Still Using IE6? Time For A Change

Hello Videoboxers,

As we continue to work aggressively on refining our website, improving its layout and providing functionality that gives you better-than-ever access to content that interests you, we want to proactively advise those of you still using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 that we are joining many high-profile technology companies in phasing out support for that browser.

We ask that you take a moment and update your browser to the current version of Internet Explorer, or — even better — download and install one of the other excellent, modern browsers currently available at no cost to you.

IE6 R.I.P.

I’ve provided some links to downloads of these browsers at the bottom of this post.

We actually have only a very, very small set of members still using IE6. As we work to improve performance and provide a more dynamic user experience, some of the things we’re working on can get, well, a bit sluggish (or downright ugly) in IE6.

IE6’s time has come to an end, for the Internet in general and us in particular. It’s nearly 10 years old, and that’s 95 in browser-years. Even Microsoft have opted to pull the plug and remove IE6’s life support. As of the start of April (and no, this is not an April Fool’s joke), 🙂 we will begin releasing features on VideoBox that will work partially or not at all in IE6.

It’s time. Let IE6 go, my friends, and let it go peacefully. IE8 is free to download and install, and would be more than happy to take over for its Grandpa. Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are excellent browsers as well, and all of them are faster, lighter-weight, more standards-compliant and more fully-featured than any version of Internet Explorer.

Thank you for helping us toward our goal of making VideoBox the best, coolest, most dynamic and useful adult website in the world. After you upgrade, you’ll thank us.

Download one of the browsers we recommend:

WINDOWS: Google ChromeFirefoxInternet Explorer 8

MAC: FirefoxSafariGoogle Chrome

21 Responses to “Still Using IE6? Time For A Change”

  1. trlfmdr Says:

    Since you mentioned Opera, there is a problem with “Scrubbing” in the latest Opera version (10.51). As the images load, the current page scrolls to the top – very annoying. Would be nice if someone took a look at this. Thanks.

  2. tom brokaw Says:

    lol who still uses that?

  3. Bob Says:

    trlfmdr, I see the scrollbar moving but it’s not causing any issues. Can you send a bug report via this form and include a URL for the page you’re looking at? Also any additional details you can give are most helpful.

    I actually debated quite a bit about whether to include Opera in this post or not. You’ll notice I did not include a download link for it. It’s still better than IE, but it has some layout bugs and is used by very, very few people worldwide. Chrome on Windows is your best bet IMHO, followed by Firefox. On a Mac, Firefox and Safari are your friends.

    tom brokaw, you’d be surprised. Let’s end it. 🙂

  4. ld Says:

    Somewhat related, maybe it’s time for VB to add an ascii section for Lynx users?

  5. Joe Says:

    So, using Safari won’t be a problem, right?

  6. Bob Says:

    ld – lol, yeah, we’ll also be adding some text-based “VB adventure” games while we’re at it.

    Joe – Yes, Safari is on my list for Mac. You can use it on Windows too, if that’s what you’re asking, but I don’t recommend it over Chrome — a much faster, lighter browser with a nicer interface, better usability features and the same rendering engine as Safari. We don’t test for Safari on Windows since adoption is basically nil and because it never deviates from Mac Safari (except by being slower and using more memory), but if you do choose to use it, it won’t be a problem.

  7. Nrd Says:

    Talking about new and old technology, does Videobox have any plans on supporting the HTML5 video-tag? It would seriously improve performance on non-windows machines. Especially on laptops, Flash is a real power hog.

  8. Luke Says:

    Love the new player and previewing system you guys have implemented. I’d also like to see html5 video as opposed to Flash. It would certainly make Videobox more mobile browser friendly, and would make videos run better on netbooks (even Intel Atoms struggle a bit with flash videos on Videobox, dropping frames to compensate).

  9. Bronty Says:

    Will you create (or are you beta testing) a channel for Roku HD set-top boxes? (If beta testing, do you need a beta tester? Happy to oblige! 🙂
    I see these Roku boxes as highly disruptive technology, very exciting stuff. Would be great to see VB in there!!

  10. catamaranman Says:

    I was using Opera 10.5 until one day, the top menu which had the link to log in disappeared. The only link was for new members to sign up. I use Opera as my main browser. It this something with Opera, VB or me? In terms of appearance, nothing was really customized AFAIK. As to Opera users, reportedly it is more popular in the EU than it is in the US. If anyone can help, it would be appreciated.

  11. DH8028 Says:

    Google Chrome is the way to go, best browser I’ve ever used

  12. etm Says:

    As a web developer, I can vouch for Firefox and Chrome. Chrome is fast, but FF has more/better plug-ins. If I were just browsing, I’d likely stick to Chrome but as a developer, FF is essential to me. I’d probably prefer FF too if I were more concerned about security.

  13. Bob Says:

    trlfmdr – I saw your email and was able to reproduce the issue. It’s something of an edge case, but we’re looking into it.

    Nrd and Luke – As a UI guy, I am very excited about HTML5 and CSS3, but since we’re a subscription-based site we have to keep things open to as many users as possible, and the largest percentage of them are on IE7 or IE8. That means the start of HTML5 features on VB is probably still a bit farther off than you or I would prefer. One thing at a time — gotta get people off IE6 first. 🙂 Rest assured, though, I am eyeing those standards and we will take advantage of them as soon as it makes sense for us to do so.

    Bronty – I know that IPTV and things like it have been discussed in strategy conversations, but I’m not aware of plans for a Roku channel in the immediate future. I might toss your question over to Jeff, though, since I spend most of my time wrangling JavaScript, CSS and XHTML, and he’s more directly involved in the longer-term vision of our products. I have made note of your generous offer to beta test for us if/when we get that underway, though!

    catamaranman – Previous versions of Opera had a bug where the HTML tag was padded with some extra space, which I compensated for. The latest version of Opera fixed that bug, and now my compensatory measure is a bug. Have no fear, the fix is checked in and will go live before this week is out.

    DH8028 and etm – Agreed. As a web developer, I use Firefox because of Firebug and the other add-ons that make my job easier. As a user, I choose Google Chrome. Right now I don’t think there’s a better user experience in the browser market. I also can’t remember the last time I finished testing something in Firefox, then looked at Chrome and it was any different from FF. Many times, a nice snappy feature like thumbnail scrubbing is even faster and tighter in Chrome.

    Thanks for the questions and musings. I look forward to leaving IE6 behind, and having more conversations about current and emerging technologies instead of ancient history.

  14. working man Says:

    The reason why some still use IE6 might be because they’re trying to browse videobox from work where the admin haven’t decided to upgrade.

    I myself use Opera as my primary browser. And if I want the power of addons I start firefox up.

  15. Roland Says:

    i’d like to work in this company where it’s justifiable to browse and use Videobox during working hours!

  16. Frank Says:

    No problem here. My OS won’t run IE (or Safari) except in a vm. I use Firefox all the time. It is great on vb when you use the Down Them All extension.

  17. 草榴社区 Says:

    i’d like to work in this company where it’s justifiable to browse and use Videobox during working hours!

  18. Bob Says:

    I work at a company where my job requires me to browse and use VideoBox during working hours. 😀

  19. ippo1982 Says:

    I use Chrome as my main browser and I’ve seen that some of you guys do to. Maybe Bob can attest to this as well. But when I open Chrome sometimes it just crashes when it tries to restore my previous session…

    Anyone else had this happen before? I love Chrome, but if it starts to happen more often I might have to switch back to Opera.

  20. Monahan Says:

    I’m using Mozilla Firefox. Presumably that won’t be an issue.

  21. ropeadope Says:

    @ Monahan – Hey Monahan, where have you been hiding? Firefox works great for me. Recommended.