This Just In – Bug Fixes!

Hey all, just a quick note to let you know that we’ve just rolled out a few bug fixes to some issues you’ve encountered and have been reporting through the support page. I’m in the heat of helping to review other work in progress of this same nature, so I’ll make this brief.
The bug fixes we just rolled out address…

  • Clips Playback – Clips no longer stop playing back before complete and the player controls won’t disappear on you.
  • The “Move” of Videos you saved in “My Videobox” from one list to another is working again.
  • The User Profile page’s display of a users clips pagination is working again.
  • Clicking the tags below a clips playback will show you ALL clips using that tag instead of just the clip creator’s clips.
  • As always, we continue to work to address your feedback, bug reports and feature requests. Please continue to use the support page to reach us. We’re actually working on an improvement in how you can report issues or ideas, but for the time being, directing feedback through that page is the best way to get your ideas into our hands.

    – Jeff

    10 Responses to “This Just In – Bug Fixes!”

    1. Ken Fishbein Says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Keep up the good work. It’s good to know you’re on the job making the site more user friendly and more enjoyable to use. Thanks. We do appreciate your work.

      Ken Fishbein

    2. Spidge Says:

      Funny, this scene still stops middle of scene

      Other than that, great work the last couple of months. Both with improving features and higher quality content.

    3. Steve Says:

      Nice to see that you keep improving the whole thing, love this site and hope it will stay 4ever!

      greets from Germany!!

    4. dgporn Says:

      My number one issue is the unpredictability of a clip’s thumbnail. Yikes, the frame selected sometimes looks horrid like a big butt hole center stage. I’d prefer it to be the first frame of the clip I’ve created. Anything to give me some control of the picture associated with the clip.

      I switched my user profile name from “dgporn” to “eleganteroticaphile” thinking I might be able to have two distinct sets of clips let’s say elegant versus raunchy. It might be nice if it worked that way.

      It might also be nice if the clips inherited tags from the original source, (better than no tags at all)

      Anyway, great work, I’m sure thousands of people are going to appreciate this. The experience for me is like your archives have suddenly increased by 2 or 3 times!

    5. Bob Says:

      dgporn, there are some things about our next release that you are really gonna like. 😉

    6. StaticMike Says:

      Overall the new changes have been good but there’s a couple issues that really irk me:

      It would be awesome to select a default for how your list is organized.

      Under my videobox the lists default to popularity now, as opposed to when I added it to my list. This is a MAJOR pain because I keep a list of “not watched yet” and I don’t want to search based on others interests.

      I want to hide the clips section of the homepage, for some users this might be great– for me I find it taking up too much screen real estate for something I don’t use.

    7. JizzMopper1 Says:

      Why, all of a sudden, do all scenes have the name of everyone on the entire DVD underneath the thumbnail instead of just the performers for that particular scene?

    8. HoboJoe Says:

      Thanks for listening to all the feedback! Videobox is almost a home to me.

      I have the same issue as Static Mike. I don’t know what JizzMopper is talking about, but I have noticed that if you click on a scene from the suggestions tab there is no direct link to the scene’s dvd page like there used to be. This means that you have to type, god forbid, the title of the movie or cleverly find the link. The related scenes tab can list the scenes on the dvd but it’s no substitute.

    9. JJ Says:

      I do appreciate all the work that has been done.

      I just cancelled my account exactly for the reason I checked, namely that I need to save money. And ever since I have not been able to use my download anything, download manager or not.

    10. Glouglou22 Says:

      Hi every one,
      I already sent a request but I post here too to be sure you’ll see my problem.
      I’m an old user of videobox, I stopped my membership for a while and then came back yesterday.
      Unfortunetly since the moment I sign in again I got a bug. When I click on a link for accessing to a vid or movie I’m redirected on the homepage. Same issue if I try to access to my account.
      Someone got the same problem?