Star Search – We’re On It…

Hello Videobox Members,

As you are likely aware, we’ve been quite busy lately bringing some significant user enhancements to the table. We’re aggressively working on a number of changes that we anticipate will raise the bar and bring your videobox experience to a whole new level.

However, there’s definitely a vocal set of our community that’s been raising concerns about other areas of the site they’d like some attention on. And we hear you.

We are hearing a great deal of interest in handling star name variations (aliases) in searches. For example, searching for Babaloo should also return Babalu, Babalu Monike, Bab Lu, and of course, Babau.

We have a number of interesting ideas around how to solve this, but before we get too fancy, we have a set of engineers focused on getting a minimal functionality in place ASAP. We’re going to roll out a revised search functionality that’ll return all of a stars aliases when you’re searching for any one of them. Once we have that and some additional time we’ll likely put some energy into a more dynamic searching capability.

We hope to have this out in the very near future and I’ll update the blog when we do.

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Thanks go out to ropeadope for providing the star names in this blog/puzzle 🙂

15 Responses to “Star Search – We’re On It…”

  1. deadip Says:

    Thank You Jeff. That is the best news I have read here. If you need my help with Aliases of Models just let me know. I can help you with Models that appear on, since I’m doing the project of Nubiles Models on Other Sites over on the Site. For example, Nubiles Model Abbey is
    (Amia Miley, Amia Moretti, Amea Moretti, Amaia Moretti, Ileana)
    I have the Aliases List, WebSite List, and can even get DVDs Listings for you.

    Good sources of Info are:

    To name a few I use to find Model Info on.

  2. Jeff Says:

    When we are able to implent our master plan and enable some member moderation of the data, I’ll definitely look to you as a resource!

  3. Butt_Watcher1 Says:

    Thanks Jeff, for the upgrades to VB. One thing that frustrates me, beyond aliases, are when actesses are mislabeled. I would like it if there was some kind of user interface to allow the subscribers to help improve the database by finding and correcting errors. Instead of VB staffers having to find errors, why not let the thousands of subscribers be your “eyes” to find errors like – wrong name, race, etc, etc… I believe users would appreciate this!

  4. Jeff Says:

    Right now, at a minimum, the customer support form can be used for submitting corrections. I know, I know, it’s not quite the ultimate method, but it DOES work today, while the other visions in my head are yet to be implemented 😉

  5. Frank Says:

    Have you considered using Soundex? (It is available in both MySql and Oracle) It is great for matching names that sound similar due to misspellings. I implemented it on a web application I built for customer matching and it works very well. It will have a few false positives, but the results always amaze me.

    There are two things that won’t help here… If the first letter is wrong, the name will not match (ex: Yana/Jana) It also will not help with aliases that do not resemble each other (ex: Lilly Love/Gilda Roberts)

  6. t2m Says:

    While you’re at it, how about more categories to search for and a Hulu-style popout option for video watching? (I like to watch while I work and a regular browser window takes up too much screen real estate, forcing me to watch downloaded content only)

  7. whateverhappenedto Says:

    After a few days of clicking on starlets and getting sent to an empty frame, now it drops me at the join page. Does this mean “movies by performer” listings are now only accessible with a paid account, or even gone entirely? It might make some amount of sense to cut off the window shoppers who like to browse around without buying anything, but won’t it also keep new potential members from seeing first-hand how phenomenal your selection is? Or did this basic functionality just go on hiatus for everyone while you get this new-and-improved search stuff in place?

  8. Mister Handy Says:

    Couple of examples:
    Sheila Marie/Rosanna de la Vega (I think with a couple of spellings of the latter)
    Devyn Devine (MILTF 26)/Devine Devyne (Mothers I Like To Fuck 2)
    Lynn Le May/Lynn Lemay
    Linda Diego/Violet Love/Violet Luv
    Holly Landers and all her mispellings

  9. an other jeff(subscriber) Says:

    Either way, VideoBox is doing a great job…i always have to laugh at the few complainers comments in the newly added films, since there are only 8,000 other DVD’s to choose from, and all for only $10 a month…i will appreciate any improvements, but Videobox is already far far ahead of the competition…

  10. Frank Says:

    The Beta clips are a waste of time AND space
    The Video seris “leg affair” is really bad

  11. emptytriangle Says:


    This is totally off-topic, but there is no easy way of communicating directly to anyone other than these blogs. I was an active and appreciated comment contributor – and judging by the amount of positive bangs my contributions earned, i think I was appreciated and generally well-received. I certainly never abused the privilege (at least to my knowledge) by promoting another site or by attacking Videobox.

    Yet, for some reason, I woke up one morning to find i had been banned from posting. I have tried to inquire as to what I did wrong and why i was banned, but no one will respond to me. I also cannot find out if this is a lifetime “death sentence” or if after a certain amount of time has passed my privilege will be restored.
    Can you tell me who I should contact who can assist me in this matter, and how I can reach them. You seem like a really nice guy, Jeff, so I’m hoping you can help me out.


  12. Jeff Says:

    emptytriangle, glad to help and thanks for such a politely phrased request. We have an occasional issue related to conduct or more frequently, our legal obligations related to terms that violate laws related to the term and conditions enforce for transaction based access to and posting comments related to adult content yadda yadda yadda yadda….. zzzzzzzzzzzzz……, and it’s likely that you got incorrectly caught in that next. I’ll check on it. And improving the comment system, including the notification of possible usage issues without banning, is on my list of things to be tackled.

  13. emptytriangle Says:

    Thanks Jeff!

  14. anotherpov Says:

    I’ve noticed the search function has been “off” since I joined – um, a while ago… Sometimes search gets confused and it just returns the start page.

    It would be nice if we could search similar to how you can with Google – using quotes, + signs, etc to have some control over search results.

    It would also be nice if there was a way to click on a stars name and then see their alias names listed.


  15. scrapperone1 Says:

    I believe this would be a great idea. I tend to go to IAFD when I like a particular performer and want to know if she’s either done more material (in general) under a different name and if I can find it on VB. A good example of this is Sassy in Vouyer Vision #1, who only has one scene here but can be found as Sissy Sweet with another couple of scenes here.
    What I would like to see (here’s to dreaming) if a search feature where you can cancle a particular scene type. Example: If I’m searching Tiffany Rayne and I want to view her scenes WITHOUT anal, I have to search through roughly 50 scenes to do so. No big deal with only 50 but if I wanted to view, say, Kat then I have to go through 188 scenes to view something without anal. Just an idea because I don’t think I’m the only one who sometimes likes to see scenes of a performer doing something against their norm (like finding a Katja Kassin scene with a vag/creampie is like finding the Holy Grail to me).