New Features : Clip Creation, MyClips and Right Hand Navigation

Hello VideoBox Members,

Once again, I have the honor of announcing site enhancements for your browsing and playback pleasure. We’ve worked extremely hard at making these as “game changing” as we could for your benefit. I think we’ve done a great job, and it’s only the beginning.

Clips Creation Matures

Although creating and downloading clips has been a popular feature for some time, there have been some shortcomings we’ve identified and updated for you. The old clip creation method didn’t allow you any finite control over the content; you just picked from some predetermined starting and ending points and that was all you could do.

Starting today, clip creation is a fully dynamic, flexible integrated feature of the VideoBox player. Clip creation will now allow you to specifically select start and end points of your own choosing, not ours. Once you’ve defined your clips to your own liking, downloading options allow you to download your own selection as they always did before.


But that’s only the beginning…

Saving Your Clips to “MyClips”

Clip creation is no longer just for downloads. You now have the option of saving your clips to your own clips library. Not only can you save them, you can name them and even tag them. That’s right, Tag them.


And for all of you out there who’s ears have just pricked up at the mention of Tags…. Yes, we know, and yes, we’re talking internally about how we might enable that for more than just clips ;-) .

Your New “MyClips” Section on VideoBox

When you create a clip, you will see an option in the new clip creation feature called “Add To My Clips”. Click it and you will be prompted to name your clip, to enter comma separated tags for future reference and browsing, and it will be saved in the new “MyClips” section of “My VideoBox”.


Oh, and you’ll also find them in the new “Content Navigator” feature on the right side of the playback page as well! Let me tell you about that new feature…

Content Navigation

This final new feature is a complete content viewing shift within itself. Literally. Before today, your navigation from one scene to another, in search of other scenes by an actress or even accessing your favorites required leaving the player. Now, they’re all right there, on the right side, right when you need them.

The new Right Hand Navigation exists on the scene playback page, and it enables you to effortlessly browse and view related scenes, recommendations, your favorites, more scenes from the currently playing DVD or currently playing star(s), and even your new saved Clips. Simply click on the drop down menu at the top, select what you’d like to browse through, and the content updates dynamically with your selection without every taking you away from what’s playing.

RHNScreenShotHow cool is that!

Your Comments Are Encouraged

We are rolling this out now because we want to get it into your hands while we continue working on further refinements we have planned. Perhaps we’ll picking up some new feedback and ideas based on your usage as well. I would not call this “Beta”, but it’s definitely the 1.0 release. There are a few things we can and will refine in the next week or two, as well as extending some things you’re seeing here for the first time across the site into other areas. Feel free to let me know what you think.

More On The Way…

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Other innovations and features are being worked on today that will be coming out in the near future, helping to build VideoBox into the most engaging experience of creation, exploration and discovery. As the pieces continue falling into place, you’ll find our exciting new user experience a substantial benefit of your membership.

- Jeff

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69 Responses to “New Features : Clip Creation, MyClips and Right Hand Navigation”

  1. fazza Says:

    I have a couple of suggestions for the new custom clip creator.
    1 – Is it possible to mark several sections of a scene, so that they all get spliced together when you try to download? I currently do this with the old method to remove the “boring” bits, but I have to splice them together manually.
    2 – could we have the ability to default to either method of clip creation, so that we don’t have to go through the splash screen for each scene?

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Hello fazza, to quickly answer your questions,

    Regarding ‘multiple segment splicing’ of a single scene, that’s not something the player currently supports. We have some similar ideas lined up but nothing that specific. I’ll ’shop it around’ but I will say that one of the similar ideas is real close and would ultimately provide the same end result. But not as ‘direct’, so this is worth investigating.

    Regarding bypassing the clip creation splash screen, we have engineers working making that a ‘one time only’ notice and it should be rolled out very soon. In the meantime, the splash screen can be bypassed entirely by clicking “Play Now” from the DVD detail page to go directly to the scene to create a custom clip. If you want to use the original clip creation method you can then just click “Original Custom Clip Mode” which appears below the scene title and metadata.

  3. ryan h Says:

    Yes it gives more detailed control over downloaded content and this is GREAT, but for me at first glance i do not like it because,

    1 increased download because the clip keeps playing, even though i kept pausing it, it kept resuming as i was scanning the frames. (assuming it is streaming to my pc as it plays.

    2 unless highlighted frame images were too dark to be useful

    3 takes too much time, maybe rectified with more use and familiarity

    4 defaults to want to play the clip on entry to the clip editing section, would prefer that the clip does not activate unless selected to do so.

    Hope i am using it correctly, therefore making the above comments valid.

    Regards – Ryan H

  4. rj Says:

    Quick preview?

  5. Jeff Says:

    Hello ryan, we’re working to fix the fact that the scene starts playing again as you adjust the selection. That’s a bug we’re trying to squash right now. Also note that there are two ways to set the clip start/stop times; one is by click/dragging on the filmstrip while the other is to scroll along in the filmstrip until you arrive at a point you want to create a clip, then click the custom clip button. If you’ve not already selected a start/stop by click/dragging then the clip selector automatically centers itself on the currently displayed filmstrip section, regardless of where the ‘playhead’ is in the scene. I hope that helps and I hope with some more usage, you find it easier and more useful.

  6. jack_black Says:

    Jeff – Please tell me you guys will NOT be removing the option for the original custom clip method?

    I’m fine as long as I have the option. If not, then I’m leaving.

  7. deadip Says:

    I hope you all are working on bringing together all the Aliases a Model uses. For example, today I was looking for DVD Scenes, that Annabelle Lee aka Anna Pierceson has up here on VB. But this Model also has these Aliases as per
    (Anabelle Lee, Anna Leigh, Paige Bree, Anna Pierson), so that is 6 names I have to go through in the Search Feature of your Site to find every DVD Scene this Model may have done here on VB. This Model currently has 53 Titles of DVDs she has done and so far, I have managed to find only 9 of them. Granted VB may NOT have all the DVDs this Model has done, but that is all I have found using the first to Aliases mentioned above.

    I really hope this Site gets the Stars List Updated to include all Aliases for a Model organized to be, that one specific Model, that Members such as myself come here to find. I’m sure I’m NOT the only Member here that uses your Site to find more of their favorite Model or Models.

  8. jack_black Says:

    deadip – I agree….but I think that the users should be able to list girls by their aliases…since we are the ones who usually point them out.

  9. Jeff Says:

    Hey Jack, good to hear from you. So, re “original’ mode, at this point, it’s staying. I don’t anticipate it going away unless we reach a point of doing a massive rewrite of the entire site and even then there might not be any reason not to retain it, but for the foreseeable future, there’s no engineering/functional need to remove it.

    That said, though, I’d be VERY interested in knowing what it provides you that the new features do not, and I’d also want to circle back around in a month or so and see if those reasons still ring true.

    Again, good to hear from you, enjoy the option of both!

  10. Jeff Says:

    heh…. you took longer than I expected you would :-)

    Watch the other post/thread for updates on the preview I mention, I’m working on that too.

  11. Jeff Says:

    deadip, good suggestion, a known interest, and revamping star pages and searches is something we have on our list of things to tackle.

  12. mm__1981 Says:

    Looks good. Just a suggestion and I think you can make this a home run. Since it looks like a reluctance (understandably) to provide public-style tagging, here is a work-around:

    Add the option to the custom clipped scenes to make it a public (to subscribers obviously) clip with ranking. i.e. I may like big-natural-tits (who doesn’t) but hate big-fake-tits (not really but it makes a nice example) and I know that some other enterprising individual has tagged those scenes already, as well as cutting the clip down (like some REALLY stupid interview). Not only am I ranking the clip cutting, but the tags validity as well.

    Also doing this for clip lists as well would be fantastic.

  13. mm__1981 Says:

    In addition, based on REALLY popular clips or clip lists you could prerender the custom clip, probably saving some cycles on the back end, or does that even matter anymore.

  14. original Says:

    I like the original clip generator simply because I can see the entire scene at a glance. The new method forces you to scroll to a starting and stopping point. The thumbnails in the original make it a convenient way to see basically where you want the clip to start and stop. It should be an option in “settings” so that you can either always use the old method or always use the new method based on your preference, also allowing you to change back at any time. Besides lack of visibility of the entire scene and that it takes longer to create clips now, the new method has some interesting features.

  15. peru1978 Says:

    I’m not satisfied with the increments between keyframes. Also please give us a playlist function so we can string our clips together. Overall, a very ambitious offering with tons of potential. Great job

  16. Howard Says:

    Nice work guys looks awesome!

    It’s just missing one thing though, which would propel it into an insanely popular device. I want to be able to share clips with other users on the site, see the other users clips and rate the other users clips. Then go to a section of the website and see the highly rated clips.

    We also need montages, created from a group of clips joined together. So someone could create a top 10 fave oral cumshots and join them together. Ideally other users could check it out in a ‘most recently added clips’ section and vote on them. Also it would be great to see the source films listed in the details for each clip montage, so if they join 10 clips you see links to those 10 films. I’d like to go to another users profile and see the clips they created and add them to my fave clips too. etc etc.

    More features like that and then we are talking about a porn site well ahead of the curve.

  17. Howard Says:

    Also I just might add, if you get those social networking style features in the site you get the community creating content for you from existing content. They create content from the porn they like and suddenly you not only have 50 Sasha Grey videos, you have 100 unique montages from those videos which other users appreciate/download.
    I’d love a montage of all the Taylor Raine cumshots on this site and I am sure there would be some Taylor Raine stalker who’d create one and share it. Users do the work and it adds a lot of value and uniqueness to the site, win/win.

  18. wwang1 Says:

    Sorry guys, the new clip method isn’t an improvement.

    - First, it’s wasted bandwidth because it’s attempting to stream while you create a clip. Not good when we’re trying to covertly grab custom clips… This alone should be a dealbreaker for you guys. Wasted bandwidth costs money.

    - It takes more time to generate the clip, especially if you just want the last few minutes. You’re forced to slowly scan the entire scene, then you lose your beginning and end clip points because of the windowing method. An improvement would be to allow adjustment of the begin/end points as sliders, not this horrible windowing method.

    - Cannot set beginning point past your end point. Why is that useful? Many times, I just want the last few minutes of a scene. This is now a chore in the new method. If you could set the beginning point past the end, this would at least make it a little faster to generate a custom clip.

    I gotta say, if this was the original clip method, I probably would not have stayed a customer for all these years. If the old version goes away, so do I, unless there are substantial improvements to this.

  19. GodInABasket Says:

    For someone who generally only cuts out the DVD quality section that is the cumshot / blowjob… this upgrade only slows this down and makes it more complicated. I understand the reasoning behind the whole upgrade and APPRECIATE how cool it is… but it really doesnt work for me.

  20. GodInABasket Says:

    Omg and pretty please: learn to use cookies or sumthing. If I hit “no thanks, take me to the old clip editor” once… that should be it. Now everytime I want to DL a part of a scene, that damn thing pops up and asks me.

  21. putalvr Says:

    your new features causes my computer to freeze!! What’s up with that?

  22. Strangepork Says:

    Pretty cool so far. I never really used the clip feature before because I prefer to watch full scenes, but this makes it easy to bookmark just a memorable moment from a scene for future reference, and then link back to the full scene. It would be nice to be able to change the tags or rename the clip after creating it. I’m assuming sharing is the next phase as there is already the ability to rate and comment on clips. I can’t wait to see the “Kelly Wells Says the Darnedest Things” compilation.

  23. Chattavegas Says:

    Great work! I’m a flash/flex dev and know how involved these things can be. To improve usability, I would add the ability to set ’start’ and ‘end’ points in the video scrubber itself, similar to quicktime player on Mac.

  24. Wpscuru1 Says:

    Yeah, I think these updates are very good but to make it the ultimate porn-site I think clip splicing is needed (create a clip by splicing several parts of the scene together) and also being able to find models’ other names.

  25. Vbellator Says:


  26. Jeff Says:

    Hey everybody,

    1st, let me say that there’s some really interesting ideas being tossed on the table here. Unfortunately, I make it a policy to not comment on unreleased features under development. Therefore, regarding some of your comments about mashups and browsing/rating other clips… I have nothing to say.

    There are a few nuances and bugs being addressed that we’ll be rolling out in the near future, so things like ‘not being able to clip the first or last few seconds’ will be fixed. In the mean time, we have and will keep the ‘original’ method available and perhaps find a way to incorporate ‘em. Based on your feedback. Because we fuckin’ care that much! :-)



  27. Boots Says:

    Currently I’m finding the new clip system less good.
    - The “Which editor to use?” prompt gets in the way of tabbed browsing. I normally centre-click to make the scene open in a new tab, but now that just reopens the same page. Left-click replaces the current page, which is bad if there are other scenes I want to look at. (I use browser tabs to set up a queue of scenes I want to look at/download later. I’m using Firefox.)
    - As others have mentioned, the video starts to download immediately, which wastes bandwidth (and with my ISP will cause my feed to be throttled).
    - Usually I want to skip the interview at the start of the scene, but want everything else from there to the end. That’s easy to do with the old method. Is there an easy way to say “from here to the end” with the new?
    - As others have mentioned, the old method gave a good overview of the scene at a glance, because it presented snapshots from the entire scene on a single page. This was often enough for me to decide I didn’t want the scene. I don’t see how to get this with the new method.
    - The main benefit of the new method seems to be more control over the clip start and end. That’s not important to me; I don’t care if I end up downloading a bit extra because I can use fast-forward when I’m watching it on my PC. I just want to save bandwidth and disk space by cutting out the boring preamble.

  28. Jeff Says:

    Boots, thanks for detailing these points. The “which editor” is a bug we are fixing, accessing the ‘original’ method is a single click from scene playback but i’m looking into some better options for you. The ’starts downloading immediately’ is also being investigated. There’s another new option being released shortly that’ll hopefully address your interest in being able to quickly ’see the entire scene’ but as I’ve stated elsewhere, we’re not taking away the old method.

    I appreciate you taking time to comment. Stay tuned.

  29. bite101 Says:

    Sorry but this is too difficult. Too many futures and functions that you probably seldom use.

  30. Jeff Says:

    One fix is in place; you can now get directly to the original clip mode using the “original custom clip mode” link on the DVD and Scene pages. The other fix to stop bringing up the “pick new or old method” is coming soon.

  31. peru1978 Says:

    So far I prefer the original custom because I get an overall sense of the scene without having to stream or download video. Bandwidth is an issue for me and I know I am not the only one. I also prefer the original custom clip mode because it works on my Nokia smartphone and my Windows phone, while most things Flash do not work at all on either device.

  32. smoothcriminal Says:

    The thing I don’t like about the new clip editor is that you can’t see the entire movie at once because of the increased resolution – it’s zoomed in too much. I want yo see the entire scope of the movie in one glance without scrolling.

  33. drudgereport Says:

    Jeff, could you please respond to this post – I have the same problem.

    GodInABasket Says:
    February 24th, 2010 at 9:29 pm
    Omg and pretty please: learn to use cookies or sumthing. If I hit “no thanks, take me to the old clip editor” once… that should be it. Now everytime I want to DL a part of a scene, that damn thing pops up and asks me.

  34. stephencolbert Says:

    I think this is a great feature Jeff and i won’t bombard you with complaints or what about this and that.

    Lets remember that they probably rolled this out before it was fully tested and functional, because we have been asking for it for weeks.

    I never never never use the old clip method but i may use this one, I usually just stream the videos so being able to edit on the fly is a GREAT feature.

    The future possibility for someone to go through and like Howard says make a sasha grey montage of her facials that I can access is amazing! Thats where I am guessing this is eventually headed.

    and thank you for adding tags to this, glad to hear you are working on getting them out to the main site.

  35. Jeff Says:

    Hey Drudge… It’s buried above but there’s a bug being fixed and on it’s way to eliminate that recurring prompt. -j

  36. Howard Says:

    Yeah mashup, that’s the term!
    Honestly I’ve never used the clip creation function much, but if you can create clip mashups and share/vote on them with other members and see the most popular porn mashups it won’t be long before YOUR SITE DOMINATES ALL OTHER PORN SITES IN THE UNIVERSE.
    Well, possibly. Also thanks for posting a screenshot of that Jennifer Dark clip, that’s the kind of woman/scene I am into!

  37. AC Says:

    Cool new feature :) I love it! It would be very cool, if we can get a WebKit based version of Videobox for devices like iPhone and iPad … you can sit on the couch with a iPad and watch and creating clips :D

  38. Jeff Says:

    Howard, I gotta say that when I do include screenshots, i do try and put some thought into it. :-)

  39. Strangepork Says:

    Hey Jeff, I know you aren’t allowed to comment on things that are under development, but the cat has been out of the bag on some of the intended features for quite a while, for those who pay attention. You know the Terms of Service that everybody has to confirm that they have read and understood before completing signup? Well, long before you started posting about site improvements, the beans had been spilled. Anyone who still doesn’t know what I’m talking about should scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on Terms of Service, and read the 2nd paragraph under the Ownership section.

  40. Jeff Says:

    That’s not likely related to the new features but if you can reproduce it, and not experience same on other video sites, please drop a note to support.

  41. Jeff Says:

    Sorry Man, that’s nothing new, just legal-speak about clips that goes back to the “original custom clip mode”. Nothing more.

    Love how engaged you are, though, to look for clues. It’s awesome.

  42. Strangepork Says:

    Actually Jeff, I know its nothing new. I remembered it from when I signed up a few years ago. The description covers way more than the original custom clip feature provided. It also mentioned the favorite lists feature before it was actually implemented. And my thought at the time was “Why would they have legal-speak for features that don’t exist on the site?” The answer is pretty obvious, but I understand why you are being cagey. Development takes time, things change and evolve, sometimes what you want to do isn’t as easy as it would seem, and revealing your plans too soon can upset people if those plans wind up changing later.

    Anyway, do us all a favor and go crack the whip on the guys who are working on your update to the quick preview feature. And tattoo it on your brain to never remove a feature again without having its improved replacement ready to roll out.

  43. M Says:

    I applaud the drive to improve what is already great.

    1) Have a the Name and Tags fields default to reflect the actual clip — I’d rather the Name equal the movie title + scene number + start time, and Tags equal the scene’s tags + star name.
    2) Don’t exit clip mode prematurely — if I’m making multiple clips from within a single scene, it’s an extra click on “Create Clip” to re-enter that mode.
    3) Enable the merging of existing clips from the “My Clips” section of thumbnails — if I want just a scene’s BJ, mish, and pop shot, it’d be nice to watch and download that contiguous edit (as we can already download subsections via the old interface).
    4) Indefinitely keep the “original” mode as an option — the old interface puts thumbnails in 2D vs. the new 1D strip under the player, so if you’re going to get a single long clip from a scene, you can make your choices faster via the old interface.

    5) Let me filter a favorites list by star name — I’d rather have all favorites in one folder, and then jump to a star’s scenes within rather than the clutter of all those separate favorites lists.
    6) Let me export-to/import-from a favorites list to text file — I’m paranoid that I’m going to click delete and lose a finely culled collection of awesomeness.

    Again, high quality. Keep up the great work and emphasis on customer satisfaction.

  44. Rael Says:

    Awesome stuff, Jeff. If you ask me, there’s a bunch of nitpicky users here. I was thinking of leaving the site, but I’m definitely liking the direction it’s going.

    Also, what scene is that first picture from, the one with the “how cool is that?” caption? If you know, that is.

  45. Spidge Says:

    This is truly awesome, nice feature. Can’t tell how many scenes I’ve wanted to cut out the dumbass pre-action interview.

    You still, however, have some broken scenes, like all scenes from the first half of “Girl Train”. How bout fixing the content??

  46. Mike Says:

    I like the custom clips, but it would be better if the photos on the scroll matched what was happening on the screen at the same time. When making a clip, I have to start a reel or two ahead of where I really want to start watching, because the action is ahead of the reel (best I can describe it). Anyway to get those two synched completely?

  47. Rael Says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean Mike. That’s been a problem for a while. You always know it is when the last part of the reel is black.

  48. Jeff Says:

    Rael, thanks for the praise. Stick around, seriously…. we’ve only just begun. As far as the scene goes, why yes I do know, it was hand picked, and strategically timed for the screenshot. It’s from The Bang Van #6, Scene 2.

  49. AquaGlide Says:

    I need a loop option: I make short clips (90 s) and then I want to see there within a loop. Now, the player play it just once and then I have to start it again by use the mouse.

    But it is a very very cool feature :) I have many many scene’s that I want to cut and save as clip. A mashup and member sharing feature would fine too. So, create a few clips, merge there into a new large clip and put it on my member page, where all other members can see it. Hmmm … you can call this “Member Channels” :-)

    Oh, and I need a “filter” by multiply tags:
    (1) I go to “My clips” and the Tag “All Clips” is selected
    (2) I click on my Tag “anal” and I see all my anal scene’s
    (3) Now I want to click on my Tag “double” and want all scene’s with Tag “anal” AND “double”

    You have already this feature for the rest of your website, just for clips not. => Go to the homesite, click on “All New DVDs”. From here, you can do it, like I want it.

  50. Boots Says:

    Thanks for adding the “original custom clip mode” link – that fixes the tabbed browsing and means I’m now no worse off.
    It’s great that you listen and act on comments. I do appreciate how you are trying to move the site forward with new features, even if most of my previous points were negative.

  51. lorddork Says:

    I’m sorry having to say, but the new right hand menu totally broke site navigation for me.

    Typically I want to check out a number of scenes from the “related” menu, and I don’t want to lose the current movie/ scene I’m in. So I open the new scenes in new tabs or windows.
    This doesn’t work any more! Since the links are now hidden behind javascript functions, I cannot use standard browser features any more. Bad design wart, IMHO.

    To make things even worse, the browser’s “back” button does not properly work any longer, because from the browser’s point of view, the URL hasn’t changed. So I cannot go back to the scene I came from – the back button brings me back to “step 0″ instead of “step – 1″

  52. smoothcriminal Says:

    Can you please stop that pop-up asking which editor you want from coming up EVERY time??

  53. Jeff Says:

    Lorddork, a fix is on the way!

  54. Jeff Says:

    Smoothcriminal, that too is being fixed right away.

  55. Jeff Says:

    AquaGlide, the loop is being fixed and as far as the other ideas….. patience, young Jedi. :-)

  56. Strangepork Says:

    A couple more suggestions as I’m getting used to the changes: I like the side navigation, but there is no link to get back to the full DVD view like before. I’d suggest showing the cover image, and having it link to the DVD page, at the top when choosing the “scenes from the dvd” option.

    Also, a few people have mentioned that they don’t like that it automatically plays the video. I’m sure just as many expect it, since the button you click is labeled Play Now. What would make the most people happy would be an option to set a preference on whether or not scenes auto-play.

  57. AquaGlide Says:

    Oh, one addition: I want to edit my Tags. Right now, I can’t do this :( And one more: The Clips do not show this tiny nice banner for premium content in its overview ;)

  58. JDML Says:

    I just want to watch porn, I don’t need to edit clips, i’m not in film school, it’s silly, to much, unnecessary. What we do need is the preview feature back!

  59. landover80 Says:

    sort by rating in the new right hand navigation would be nice

    awesome that i can do a custom h264 clip. awesome

  60. Rael Says:

    Hey Jeff, another question for ya. When you are signed out, what is movie/s are those video clips from? All I can tell is it’s Evil Angel.

  61. Kenny Says:

    For some reason the custom clip option is not available as of 7:00PM. Whats happening?

  62. smur1701 Says:

    At this point, I could care less what we use to make custom clips (although I like the old much better), as long as I don’t get prompted for every single video.

  63. smoothcriminal Says:

    damn it – it looks like it’s defaulting to the new method where you can’t see the entire movie at a glance. how do I get back to the original editor?

  64. Jeff Says:

    Smoothcriminal, there’s an “original custom clip creator” link below the scene/dvd title that’ll take you directly to that method. Yes, we’re working on a more fluid option but at least for now that damned message window is gone.

  65. pat Says:

    This new clip thing SUCKS!!! takes way too long to make a clip. GIVE ME BACK THE OLD ONE!!!

  66. Axel Says:

    Sorry, I’m sure you put a lot of work into it, but… I just don’t like it -at all, I want to have back the old selector tool as “default”.

    JDML put it best: I’m here for watching porn, I don’t have time to edit.

    Another reason is taht I don’t like to watch the movies online. It’s too slow and the quality is just poor, it reminds me of the old video tapes after watching them 1001 times.
    I like to download the movies and watch them later. AS I travel a lot, that suits me perfectly.

    I loved the option to have an overview of the scene – until recently, but this new movie clip selctor just sucks. It’s too slow on an old machine like mine, and it crashes my browser each time I open a scene.

    It’s soo annoying!

    As pat says: Give me back the old one!

  67. evil-1 Says:

    newer is not always better I liked the old system, and would like the option to use it. How do I get it back.

  68. Snarky Says:

    For God’s sake, pat, Axel and evil-1, read the comment 1 or 2 entries above your own. Jeff says right there how to get to the old custom clip mode.

  69. cactus Says:

    it’s good to have right hand navigation, in case the left hand is in use.