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New Girls on VideoBox Next Week

Out of the 35 DVDs posted every week, there’s usually a brand-new girl hitting the site every couple of days. Next week, we’ll see the VideoBox debut of four girls who I think are noteworthy: two Eastern European beauties, a new Indian starlet and an all-American MILF.

Aneta Head
Katalin Kiraly
Jhazira Minxxx
Felicia Fallon

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Still Using IE6? Time For A Change

Hello Videoboxers,

As we continue to work aggressively on refining our website, improving its layout and providing functionality that gives you better-than-ever access to content that interests you, we want to proactively advise those of you still using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 that we are joining many high-profile technology companies in phasing out support for that browser.

We ask that you take a moment and update your browser to the current version of Internet Explorer, or — even better — download and install one of the other excellent, modern browsers currently available at no cost to you.

IE6 R.I.P.

I’ve provided some links to downloads of these browsers at the bottom of this post.


This Just In – Bug Fixes!

Hey all, just a quick note to let you know that we’ve just rolled out a few bug fixes to some issues you’ve encountered and have been reporting through the support page. I’m in the heat of helping to review other work in progress of this same nature, so I’ll make this brief.
The bug fixes we just rolled out address…

  • Clips Playback – Clips no longer stop playing back before complete and the player controls won’t disappear on you.
  • The “Move” of Videos you saved in “My Videobox” from one list to another is working again.
  • The User Profile page’s display of a users clips pagination is working again.
  • Clicking the tags below a clips playback will show you ALL clips using that tag instead of just the clip creator’s clips.
  • As always, we continue to work to address your feedback, bug reports and feature requests. Please continue to use the support page to reach us. We’re actually working on an improvement in how you can report issues or ideas, but for the time being, directing feedback through that page is the best way to get your ideas into our hands.

    – Jeff

    Producer Arrested for Allegedly Filming 17 Year Old

    dirty_dI have a feeling this still-developing story may end up being the most talked about of 2010. It’s really got everything – lies, blackmail, secret identities, arrests, and an underage girl.

    The classy gentleman pictured to the left is Michael Storm, aka Dirty D. He is being accused of knowingly filming a scene with a minor. Specifically “two counts of the promotion of a sexual performance of a child, two counts of the use of a child in a sexual performance and one count of illegal computer pornography, which refers to the streaming of underage content.”

    Her Story
    The accusations are being made by a girl who usually goes by the name Kelsey Cummings (she has several aliases). Her story is that she was contacted by Dirty D via her account on a modeling website and was asked to do a porn scene. She told him she was 17, but he said it wasn’t a problem because she’s married (to a porn performer, in fact). She says okay, procures an ID from another woman who looks nothing like her, and shoots a scene on a Sybian.


    Keepin It Fresh #3 – Nicole Ray Photo Gallery

    By the time Keepin It Fresh #3 was uploaded to VideoBox during the first week of January 2010, Nicole Ray already had a half dozen scenes on the site. But she had largely flown under my radar. It was this appearance which firmly established Nicole’s identity in my mind. I think you’ll agree she’s one of the cutest girls in the adult industry. Go inside to find thumbnail images for the Nicole Ray photo gallery from Keepin It Fresh #3. Click on the thumbnails to view the full size images. I believe the gallery provides a nice complement to the video of the scene.

    If you missed the Jenna Haze photo gallery from Addicted #5, you can find it here.


    Feature Round-up: “Quick Preview,” Clips!!!, More Scrubbing

    Greetings, Videoboxers!

    Quick Preview Back From the Dead


    First off in our feature round-up, I want to point out — in case you haven’t already noticed — that we have resurrected “Quick Preview” on the DVD and Original Custom Clip pages. We may add the new scrubbing UI to those pages as well, but currently we are not planning to use that as a replacement for the Quick Preview or to do away with the Quick Preview completely. I’m hopeful that this news is making a few people out there happy. 🙂

    Scrubbing Everywhere

    And speaking of the scrubbing UI, with today’s release we have rolled it out to pretty much every scene thumbnail sitewide — with the exception of the aforementioned DVD and Custom Clip pages, and the smaller “recently viewed” thumbnails. Please note, you can still avoid hitting the Flash player page, even after scrubbing a scene’s thumbnail, if you click the scene title link below that thumbnail. You can also right-click on the thumb to open a new tab or window and start the scene there, or right-click the link to open the Original Custom Clip page in a new tab or window.

    Clips Continue To Grow Up


    Still Crazy (Hot) After All These Years – The Return of Liliana Moreno

    header 0314
    I was browsing through The Girl Next Door #5 earlier, specifically looking over scene 3 with Courtney Page & Jenni Lee for a pending article on noteworthy MFF threesomes (idea suggested by member jb3082). The scene immediately above that one is the famous lone appearance on the site of Liliana Moreno. I’m not aware of any other performer who has attracted as much attention with a single scene as Liliana. One hundred fourteen comments are currently attached to the scene. My assumption had been that it was one and done for Liliana. Not just for VideoBox, but for the adult industry as a whole. Then several comments caught my eye which I hadn’t noticed previously. Members nzia, edgarcerritos, fabiogump, eugene1234, and inthehottub report Liliana is working under the name Mimi Blaze. I did a search for Mimi Blaze at IAFD which leads to Liliana Moreno. Five additional scenes have now been added to her resume. Liliana Moreno is back!


    Interview with Director Myles Long

    mileslong_marine1Miles Long (pictured left with his fiancée Mariné) is an industry veteran who’s been performing in porn since 1999 and directing since 2003.

    Every movie he’s directed in the VideoBox catalog is rated 5 stars, and for good reason; he’s a thoughtful, detail-oriented director who strives to do his best work every time.

    In our interview, Miles talks about what it was like to be Jenna Haze’s very first on-screen partner, how he creates the right atmosphere on set, his mainstream work, and more. Enjoy!

    Most people probably don’t know that you were Jenna Haze’s co-star in Joey Silvera’s “Service Animals 4,” which was her very first scene. Do you remember that scene? Did Jenna stand out to you at the time?

    I will always remember that scene, she had an energy about her that I always look for in talent that I book for myself these days, I want someone who loves sex, and wants to be there with the person they are working with. I realized right away that she was 1) meant for this business, and 2) destined to be a star.

    She fondly recounted how she watched porn incessantly as a child and some of her more memorable exhibitionist encounters as a civilian before the scene started, and the scene we shot was so hot, that Joey Silvera, the director was turned on and after my scene, she happily blew him, and I filmed it with his camera.


    Star Search – We’re On It…

    Hello Videobox Members,

    As you are likely aware, we’ve been quite busy lately bringing some significant user enhancements to the table. We’re aggressively working on a number of changes that we anticipate will raise the bar and bring your videobox experience to a whole new level.

    However, there’s definitely a vocal set of our community that’s been raising concerns about other areas of the site they’d like some attention on. And we hear you.

    We are hearing a great deal of interest in handling star name variations (aliases) in searches. For example, searching for Babaloo should also return Babalu, Babalu Monike, Bab Lu, and of course, Babau.

    We have a number of interesting ideas around how to solve this, but before we get too fancy, we have a set of engineers focused on getting a minimal functionality in place ASAP. We’re going to roll out a revised search functionality that’ll return all of a stars aliases when you’re searching for any one of them. Once we have that and some additional time we’ll likely put some energy into a more dynamic searching capability.

    We hope to have this out in the very near future and I’ll update the blog when we do.

    Click For The Solution

    Thanks go out to ropeadope for providing the star names in this blog/puzzle 🙂

    Let’s Share Clips! How to Make Your Own

    I’ll admit it. I can be kind of a luddite about newfangled technology and when I first heard about the new Clips feature on VideoBox, I wasn’t very interested in checking it out. But once I gave it a shot, I realized that this thing is really cool.

    I looked at the kinds of titles and tags folks are using and made a couple dozen clips of my own. I even made some new tags like female orgasm and flexible that blog readers have expressed enthusiasm for in the past. Others like oral creampie and finisher are already there, slowly being built up.

    But I know that we all have tons of favorites we can make into clips and add to the pool, so I put together a brief how-to below for folks who haven’t tried the feature yet or want a few tips on how to do it. I think the readers of this blog have been waiting a long time for a way to share our clips with one another and I’d love it if you’d all post a link to your own profile in the comments.

    Making Your Own Clips
    1. Find a scene with some interesting action. I chose Who’s That Girl #2, Scene 1 because Lindsey Meadows finishes Vince Vouyer with an oral creampie.

    2. Click the filmstrip where you want your clip to begin and drag to where you want it to end. You can adjust your choice by moving the tabs on either side of the clip forwards or backwards.

    (click image to enlarge)