Interview with Director Myles Long

mileslong_marine1Miles Long (pictured left with his fiancĂ©e MarinĂ©) is an industry veteran who’s been performing in porn since 1999 and directing since 2003.

Every movie he’s directed in the VideoBox catalog is rated 5 stars, and for good reason; he’s a thoughtful, detail-oriented director who strives to do his best work every time.

In our interview, Miles talks about what it was like to be Jenna Haze’s very first on-screen partner, how he creates the right atmosphere on set, his mainstream work, and more. Enjoy!

Most people probably don’t know that you were Jenna Haze’s co-star in Joey Silvera’s “Service Animals 4,” which was her very first scene. Do you remember that scene? Did Jenna stand out to you at the time?

I will always remember that scene, she had an energy about her that I always look for in talent that I book for myself these days, I want someone who loves sex, and wants to be there with the person they are working with. I realized right away that she was 1) meant for this business, and 2) destined to be a star.

She fondly recounted how she watched porn incessantly as a child and some of her more memorable exhibitionist encounters as a civilian before the scene started, and the scene we shot was so hot, that Joey Silvera, the director was turned on and after my scene, she happily blew him, and I filmed it with his camera.

As far as I know, you were the only man of Asian descent working in front of the camera until Keni Styles came along a few years ago. Why do you think Asian men are so underrepresented in adult?

That’s a good question, and I don’t really have a practical answer for that. But Keni and I got along well from the first time we interfaced on set as he is also ex-military, so we have many of commonalities, and having spent time with him at work and socially, I can say he is an extremely nice guy.

Why did you decide to become a director?

I found the creative process of making a movie more mentally stimulating for me than just performing in one. It’s really a special thing to be able to turn what you see in your minds eye into something that everyone can watch and enjoy. That process is so much more fulfilling for me mentally. For me, performing was more of a physical fulfillment.

Having performed so many functions in the industry, you’ve probably been on a lot of different kinds of sets. What kind of vibe do you strive for on your own shoots?

I am a firm believer that to get the best performance out of crew or talent, they have to be happy to be there and happy to work for you. That means you as a director have to show them that you care. Care about your craft, the scene, what you are paying them, everything. I always shop for my own wardrobe for each girl, and do everything I can to make the day pleasant. I think if people around you see you are giving your 110%, they will want to also. As a director, you lead by example.

Do you tend to make movies in genres that interest you? Does a director need to understand a particular kink to make a great movie in that genre?

I think that in order to be successful in life, you have to be passionate about what you are doing. You don’t see any winning race car drivers that hate to drive cars. You don’t see gold medalists that don’t care about what sport they are competing in.

What do you think sets your movies apart from the vast sea of gonzo movies being churned out right now?

I think the fact that I care about what I do and what I make permeates all aspects of my product, and I like to think that the consumer that walks into the store or looks at it on the internet is educated and cares about what he spends his hard earned money on. I think that in a sea of product, the better ones always float to the top and those are what the consumer looks for.

Which movie that you’ve directed would you say is your absolute best?

That’s such a tough question because I have more than one. For an upscale couples movie, the “Addicted” series would have to be that, it won a 2010 AVN Award for Best All-Sex Series. For a MILF Cougar movie, it would have to be “The Cougar Club” it won a 2009 AVN Award for Best MILF Release. For a bondage genre “The Ties That Bind 2” is my favorite, it let me really do something creatively out of the box and was nominated for a 2008 AVN Award nomination for Best All Sex Release. For a foot/leg fetish movie it would have to be “Nylons 5” which was nominated for a 2010 AVN Award nomination for Best Foot/Leg Fetish Release.

In addition to the work you do in adult, you do a fair amount of mainstream projects, right?

I’ve always tried to keep myself from being pigeon holed, and not be one dimensional in anything that I do in life. I also have a thirst for learning new things, so I always trying to grow as a person and professionally. I think that having a positive attitude in life and doing the best job you can everyday you’re at work is something that people notice. So, because of that, I’ve had the opportunity to be the DP for music videos, SWAT team competitions, Ultimate Fighting events, motorcycle stunts and television shows, as well as having my photography appear in MAXIM, AVN, Club, Club International, High Society, Hawk and Spicy Latinas magazines.

I hear you’re a little bit of an adrenaline junkie. What do you like to do in your free time?

That’s true, but, I find these days because my job keeps me so busy, and I mean mentally also; as I must keep multi-tasking future bookings while shooting existing ones; that my hobbies these days are ones that let me forget about everything and focus on the moment in front of me. Hobbies like SCUBA diving, parachuting, motorcycle riding, shooting, and martial arts help me do that.

What projects do you have coming up that we should look out for?

I think people will really get into my latest release “Hitchhikers“, from 3rd Degree. It has more of a reality feel at the beginning of each scene where we pick up each girl on the city streets…. and when you see what the talent do to eachother in the car on the way to where they have sex…… well I don’t want to spoil anything. I also think that the boxcover picture of Angelina is one of the best I’ve ever taken.

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4 Responses to “Interview with Director Myles Long”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    Thank you Alison, very informative interview. I wasn’t even familiar with the name Miles Long prior to my reading of the article. As you state, his three directorial efforts on VideoBox (thus far) are top-notch, and consulting IAFD, he seems to have a very respectable body of work. Your photo of Miles is superior to the one at IAFD (possibly due to the presence of Marine).

    Could you possibly put in a request with The Content Dude to bring Service Animals #4 to the Evil Angel channel of VideoBox? It would be wonderful to have Jenna’s debut scene in the industry on the site. Sophie Evans, Kaylynn, and Hannah Harper are among the DVD’s other featured performers. Additional scenes with any of the aforementioned stars are always welcome. In his review of the movie at Adult DVD Talk, BIGmike summarizes Jenna’s scene as follows:

    Jenna Haze has the face of an Angel, but she sure can fuck like the Devil.

    Would anyone else like to see Service Animals #4 added to the Evil Angel channel?

  2. alison Says:

    hey rope – Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. When I learned that Service Animals #4 was Jenna’s first scene, I immediately put the request in to the Content Dude. Hopefully, it’ll appear in the Evil Angel channel soon.

  3. wcfields Says:

    Thank you Rope and Alison. As I have stated previously to each of you, finding a girl’s first scene is a huge turn-on for me. I’m sure Ms. Haze’s will not disappoint! Content Dude, get on that shit!

  4. Steve Says:

    Big THx for another great Interview, i just started to search for the Jenna scene, im sure i have Service Animals 4 here in my Vault…keep on with your work I love it.

    Big Greets from Germany

    PS: he is damn right, the Boxcover is awesome!