round 4 concludes at the end of the month with a winner.

So support your favorite girl(s). You might help them win ten grand and get yourself a free trip to LA in the process. And when you meet them at that party, you can tell them how instrumental you were to their success. (Bree Olson is already promising blowjobs…)

17 Responses to “Vote in the Miss FreeOnes 2010 Competition”

  1. bobsipod Says:

    Bree’s got my vote!

  2. deadip Says:

    Sorry, but this is Off-Topic, but I feel this Problem needs to be Addressed. Some of you Authors of the Blog here know I have been here on and off ever since this Site was called Climax Corner, the problem I feel that really needs to be Addressed here is that PornStars need to be Matched with the many Aliases they use in DVDs.
    For example, take Simi Green aka Simi
    Simi has 3 DVDs totally different than Simi Green who has 3 DVDs also, but both are the Same PornStar!!!
    Even Bree Olsen aka Bree Olson has two different spellings of her name and has DVDs listed for each different spelling of her name.
    There are many other Models (PornStars) on this Site, that are the same way. Who is in charge of keeping the List of PornStars??? Even the (Stars) List needs to be Updated.
    VideoBox whether you are aware of this or NOT, you are the largest DVD Ripping Site on the Internet. You have more DVDs or Scenes than any other DVD Ripping Site there is. This is why I keep coming back to your Site. If it wasn’t for financial reasons once in awhile, that force me to Cancel my Membership here from time to time…..I would have NEVER left this Site, since the days of being called Climax Corner even. You only had a few hundred DVDs or Scenes, when I first was a Member here.
    But to see your (Stars) List NOT being Updated as regularly as you Update DVDs really disappoints me and quite truthfully makes you look kind of bad, if you know what I’m trying to say here. Updating your Stars List with other Aliases a Model or PornStar is known as would add to your Site’s ease of Navigation for Customers, that come here to use your Site to find DVDs of their Favorite PornStars. is a great source of Info for you to Update your Stars List and match their many Aliases to DVDs they have done.
    I mean, Isn’t Customer Service one of your Top Priorities???

  3. ropeadope Says:

    According to the statistics provided by FreeOnes, and if I counted correctly, 34 of the 50 finalists have undergone breast enhancement surgery. I haven’t reached a decision on who to support, but I’m leaning toward Ariel Rebel. I would vote for Bree, however I’m not convinced she will be able to deliver on her promise. Yet I know I’ll be kicking myself if she does keep to her word, and I can’t document my vote.

  4. DB Says:

    thanks for this post, Alison! glad to see Courtney Cummz is still in the running.

  5. passingthrough Says:

    If not in this post, I think deadip’s question is worth addressing in another blog. I realize that it sounds like a fulltime job, but I think this website has the team to do it.

    I know it can be frustrating to look up Allison Whyte and miss out on scenes under Alison Whyte, Allison White, etc. or if you are an Audrey Hollander fan (because she doesn’t have enough scenes here) missing her ‘Screw My Wife’ scene because it’s credited under “Ms. Hollander”.

    I don’t know that any other site (except contract sites) that do any better job, but it would be a big boost to the site. Not that I would ever quit coming here, I may have ‘passed through’ several websites, but for quality and money, you can’t beat this place.

    Also, kudos to rope for the Ariel Rebel head’s up. What a cute girl.

  6. HotScooter2 Says:


    i want you to ask our buddy Bree if she wins and if i vote for her more than once do i get multiple BJ’s? you know she has a great campaign going,or is it bribery,i’ll never tell

  7. Papayaman1 Says:

    I gave Bree my vote even though I doubt I shall be able to cross the pond to take her up on her kind offer. Like Alison I am also disappointed that some of my favourite girls do not seem to be included in the last fifty. Where the hell are girls like Sasha Grey, or some of the cute Asian girls (no Evelyn Lin, London Keys or Priva), not to mention some of the extremely cute and lively Eastern European performers such as Sharka Blue, Lucy Lee, or Julie Silver? In their absence I shall be rooting for the voluptuous and enthusiastic Bree, although I also agree that Rope has identified an extremely cute competitor in Ariel Rebel.

  8. deadip Says:

    That is why this Site needs a MessageBoard/ Forum, so I wouldn’t have to bring up Off-Topic subjects in the Blog, that are totally unrelated to what is being discussed in any Blog Entry.

  9. Howard Says:

    Deadip is correct and even though it is offtopic, there is no other public forum available to mention it.

    The best way of doing so would be to utilise data from a site like somehow. The person adding the film should have a quick look there to make sure they get the spelling and so on correct and ideally some backend DB work should be done so stars are correctly linked with their films.

    I’d like to see star profiles where we can see all of their other films on the site, their ratings and other features.

    Also better user added tagging would be nice, but one thing at a time.

  10. stephencolbert Says:

    user added tagging or a wiki feature for each scene would allow the users to do most of the ground work and just let someone on the back end of the site accept the changes.

    ive brought up this issue numerous times over the years and I agree it should be addressed, but i am not going to threaten to cancel my membership over it.

  11. deadip Says:

    @ stephencolbert
    Who threatened to cancel their Membership over the Problem I thought needed Addressing??? I know I didn’t. All I said over the years, when things happened to me financially and I could no longer afford to keep my Membership going, I was forced to Cancel my Membership. If I had NEVER had any financial crisis in my life from time to time, I would have NEVER left in the first place, is what I EVER said even back when VideoBox was called Climax Corner.

  12. Andearl Says:

    I Had a very quick look at the remaining candidates and there don’t seem to be any black girls there which I thought was odd considering there are some damn fine ones who bring great energy to their scenes; Marie Luv springs to mind. Then I remembered how bad some of the comments on this site can be, so perhaps that has something to do with it. Fully agree with Deadip though.

  13. Kenny Says:

    I would like to take this moment to second (actually 5th) the motion that we need a forum where we, as members of Videobox, to be able to share our inquires/suggestions publicly and discuss the features that are present in the website.

    I have emailed VB about what I think about the website, (POSITIVE mostly) the contents are very good, but the communication with the members should be presented.

  14. alison Says:

    deaddip – I understand your frustration. And while I don’t work in the VideoBox offices anymore, I know that the folks there try to do the best job they can. They really do want to get the girls’ names right, so I’ve sent along your comments to the content dude and hopefully he can forward them to the folks who will be able to fix the girls you mentioned.

    ropeadope – I have to admit that before you mentioned her, I’d never heard of Ariel Rebel. But she’s cute. And natural. I do believe I’ll be adding her to my 5.

    DB – No problemo. 🙂

    HotScooter2 – I’ll see what I can do 😉

    Papayaman & Andearl – The talent pool here is definitely pretty homogeneous. What I find completely strange is that none of the girls you mentioned ever even made it into the running. I checked the list of girls who didn’t make the cut and didn’t see them. Odd…

  15. Bronty Says:

    The FreeOne’s website has a section called “PayOnes”. It IS Videobox. It’s not a VB rip-off, it IS Videobox. I never noticed that before. Explanation, please! Curious minds need to know.

  16. leloup Says:

    don’t know how that leahcw girl is in last, cause she is amazingly hot and au natural 100%. example:

    also, how is that Gianna doesn’t make the cut?

  17. Ihavenoname Says:

    I just checked out the results and was very disappointed. How did Bree olsen win? Someone please explain the attraction to her. Isn’t the big boob blonde thing over yet? And if not, why not vote shyla? Much more attractive IMHO. Please tell me she didn’t win based on the empty promise of a bj…