Let’s Share Clips! How to Make Your Own

I’ll admit it. I can be kind of a luddite about newfangled technology and when I first heard about the new Clips feature on VideoBox, I wasn’t very interested in checking it out. But once I gave it a shot, I realized that this thing is really cool.

I looked at the kinds of titles and tags folks are using and made a couple dozen clips of my own. I even made some new tags like female orgasm and flexible that blog readers have expressed enthusiasm for in the past. Others like oral creampie and finisher are already there, slowly being built up.

But I know that we all have tons of favorites we can make into clips and add to the pool, so I put together a brief how-to below for folks who haven’t tried the feature yet or want a few tips on how to do it. I think the readers of this blog have been waiting a long time for a way to share our clips with one another and I’d love it if you’d all post a link to your own profile in the comments.

Making Your Own Clips
1. Find a scene with some interesting action. I chose Who’s That Girl #2, Scene 1 because Lindsey Meadows finishes Vince Vouyer with an oral creampie.

2. Click the filmstrip where you want your clip to begin and drag to where you want it to end. You can adjust your choice by moving the tabs on either side of the clip forwards or backwards.

(click image to enlarge)

3. Once you’ve made your selection, click the Create Clip button at the bottom right of the player. Then click the Add to My Clips button.


4. Add a descriptive title and some tags, separated by commas. It helps to check and see what tags other people have used (ex: finisher vs. finishers).

5. Click Save and you’re done!


6. Your clip will show up immediately in My Clips as well as the overall Clips page.


As of this second, the clips page has 3,280 videos and counting. I can’t wait to see what you guys have hiding in your favorites lists!

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17 Responses to “Let’s Share Clips! How to Make Your Own”

  1. Papayaman1 Says:

    This is a very cool facility and one that I have just started coming to terms with. This explanation of how to make a clip is just what I was waiting for. You write good idiot’s guides Alison.

  2. Kenny Says:

    Its a nice feature Alison. Thanks so much, hope more is on the way.

  3. josh Says:

    Thanks Alison… I enjoyed your “flexible” clips 🙂
    I just want to chime in and say that the larger vision here is we want VideoBox to be the best f*(@#ng adult website in the world, and I believe what will make that happen is you guys. I want VideoBox to let you create your own video experience with clips and later mashups, and let the best stuff rise to the top. Already, I’ve seen all sorts of weird and interesting content by browsing the many clips we have so far. Keep up the good work, VB community!

  4. ropeadope Says:

    Am I the only one who had to break out the dictionary (followed by the encyclopedia) for luddite? Learn something new every day. Thank you Alison for this excellent step-by-step guide to video clip construction. My next task is to study your creations of female orgasm. Having never seen one in person, I really wouldn’t know what to look for on video. Today – luddites! Tomorrow – female orgasms! The next day? Maybe I’ll try constructing my own video clip. Maybe.

  5. smoothcriminal Says:

    meh – I don’t see the need this fills – I guess if some people want to share clips for some reason – go ahead – but I hope VB keeps focused on the main thing they can do to make the site great – provide even better content. Don’t get wrapped up in these cute little bells and whistles.

  6. Jeff Says:

    I have to follow suit with Josh and ropeadope and chime in with thanks and appreciation for authoring this great guide, Alison. The count of clips creations is on the rise, and we have not finished rolling out the full grand vision of how they can and well be discovered. This is an exciting new feature, poetically accented by Alison’s own epiphany. I too can’t wait to continue to discover so much content that our VB community is creating.

  7. Howardz Says:

    I think it will really take off when we can join clips and have a few ways to sort/rate clips. I’ve started collecting Haley Paige cumshots, so when we can join them I’ll make a decent mashup of those. We all have our favourite stars so I think these ‘mashups’ will eventually be better to watch than normal scenes in someways.
    If you feel like watching a really hardcore actress, get the Sasha Grey or Haley Paige mashups out and see the best parts of their scenes, or in the mood for a southern belle, watch the Amy Reid or Peaches mashups.

  8. Rael Says:

    Wow, you used the word “Luddite” and correctly to boot! This English major commends you!

  9. alison Says:

    Papayaman1 – Haha, thanks. I’ll be sure to do them for any other features (or improvements to this one) that come out.

    Kenny – No problem. It sounds like more cool stuff is coming up soon, so keep an eye out.

    josh – You’re very welcome 😉

    ropeadope – I believe in you. Be it female orgasms or tutorials, I know you can do it!

    Howardz – I totally agree. The mashup is something I’ve been waiting a long time for and it sounds like features are still being added, so let’s hope that makes it in there.

    Rael – Why, thank you. 🙂

  10. dgporn Says:

    Great new feature! I’ve been using it for a few days now primarily creating short clips of my favorite scenes for the VB community. When I browse all the clips (there are going to be too many very soon) and find a clip I like I take a look at the creator’s collection. I’ve found many scenes I like which I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. The VB archive is so large that in the year I’ve been a member I haven’t even glanced at half the collection. And to be honest there is a lot of it I wouldn’t want to glance at. That brings me to a point. If clips could be filtered by the tags from the original scene in addition to the custom tags it would go a long way toward bringing like minds together. For example I’d likely search for one-on-one (tag from original scene) and glasses (custom tag) or my own “silky” and “curvy”.

    Thanks for all the new features. Obviously the quality of your adult content is the reason we become and remain members but the presentation and useability are what set VB a part from the rest. IMO you are doing admirably in both respects and I imagine you’re the envy of 99% of the adult sites out there.

    Note: One annoyance is the clip’s thumbnail picture does not seem to be the first frame of my clip and two I can’t edit the label or tags after I save it. (I know, “beta”)

  11. justin fields Says:

    I think video box is the best porn site my eyes have ever laid on ever.

  12. rj Says:

    Ok now that I can finally filter the website for girls with small tits or tiny tits. I want to be able to view the whole scene not just a clip. I’d like all the search results to appear on one page not as clips but as whole scenes. what about adding the tag feature to the individual whole scenes, and not just to clips, so we could also search for specific scenes this way as well.

  13. cucurucu Says:

    I hope you don’t completely eliminate the current option. I usually like to download whole scenes with uninterrupted action, but with a lot of the early interview stuff cropped out.

  14. blastyblast Says:

    I love videobox, best site out there; and I praise you for your innovation. One request: I love the new custom clips feature, but I *hate* having other peoples’ clips at the top of my home page… I don’t like the fact that clips are at the top now, instead of new movies. Apparently I don’t have the same taste as a lot of folks, so every time I log on I get turned off for a few secs before I start browsing. Please make it collapsible or let us remove that section. Thanks

  15. raizor Says:

    Totally agree with blastyblast’s point above. I hate having the clips at the top of my page…

  16. dgporn Says:

    I have to agree with blastyblast! The raw user clips are not the best thing to see at the top of vb’s home page. Too often they are not pretty pictures mostly because it’s seemingly impossible to predict which frame will be selected for the clip’s thumbnail. Also, it gives the impression that you’re placing new DVD content in second place. IMO the “Clips” tab is the best and only access point necessary.

    …and I love the new clips feature!

  17. Captain Dumbass Says:

    I have to say I do my share of whining about some of the content here, but I also have to say that I appreciate the value of this site and the thought (and time) put into making it even better. This new feature is a perfect example. It’s nice to know someone is listening to their customers and not just making a buck. I think I speak for quite a few when I say it’s very much appreciated and it’s what keeps us here. Nice job!