VideoBox Diary – 2/20/10

Today’s post is a download log of a typical day at VideoBox. The day in question is 2/20/10, which was a week ago Saturday. I’ve provided my download times if you wish to compare them to the speed you achieve on the site. I believe my download rate is “middle of the road.” I can’t manage the blistering speeds that some have claimed on the blog, but they move along at a pretty good pace. I’ve been downloading the H.264 files, which I find to be a combination of very good video quality and modest file size. I highly recommend the FLV Player (freeware) for viewing the H.264 files. I’ve embedded the flash player within the post, along with a couple of still images to preview the scenes. If you wish to view the full scene, click the link above the images.

Swallow My Frothy Load

Studio: Emily Rigby Productions

Director: Emily Rigby

Swallow My Frothy Load scene 1 Jasmine Jolie


File Size – 488 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 6:54


Swallow My Frothy Load scene 2 Katie Jordan


File Size – 398 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 5:32


Swallow My Frothy Load scene 3 Riley Knight


File Size – 593 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 8:16


Swallow My Frothy Load, Scene 4 Ella Marie


File Size – 293 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 4:01


Swallow My Frothy Load, Scene 5 Bella Bangs


File Size – 261 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 3:41


DVD Summary – Swallow My Frothy Load

Scenes – 5
File Size – 1.98 GB (H.264)
My Download Time – 28:24

MILF Worship #5

Studio: Exquisite Pleasures

Director: Dr. Feelgood

MILF Worship #5, Scene 1 Payton Leigh


File Size – 298 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 4:08


MILF Worship #5, Scene 2 Sarah Jessie


File Size – 318 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 4:25


MILF Worship #5, Scene 3 Rhyse Richards


File Size – 223 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 3:04


MILF Worship #5, Scene 4 Phoenix Marie


File Size – 256 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 3:32


MILF Worship #5, Scene 5 Diana Doll


File Size – 241 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 3:21


DVD Summary – MILF Worship #5

Scenes – 5
File Size – 1.30 GB (H.264)
My Download Time – 18:30

Fresh Outta High School #13

Studio: Digital Sin

Director: Greg Lansky

Fresh Outta High School #13, Scene 1 Madelyn Marie


File Size – 186 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 2:35


Fresh Outta High School #13, Scene 2 Jessica Young


File Size – 208 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 2:50


Fresh Outta High School #13, Scene 3 Crista Moore


File Size – 194 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 2:41


Fresh Outta High School #13, Scene 4 Dixie Daytona


File Size – 201 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 2:45


Fresh Outta High School #13, Scene 5 Allyssa Hall


File Size – 244 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 3:23


Fresh Outta High School #13, Scene 6 Behind The Scenes


File Size – 152 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 2:05


DVD Summary – Fresh Outta High School #13

Scenes – 6
File Size – 1.16 GB (H.264)
My Download Time – 16:19

Belladonna’s Butthole Whores #3

Studio: Evil Angel

Director: Belladonna

Note: Flash player cannot be embedded for premium channel scenes.

Belladonna’s Butthole Whores #3, Scene 1 Belladonna


File Size – 361 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 4:59

Belladonna’s Butthole Whores #3, Scene 2 Holly Wellin


File Size – 286 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 4:02

Belladonna’s Butthole Whores #3, Scene 3 Dana Dearmond


File Size – 306 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 4:16

Belladonna’s Butthole Whores #3, Scene 4 Missy Stone


File Size – 347 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 4:50

Belladonna’s Butthole Whores #3, Scene 5 Rucca Page


File Size – 300 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 4:08

DVD Summary – Belladonna’s Butthole Whores #3

Scenes – 5
File Size – 1.56 GB (H.264)
My Download Time – 22:15

CEOs And Office Ho’s

Studio: Combat Zone

Director: No Director Credited

CEOs And Office Ho’s, Scene 1 Allie Haze


File Size – 216 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 3:00


CEOs And Office Ho’s, Scene 2 Ashlyn Rae


File Size – 295 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 4:05


CEOs And Office Ho’s, Scene 3 Brandy Blair


File Size – 236 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 3:15


CEOs And Office Ho’s, Scene 4 Sammie Spades


File Size – 266 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 3:39


DVD Summary – CEOs And Office Ho’s

Scenes – 4
File Size – 0.99 GB (H.264)
My Download Time – 13:59

Backseat Fucks #2

Studio: Bone Digital

Director: Michael Stefano

Backseat Fucks #2, Scene 1 Savannah Stern


File Size – 194 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 2:40


Backseat Fucks #2, Scene 2 Toni Sweets


File Size – 188 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 2:41


Backseat Fucks #2, Scene 3 Nikki Sweet


File Size – 179 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 2:27


Backseat Fucks #2, Scene 4 Cali


File Size – 215 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 2:57


Backseat Fucks #2, Scene 5 Jaylyn Rose


File Size – 224 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 3:12


Backseat Fucks #2, Scene 6 Chocolate Young


File Size – 99 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 1:23


Backseat Fucks #2, Scene 7 Rayne Falls


File Size – 188 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 2:42


Backseat Fucks #2, Scene 8 Aubrey Addams


File Size – 212 MB (H.264)
My Download Time – 2:58


DVD Summary – Backseat Fucks #2

Scenes – 8
File Size – 1.46 GB (H.264)
My Download Time – 21:00

Note: There will be very slight variations in the individual scene file sizes and the corresponding DVD file sizes, and then again in the individual DVD file sizes and the daily total DVD file size due to rounding.

Daily Summary – 2/20/10

DVD’s – 6
Scenes – 33
File Size – 8.47 GB (H.264)
My Download Time – 2:00:27

I downloaded and have retained all 33 scenes which were uploaded to the site on 2/20/10. As you can see, it took two hours plus a few seconds to obtain just shy of 8.5 GB of H.264 files.



17 Responses to “VideoBox Diary – 2/20/10”

  1. Bronty Says:

    We have similar tastes. My download speeds are similar to yours. I use the Media Center Home Cinema software for playback. Happy with it thus far.

    Tell me, do you keep all the videos you download, or do you delete them after you’re done watching? I am too space conscious to consider keeping all my downloads, but an constantly on the lookout forbetter ways to track my favorites. At the moment, I have three favorites lists on VB: 1) scenes to download, 2) all time faves, 3) current faves.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Bronty – Hi Bronty, thank you for the feedback. I haven’t used the Media Center software; glad to hear it does a good job with the playback. I should have specified my endorsement of the FLV Player is directed to those who haven’t found an adequate solution for handling the H.264 files.

    Historically, I reach a point where I delete absolutely everything I’ve saved and start over from scratch. But its been a long time since my last “complete wipe.” With hard drives getting bigger and cheaper, I may not delete anything for quite some time. A few months back, I purchased four 1.5 TB external hard drives. Now the 2 TB external hard drives are pretty much at the same price point as the 1.5 TB drives were back then. So I’ll be picking up a few of those in the near future.

    In all the years of my VideoBox membership, I haven’t favorited a scene yet. I just want the site to continue providing quality DVD’s. That’s my sole request. All the other “bells and whistles” are just distractions to me.

  3. nilbert Says:

    rope, my downloads are in the same ballpark as yours. In the news today, Google and Cisco are said to be developing high speed broadband networks which will be able to deliver internet speeds 100 times faster than currently available. That is mind boggling. Even 10 times faster would be amazing.
    I like the images included in your post. Were those taken from the H.264 downloads?

  4. garbman Says:

    I download everything in wmv(dvd) format, which not only is time consuming but takes alot of hard drive space. I googled it out of curiosity and it sounds like I could get the same quality with less time and HD space. Rope could you further explain the FLV player and Media Center Home Cinema.

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ nilbert – Yes, I heard that report on Bloomberg business news. I wonder what the expected timetable is? Sounds great, but I doubt it’s right around the corner.

    The images were captured from the H.264 files as they played in the FLV Player using the freeware program Screen Hunter.

    @ garbman – I used to download everything in wmv (dvd) as well. For the reasons you itemized, I switched to H.264. The FLV Player is a simple application which plays flash files (flv extension) and H.264 files (mp4 extension). Go to the FLV Player Home Page for more info and (if you choose) downloads. I haven’t used the Media Center software, which I assume requires the Windows Media Center operating system. I’m using XP, so I can’t tell you much more. Possibly Bronty can provide further details.

  6. Bronty Says:

    Media Player Classic Home Cinema is open source software—-free to use. I run it in my Windows XP system. It plays nearly every file type I throw at it, including the H264 format. I like the interface a lot, and there are plenty of fine tuning options for videophiles. VLC Media Player is another free software program that can play nearly any type of file. It is available for a number of operating systems. I have not tried, the software Rope mention, but I’m sure it’s good, too. Just nice to have options.

  7. Bronty Says:

    Yikes. I just supplied info and links. Posted fine. Now, it’s disappeared. I’ll try again tomorrow.

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ Bronty – Thank you for the links. Sometimes there’s a bit of a delay for comments containing links to appear in the thread. I now see the player you’re utilizing. The terminology used in your initial comment had me thinking the player was connected with the Media Center operating system. I’ve tried the VLC Media Player. Strictly a matter of personal preference for my choice of the FLV Player. As you state, it’s good to have the different options available.

  9. jeff Says:

    Rope, what do you think of VB possibly adding a “corrections” button to each scene/movie a la IAFD? some of the older movies are mislabeled as to either the stars(such as Claudia Jamsson, Jamson, etc) or content and a corrections button would be any easy way to bring to your attention…or maybe a direct tie-in with IAFD in the future?

  10. ropeadope Says:

    @ jeff – I believe you have an excellent idea with the corrections button. The key will be in the execution. I continue to see many errors at iafd despite their implementation of such a system. I have no doubt the VideoBox membership will be eager and helpful with their submissions. But VideoBox needs to have an individual with both the available time and necessary knowledge to evaluate and act upon those submissions. While I have no authority over the introduction of new site features, I’ll bring your suggestion to the attention of someone who does.

  11. garbman Says:

    Rope and Bronty thanks for the input, I’ll be checking this all out.

  12. Kenny Says:

    I looked at the FLV Player and it is ONLY for Windows people, no Mac version.

  13. ropeadope Says:

    @ garbman – Welcome my friend. Enjoy!

    @ Kenny – Correct. Can you use the Quicktime Player for H.264 files? Also, the following was included in the FLV Player FAQ’s.

    Q: Is there a Mac version of FLV Player available?

    A: No, for Mac users I highly recommend the excellent free Quicktime component Perian. Perian allows you to play FLV files (amongst other formats) within the Quicktime player on your Mac.

    I have no experience with Mac computers, so I can’t provide independent confirmation. But I would try using Quicktime, and if no go, consider installing Perian.

  14. Bronty Says:

    Hi Kenny,

    I’m no Mac expert, but from what I know from Mac users, Rope’s advice is quite spot on. Also, for what it’s worth, the VLC player I mentioned above, does have. Mac version. I understand it is less robust than the Windows version, but it should be fine for VB downloads.

    Hope that helps. In general, I think you should be fine using H264 on a Mac, with no special software download. It is a standard format well-supported by Apple.

  15. ropeadope Says:

    @ Kenny – I know you left a comment below Bronty’s remarks to the effect that you download and view the wmv files. I came back to leave a reply and your comment has disappeared. Have no idea why it is no longer showing in the thread. Anyway, I was just going to say the file size savings can be significant with H.264 with very little (if any) reduction in video quality. But as long as you’re satisfied, that’s all that matters.

  16. jeff Says:

    thanks Rope….

  17. Frank Says:

    I wish I had that speed. I’m stuck on DSL and I max out at 150-200KB/s and in the evening it drops to 30-50KB/s as neighborhood usage goes up. Comcast is in the area but I will NEVER use them because of their pathetic customer service.

    I also use the H264 d/l’s. I use Movie Player on linux, but VLC works as well. But I have noticed that on a few titles (especially older ones) that the audio is out of sync with the video. It is not my setup as some of these scenes, you see the star on the couch interviewing yet you here the cumshot of the prior scene. I had to d/l the DVD version which works and is in sync.

    As for corrections… You really do not need a expert. Use it like moderation; If only one or two people say there is a problem, there probably is not one, However, if 25 or more people say that there is an issue, than you know they are probably right.

    I would suggest that you let them choose what is wrong, whether it is a corrupted video, wrong named star, missing name, alias, bad tag, etc… You may even add a input box of who they think it is in the case of a bad name. Of course as a dev myself, the real pain is to fit the interface into the design.