Addicted #5 – Jenna Haze Photo Gallery

On 2/21/10, the DVD Addicted #5 from New Sensations was added to VideoBox. The movie features a stellar cast including Jenna Haze, Ashlynn Brooke, Madison Ivy, and Audrey Bitoni. From time to time I see comments on the site expressing a desire to have pictures accompany the video posting. I am fortunate to possess photo galleries for several scenes uploaded to the site from New Sensations and Digital Sin. Go inside to find select thumbnail images for the Jenna Haze photo gallery from Addicted #5. Click the thumbnails to view the full size images. I prefer to right click the thumbnail and open the full size image in a new window or new tab. This method sidesteps the browser continuously loading and re-loading the thumbnails. To save images, right click the full size image and save picture as (save image as in Firefox). It appears you can also save the full size image via right clicking the thumbnail and selecting save target as (save link as in Firefox), which comes as a surprise to me. Please let me know if you wish to see more posts of this nature. I have some excellent image galleries from the two aforementioned studios, and believe they provide a nice complement to the videos.

All images courtesy of New Sensations.

jh001 jh002 jh003

jh004 jh005 jh006

jh007 jh008 jh009

jh010 jh011 jh012

jh013 jh014 jh015

jh016 jh017 jh018

jh019 jh020 jh021

jh022 jh023 jh024

jh025 jh026 jh027

jh028 jh029 jh030

jh031 jh032 jh033

jh034 jh035 jh036

jh037 jh038 jh039

jh040 jh041 jh042

jh043 jh044 jh045

jh046 jh047 jh048

jh049 jh050 jh051

jh052 jh053 jh054

jh055 jh056 jh057

jh058 jh059 jh060

jh061 jh062 jh063

jh064 jh065 jh066

jh067 jh068 jh069

jh070 jh071 jh072

jh073 jh074 jh075

jh076 jh077 jh078

jh079 jh080 jh081

jh082 jh083 jh084

jh085 jh086 jh087

jh088 jh089 jh090

jh091 jh092 jh093

jh094 jh095 jh096

jh097 jh098 jh099

jh100 jh101 jh102

jh103 jh104 jh105

jh106 jh107 jh108

jh109 jh110 jh111

jh112 jh113 jh114

jh115 jh116 jh117

jh118 jh119 jh120

jh121 jh122 jh123

jh124 jh125 jh126

jh127 jh128 jh129

jh130 jh131 jh132

jh133 jh134 jh135

jh136 jh137 jh138

jh139 jh140 jh141


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7 Responses to “Addicted #5 – Jenna Haze Photo Gallery”

  1. j Says:

    awesome gallery, rope. thanks a lot for posting it 🙂

    however, there’s one suggestion that you might want to consider for future gallery posts:
    _all_ of the thumbnails showed up in my RSS reader, leading to a few full pages of thumbnails, that my browser then had to load again after i clicked on this post to check out some of the pics in higher resolution.

    so, to spare the blog server some load, and to make it easier on the readers, just put the first couple pics in the article summary, and the rest of them in the “extended” article.

    pos bang if you think that’s a good idea 😉

  2. Papayaman1 Says:

    Rope you are indeed a caring and sharing sort of guy and I think I can safely say we are all very grateful to you for sharing this excellent gallery of the lovely Jenna H. And just think of the good kharma you have accumulated by doing this! Thanks again pal.

  3. mitchrocn22 Says:

    The answer is yes, please provide more ‘galleries’, thank you and nice work.

  4. DB Says:

    Thanks Rope! I am one of those people who often wishes for accompanying photo sets. Yes, please keep ’em coming!

  5. alison Says:

    Wow, Rope. You kinda outdid yourself with this one. Great post. I’m sure you put a ton of time and effort into it and I really liked it.

  6. gaucho191 Says:

    Thanks rope – can never have too much Jenna – btw a very handy tool for grabbing galleries like this is Bulk Image Downloader.

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ j – Thank you. I need to learn more about how the blog posts are displayed in an RSS feed. May I ask which program you are using to view the feed? I looked at the feed in Internet Explorer and all of the thumbnails are displayed right up front. I wrote the post for the blog so that none of the thumbnails are displayed on the front page. You need to click “inside” to get to the thumbs. Not sure how else I can lay it out. But I’ll look into it. I’m all for easing the load on both the server and the membership.

    @ Papayaman1 & mitchrocn22 & DB – Thank you one and all. I’m already thinking of which photo gallery to upload next week.

    @ Alison – Thank you so much. Coming from the Master herself, your words are greatly appreciated.

    @ gaucho191 – Thank you. I agree …. can never have too much Jenna. Haven’t tried Bulk Image Downloader, but always on the lookout for good utilities. So thanks for that as well.