New Features : Clip Creation, MyClips and Right Hand Navigation

Hello VideoBox Members,

Once again, I have the honor of announcing site enhancements for your browsing and playback pleasure. We’ve worked extremely hard at making these as “game changing” as we could for your benefit. I think we’ve done a great job, and it’s only the beginning.

Clips Creation Matures

Although creating and downloading clips has been a popular feature for some time, there have been some shortcomings we’ve identified and updated for you. The old clip creation method didn’t allow you any finite control over the content; you just picked from some predetermined starting and ending points and that was all you could do.

Starting today, clip creation is a fully dynamic, flexible integrated feature of the VideoBox player. Clip creation will now allow you to specifically select start and end points of your own choosing, not ours. Once you’ve defined your clips to your own liking, downloading options allow you to download your own selection as they always did before.


But that’s only the beginning…

Saving Your Clips to “MyClips”

Clip creation is no longer just for downloads. You now have the option of saving your clips to your own clips library. Not only can you save them, you can name them and even tag them. That’s right, Tag them.


And for all of you out there who’s ears have just pricked up at the mention of Tags…. Yes, we know, and yes, we’re talking internally about how we might enable that for more than just clips 😉.

Your New “MyClips” Section on VideoBox

When you create a clip, you will see an option in the new clip creation feature called “Add To My Clips”. Click it and you will be prompted to name your clip, to enter comma separated tags for future reference and browsing, and it will be saved in the new “MyClips” section of “My VideoBox”.


Oh, and you’ll also find them in the new “Content Navigator” feature on the right side of the playback page as well! Let me tell you about that new feature…

Content Navigation

This final new feature is a complete content viewing shift within itself. Literally. Before today, your navigation from one scene to another, in search of other scenes by an actress or even accessing your favorites required leaving the player. Now, they’re all right there, on the right side, right when you need them.

The new Right Hand Navigation exists on the scene playback page, and it enables you to effortlessly browse and view related scenes, recommendations, your favorites, more scenes from the currently playing DVD or currently playing star(s), and even your new saved Clips. Simply click on the drop down menu at the top, select what you’d like to browse through, and the content updates dynamically with your selection without every taking you away from what’s playing.

RHNScreenShotHow cool is that!

Your Comments Are Encouraged

We are rolling this out now because we want to get it into your hands while we continue working on further refinements we have planned. Perhaps we’ll picking up some new feedback and ideas based on your usage as well. I would not call this “Beta”, but it’s definitely the 1.0 release. There are a few things we can and will refine in the next week or two, as well as extending some things you’re seeing here for the first time across the site into other areas. Feel free to let me know what you think.

More On The Way…

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Other innovations and features are being worked on today that will be coming out in the near future, helping to build VideoBox into the most engaging experience of creation, exploration and discovery. As the pieces continue falling into place, you’ll find our exciting new user experience a substantial benefit of your membership.

– Jeff

69 Responses to “New Features : Clip Creation, MyClips and Right Hand Navigation”

  1. smur1701 Says:

    At this point, I could care less what we use to make custom clips (although I like the old much better), as long as I don’t get prompted for every single video.

  2. smoothcriminal Says:

    damn it – it looks like it’s defaulting to the new method where you can’t see the entire movie at a glance. how do I get back to the original editor?

  3. Jeff Says:

    Smoothcriminal, there’s an “original custom clip creator” link below the scene/dvd title that’ll take you directly to that method. Yes, we’re working on a more fluid option but at least for now that damned message window is gone.

  4. pat Says:

    This new clip thing SUCKS!!! takes way too long to make a clip. GIVE ME BACK THE OLD ONE!!!

  5. Axel Says:

    Sorry, I’m sure you put a lot of work into it, but… I just don’t like it -at all, I want to have back the old selector tool as “default”.

    JDML put it best: I’m here for watching porn, I don’t have time to edit.

    Another reason is taht I don’t like to watch the movies online. It’s too slow and the quality is just poor, it reminds me of the old video tapes after watching them 1001 times.
    I like to download the movies and watch them later. AS I travel a lot, that suits me perfectly.

    I loved the option to have an overview of the scene – until recently, but this new movie clip selctor just sucks. It’s too slow on an old machine like mine, and it crashes my browser each time I open a scene.

    It’s soo annoying!

    As pat says: Give me back the old one!

  6. evil-1 Says:

    newer is not always better I liked the old system, and would like the option to use it. How do I get it back.

  7. Snarky Says:

    For God’s sake, pat, Axel and evil-1, read the comment 1 or 2 entries above your own. Jeff says right there how to get to the old custom clip mode.

  8. cactus Says:

    it’s good to have right hand navigation, in case the left hand is in use.