Vivid Vitals: Brand New Faces #20 – Dixie Daytona

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I’m not privy to the actual statistics, but my gut feeling tells me there are more VideoBox subscribers without access to the Vivid premium channel, than those who do have access. If you fall into the former category, the scene I’m focusing on in this post, should cause you to reconsider that choice. The DVD is Brand New Faces #20 and the girl is Dixie Daytona. I previewed Dixie’s scene in Fresh Outta High School #13 in this post. That DVD hasn’t been uploaded to VideoBox yet. Once it is, we will have the complete set of Dixie’s work in the adult industry on site. Brand New Faces #20 was her debut appearance; Fresh Outta High School #13 followed soon thereafter. Evidently Dixie called it a career at that point. Dixie is featured in two scenes of Brand New Faces #20, her main scene and a bonus scene which occurred just minutes after the conclusion of her primary scene. I will discuss both scenes in this post. Does Dixie’s presence in Brand New Faces #20 warrant a one month subscription to Vivid all on its own? Assuming you don’t find cute twenty year old girls with perfect breasts objectionable, the answer is quite simply, yes.

The Interview

Dixie arrives to shoot her very first porn scene. She is dressed in a black and white print halter top and short blue jean skirt with no panties. Dixie is twenty years old, nervous, and will first be interviewed by director B. Skow. Here are some highlights.

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B. Skow: How many guys have you slept with?
Dixie D: Twelve.

B. Skow: Twelve? You know exactly?
Dixie D: Yeah.

B. Skow: Do you have any boyfriends?
Dixie D: I kinda have one. But he don’t know what I’m doing right now.

B. Skow: You mean you have a boyfriend right now?
Dixie D: Yeah.

B. Skow: And he doesn’t know what you’re doing?
Dixie D: Hell no.

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B. Skow: Where are you from?
Dixie D: Originally Kentucky, but I live in Tampa now.

B. Skow: And your boyfriend is in Tampa?
Dixie D: No, he’s in Kentucky.

B. Skow: And what does he think you’re doing right now?
Dixie D: I told him I’m on “vacation.”

B. Skow: When you get back home, are you going to have sex with him and not tell him (you were shooting porn)?
Dixie D: Yeah.

B. Skow: Oh my God. What are you gonna do when he sees you fucking some guy with a huge dick, just getting rammed for like an hour?
Dixie D: He’s not gonna see that shit.

B. Skow: How do you know he’s not gonna see it? Do they have internet in Kentucky?
Dixie D: Yeah, they do.

B. Skow: Okay, so he’s gonna see you fucking. What are you going to tell him?
Dixie D: I’ll just deny it. I’ll say that’s not me, what are you talking about?

B. Skow: You’re taking about it right now though. How are you gonna say this isn’t you talking about him in Kentucky?
Dixie D: Oh shit. I’ll worry about it later.

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B. Skow: Let’s get your certificate signed.

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B. Skow: Do you swear that this is your very first time doing anything nude on video?
Dixie D: I swear this is my very first time, other than …

B. Skow: Other than what?
Dixie D: When I lost my virginity to my boyfriend who I’m dating now, was on camera.

B. Skow: Wait, you lost your virginity on video camera? Are you kidding me?
Dixie D: Noooo.

B. Skow: So the first time he fucked you, he said can I video this?
Dixie D: Yeah.

B. Skow: How old were you?
Dixie D: Laughs
B. Skow: Alright, never mind.

but, later on …

Dixie D: I’ve been with the same guy since I was thirteen years old. I lost my virginity to him at fourteen.

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B. Skow: Wait, so you’ve been dating the same guy while you fucked the other eleven? Does he know anything about the eleven others?
Dixie D: No, we broke up for a little bit. He doesn’t have to know about all that.

B. Skow: Have you ever fucked more than one guy at a time?
Dixie D: No.

B. Skow: Ever fucked a guy while a bunch of people were watching you?
Dixie D: Yes. Key West Spring Break 2005.

B. Skow: You got fucked in front of a crowd?
Dixie D: There were little kids, cops, grown people, people of all ages.

B. Skow: Where were you fucking? In the street?
Dixie D: On the beach. I was drunk.

B. Skow: And the police let you fuck?
Dixie D: They were like, Hell Yeah!

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B. Skow: I’m just trying to figure out why the fuck you’re doing porn?
Dixie D: I’ll try anything once.
B. Skow: I know you keep saying that, but that’s not the truth. There’s a reason why you’re here.

B. Skow has returned to the question of why Dixie is doing porn several times. He obviously knows something. The truth will come out later.

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The Main Scene

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Dixie sitting on bed, joined by Voodoo. Voodoo overheard Dixie state in the interview that she likes to have her pussy eaten. Voodoo is only too happy to oblige as he pries Dixie’s legs apart and goes down on her. Voodoo concentrates his assault on Dixie’s clit, then begins fingering Dixie’s pussy in tempo with his clit licking tongue. Two fingers working inside Dixie’s snatch. Dixie’s pussy is creaming around Voodoo’s hand. Dixie giving head to Voodoo. Her right hand is pumping Voodoo’s cock at the base, as her mouth works the upper half of the dick. Dixie tries to go deep on the cock and gets about 3/4 of the length in her mouth. POV blowjob, Dixie giving good eye contact upon prompting from director B. Skow. Some light to moderate face fucking, nothing too forceful. Voodoo positions Dixie on the edge of the bed and spreads her legs. Entering Dixie in missionary. Voodoo initially using slow, deep strokes in the tight pussy. Now quickening the pace and Dixie is feeling it. Dixie’s right leg is draped over Voodoo’s left shoulder, her left leg level with the rest of her body. Voodoo has a death grip on each of Dixie’s breasts, as he plows her pussy with rapid fire strokes. Voodoo lays flat on the bed and Dixie climbs aboard in cowgirl. Dixie riding the cock while Voodoo spreads her ass cheeks wide. Slight fingering of Dixie’s butt hole. Dixie’s breasts are usually the center of attention, but she has an awesome ass as well, and it’s on great display in cowgirl. Not in the same league as Naomi, Jenny Hendrix, etc., but hot nonetheless. P2M, Dixie stroking and sucking the cock. Dixie mounts the cock again, this time in reverse cowgirl. Voodoo and Dixie alternating control in this position. Voodoo driving his dick up and into Dixie’s pussy while she remains stationary, then Dixie taking the more active role, bouncing up and down on the cock as Voodoo lies motionless. Overhead camera capturing the action. P2M. Voodoo has one finger working Dixie’s pussy and one finger working her ass. Dixie bent forward over a chair, Voodoo entering in doggie. Dixie announces she’s cum twice thus far. Voodoo pounding the pussy, Dixie’s titties swaying back and forth as she absorbs the battering. Voodoo pulls out and delivers an open mouth facial. Much of the cum deflects off Dixie’s face and lands on various parts of her body.

Dixie D: I have cum all over me. I’m feeling it all over like I’ve been eating a Krispy Kreme doughnut.
B. Skow: You got glazed?
Dixie D: Yeah, I got glazed.

Post cum head. Lol, director B. Skow must have told Dixie that as soon as Voodoo finishes cumming, to suck and jerk the head of his cock really hard. You can almost see the imaginary light bulb above Dixie’s head click on, as she remembers and goes about her task. Voodoo shrieks and pulls away, the head of his dick surely over sensitive at this point. Dixie says she enjoyed her first scene and waves goodbye.

Aftermath (bonus scene)

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Director B. Skow finds Dixie and Voodoo in the dressing room shortly after Dixie’s scene has completed. She is waiting for car service to pick her up and take her back to the hotel.

B. Skow: You trying to get another scene in so you can pay those court costs?
Dixie D: Fuck you (laughing, as she flips B. Skow the double bird).
B. Skow: So tell us why you’re really here doing porn?
Dixie D: I’ve been a very bad girl and I need to do some porn to get the money.

The truth finally comes out. Dixie needs money to pay some legal bills. Is this related to the incident from Spring Break 2005 where Dixie was caught fucking on the beach in front of “people of all ages?” Or something else entirely? I’m not sure, as this line of questioning is pursued no further.

Dixie is dressed in white shorts, purple top, and pink panties. Voodoo is looking to get some more action from Dixie. Voodoo lowers Dixie’s shorts and panties as B. Skow pulls down her top, bringing Dixie’s beautiful breasts into view. Dixie repeatedly puts her clothing back in place; the guys continuously lowering her top and shorts. Eventually, Dixie finds herself up against the wall as Voodoo enters in doggie. They fuck for about three minutes and Voodoo drops his load on Dixie’s ass.

Car service arrives to pick up Dixie.

B. Skow: Get the fuck out of here for real this time. Goodbye.
Dixie D: Bye.


rope rating – 5 out of 5. Yes, Dixie is very cute, has great breasts, and a nice ass. But for me, these two scenes from Brand New Faces #20 are all about Dixie’s personality, her back story, and her reason for being in porn. Dixie’s main scene was 51 minutes in length, with the interview taking up 20 of those minutes. The bonus scene was 9 1/2 minutes. I prefer these scenes to Dixie’s scene from Fresh Outta High School #13. Don’t get me wrong, the scene from FOHS is very good (I rated it 4 out of 5). But the format of these scenes allowed Dixie’s personality to come shining through. She had a good rapport with director B. Skow during the interview, and good chemistry with Voodoo once the action commenced. Dixie filmed these scenes just over 20 months ago. I’d love to know what has transpired in those 20 months. Did Dixie return to her boyfriend in Kentucky? Are they still together? Did he ever find out about Dixie’s brief dabble in the adult industry?


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20 Responses to “Vivid Vitals: Brand New Faces #20 – Dixie Daytona”

  1. DH8028 Says:

    Sheer Awesomeness, can’t wait her second vid to be uploaded to VideoBox.

    How bout Fresh Outta High School #13 for Wednesday, February 17th, 2010..sounds like a good idea to me 😉

    Thanks for the video breakdown of Dixie Daytona, rope.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ DH8028 – Thank you much. Well, 13 and 17 are my two favorite numbers on the roulette wheel, so it makes perfect sense to me. Have no idea if there’s any chance of the upload taking place today. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  3. Kenny Says:

    @Rope: Even if you do not have all of the ‘coming soon’ DVDs/scenes, I still think that the Contents People should look at what is going on on this Blog to make sure the scenes that are Previewed will be up in less than 2 weeks after preview date.

  4. scruffy Says:

    @Rope: Gah! This is cruel to us Epoch folk who are STILL unable to subscribe to the premium channels! Any word on premium channel availability for us…?

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ Kenny – Not an unreasonable suggestion. I need to coordinate my preview posts more effectively with the Content team. I can’t expect Content to plan their updates around on my blog entries. That would place far too much power in my hands.

    @ scruffy – Sorry bro, hadn’t realized the Epoch hurdle was still an ongoing problem. I’ll see if I can get an update on the situation. Strange thing is, I’ve always liked Epoch as a billing agent. They’ve been helpful to me in the past. But I guess their system just isn’t set up to handle the premium channel billing.

  6. Papayaman1 Says:

    Heck Rope, you make a persuasive argument for that one month subscription to Vivid. Dixie comes across as quite the little minx doesn’t she. It seems appropriate that VB should comprehensively document her career.

  7. HotScooter2 Says:


    you know it’s interesting that you feel that daytona is retiring after doing only 2 videos. you know earlier today i was thinking that the incredible peaches retired after only,2 videos.if the continuing positive responses to peaches work are any indication,then i think it could be stated that if peaches had continued she could have been one of the mmost successful pornstars of all time.
    if one could say the same about dixie daytona i would need to watch her works some more,and see how much positive response she gets from vb members and vb bloggers

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – Yes, in my mind the inclusion of this one DVD justifies the cost of a one month Vivid subscription. But obviously there’s much more to choose from than just this one title. I would advise all Evil Angel subscribers to switch to Vivid for one month. Grab the Dixie Daytona scenes and whatever else strikes their fancy. Then switch back to EA if that channel is more to their liking. Whatever is uploaded to EA during the month you’re with Vivid, will still be there when you return to EA.

    @ HotScooter2 – Good to see you back on the board. It can be tricky trying to extrapolate what a long standing career would look like, based on just two videos. No question the potential for greatness was there for Peaches, and I believe Dixie as well. But a lot can happen between scene 2 and scene 200. Makes for fun speculation though.

  9. Henry Raw Says:

    She is very pretty and I agree with some of these opinions, but it is “Black History Month” this month and there hasn’t been not even one “black on black” movie at all. Instead we spend valuable money and wasted time downloading an endless stream of white (no disrespect).

    Sorry to vent my frustrations in this blog, but had nowhere else to do it. VB won’t gimme the time of day and there are absolutely no black pornstar blogs that I can easily find. If anyone has useful info or suggestions please send them to my gmail at henryraw.

  10. scruffy Says:

    @ Rope – Thanks man, any updates you can get me on the Epoch situation would be appreciated. Any way to switch off them to another billing agent?

  11. deadip Says:

    @ HotScooter2
    Which Peaches are you referring to??? Are you referring to the Hungarian Peaches or some other one???

    @ scruffy
    You do NOT have CCBill or where you are at??? I get the Premium Channels through CCBill.

  12. DH8028 Says:

    Fresh out of High School #13 is up!!!

  13. Mister Handy Says:

    As a yearly subscriber to the main site, as far as I can tell, the only way for me to get the premium channels is yearly. And there’s just not enough new content coming out on each for it to be worth it. I keep thinking when my year is almost up to sign up for a month each, but we’ll see if I can time it right.

  14. HotScooter2 Says:


    the peaches i am referring to is from louisiana and did 2 dvd’s that i know of.

  15. ropeadope Says:

    @ scruffy – Sorry for the delay in my response. I spoke with customer service and they confirmed Epoch is not equipped to handle billing for the premium channels. Their recommendation is to cancel your subscription, and then sign up anew. When you rejoin and indicate the desire to include a premium channel in your subscription, you should be directed to a billing agent that can process the order correctly.

    @ deadip – HotScooter2 is referring to Peaches in this scene and this scene.

    @ DH8028 – YES!!!!

    @ Mister Handy – That’s how I would do it. I believe the premium channel billing will be pro-rated to the anniversary date of your standard subscription. Check the premium channel content and see how much you wish to download. Estimate how long it will take to download the desired files. Sign up when your regular subscription has enough time remaining to acquire that content. If your subscription automatically renews (not sure if the annual memberships automatically renew), make any necessary adjustments prior to the renewal. Otherwise you might be billed for a full year on both the standard and premium channel subscriptions.

  16. TBoneHer Says:

    suprised nobody mentioned it, she was in hustler barely legal november 2008, took some hunting to find that info. its on rapidshare. i agree her personality is her alure, and doesn’t cum out in the pics, but figured i mention it anyway. Have fun…

  17. TBoneHer Says:

    forgot to mention for those interested there are 6 pics from that shoot not in hustler on the original photographers site Dave Naz

  18. TBoneHerMore Says:

    oops, one more i forgot, but thats all i got, if you find something else please post it

  19. ropeadope Says:

    @ TBoneHer – Wasn’t aware Dixie did a spread for Hustler. Appreciate the info. She didn’t film anything for Jules, did she? I really need to interview Ms. Daytona.

  20. TBoneHer Says:

    no, it was part of the spread for dave naz, i posted some links to dave naz’s site, there are 6 pics there from the shoot that did not make it in the hustler spread, said it needed to be moderated, but i will try again